About Firefly

Hello! If you've liked what you saw on my little blog enough to check out the about me page, then I'm so grateful! :) Let me introduce myself... 

I'm Faith, a saved-by-God's-grace homeschooled PK, avid reader, insane writer, nonsensical rambler (hence this blog), ridiculous procrastinator, and a happy-in-the-mud potter. (Did I mention I really like run on sentences?) 

I'm the daughter of a Baptist pastor and I've been homeschooled since first grade. 

I'm a bibliophile (I collect books) and I love hardback books and Goodreads. My favorite genre is Christian historical fiction, but I'll read just about anything as long as it's clean, good, and enjoyable. :) 

I'm a writer that writes anything that comes to mind. I love notebooks, pens, pretty words, and Google Docs. I share my writing through this blog, so check out my Stories page for previous short stories and the like. 

I'm a girl who enjoys camping, kayaking, photography, Pinterest (it's pretty much a hobby), sewing, and blogging. 

I'm a girl who loves dogs, candy, I Love Lucy, music, dill pickles, and all things WWII. And who doesn't like people not using their turn-signals and candy without an even ratio of all colors (because, honestly, who likes the yellow?) 

I ramble about all things writing, reading, and life here and at my faith blog, Chosen Vessels. You can also connect with me on Pinterest and Goodreads. :) 

Thanks for stopping by! :) I hope you like what you find. God bless you! <3 


  1. I really like this new page, Faith! Very interesting to read, and your hobbies sound oh-so-delightful :-)

    IS that the new dress?!?!? It's so pretty! :D

    Oh, and I like the yellow ;)

    1. Thanks, Blessing! I wasn't sure how it w undo turn out, so...thanks. :D

      Yes, that's the dress!! :-) Thank you!

      Okay, funny moment here. So when I first saw this comment, in my inbox, I'm like "whaaaaat? Yellow? What's she talking about?" Not until I read over my OWN introduction did I figure it out. ;) Anyway... Really? Well, now I know why they're there -- for Blessing! ;P

  2. Hi! Following because my name is Faith, too! :D Nice homepage. :)

    1. Hey there Faith! :) Nice to 'meet' you and thanks for the follow! :D

  3. You sound like such a fun person to hangout with! I LOVE your blog and I totally agree with you about Pinterest being a hobby. *grins*

    1. Aww, thanks, Shelby! Haha, it totally is... *wink* Thanks for the follow! <3