January Bookstagram Challenge

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Day One: 2018 Reading Goal

My reading goal for 2018 is 120+ books...including all these beauties. πŸ˜‰ (Right to left – historical fiction, classics, WWII fiction, fantasy, contemporary.) What about you? #sbfjanuarychallenge #bookstagram #bookgoals

Day Two: World Introvert Day

Day two of the #sbfjanuarychallenge 
Today's prompt is #worldintrovertday and I chose book 3.5 from #thebladesofacktar series
I love this series sooo much, as you can probably guess from my feed. πŸ˜†Addie was a sweet girl who, although is never specifically referenced in such a way, I would consider an introvert. XD

Day Three: January TBR

Day three of #sbfjanuarychallenge is here! Today's prompt is #januarytbr

Mine is mostly library books, but that works. πŸ˜†

Day Four: Wintery Cover 

#dayfour of #sbfjanuarychallenge is a #winterycover

I have not yet read Heart of the Wilderness by Janette Oke, but it sounds great! πŸ˜„ I tried to find something wintery to stick in this pic but found nothing that's not Christmasy as well....at least Saturday's pic will be pretty. πŸ˜‰

Anyone else noticing the blue desk/bookshelf background trend I got going? πŸ€”

Day Five: Historical

Day five of #sbfjanuarychallenge is historicals! Some of my favorite historical fiction is the A Life of Faith: Millie Keith series by Kersten Hamilton. I dearly love these stories! πŸ’•

And no, I did not take that picture recently – more like dug it up specifically for this purpose. It's like 7 degrees here right now, y'all. πŸ˜‚

Winter book recs coming tomorrow!!

Day Six: Winter Book Recs

Day six in the #sbfjanuarychallenge is #winterbookrecs

On my blog today I'm sharing 6 books you should read this winter and 2 books on my winter TBR!

Link in bio! πŸ˜„

Day Seven: Sock Sunday 

Sooo I kinda missed yesterday's post. πŸ™ˆI forgot until late in the evening and then Instagram was giving me a fit. Ah well, double post today.

Day 7 of #sbfjanuarychallenge is #socksunday

I chose a pair of cutesy owl socks and two amazing books with feet/socks/shoes on the cover. #coverlove #socks #togettoyoubook #lovemetenderbook

Day Eight: Contemporary 

Day eight of #sbfjanuarychallenge is #contemporary

GAHH, I've really come to love contemporary reads here of late. These are some of my favs!! πŸ’™

Day Nine: Back to School/Studying

Day nine of #sbfjanuarychallenge is back to school/studying. Today is the first day of the spring semester for me, so taking advantage of that for today's picture. πŸ˜‰ 
Go Teen Writers: How to Turn Your First Draft into a Published Book is AMAZING so far. I've got two pages of notes from just the first chapter. πŸ‘πŸΌ 
Hopefully the picture isn't good enough that someone can gets spoilers of my book.... πŸ™Š

Day Ten: Bookshelf Organization

Day 10 of #sbfjanuarychallenge is #bookshelforganization 
Today (or rather, tonight πŸ˜†) I'm sharing pictures of my shelves, still with the lights I put up around Christmas. I just don't want to take them down! 😍 
On the right side of my shelves is books I've read + my ASAP-TBR and some research books and DVDS on the bottom. 
On the left side, I have books I have not ready, large books, some nicknacks and pictures, and my scrapbooks. 
How do you organize bookshelves?! πŸ˜„

Day Eleven: Winter Quote

Day 11, guys! Over 1/3 of the way through. 😊

Today's #sbfjanuarychallenge prompt is #winterquote and I chose a quote from Wrapped in Red by Meghan Gorecki. Really sweet novella!

Quote: Merry turned on her headlights as blue dusk wove it's magic over the hills and through the valleys, streetlights illuminating the way. It may not yet be six o'clock in the evening – but winter had its beauty, too. Even in pockets of rush hour traffic. ❄️

Day Twelve: Fantasy 

Happy Friday, y'all! πŸ˜€
Day 12 of #sbfjanuarychallenge is #fantasy

Today I'm sharing the first two books on the Kinsman Chronicles series by Jill Williamson. I haven't read these, but the covers are just.... 😍

Day Thirteen: Saturday Read/Current Read

Day 13 of #sbfjanuarychallenge is Saturday read/current read.

I'm currently buddy-reading the Brides of Lehigh Canal series by Wanda Brunstetter with a friend. We finished book-1 earlier this week, and now we're in book-2! 😊

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