Monday, April 16, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week Two {April 2018}

Well, I survived another week. But I'm so far behind on my original goal it's insane. *sobs*

day nine // monday // 1,906 words

Monday was pretty ordinary. School, reading, writing, a run, blogging... Oh, and a NaNo song that you totally need in your life.

day ten // tuesday // 2,865 words

Tuesday was pretty typical. We went out to get pizza that night to celebrate a friend's birthday, and then afterwards, I edited most of the evening/night. ;)

day eleven // wednesday // 1,364 words

Wednesday, I had pottery class and church on top of life, school, and editing. Still got some squeezed in though. ;D

I give the magazine a quick yank, expecting it to come free from where it’s cemented into the rack—probably by some kid’s bubble gum. The stupid thing comes free in my hand, but only after avalanching the rack and the rest of its contents into the floor.  
My face colors in embarrassment. I’ll never be able to pick all those up. I swallow hard, forcing aside those ideas. Those suggestions of being rid of my excuse for a life in any way I can.  
Those thoughts, those whispers in my head that say it’s not worth it. I’m not worth it. You’re not enough… 

day twelve // Thursday // 3,991 words

Thursday was pretty ordinary as well. We had some lovely sunshine (<3) and I got loads of editing done. :D Apparently so much that my brain didn't want to do, ever...

“Look, this isn’t easy, okay?”  
I wince—that was a jab. “I’m sorry, I never met to insinuate that this is easy for you either physically or emotionally. But you can do it and you are going to do it.”  
He stands there a minute, brows furrowing. “I’m not sure I appreciate your condescending tone.” He pushes off the wall, glaring at me, but I know I’ve won. “Move out of the way, Lil’ Miss Therapist.”  
Grinning over the nickname, I duck back out of the bars and stand off to the side, arms crossed. “Show me what you’ve got, Semper Fi.”

day thirteen // Friday // 69 words 

Friday was, again, a normal day. (See? My life is really boring. I just post the best parts in recaps... okay, kidding. xD) I didn't get much editing done though... I tried to start working on the entirely new prologue, but I just couldn't get anywhere.

I did, however, take a nice walk, snap some good pictures, and wade in the creek. ;D

Also, on Friday night, I lowered my Camp goal from 60k to 50k. I didn't want to—I still really want to get this edit finished this month! But this is what works best for right now, so I'm trying to be okay with that. ;)

day fourteen // Saturday // 0 words 

Saturday...I didn't write or edit a single word. I didn't even open the document. *cries* So what did I do? Exercise, drink Starbucks, write a blog post, drive 4 hours, attend my first ever deaf event, and get lost in a city at 9:00 at night.

Thankfully, my mom was with me, and we made jokes about chickens and Dollar Generals (don't worry, I'm confused too), so all in all it was a good night.

day fifteen // Sunday // 0 words 

Again, I wrote nothing...but I did reply to emails and comments, go to church, try to stay dry from the pouring rain, and laugh insanely at John Crist videos. (Look him up, y'all. xD)


Goal (originally, for halfway through): 30,000 words
Goal now (for halfway through the reduced 50,000): 25,000 words
Current progress: 20,276 words
Status: Still behind. Even with the lowered goal....

This post feels kind of lame to me, but I can't think of anything else to add... Instead of fretting over it too much, I'm going to go work on my neglected Camp project. xD

How's Camp NaNo going for y'all?! 



  1. You can do it, Faith!

    I love those nicknames! So cute! Although I'm an Army fan, the Marine Corps has a special place in my heart, since I lived near Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point for 4 years. Boy, i could tell you some stories! The branch banter and "Civilians have no clue" moments were insanely funny;)

    Keep those updates and snippets coming! I know how it feels to be behind (oh that mine could only be by 5,000 words!). You've got this;)

    1. Thanks, Ryana! :D

      Aww, yay! I love them too. <33 Wow, that is so cool!! Hahaha. xD

      Glad you're enjoying these posts, girl!! Hope you can catch up too. <3

  2. You got this, Faithie! So sorry you're behind...but I believe in you. <3 You're gonna do this. Don't feel bad about lowering the goal--Camp is supposed to be challenging, but fun at the same time. You've got this! :D

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Faith-dear!! <3 ( Not sure I've ever been called that online before. *wink* <33) Best wishes to you with your own goal!!

  3. Lol. I really like these posts. I want to do something like this on my blog soon...

    And don't worry about not reaching your goal. Camp NaNo is to prompt you to write, and it's ok if you don't reach your goal, because you still wrote a lot more then you would have otherwise.

    1. That would be great! :D Your blog is fun. Not sure when the last time I left a comment was though....I've been a terrible follower recently. xD

      Thanks for the encouragement, Libby! :)

  4. It sounds like camp is going pretty well. :) I can see how you wouldn’t really want to lower your goal, but that’s great that you decided to do what works best for you. It seems like sometimes we try to force ourselves to do the goals we originally set for something, but it’s okay to change it and just have fun with it. <3

    1. Yes, absolutely! Sometimes, lowering or changing a goal doesn't mean we're our accomplishments are worth any less, it's just what works best for us at the time. Thanks for the encouragement, girl! <3

  5. Your snippets sound really great! 50k is still a lot! That's a big goal, I'm doing good to get 3,000 words on paper:-)! Is camp Nano really helpful? They have one in July too, right?? I'm thinking about doing it sometime...
    I think it is really cool that you take pottery class! I want to try it. I think it would be something I would get into but I don't have any equipment. When it gets warm out, I'm going to try making clay bowls using clay on our property. What's your favorite thing about pottery?
    The picture of your dog is so sweet!

    1. Thanks!! Yes, Camp NaNo is really awesome! Having the accountability of a daily and monthly goal is awesome. :D Yep, there's a Camp NaNo in July as well. You should!
      Pottery class is a lot of fun! At the studio where I go once a week, they provide all of the equipment, tools, and clay. ;) favorite thing...probably seeing finished project. :)
      He's a darling! <3

  6. Your snippets sound great! And while you have had to lower your goal it sounds like you’ve still made good progress!
    How does Camp Nano work exactly?

    1. Thanks, Sarah!
      Camp NaNo is like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month—have you heard of it?), except with Camp NaNo you can set your own goal in word count, page count, hours, etc. You can enter your total at any time, and it keeps track of your stats. There's also cabins in Camp NaNo, so you're paired with a group of up to 19 other writers in a chat. This is my 3rd or 4th time participating, and it's a lot of fun! :D

    2. Yeah, I've heard of it. I've thought some about participating in it sometime... I'm not sure :)

  7. That’s great!! I don’t love writing but I sometimes do it. I just love creek except *sob* everything is frozen here!!

    1. Thanks, Victoria! Oh wow! We've had some back-and-forth between snow and 65°F degree days, but no major freezing for awhile. ;)

  8. You is doing a fab job, dearie. <3
    Also, Marines are fab, butttt...I gotta say I kinda prefer army.

    1. Hooah! Another army gal here!

    2. Thanks, dear. <3

      Haha, your club is growing, Jess. xD

  9. I wish I could have gotten to do Camp NaNo, but my schedule just didn't allow it this year. I love seeing recap/update posts about it though, so definitely keep those coming!! <3

    1. That's unfortunate! I've had to lower my goal a couple times. :( Will do!! Thanks! <3