Saturday, September 12, 2020

Nineteen Years • 9/11 Tribute

Nineteen years ago yesterday morning, a hijacked plane crashed into each of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. 

Thirty-five minutes later, a third plane struck the Pentagon. Passengers aboard the fourth hijacked aircraft overpowered their hijackers, resulting in the plane crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. 

Nearly three thousand people lost their lives. 

September 11, 2001 was ruled the date of the deadliest terrorist attack in World History. 

The peace America had known was shattered, and a heartbroken nation swore they would never forget the tragic day. 

In preparation of writing this, I dug into the events of 9/11 in a way I hadn't before. I googled newspaper headlines from that day and the day after. I listened to recordings of phone calls made that day, many of which were goodbye calls victims made to family members. I read quotes from survivors and witnesses, one of which described the scene at ground zero as "complete chaos and utter hell." And I shed more than a few tears. 

One thing that struck me deeply was the similarities between so many messages sent or relayed to family members during a victims last moments. There was no arguments or strife or meaningless comments.

It was "I love you" and "I'm so sorry" and "kiss the kids for me" and "I'll see you on the other side" and "don't grieve too much for me, but live a full life." 

Because those are the words that really matter. 

Instead of looking so much at the events, the evil behind it, and the aftermath, I looked at the people. And I saw Americans. 

We are Americans. 

before we're left or right

before we're right or wrong

before we're republican or democrat

before we're black or white

before we're northern or southern

We are Americans.

Americans take care of their neighbors and stand up for their country. 

Americans stand for the flag with their hand over their heart. 

We are Americans.

And it's time we started acting like it. 

"9/11 showed us what human beings are capable of. The evil, yeah, sure. But it also brought out the goodness we forgot could exist. People taking care of each other for no other reason than it was the right thing to do. It's important for us to talk about that good, to remember. 'Cause I saw all of it that day."

My challenge to you and to myself? 

Live like every day is 9/12. 

Be so stinkin' proud of your country that it swells up instead you until you can hardly breathe. 

God hasn't given up on America. And we can't either. 

These other lovely ladies are sharing tribute posts as well! 

(Yes, this post is late. Apparently that's what happens when you combine homework overload + several long work days in a row + internet outages. Who knew? xD 

do you remember 9/11? also if you've seen World Trade Center, please come talk to me 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Stop the Rain by Kassie Angle || spotlight

The first installment in our almost-every-Thursday indie book spotlights has arrived! <3 

My pal Kassie revealed the cover for her next release, Stop the Rain, while I was MIA. It's a lovely one. I absolutely adored her last book, Tattered Wings, even though it ripped my heart out and trampled all over it. 

But this one? A PTSD awareness novel? No one fights alone... never leave a fallen comrade... and all that... I'm already bracing myself to be lowkey crushed. 

(Lowkey? Who am I kidding? I'll be a dang mess.) 

|| Synopsis 

He left his entire world in Iraq. So why did the war follow him home?

Harley Keane and his best friend Nigel were just kids when 9/11 rocked their world and changed their lives forever. When they’re finally old enough to join the Army, all their childhood dreams seem about to come true. But war wasn’t supposed to be like this. A kid’s dream isn’t supposed to become a living nightmare. Fellow soldiers aren’t supposed to bleed out in front of your eyes.

Back home, safe and unwounded, Harley feels anything but. Why would God spare him when so many others were taken? Why won’t the nightmares stop, even when he’s awake? And how long can he hide the truth that threatens everything he has left? When Harley’s invisible scars refuse to stay hidden, will he let anyone close enough to help? 

And how do you go on with life when “okay” isn’t okay at all?

Coming November 11, 2020

|| Author Bio

Kassie Angle is a teenaged Christian author, cowgirl, therapy dog trainer, stereotypical INFJ, and Army girl to the core. Her first love, i.e. debut novel, O to be Like Thee, swept her unexpectedly into the world of indie authors. She tries to use her stories to fill the silences in literature, helping more people understand the world of the Army and showing how God heals the broken-hearted. 

You can find her and more of her writing at and her Instagram (@saving_grace_and_a_blue_sky). 

have you read anything by Kassie? if not, you're totally missing out. <3 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

What a Year.

Hey there, lovelies <3 

I wanted to hop on tonight to share a few things with y'all + find out how everyone is doing. It's been a hot minute, eh? What a wacky summer—and year—this turned out to be....

*hums a George Strait song* 

(If ya know, ya know.)

• My summer has been super busy. With, uh, work work and yeah, that's about it. :P  But hey, that's okay. It's been good, too. I recently switched from 40-45 hours a week to a much calmer 20-25 hours, because... announcement forthcoming... 

• I started college this month. WHAT THE WHAT. I feel so weird and grown-up-ish making such a proclamation. But yeah, it's true. It's actually happening. Full time student, even attending on campus. (Please stay away, Covid.)  Pretty crazy, man. 

• The week before school started, I went to the beach with some sweet friends. (See lovely shot above <3) And it was...amazing. Don't even have words to describe how fantastic and muchly needed those four days were. As I told a coworker when they asked how my trip was, "So good that I didn't want to come home." Total truth, homies. 

• Many indie authors have released books over the summer or will be releasing soon. Because life has been slightly (bahaha) crazy, I've neglected to participate in their launches and/or didn't do as much as I would've liked. So, over the coming weeks and months, I'll be doing bookish posts on Thursdays. Indie releases, reviews, spotlights, etc. Every Thursday? Ehh, probably not. We'll see how much I have time for. ;) 

• Not sure how I feel about the new Blogger layout? I think I like it, but I keep having to re-find things. xD  Speaking of Blogger, I've turned on comment moderation after receiving lots of ugly comments lately. I've never used that feature before, but it's making things easier right now. 

• I haven't been writing much lately...which is kinda sad. Because, honestly, I would love to be writing. But I don't have much time or energy for it. If I'm not working, attending classes, or doing homework, I'm spending time with family, catching up with friends, or occasionally reading a book. So yeah, any tips for better organizing my life to find more time in the day (or just, ya know, surviving on like 2 hours sleep per night) would be greatly appreciated. 

how's the year going for you? 

any new students, new releases, or new life changes? 


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Untitled by Jesseca Wheaton | Cover Reveal

Yes, the title is Untitled. How cool is that? *heart eyes*

Y’all... my bestie is releasing a new book. And I am HYPED. *more heart eyes* I'm reading it now (bestie/critique partner perks) and it's such a gem. 

And today, the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, the cover is being revealed. And it’s...uh...phenomenal... 

*happily sighs and stares* 

|| About the Book 

Okinawa, 1945

Two brothers. Two Separate Paths.

A Navy corpsman assigned to the Marines, Jess Walker’s world is shaken as he struggles to aid the men around him. But the battlefield isn’t his hardest challenge. The nagging memory of how he lost his brother weighs on him, serving as a constant reminder of his failure. War has no mercy for anyone and Jess isn’t sure he can survive the war inside. As his world comes crashing down around him, he struggles to believe there is a future beyond the pain. 

Clay Walker has moved on from the life he once lived. A successful Marine pilot, he wants nothing to do with his family and the God he left behind. Japan is on the brink of surrender when his unit is shipped off to Okinawa, and it’s there that Clay is forced to realize his past is not as deeply buried as he thought. Faced with heavy losses and questions without answers, Clay has a choice to make. Is he willing to step back and let God take the controls? Or is it too late for a second chance? 

As WWII rages, the two brothers must face their demons — or be lost to the burning world around them.

• Coming November 11th •

She also put together a lovely aesthetic for the novella, which you can find here.

|| About the Author 

Jesseca is a daughter, sister, and a child of God. When she’s not busy at her full time job as a first responder, her days are spent reading, spending time with siblings, watching movies that make her cry, and playing piano. Oh, and writing, of course! At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she’s convinced there’s no place like home.

okay, so... I’m going to get a life update posted in the next few days. But in the meantime... who's anxiously awaiting November 11th?! 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Window Fellow | Short Story Release

Good morning, lovelies, and happy summer! *tosses confetti*

Today I bring to you... a short story release. A story that I really, really love, and I hope y'all will too. <3  If you've been following my blog for several years (or if you're an archives scrolling...been there, done that), then you may have already read the original version of this story.

The good news is that the "bones" of the story hasn't changed. The even better news is that I gave it an overall update and revamp in hopes of strengthening the story and it's message. Shout-out to Micaiah for being a super awesome editor! 12/10 recommend working with her. <33

Is this cover adorable or what? *heart eyes* Not only does it have the most perfect cover by this sweet gal, it's also free on Kindle through the end of the month. So seriously. What's not to love?

*scampers off to read reviews*


• BLURB • 
What can you hide through a window? Annalyse never expected to make a friend through a window, but her talks with the guy who lives next to the bus stop have become a favorite part of her day. But when a sudden schedule change reveals a secret he hadn't meant to share, is there anything she can do to make things right? Or is their window friendship broken beyond repair?

have you downloaded this darling yet?!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Book Bash | Final Announcements

Today is the last day of the Summer Social Book Bash. But, because this week has been total chaos (more on that later... but in short: everyone is good *thumbs up*), I'm just now sharing details here on the blog... *slight blush*

SO. Here's the quick run-down!

• My author inspiration post is live on the SSBB site, and you can read it here if you're so inclined.

• Dandelion Dust is only 99¢ on Kindle through midnight. A technical issue arose which conflicted with my being able to offer Freedom and Behold at discounted prices as well, but you can request a free copy by emailing me, if you'd like.

Paperback copies of any of my books can be purchased at a discounted price through me as well! I'm leaving this sale open through the week, since I'm so late announcing it, haha.

• On another note, the form to help out with the release of Window Fellow and receive a review copy closes tomorrow night!

• Also, I'm co-hosting a giveaway with some other YA authors to give one lucky winner an entire bundle of summer reading! This giveaway also closes tomorrow night—details on my Instagram (@faithpottsauthor).

what has been your favorite part of the bash? 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Summer Book Bash + Short Story Release

Hello, lovelies. <3 Two quick announcements before I, quite literally, race out the door to work. Ehehe... 

The first ever Summer Social Online Book Bash is happening this weekend!

It's hosted by the lovely Abigail from Read Review Rejoice. There will be author interviews, giveaways, book and character spotlights, book sales, and Q&A's. You're not going to want to miss the bookish event of the season!

The bash will run Thursday (6/18) through Sunday (6/21). You can find the site here. The link will open when the bash begins. Let me know if you haven't yet been invited to the Facebook event, and I'll see to it that you get the invite. :D

I'll be sharing a few posts over the weekend, as well as doing a Q&A on Sunday at 3:00. It's going to be an epic weekend!

Oh, and did I mention I have a short story release coming up really soon? Like, next week? Some of y'all probably remember Window Fellow from when I shared it on this blog back in 2018. And now my baby is getting a revision and will go up on Amazon next week!

Annalyse never expected to make a friend through a window, but her talks with the guy who lives next to the bus stop have become a favorite part of her day. But when a sudden schedule change reveals a secret he hadn't meant to share, is there anything she can do to make things right? Or is their window friendship broken beyond repair?

This isn't a big release by any means, but if you want to share about the story—or simply receive a free copy to review—you can sign up via the form. I'd love to have your support!

Signup Form || Add on Goodreads

which announcement are you most excited about?