Saturday, February 17, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Six ~ Character Bios

A lovely Saturday morning to you all! I seriously cannot believe that today is the end of the party, but... *shakes head* I suppose all good things must come to an end. ;)

For the final day of the party, I went back and forth on several ideas for a post and finally decided on seven character bios. I've placed them in order of appearance on the show. ;D

Elizabeth Thatcher 

Sweet and caring, Elizabeth enters the series on the first episode as the new schoolteacher of Hope Valley. She comes from a wealthy family in Hamilton, and she is the middle of the three Thatcher daughters. Elizabeth has had a relationship with Jack Thornton from nearly the beginning, and the two got engaged in season 4.

Abigail Stanton

Compassionate and wise, Abigail is a widow of one of the miners that was killed shortly before the show begins. She's on the show from the beginning as well. Partway through season 1, she opens a cafe in town. Abigail briefly dated Bill Avery in season 1 and 2, and then began a relationship with Frank Hogan in season 3. She also adopted Cody and Becky, two orphan children.

Jack Thornton 

With the Royal North West Mounted Police, Jack is the town's loyal and protective constable. His father died when he was young, but both his brother, Tom, and his mother, Charlotte, make appearances on the show. He also has been on the show since the first episode, and he's engaged to Elizabeth Thatcher as of mid-season 4.

Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter 

Rosemary is a hilarious and charming former actress. She enters the show toward the end of the first season as Jack's former fiancée. Thankfully, she and Jack decide that would never have worked and, romantically speaking, part ways. Rosemary remains in town and begins a relationship with Lee Coulter. The two were engaged and married in season 3.

Bill Avery

Bill appears on the show at the end of season 1, when he comes to town to investigate the mine disaster. Even after that is resolved, he sticks around. Bill was in a relationship with Abigail Stanton for awhile, and then later briefly dated Dottie Ramsey. His wife/ex-wife, Nora, also makes appearances on the show.

Leland (Lee) Coulter 

Lee is a business man who comes on the show in season 2. He opens a lumber mill in the thriving town of Hope Valley, offering a source of employment after the coal mine closes. He pursues a relationship with Rosemary LeVeaux, and they got married on the season 3 finale.


Rip is Jack's dog. Jack found him lying in the street (literally) near the beginning of season 1, and rather adopted him. He lives with Jack in the jail, and is the source of several humorous moments.

Don't forget to visit Rebekah's blog for her last post of the party! :D

Who's your favorite character? Have you enjoyed the party as much as we have? :D

Friday, February 16, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Five ~ Funny Moments

Happy Friday, dear friends! Can you believe there's only one day (well, after today xD) left of the party? It has seriously flown by!

Today I'm going to share some random funny moments from the show, interspersed with humorous random pictures. Most of the photos are behind the scenes/off-set. ;) 

~ Jack and Elizabeth's arguments and disagreements in Lost & Found. The way they go back and forth is so hilarious! ;D

~ When Elizabeth falls asleep in the classroom/saloon and Jack leaves a note stuck to her forehead.

~ When Elizabeth gives Jack the intelligence test, and then he gives it to her and tells her she didn't do very well... Those scenes are just so adorable and cute and comical. ;D <3

~ The canvas. Need I say more? Jack secretively paints a backdrop for a play that the children are presenting, and includes a depiction of himself and Elizabeth...kissing. It's quite amusing when she confronts him about it later. ;)

~ Rosemary enjoys doting on Lee after he hurts his foot at the lumber mill. I don't usually like GIFs, but this one is absolutely adorable. *points below*

~ Rosemary and Lee's marriage counseling session with Pastor Frank, shortly before their wedding. The part where Rosemary talks about 'sticky children' never fails to crack me up.

~ When Bill is filling in for Abigail at the cafe and someone dares complain about their food... Clara tells Bill, and he approaches the man, wearing an apron with spatula in hand. ;D

~ The baseball game! Elizabeth and Jack as opposing coaches was sweet and funny, and the game—including Bill and Abigail disagreeing on a call—was so fun.

~ When Lee's loses his voice...and Rosemary accompanies him to work and 'assists' him. Oh goodness, it's insanely funny. Poor Lee looks miserable. ;)

I hope you enjoyed!! Obviously this isn't all of the comical moments from the show, but these are a few I thought of. Be sure to visit Rebekah's blog and read her post for today. :D

What's your favorite funny moment from WCTH?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Four ~ Collaboration

Welcome to day four, friends! :) Rebekah and I have a special When Calls the Heart collab chat for y'all today. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading as we chat about our beloved series!

F: Hey, Rebekah! I’m enjoying the When Calls the Heart blog party so much! How about you? :D

R: Yes! This is always such a fun blogging week!

F: Agreed! And co-hosting with my WCTH buddy makes it special. ;)

R: Co-hosting definitely makes it all the more fun! Having a When Calls the Heart buddy is the best!

F: It definitely is. And you’re the one who got me started watching the show! How did you become a Heartie?

R: I’m pretty happy about that! ;)
I watched the When Calls the Heart movie and it was okay. Not my favorite movie though. In the bonus features it mentioned that there was going to be a TV series. I wasn’t all that excited seeing as how the movie wasn’t a favorite. Well, in the summer of 2014 my dad was at the Christian bookstore and When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence was on sale so he picked it up. We watched it and I enjoyed it. So we went and got the first one and I couldn’t wait for the rest to come out. I got hooked on this lovely show very quickly. So, that’s pretty much how I became a Heartie. ;)

F: That’s so cool!! Kudos to your dad. ;) A Telling Silence is a really sweet show. You’d been telling me how great the show is for a couple months, and then I found the first three shows for only a couple dollars on CBD. So I bought them and my family watched them and loved them immediately! We’d re-watched those three several times by the time the rest of Season One arrived. ;)
Speaking of the movie...I almost want to watch that one to see how it compares, but no one could ever replace Jack and Elizabeth. ;)

R: Yes, I was thinking that it was a show you’d really like so I was so thrilled when you told me you got those first three! I was even more excited when you loved them as much as me! ;) Talking with you about When Calls the Heart is so wonderful. :D
The movie is sort of good, but yes, no one can replace Elizabeth and Jack. Actually I don’t even think Jack is in the movie… ;)

F: I’m so glad I took your advice! ;D
Hehe, I was wondering about that… Is the love-interest still a Mountie?

R: :D
Yes, the love-interest is still a Mountie. Jack is way better though. ;)

F: *grins* I imagine he is.
Who would you say are your top favorites characters? :D

R: Oh, this is a hard one to answer! ;) Well, I just love Elizabeth, Jack, Abigail, and Rosemary. Those would be my top favorites.
What about you? Who are your top favorite characters?

F: I should have known better than to ask that, huh? ;) It is a hard one! Hmm...I think I would have to choose Jack, Elizabeth, Rosemary, and Bill as my top favorites. Abigail and Lee would be close ‘honorable mentions.’ ;)

R: Hehe. ;) It is hard to pick!
Those are great ones! I almost said Lee. He’s so great with Rosemary. ;)
I had a feeling you might choose Bill. He is great though, a bit confusing at times, but I’m so glad that he stuck around.

F: Lee and Rosemary are just SO cute! They need kids. You know...sticky ones… ;)
I’m glad Bill has stuck around too. There was several times I thought that he might get ‘written off’, so I’m glad he didn’t.

R: *laughs* Yes! Lee and Rosemary totally need kids! Hehe, yep...sticky ones.. ;)
I’m so glad that Bill didn’t get written off! I don’t like it when that happens to characters.
So, what would you say is your favorite season?

F: I don’t like it when that happens either! Like, Tom and Julie. I’m dying to know what became of them after Season Two. I’ve heard that Julie will be on Season Five though… Do you have any speculations on that?
Oh, that’s hard too! Well, I really loved season one with all the aftermath of the mine cave-in. And then season three was really great with all the Lee and Rosemary moments! And season four is amazing too. Haha, I’m having trouble with this one. ;D What about you?

R: Yes, Tom and Julie just disappeared! I really hope that story-line comes back. I remember you saying that you heard Julie will be in season 5! It’s about time. ;) I don’t have too many speculations on that story. I just really hope something happens. Season 2 ended really badly with that story line! (Well, actually it ended badly overall. ;))
Hehe, choosing a favorite season is hard! ;) Season 1 really was great and a great start to a wonderful series. I think I’d have to say that season 4 is my favorite though. :)

F: Hehe, agreed! The end of season 2 was a terrible cliffhanger in more ways than one! I only have one speculation on Julie’s return—that she comes to Hope Valley for her sister’s wedding. ;) That’s something that I really hope to see on season 5!
Season 4 is really wonderful!! :)

R: Definitely! I was excited when Jack was heading to the school with the ring for Elizabeth but then Charles had to go and ruin it!!
Oh, that’s a great speculation! I really hope Jack and Elizabeth get married in season 5!

F: I know it!! I may or may not have been yelling at the TV when I realized who was down on one knee...because, you know, that totally helped… ;) I wonder if Jack will ever tell Elizabeth how long he’d had the ring before he actually got to propose.
Me too!! I imagine them having a really pretty wedding. :D

R: Haha! Yes, yelling at the TV totally helps… ;) Yeah, I kinda wonder the same thing!
I think they would really have a nice wedding. The proposal was SO sweet so I’m sure their wedding would be too!

F: Totally. *wink* It would definitely be an emotional scene! <3
Yes!! The proposal was very sweet and thoughtful. Jack is quite romantic. ;) Sometimes I get focused on recent happenings between them, and I forget that they have been an item nearly since the beginning. Remember when he painted them into the backdrop? And gave her the picture he drew of the two of them? And the first kiss? <3

R: Jack really is quite romantic. ;) Yes, they’ve been an item for a long time now!
Yes! The backdrop! And when Elizabeth went to go tell Jack that someone painted them in the backdrop? His response was so funny. ;) The picture and their first kiss! <3 Eeps! So many sweet memories between those two!

F: *laughs* Yes, that was funny! He did a good job on the innocent act. So much sweetness! <3 Do you have a favorite Jack and Elizabeth moment? :D

R: Yes, he definitely did! ;D
Oh wow! A favorite Jack and Elizabeth moment...Hmmm...well the proposal was the sweetest, but I really liked it in the beginning of season 4 when Jack and Elizabeth were the baseball coaches. ;) That was so funny and sweet!
Do you have a favorite Jack and Elizabeth moment?

F: The proposal was very sweet! That whole episode was. <3 The baseball episode was great too! Haha, yes, I loved seeing them opposing each other...and Bill breaking up the near-fight. ;D
Hmm...there's just so many! I really loved the end of season three when Jack got swept away in the flooded river and developed pneumonia. (You know how I am with injuries… ;))  I liked a lot of the early shows too, when they weren’t always happy with each other. ;)

R: That episode was sweet! Emotional too!
*laughs* Bill the umpire did almost have to break up a fight!  That was great. ;)
There really are! Oh my goodness, yes! How could I forget that part! That was another emotional part! (Hehe, yes, you always love those injuries. ;))
It was so funny when Jack and Elizabeth didn’t always get along. ;D

F: It was so funny! ;D
That show was so great! And much better season finale than season two, I believe we can agree. (Anything feelsy and I’m in. *wink*)
It was! I’m glad they came to like each other eventually, though, and fell in love despite some opposition.

R: Oh yes! I definitely agree, the season 3 finale was way better than the season 2 one! (*wink*)

F: Yes, it was! Now, if they’d left Jack unconscious and not told us if he lived until the beginning of season 4, I might have had a different opinion on that. ;)
Well, it’s been so much fun chatting with you this afternoon, dear girl! :D

R: That would’ve been horrible!!!
It has been blast chatting with you too! :D

F: I know!! How would we have survived months of waiting?! ;)
This party is so much fun! So glad we were able to do it again this year. :D

R: I’m not sure if we would’ve been able to handle it *wink*
It is super fun! I’m so glad we were able to do it again too! Doing a post together has been really fun too! :D

F: *wink* Definitely wouldn’t have been good for our health.
Yes, it has been! :D Have a good day, Rebekah!

R: Definitely not! ;)
You have a great day too, Faith!

F: Bye! :) Thanks for reading, all!

R: Yes, thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed it. ;)

F: Yep! :D

Hope y'all enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Click here to check out Rebekah's post! :D


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Three ~ Cute Couples

Happy Valentines Day, friends! :) In honor of the day, we're going to talk about all the cute couples of When Calls the Heart. ;D

(My apologies for the lateness of this post. Faith overslept, skipped breakfast, dashed out the door, and just got home from a class. :P)

I'm going to divide the couples into 'those who made it'—the ones who are still couples—and 'those who didn't'—the couples who didn't last. ;)

Those Who Made It 

Lee and Rosemary ~ Lee and Rosemary are a super cute couple! Rosemary appeared first on the show in late-season 1, and I did not like her. She was trying to come between Jack and Elizabeth, which is not okay. Lee came onto the show in early season 2, I believe. (The seasons run together in my mind, y'all. xD) I didn't like him at first either. I thought he was a con-man. ;D But eventually, I came to adore them both, especially when together. Their proposal and wedding was so sweet! <3

Jack and Elizabeth ~ Being the main characters, these two have been on the show since the beginning. Elizabeth is Hope Valley's schoolteacher and Jack is the town's constable. These two have some really cute moments and I'm hoping for a wedding in season 5. :D <3

Jesse and Clara ~ Clara originally entered the series as Abigail's daughter-in-law who no one knew existed. I wasn't sure if I liked her at first, but she's super sweet. Jesse first appeared in the New Years special that is part of season 3. I...didn't like him at first either?  (I'm so untrusting. xD) But he proved himself, so I guess he can stick around...and they are pretty cute... ;)

Those Who Didn't 

Bill and Abigail ~ Bill came to the town and the show in season 1 to aid Jack in investigating the mine disaster. Pretty soon, he was dating Abigail Stanton, one of the miners' widows who's been on the show since the beginning. Before long, it came out that Bill was married—something he'd lied to Abigail about—and their relationship obviously fell apart. :P They are now business partners though, and Abigail is dating Pastor Frank Hogan.

Julie and Tom ~ Elizabeth's little sister, Julie, came on the show near the end of season 1, and then returned in season 2. Tom is Jack's younger—and quite troublesome—brother. We haven't seen anything from either of them since the end of season 2. Both of them need to grow up a bit before attempting a serious relationship, but they were still pretty fun. ;D

Visit Rebekah's blog for lots of adorable Jack & Elizabeth moments! :D (Also, in case you missed it, there's an epic indie book sale going on right now.)

Who's your favorite WCTH couple? :D

Sweet Book Sale {You Don't Wanna Miss This!}

Good morning, friends! I'm interrupting the When Calls the Heart (<3) blog party for just a minute to let y'all know of a book sale that's happening. Today and tomorrow only, the books on the list below will be on sale. Free ebooks, discounted ebooks, and my own Dandelion Dust is in the sale as well. <3 So excited to be partnered with these other lovely authors! 

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Huge thank you to the lovely Amanda Tero for making the graphics! :)

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When Calls the Heart party ~ Day Two ~ Pros and Cons

Good morning, Hearties! :) Hope y'all are enjoying the party as much as we are!

A quick note that totally slipped my mind yesterday – This party isn't just for Rebekah and I! Anyone who so wishes is completely welcome to participate! You can write a post about anything related to WCTH. You may use the graphics as well if you like! One was at the top of yesterday's post, the second is below, and another will be coming tomorrow. ;) If you do post, be sure to drop the link in Rebekah or my comment box so we can read it! :D

Today, I'm going to take a look into the 'pros and cons' of each season. The Pros are things that I particularly like about each season. And the Cons aren't all things that are wrong with the seasons, there's just things I didn't like as much. ;)

Season One


~ Getting to know all the characters and Coal Valley townspeople.

~ The Montgomery family! As I mentioned yesterday, I really liked these characters in season 1. :D

~ All the mine explosion aftermath. I know, terrible. But I enjoyed seeing how the widows and the families pulled together in the months following the tragedy.

~ Bill and Abigail. *coughs* I know, I didn't last. He was technically married. But it was cute, while it was a thing. ;) <3 #BillandAbigailforever


~ At first, I couldn't think of anything to put here. But then last night, while re-watching Lost & Found, I noticed Elizabeth's hair and how different it is from later in the series. The curls are pretty. the rest of the 'do...not so much. ;P

Season Two


~ Julie and Tom! They were quite the troublemakers, but I liked those two on this season. Maybe they'll both resurface for a wedding in season 5. *wiggles eyebrows*

~ Elizabeth's family. Meeting Elizabeth's parents and sisters was cool. ;)


~ The fact that so much time is spent in Hamilton. Not sure if the producers were trying out something new or what, but I'm just like "take us back to Coal/Hope Valley!' :P

~ Julie's disappearance. Excuse me, Hallmark, but I want to know what was planned for that storyline were she so mysteriously snuck around and then vanished. I kept expecting something from her on season 3, and...? Yup, nothing. Weird.

~ CHARLES KENSINGTON. Sorry, Charles-lovers, but I never liked this dude. And the way he showed up at the end of the season... *shakes head* Not okay, bro.

Season Three


~ Jack got hurt. *nods* That sounds terrible, but if you know me very well, then you'd know I love injury in books and movies. The more life-threatening, the better. ;)

~ Alllll the Lee and rosemary moments. Seriously, these two are just the cutest thing. Their screen moments always have me laughing and smiling over their adorableness. And the wedding! <3


~ Hmm...I can't think of any cons here. I really loved this season. :D

Season Four


~ The proposal! *melts* That was so sweet!

~ Again, Lee and Rosemary. Seeing their married life was just as fun as seeing their dating/engaged moments. They are just so cute. ;D


~ Doug's death. Oh my goodness, the funeral though, y'all. That was just so sad. <3

~ Jack's...leaving... *sniffles* Like, why must you go dude?! So sweet though. (Since this is supposed to be about season 4, I'll refrain from squealing about what happened in The Wishing Tree. *wink*)

Hop on over to Rebekah's blog for some changes in the series over the current four seasons and a quiz! :D

What's your favorite season?

Monday, February 12, 2018

When Calls the Heart party ~ Day One ~ Intro + Lost & Found Recap

Good morning, folks! :D Welcome to the second hopefully-annual When Calls the Heart blog party, hosted by yours truly and my lovely friend, RebekahAshleigh.

Last year, on the week on Valentines Day, Rebekah and I came up with the idea to host a week-long party in honor of the well-known Hallmark series. It was a ton of fun, and we've decided to do it again! :D Today through Saturday there will be a special post on each of our blogs—I'm especially looking forward to Thursday's post. ;)

Alrighty! Today I'm going to do a recap of the very first When Calls the Heart episode, Lost and Found. (In the individual TV episodes, this would be "Lost and Found" and "Cease and Desist.") Unless I'm mistaken, that's the episode that our party graphic image came from too! ;)

So much happens in this episode! First, schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher comes to Coal Valley, a town that has recently been through the terrible tragedy of a mine cave-in, which killed most of the husbands and fathers. 

The mothers aren't sure this young lady from a wealthy family in Hamilton is up to the challenge of teaching their grieving children. They give her a chance though, and Elizabeth does her best ... with minor errors like burnt food and burning buildings dotting her path. 

Soon we meet Constable Jack Thornton, a Mountie who's recently been assigned to Coal Valley to investigate the mine cave-in. Pretty sure I was shipping those two from the very beginning... *wink*

Upon realizing who Elizabeth's father is, Jack is suspicious that he was stationed there to keep an eye on her. Which may or may not be true. ;) Needless to say, the two butt heads when Jack brings it up.

Elizabeth sets to work teaching the children, without much progress. A plank of wood is unearthed by the men working to clear the mine tunnels. 'Forgive me Pa' is etched into it, presumably by one of the trapped, dying miners.

The townspeople fight over the piece of wood, a reminder of what they've all lost, each convinced it was their husband, father, or son. The city-girl schoolteacher and I-didn't-even-want-to-be-here Mountie have to work together to solve the mystery and get the plank to its rightful owner. ;) 

Slightly unrelated here, but I really liked the characters of Cat, Gabe, Emily, and Miles on Season 1. Kinda wish they still had more leading roles in the show. ;P 

Moving on... In the second half of the show, the women widowed by the mine cave-in receive eviction notices from Henry Gowen, overseer of the Coal Valley mine. They're instructed the vacate the row houses they now occupy to make room for new miners and their families. In order to stay in their homes, the women themselves go to work in the mines. 

Outraged at the man's audacity, Elizabeth seeks to find a way to help. Jack encourages her to look for a 'legal loophole'. She does, with the aid of her students. When the first attempt fails, Elizabeth is discouraged, but eventually finds another way, once which allows the women to keep their homes.

All turns out well in the end, with Jack and Elizabeth on much better terms than when the show began. Coal Valley is far from perfect, but the grieving, healing families now have a schoolteacher and a Mountie who truly care about the people in their new town. <3


Hope y'all enjoyed! What's your favorite WCTH episode from Season 1? Are you excited for the party?

Be sure to hop over to Rebekah's blog to read her post for today! :D