Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Divided Nation || blog tour + book spotlight

Hello, friends!

I'm here today with a blog tour for a dear, dear friend of mine. Angela Watts's book released this week and the blog tour has been a BOMB. I just love this gal and her heart for the Lord. And I'm SO proud of her for writing the story God called her to write and not shying away from the tough topics. Rock on, sweet friend. <3

Introducing... *drumroll*... book one of The Infidel Books...

|| The Divided Nation


The United States has fallen. Three years after the 2024 presidential election and the declaration of martial law, the nation is at war against itself. Gangs battle, civilians struggle for survival, and officials of the United Nations  thrive. West Johnston, heir to the most powerful ganglord in the country, refuses to continue the family legacy. But, in order to defeat his father, he must become him: bloodthirsty and willing to do whatever it takes for control.

West gains control by helping fellow gangsters, Nate and Simon, when they form an alliance with one of the last remaining townships in America. After years of surviving and winter fast approaching, Springtown is in desperate need of supplies from the two teenagers. When the town leader’s daughter, Rene’, is kidnapped by an unknown rival, Nate and Simon risk their reputations to save her and the town they now love. But without help from West, their rescue mission will fail.

Told in multiple bold, abrasive narratives, THE DIVIDED NATION steps into a future where brotherhood bonds must be stronger than iron to survive a broken world, and faith without courage is dust in the wind.

|| About the Writer

Angela R. Watts is a Christian fiction author who strives to glorify the Lord in all she does. She’s a homeschooled highschooler living at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, though with Gypsy and Norwegian in her blood, she tends to travel. She’s been writing stories since she was little, but also enjoys chores, painting, and watching sunsets.

|| Giveaway

Because...what would a blog tour be without a giveaway? ;)  

1st place: hardback copy of The Divided Nation. A custom mug with a quote from the book, bookmark, and an exclusive snippet from The Infidel Books.
2nd place: paperback copy of The Divided Nation, bookmark.
3rd place: ebook copy of The Divided Nation.

*US shipping only. If an international winner is drawn, they will receive an ebook only.

Find the rest of the tour schedule on Angela's blog, The Peculiar Messenger

have you read The Divided Nation? or any of Ang's previous books? <3 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Always at Work + Sweet Nineteen || July Recap


Yes, this is late again. Yes, I'm aware. As with last month's, I almost just skipped, but I didn't want to break a trend. But at the same time... there's not much to report, as I was basically at work all month. xD 

|| House-Sitting

• I was house-sitting for about five days this month, making a little extra money. And having an entire house to myself (except for the puppy dogs) for a few days, mwahahahaha. So I basically ate junk food and watched Hallmark every night. :P

stinkin' adorable baby

|| Sweet Nineteen

• So, I turned 19. Which is kinda freaky. And also kinda scary. Because I now have less than a year of teenager-ism left?? and then I'll probably have to be a real adult or something????

tired birthday selfie. just cuz.

A dear sweet friend (you know who you are <3) made these darling wood-burned signs for me, with the titles of all of my published or about-to-be-published books. Aren't they amazing? I adore them so much! 

looking into the future like... "lots of clouds...but it's pretty so"

|| Independence Day

• So, the 4th of July happened. We were supposed to dress in red, white, and blue for work that weekend, so I pulled out my very patriotic and very adorable, thanks for noticing sandals. And blared patriotic country over the speakers at work. (You're welcome, customers.) 

Yet again, I really don't know what to put in this section. I read some here and there, but only finished one book—The US Marine Corps by Rebecca Rowell. I did buy a few books—The Reinvention of Skylar Holt series by Stephanie Morrill. It was a birthday sale or something, so I went ahead and snagged all three books, even though I haven't even tried Mrs. Morrill's writing yet—except in Go Teen Writers, which I adore.

So yep.

|| Freedom Update 

Writing wise, Freedom is really all that got my attention during the month of July. Like, at all. Since my editor finished the last week of June, I started working through and applying her edits to the book in my free time. I should be finished with this final edit in the next day or two!

25 days until release!

|| Snippet

I’m suffocating, dying the slow, defeated death of a prisoner. Freedom…  
There’s only one way out.  
A war surges through my mind.  
A war between giving up and getting help. A battle between getting out and waiting until I can think clearly. A fight between doing what my broken mind wants or sticking to what I know is right.  
I grip the top of the dresser with a shaky hand as my head spins, threatening to send me to the floor.  
I can’t, I can’t… 

|| Favorite Posts

Showers of Blessing >> Only in You, Lord

Kaitlyn Krispense, Author >> Beloved + Freedom: Blog Tour Signups

RebekahAshleigh >> Exciting News

|| My Posts

|| July Goals

• Because I posted the June recap soooo late (later than this one, actually), I didn't state any July goals.

|| August Goals

• Finish the final edit of Freedom.

• Send Freedom to the formatter.

• Prep for the 13 Reasons Why blog tour.

• Answer all blog tour author interview questions.

• Pre-write over half the blog tour posts.

• Order a proof copy of Freedom.

• Finalize paperback preorders of Freedom.

• Anything and everything Freedom. xD

• Probably 74 other things I'm forgetting.

• Sleep occasionally.

how goes it, my peeps?! anyone else out there just trying to keep up? *raises hand*