Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Big Sister Bragging Rights...

If any of y'all have younger siblings then you've probably told friends about things they like, have accomplished, etc. You have the older siblings bragging right! :) *laughs* 
Last Thursday my dad and little brother left for deer camp. Tucker (my brother) has previously killed a turkey, two wild hogs, and three deer. He is a big time deer hunter so, needless to say, deer season is his favorite time of year. 
Saturday night, about 6:15, he shot his first 8-point! He was hunting in a stand by himself for the first time since he passed the hunter-safety course last winter. 

Here's the pictures! 

Dad was in another deer stand and texted mom when he heard Tucker shoot. A friend they were hinting with got to him first and then let dad know. :) 
They had to drag it out of the woods and haul it to the processors before heading home (a four drive). They got home late, but we still made it to church for Sunday School the next morning! ;) 

Thanks for reading and have a great day, everyone! ;D 
~Faith (with help and input from Tucker) 

P.S. I'm working on the What I Saw and Being Little Sister-5. Those will be posted soon, promise! :)  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Realization // The Awesome Food Tag!

Hello everyone! How are y'all doing on this glorious day that The Lord has made? *burst into song* Blessing Counter tagged me with a really cute tag, but first I have a quick...confession? :) 

So...Saturday night (while in the shower) I came to a terrible realization. I NEVER FINISHED WRITING AND PUBLISHED THE "WHAT I SAW" POST!!!!! Ahhh!!   >:(   This is terrible... 
But, God is good. After finishing my 'singing in the shower' session, I got on my iPad, opened the Document that includes the never-completed "What I Saw", and guess what? It's already like 300 words! I'd totally forgot that I'd even started it! Yay!! ;D 
So, long story short but it's already far too late, that will be up within the next few days. That means that "Being Little Sister" - 5 will be even further delayed, but (as I like to say) it's all good! Life goes on! 


Now for this delightful tag! Thank you to dear, sweet Blessing Counter for tagging me!! ^_^

The Ruuuullleeesss!!!!!! ;) 
1). Thank the person who nominated you, as well as link to their blog.
2). Answer the 10 questions provided.
3). Come up with 10 more questions that relate to food.
4). Nominate at least 5 people.
5). Let those people know they've been nominated.

1. Chocolate or vanilla? 
Chocolate. Unless were talking Coke, then I'd definitely go with vanilla. :) 

2. Favourite dessert? 
Cheesecake! Chocolate cheesecake if that's a possiblity, but cherry is great too. :) I also believe  boiled cookies are to die for. (That's what we call them. I think there real name is no-bake cookies or something.) 

3. Imagine that it's freezing cold, there's lots of snow, and you just came in from playing outside. Would you prefer to drink hot chocolate or coffee?
I love snowy days!! :) Hmm...I'm going to say coffee because I haven't had much of a taste for hot chocolate lately. :) But the coffee would have to have plenty of cream and sugar! And maybe some caramel syrup...

4. Favourite pie/cake?
Cheesecake or apple pie...or marbled birthday cake. 

5. What is a dessert that you love making/is the easiest thing you can make?
Boiled cookies (look at 2# for an explanation.) are so simple and fun to make! 

6. What is a meal that you love making/is the easiest thing you can make?
Spagetti, salad, and garlic toast is the simplest thing I can think of and I love it! :) 

7. Is there a food that you hope that you'll never have to eat in your life time?
Last Saturday I had blue cheese crumbles for the first time in my life and found it to be disgusting in my opinion. If anyone likes these, I'm not saying anything against you. But, in my opinion, that stuff is terrible. I want to gag thinking about it... I guess that's more like something I hope I'll never have to eat again, but that's all I can think of. ;) 

8. The strangest dish you've ever eaten?
Well, I've eaten alligator but I'm not sure you'd call that strange. 

9. Favourite mealtime? Why?
Supper/dinner. Uh...cuz everyone's there and all. :) 

10. How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? :) 
Do I need to come to your house and teach you, Blessing? (I'm kidding.) ;) 
You take two pieces of bread and lay them on your plate. Then you spread peanut butter on one and jelly on the other. Smack 'me together and eat! :) Well, I don't because I don't like PB&Js. :)

My Questions! :)
1. If you want an after-school/midday snack, what're you most likely to go for? 
2. What's your favorite ice cream?
3. Favorite meat?
4. Favorite breakfast?
5. Favorite salad? ('Real' salad or chicken, egg, fruit, etc.) 
6. Favorite dessert? 
7. Do you enjoy cooking? 
8. Do you use cookbooks often? If so, what's your favorite? 
9. Favorite fruit and/or vegetable? 
10. What's your opinion on how a steak should be cooked? 

And I nominate...

Several people that I would've nominated, already had been by Blessing. :) 
If someone reading this would like to nominate themselves, go for it! And please leave a comment with a link to your post so I can read it. :D Also if anyone would like to answer these questions but not do a post, feel free to do so in the comments. 

10th grade is requiring a lot of my time right now, which is why I haven't been very active around here lately. But I'm going to try to make time for blogging this week. ;) Thank you all for reading and thank you to Blessing for tagging me! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

So...exactly when did creation take place?

 As I sit here, I realize it's been several days since I've posted and I need to post something. :) So I scrolled through my documents and found a paper I had to write for history last year. And that's what you're going to get today. ;) 
The next part of "Being Little Sister" is near completion and I feel motivated to get this story finished and posted so we can move on to something else! :-) I hope to have that part up this weekend...*looks at calendar* Thursday already?! :-O Anyway...


  "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1 KJV)

  There has been great controversy over just when creation took place. The above reference from Genesis states two things: 
1. The earth was created by God and did not happen or "evolve" by chance.
2. It happened in the beginning, in the beginning of time. 

  Many people have guessed and made estimations, calculations, or suggestions about when the earth was created. People from China, Babylon, Axum, Persia, Egypt, and India thought 6204-5369 BC. Alphonso X, a spainiard, calculated as long ago as 6984 BC. Johannes Kepler, an astronomer, said 3993. Archbishop James Ussher, in his study of world history, published between 1650 and 1654, suggested 4004 BC. The traditional Jewish date for creation is 3761 BC. Bede estimated 5199 BC. Martin Luther figured 3961 BC. And Josephus determined 5481 and 5402 BC. The Human Register from Rod and Staff publishers says 3960 BC, only a year off from Martin Luther's calculations. 
  The Big Bang theory and evolution suggest the world slowly progressed to where it is today over a time period of millions, or perhaps even billions of years. 
  Uniformitarianism is the assumpition that things (such as minerals) have always progressed at approximately the same rate. Therefore they claim stuff such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona would have taken a long time to reach the form it has today. 
 However, the above theories do not follow God's Holy Word, the Bible. By adding up all the years in the Bible we can get in the ballpark of how long it has been since God created the earth. It has been around 6,000 years (not the millions or even billions that evolutionist and athesist conclude.)


What do y'all think? It's far from my best work, I know. ;)
Thanks for reading! Hope you're having a blessed day! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Being Little Sister ~ Part 4

Last night, after over a month of inactivity, I opened this document. My plan was to force myself to write something in it. I started correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes and before I knew it this part was nearly finished! :) Yay! That (and Bethany R.'s contest ;D) has given me some new inspiration for this delightful little story. So, there will be more regular posting of this story from now on. ;) 
And now I'll leave you with Part-4.....


 As the trio set out down the well traveled road, the sky darkened and it began to rain. 
 By the time Andi, Mitch, and Peter reached the outskirts of Breakwater Canyon darkness had fallen and the downpour had lessened, but they were saddle weary and chilled to the bone. Soaked, as well, despite the ponchos they wore. 
 Deciding to 'chance it' and get out of the weather long enough for a bite to eat at Breakwater Café, Andi, Mitch and Peter dismounted and left their horses at the hitching rail. 
 "Mother will skin me alive if you catch cold," Mitch teased. 
 They sat at a small table near the fireplace. In spite of the fact that it was summer, the heat felt good on this dreary night. 
 After ordering their dinner, Mitch and Peter fell into conversation concerning what they were going to do next. They couldn't sleep under the stars in this weather! Even if the rain had stopped by the time they'd eaten, everything would be a muddy mess. 
 Andi felt eyes boring into the back of her head. Turning to look over her shoulder, she spotted a mysterious man watching them from across the room. When he saw her studying him, he turned his head and walked off. She brushed it off. Probably just someone being nosy.


                                                       Trent Porter

 Trent Porter tried to circle around the room unnoticed. If I could just get a good look at his face I'd know for sure, he thought. Sure wish that kid would quit lookin' at me. 
 He wasn't paying attention to where he was walking and he tripped over a chair. It made an awful racket, clattering to the floor. 
 When Mitch turned to find the cause of the noise, Trent quickly replaced the chair under the table and hurried out of the restaurant. 
 After making sure no one was watching him, Trent stepped around the side of the building and into the shadows. "It's him alright." 
 "You best be sure," the man who had been waiting for him smirked. The light spilling from the café window glinted off of the deputy badge pinned to his vest. 
 "I'm sure. It ain't your place to question me anyhow," Trent growled. 
 "You ain't seen him for what, ten years?" 
 It was more than ten years, but Trent wasn't going to tell the deputy that. It ain't any of his business. "Just do your job if you wanna get paid." 
 The deputy snorted his opinion of that and left to make his arrest. 


                                                  Deputy Jansen

 Supper was interrupted by a stranger walking up and slamming his fist onto the edge of the next table. 
 Andi was startled. She glanced over her shoulder to find a tall, bearded man glaring down at them. 
 "Can I help you?" Mitch asked. 
 "Sure thang," the man grinned. "By comin' along with me real peaceful like." 
 Mitch and Peter exchanged a concerned glance. 
 "Why would we do that?" Mitch's voice and expression revealed no emotion. 
 Andi's heart was pounding so hard that she was sure the man must be able to hear it. 
 He pulled back his overcoat and uncovered a shiny star pinned to his vest. "'Cause I'm the law 'round here and I say you are under arrest." 
 As he stood Mitch muttered to her under his breath. "Get to the horses." He jumped up, "now wait just a minute. You can't arrest us without reason!" 
 Andi noticed another man standing in the shadows off to the side. Oh, no... 
 "Let's just say I'm arresting you for peculiar behavior," the so-called deputy smirked. "Now do as you're told and there won't be any trouble." He tapped the ivory handle of his pistol. 
 "Give me a hand, Clint," he called to the man Andi had spotted. 
 Clint sauntered over, two pairs of handcuffs dangling from his hand. "Need a hand, Jansen?" 
 "This two fellows would like to wear them wrist decorations you're a totin'." 
 "Oh, really?" 
 "Uh, huh." 
 Mitch looked at Andi. Now, he mouthed. He turned to the two men. "I'm afraid we must be going now. Maybe y'all will find some other poor soul to play your games on." 
 They started to walk away until they were stopped by Clint. "That's where you're wrong, stranger." 
 He and Jansen stepped forward, handcuffs held out. Mitch and Peter resisted and a fist-fight ensued. 
 Andi took off for the door but was soon caught by an arm around her waist. It just figures that the owner of this crumby establishment would agree with those men. 
 After pulling guns on and handcuffing Mitch and Peter, Clint and Jansen had a good laugh over the sight of Andi dangling, kicking and screaming, from the restaurant owner's hold. 
 Jansen came over and took her by the arm. "Come on, kid. You're going too." 
 They led the three outside, around to the back of the café and down a dark and deserted alley. There a wagon was waiting. They climbed in, Clint and Deputy Jansen took the seat, and they drove away into the darkest night Andi had ever saw. 


 Andi finally gave up trying to remember and count all the turns they made and any landmarks they passed. 
 The wagon creaked one last time before coming to a halt outside a large gate in a barbed wire fence. 
 "It's us, Jeremy," Deputy Jansen called out to an armed man that stop nearby. 
 The gate was opened, the wagon pulled inside, and Andi, Mitch and Peter found themselves in a prison. 
 It was hard to make out much of anything in the black darkness, but there was one thing Andi could see very well. The moonlight revealed a T-like post in the center of the yard. A shiver ran through her at the sight of it. 
 "Mitch," Andi whispered. 
 "What's that?" Andi was pretty sure she already knew the answer. 
 Mitch looked in the direction she pointed, and drew in a deep breath. "I'd guess that's their idea of punishment, little sister." 
 The deputy brought the wagon to a standstill in front of a run-down building. There were bars on the windows and a large padlock guarded the only door. 
 "Welcome to your new home," Deputy Jansen joked. He jumped from the seat and came around to the back of the wagon where three armed prison guards stood looking over their newest captives. 
 "Got three for you this time, Jeremy," the deputy addressed the lead guard. 
 The one called Jeremy nodded. "It's too late to bother boss with them tonight. He'll go over their charges in the morning." 
 Deputy Jansen didn't argue. "Whatever you say," he turned to the wagon. "Get out."
 Breakwater prison's three newest captives did as they were told. Andi stuck close to Mitch. These men and this dark, gloomy place frightened her more than she cared to admit. 
 "Inside," the guards barked. Mitch, Andi, and Peter waited while the guard, Jeremy, pulled a string of keys from his pocket and fumbled to unlock the door. 
 They were shoved inside and Andi nearly tripped on the threshold. 
 The walls of the compound were lined with bunks, but only four of them were occupied. There were no windows, making the door behind them the only possible escape. Their fellow prisoners looked up when they entered. 
 "This one isn't full as you can see but we guard it just as well as the other one," Jeremy informed them after removing Mitch and Peter's handcuffs. "Warden Jones will look y'all over in the morning." With that he left and they all heard the key turn in the lock. 

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Imagine This 5# ~ entries

Thank you all who entered this time. :) I recieved four great entries! 

*First place - Jesseca Dawn*
I loved your exciting story, Jesseca! You've got quite the cliffhanger going there!! ;)

 Reynold pressed himself against the cold, steel wall. His finger caressed the trigger on the deadly weapon that was held in his right hand. His left hand was pressed firmly over the mouth of the girl, stopping any sound from escaping. Just let Fillmore come, he thought to himself. One look at his pretty sister here in my arms oughta put a stop to any notions of putting me behind bars.
    Yet for all his confident thoughts, a small prickle of doubt wormed it’s way into his mind. Fillmore isn’t stupid. He must have known I’d do something of this sort which means he must have a second plan.
    He instantly pushed all thoughts out of his mind as the sound of footsteps was heard coming through the building. Reynold risked a quick glance around the wall. The afternoon sunlight that forced its way through the cracks in the walls silhouetted the man.  Reynold’s face lit up with a smug smile. Although he couldn’t see the face, the figure all too familiar. It’s Fillmore alright.
    The footsteps moved steadily closer and Reynold tightened his grip in the girl’s mouth as she began to struggle. Bringing his right hand up, he pressed the barrel of the gun against her temple. “Stop fighting.” he hissed. She instantly stiffened, not daring to move.
    He leaned back against the wall, then jumped as a voice filled the silence.
    “Reynold, I know you’re in here. Hiding isn’t going to make anything any better. Come out to where I can see you.”
    Reynold inwardly chuckled as he listened. Of course. Trust Fillmore to stick with the same phrase every time.
   A click interrupted his thoughts as a gun cocked in the darkness, not five feet from the wall he was hiding. In one swift motion he turned and swiveled around the corner, holding the girl in front of him. Taking his hand off her mouth, he wrapped an arm around her neck, nearly cutting off her oxygen supply.
    “If you want me, Fillmore, your sister will die first.” The words echoed in the silent building as the afternoon sunlight illuminated both men.
    No emotion showed on Fillmore’s face at the sight of his sister.
    “Leave Tasha be, Raynold. Murder will only make everything worse.”
    “No!” Reynold’s voice filled the room. “I will not let you ruin my life until I ruin yours! If you are going to get me, then your sister will be killed.” He leveled the gun at Fillmore. “Better yet, I’ll kill you first. Now, how do you think Tasha would like it to see her brother murdered by the very man who used to be her friend?” his voice turned patronizing.
    Fillmore’s eyes glanced toward Tasha and Reynold tightened his hold, causing her to gasp for breath.
    “What will it be, Fillmore?” Reynold asked.
    Fillmore looked up and met his eyes, “There is something you don’t know, Reynold.”
    “And what would that be?”
    “My gun is loaded. Yours isn’t.”

*Second place - Lauren Stoner*
Your piece is so intriguing, Lauren. I'm dying to know what happens next! :-) 

Kelly and her partner Phil entered the dark factory and paused a moment for their eyes to adjust to the dim light.
“Nothing to see here,” Phil said, lowering his gun. “C’mon, let’s leave.”
Kelly shook her head. “No. Not yet. I have this feeling…let’s look upstairs.” Kelly pushed past Phil and looked around for the staircase.
Kelly Mauer and Phil Legaspi were both detectives who had working together for two years, trying to crack down on an illegal black market operation. Upon receiving some new information, Kelly pinpointed the main headquarters of the black market to be in this old factory. She would not rest until she ended the illegal operation.
“Shh!” Kelly hissed. “Can’t you hear that?”
“Hear what?” Phil said.
“That sound…it’s a generator! Someone has a generator here.” Kelly spun around to face Phil. “Why would a generator be running in a closed factory?”
Phil glanced around, “You’re right…”
“This way!” Kelly finished mounting the stairs and pointed at the door before her. “It’s coming from here.” She motioned with her hand for Phil to cover her as she opened the door.
Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind and knocked the gun from her hands.
“Sorry, Kelly,” Phil’s voice whispered in her ear.
Kelly turned her head to see that Phil was the one holding her captive. “Phil?! What on earth!?”
Phil nestled his gun barrel into Kelly’s back to keep her from moving around. “I didn’t want it to come to this, Kelly.”
“I’m not a real detective,” Phil explained with a light laugh. “I was sent to work with you to keep you away from our operation. And you believed me! I had you fooled for two years…but I suppose all good things must come to an end.”
Kelly felt a ripple of panic course through her body. Phil was a fake? He was part of the black market? How did she not realize this earlier?
Kelly’s radio system buzzed to life and a voice began speaking.
“Detective Mauer? Come in, Mauer.”
Kelly looked at Phil, “I have to answer or they’ll know something’s wrong.”
Phil let go of Kelly’s one arm but continued to keep a tight grip on her other arm. Kelly reached up to her walkie-talkie and spoke into it.
“This is detective Mauer, over.”
“State your location. Over.”
Kelly glanced nervously at Phil. “What should I tell them?” she asked.
“Tell them that we’re leaving the factory right now. Tell them we didn’t find anything.” Phil nudged his gun into Kelly’s back. “And don’t try anything stupid.”
Kelly took her walkie-talkie, “Detective Legaspi and I just left the factory. Over.”
“Did you find anything? Over.”
“No. We didn’t find anything. Over.”
“Alright, see you back at the station. Over and out.”
“Copy that. Over and out.” Kelly dropped her hand to her side, still clutching the walkie-talkie unit in her fist.
“Good girl,” Phil sneered. “Now follow me.” Phil pushed Kelly forward and led her from the stairway into the room.
Inside was a dozen or so people busily moving about. A generator was in the back corner of the room, powering the many computers lined up in the room. A group of four people were stacking boxes against the far wall.
“Welcome to my little operation, detective Mauer,” Phil introduced with a mocking tone.
Kelly stared at the commotion in disgust. “I can’t believe this. I was this close to cracking the case and I let you stop me.”
Phil chuckled. “Well, enjoy the view while it lasts Mauer. You won’t be able to enjoy any view much longer.”
Phil pushed Kelly to the ground and made her sit there while he spoke with one of his colleagues.
A few minutes later, there was a noise from down below.
“Move! Move! Move!”
Phil whirled around. “What?” He exited the room and peeked over the stair railing. He roughly pulled Kelly up off the ground. “Did you call in backup?”
Kelly smiled and held up her hand, revealing the walkie-talkie unit. “They heard every word you said,” Kelly said with a smirk.
Phil glared at Kelly in outrage. “Oh no, I’m not letting you ruin this for me. I came this far, I’m not going to jail now.” He pushed Kelly in front of him and walked out onto the stairway.
“I have a hostage!” he screamed to the officers below. “I’ll shoot her if you don’t do as I say!” Phil kept his gun hand trained on the officers and with his other arm, he propped around Kelly’s neck.
“We have you surrounded!” an officer called up. “Surrender or else!”
“Or else what?!” Phil jeered.

*Tied for third place we have - Bethany R. & Tatiana*

Your story takes us on an interesting adventure, Bethany! :)

  Twenty-year-old Denise opened the window of her apartment to let in some fresh air. Then she relaxed in her bed watching the local news. She was nearly asleep when she was startled awake by the urgent voices of the news reporters. Rolling over, she raised the volume. If you see anyone matching the picture of this young man, please dial the number on your screen.
   She gasped when the picture rolled onto the screen. It was her sixteen-year-old brother! Scrambling for the phone, she called her parents. “Mom, where's David?”
   “Your father and I haven't heard from him since he left for school this morning. We were just about to call you to see if he came there,” her mother answered with a note of worry in her voice.
   “Get Dad and turn on the TV.”
   After she hung up, she returned to her television. The young man in the photograph has not yet been identified but if you know him, please contact us. A witness has claimed that he was kidnapped near Lincoln High, Los Angeles by Jason Rither, wanted for murder.
   In shock, Denise called the police and informed them of her brother's name and age. After she got off the phone, she left her apartment for a walk in the night air to clear her mind and calm her spirit.
   She wandered aimlessly for an hour or more before she finally came to her senses. Looking around her as though she was seeing the area for the first time, she noticed that she was in downtown Los Angeles. She attempted to find her way home but found herself hopelessly lost. She dug into her pocket for her cell phone to call her parents but discovered that she left it in her apartment. Fear gripped her heart as she wandered around, searching for any familiar street, anything. Every dirty face she passed seemed to glare at her.
   Suddenly, she felt a presence and heard a scuffling behind her and quickly whirled around but saw no one. Her heart pounded. Denise told herself that she had just imagined it. On she traveled growing more weary and hopeless with every step.
   Again. She turned but once more saw no one. Finally, she gave up all hope and started searching for a hotel instead.
   By midnight she still had found no hotel and was only deeper into the dreaded part of town. Turning down yet another street, Denise found an old, abandoned store. Surprisingly, the knob turned. As she stepped inside, she shuddered as rats scurried to hide. The store was mostly bare, probably from looters, she imagined.
   She got the feel of the store before she curled up in a corner to rest. Once more, Denise was nearly asleep when she was startled awake. This time it was a definite scuffling. Before she could look around, a hand clamped over her mouth and she was seized. She struggled for a moment but then realized it was useless. She allowed herself to be drug into a back room that she had not previously seen. Just before Denise and her captor entered it, he hissed in her ear, “Be quite or else” and shoved her in.
   As she hit the floor, she gasped to see her brother bound and gagged in the corner. She scurried over to him and wrapped him up in a huge hug and quickly removed his gag. “David!” She then turned toward Jason Rither. “What do you want with us?”
   Grabbing her violently, Rither wrapped his arm around her and pointed his gun at David, “Don't give me anymore of yer sass gal. You hear?” He asked, shaking her before throwing her to the ground once more.
   She could see that David was furious at Rither but she placed her hand onto his arm to keep him from trying anything.
   After awhile, Rither left the room for only a moment and returned with a chair and several nearly empty bottles of whiskey. He settled himself down and began drinking. Denise watched bottle after bottle empty and debated her move. Finally, he was so drunk he fell out of the chair and, in the meantime, dropped his gun.
   Denise leapt forward and wrapped her hand around the cool metal of the gun.
   “Denise, look out!” David cried.
   She looked up just in time to see Rither clumsily barreling toward her. She jumped backwards and fired a shot.
   Rither howled and grabbed his injured leg. Meanwhile Denise grabbed his knife and cut David's bonds. Both siblings then tied up Rither and fled. Coming around the corner they spotted a police car. “Please! Help us!” Denise called and explained the situation.
   Back at their parent's house, the family had a joyous reunion. Denise called the police and was relieved to discover that Rither had already had been taken to jail. “God sure was good to us!” Denise exclaimed as she gave her brother a hug.

Your piece was wonderful, Tatiana! A great way to show an about-face in someone's life. ;) 

I don't know how I had gotten pulled into it. After my Dad died I felt like I didn't belong to anybody. My mom was working all the time and I barely got to see her. My whole attitude changed.I started being disrespectful to my school teachers and other grownups in my life.My grades dropped,and I didn't care I didn't care about anything.I started bullying other kids at school. I felt insecure and that things weren't in my control. I started to notice some other kids around school who acted the same way I did. One after noon two of the guys who I had noticed came up to me and cornered me outside the school.They said "they knew how I felt" and that I was"right in my actions." There whole concept seemed different and bad. But  since I was feeling so insecure and wanted to feel secure I listened to them,and for a while I felt safe.But soon it became clear that I was not in a group of friends,but more in a "crime family" .Even than I din't care.I wanted to get back at the world.Now look where it had gotten me.One bad decision after another. First it was stealing things from other kids at school and than shoplifting than into dealing drugs.Now I was holding a person at gun point saying I would shoot her if the police came any closer. If I did that, it would just be another bad decision added to my long list of them. For the first time in a while I felt something. That something was guilt. I knew I had to get out of  this trouble I was in. Slowly I unwrapped my arm from around her neck and dropped my gun to my side.In an instant I was shoved to the wall and being handcuffed,but I knew I had made the right choice.The choice to repent.


Thank you for entering everyone! :) I hope to have the What I Saw up in a few days. 
Amy from Living in Faith and Fun posted one of my favorite songs, Letters From War. If your interested, you can see that here.

Thanks for reading! 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Update /// Photos

Hello everyone! It feels like it's been forever since I posted here. :( Okay, so it really hasn't been that long and, hey, I'm on vacation!! Anyway, here's a few pictures of what's been happening. :)

First Stop, Badlands South Dakota! 

A creek at the campground in Cody, WY!

Snake River, Grand Tetons National Park 

And my dog, asleep in the back of the truck. :) 

There'll be more pictures soon, after I have time to sort through them and all. ;) 
Also a quick reminder to anyone interested, the Imagine This contest Sunday. :) 
Thanks for reading my blog! Have a blessed day!