Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Big Sister Bragging Rights...

If any of y'all have younger siblings then you've probably told friends about things they like, have accomplished, etc. You have the older siblings bragging right! :) *laughs* 
Last Thursday my dad and little brother left for deer camp. Tucker (my brother) has previously killed a turkey, two wild hogs, and three deer. He is a big time deer hunter so, needless to say, deer season is his favorite time of year. 
Saturday night, about 6:15, he shot his first 8-point! He was hunting in a stand by himself for the first time since he passed the hunter-safety course last winter. 

Here's the pictures! 

Dad was in another deer stand and texted mom when he heard Tucker shoot. A friend they were hinting with got to him first and then let dad know. :) 
They had to drag it out of the woods and haul it to the processors before heading home (a four drive). They got home late, but we still made it to church for Sunday School the next morning! ;) 

Thanks for reading and have a great day, everyone! ;D 
~Faith (with help and input from Tucker) 

P.S. I'm working on the What I Saw and Being Little Sister-5. Those will be posted soon, promise! :)  


  1. Awesome! Congrats Tucker :-) My family hunts a lot and I usually go out for first day of rifle season. I know how exciting it is :D

    1. I think he's enjoying all the attention he's getting from everyone. :) LOL.

      Really? Cool!! I don't hunt, but several of my friends do. ;) Dad was there when I was reading your comment to Tucker. He asked where you lived and when I told him he said there is big deer there. Is there? What other than deer do y'all hunt?? :)

      Thanks for commenting, Lauren!!

    2. There are some decent buck around here. The bigger deer are usually the penned deer (where people raise deer and keep them penned up in a certain acreage and hunters pay to hunt them. Fake hunting is what it really is.) But my Dad, brother, and I have killed decent deer. :D My dad and brother hunt turkey and bear sometimes. I just hunt whitetail deer. My dad has been out West on Elk hunting trips but never been successful. Dad has been on a Pronghorn hunt and killed one. Dad and my brother have been to NC on a hog hunt and my lil bro killed one!

    3. Yeah, I don't agree with that. Sounds like cheating. :-(
      Awesome!! They've been turkey and duck hunting, but not bear. My moms step-sister (I'm not sure what she'd be to me :)) and her husband went out west on an elk hunt this year. Dad and Tucker have talked about going when Tucker is older.
      On our trip west we saw Pronghorns everywhere!! It's was so cool!! :-)
      Really? That's so neat!! Where they deer hunt, and where Tucker killed two hogs last year, is actually in GA. They don't hunt much here around the house and farm. :)

  2. Wow, how exciting! Great job, Tucker! :D

  3. Congrats, Tucker! My family doesn't hunt but that's still pretty cool!

  4. WOW! An 8-piont! That's really impressive! Thanks for sharing Faith! (And Tucker) ;)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! He's thrilled. :)