Friday, April 29, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things! // Tag

Aloha, all! *waves* (No I'm not in Hawaii.) I know what you thought when you saw the title of this post... "What?? But she does soooo many tags!!!" But I also know that you're reading this anyway. B-) (Well, I hope you are. If you're not, then I... Wait, if you're not reading it you don't care, do you?) 

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I've posted here. Sowwwy. ^_^ As I mentioned before, construction is going on. Mom threatened to hack into this blog and leave a quick post telling you all what's happening and that you would see me here after it's all over. But she didn't. B-) Did she? *quickly scans over previous posts* Nope. ;) 

I do have oodles of post coming up soon though, so be watching. ;) Like seriously. My settings look like this... 

Draft, draft, draft, draft, draft. xP Blah. If your eyesight is good enough to make any of that out, congratulations. You get a sneak peek into upcoming stuff. ;P 
While we're on the subject of pictures and excuses for not room looks like this right now...

See what I mean? B-) 

I've been a horridly terrible blog follower lately too... :-/ So if you've posted something and I didn't comment, I did see it and I will get to you soon. :) (Translation: my inbox is beyond overflowing and I'm hoping to clear it out by...uh...July? *nods*) 

Anyhow. Lauren from Lauren's Amazing World tagged me for her own unique tag, A Few of My Favorite Things. :) Shall we get started? 

Cool, yes?

• Write down ten of your favorite things. 
• Tag at least three others! 

Before I get into my list of favorite things, I'm going to stop and say that, first, all of these favorite things are extremely random. And second, this is far from all of my favorite things. Thirdly, I noticed that like everyone else added family as one of their 'favorites', but I'm not. That's not to say my family isn't special! I'm just...not adding them to this list. ;) LOL. 

1) Dogs. 
Dogs are girls best friend! Well, this girl anyway. ;) Biskit is my 100+ pound Yellow Labrador Retriever. :) 

Biskit approves of my reading material. :) 

Biskit's brother, Bullet, is my brother's dog. He's smaller and darker in coat color. :) 

2) Candy. 
What would I do without candy?! One thing I probably wouldn't do without candy is write. ;) 

Skittles and Jolly ranchers are my favorites. :D

These are the best jolly ranchers. DO NOT ARGUE! 

3) Pottery. 
Some of you may not have known this, but I'm a potter. ;) I love all the aspects of pottery that I've been blessed to experience and learn from, but my favorite is wheel-throwing. :-) 

Some dishes from a dinner set I made last summer. 

Another important aspect of pottery (in my opinion at least ;)) is test tiles. Test tiles are small, hollow blocked used to test different glaze combinations. Lots of potters will keep their favorite test tiles, or all of them, on a shelf at easy access. And they're so pretty too! Here's mine. :) 

4) I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy is like my favorite TV show. It's an amazing comedy from the '50s starring Lucille Ball, and I absolutely adore it. :) 

5) Notebooks. 
Who doesn't love little books filled with blank paper?! :D I have lots of notebooks and binders for school, church, and writing notes. :) 

Just look at them in all their paper-filled glory. :) 

6) Music. 
What would I do without music?! Honestly, I listen to music all. The. Time. While I'm doing school, while I'm writing, while I'm reading, in the car... You name it, I've probably got my earbuds on. ;) 

7) Bloggers. 
That's right. You!! What would I do without all my blogger friends and followers? ^_^ 

8) Pictures. 
I love pretty, vintage-y pictures. (Check out my new header. :)) 

9) Good Books. 
I was originally going to include movies here (because y'all know I love books :P), but I decided against it. Because books are much easier for me to talk and talk and talk about. Books are amazing. Books are wonderful. Books are words upon words upon words. Books are life. *nod* :) 

10) *plays creepy music* Wait for it... 
Of course... World War Two. I know, I know, who has a favorite war?? But I really love reading about WWII and the '40s. :) 

And I tag... 

Rebekah Eddy @ Rebekah's Remarks 
Lydia Dyslin @ Through the Wardrobe 


A few things before I scamper off to finish a story, read a book and...yeah. ;) 

-- There's an awesome giveaway going on, hosted by Christian author Rachel Starr Thomson! Click here to check it out!! :D 

-- My friend Amy from Living in Faith and Fun is hosting a writing challenge that ends on May 1st. If you hurry, there's still time to enter! :D Details are HERE

-- I am aware that literally everything here on the blog is out of wack. I've tried to fix it, but Blogger keeps shutting me down for some reason. >_< Any advice would be appreciated! 

-- And lastly – join me in taking the challenge to become more responsible in every aspect of our Christian lives. Check out this post on Chosen Vessels

Thanks for reading everyone! More posts, coming soon. :D 

*6th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th pictures are from Pinterest. The rest are mine.* 


  1. I love I Love Lucy! I think I've seen almost every episode, it's so funny! ^.^
    I don't even know how many notebooks I have. But notebooks are!! There are so many interesting designs out there. Too many, almost. xD
    Thanks for tagging me! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Yay, another I Love Lucy fan!!! XD So awesome. Like no one else I know has even seen it, much less appreciates it's amazingness. B-) It's so hilarious! All of Lucy and Ethel's schemes. ;)
      Ahh, I love notebooks! Yeah, I have more than pictured but those are my favorites. ;) Yes, all so pretty!!

      I can't wait to see your post! :D Thanks for commenting, Lydia!

  2. Wait, are my eyes lying to me? Is this--could this possibly be a post from Faith?!?! *gasps* You're still alive!
    Sorry. I just couldn't resist. B-) (Well, technically I could, but where's the fun in that?)
    Oh, hold on a sec. CANDY HELPS YOU WRITE?!?!? *buys tons of skittles and jolly ranchers and ships them to Faith* There. Now once your room is done, you will have NO excuse! I'll be stalking you. B-)
    Vintage pictures are so much fun!! ^_^ Seriously, I love them so much! And WWII! I won't exaggerate on that one. You know my infatuation with it. ;)
    And in case I forgot to mention it, I LOVE THE NEW BLOG HEADER!!!! It so gorgeous and summery and vintage-y and just ... all-around awesome!!!! :)
    I loved the sneak-peek you gave us! I had to save the picture to our computer and zoom in to read it. ;) Those posts sound so awesome! Than again, all your posts are awesome! I hope construction continues to go well!! (Oh, and tell your mom I would totally love it if she hacked into your blog and wrote a post. ;))

    1. Hahaha, Miss Comedian. B-) JK. ;)
      Yes, candy does help me write!! :D (The package hasn't arrived should've sent it airmail... Get it? ;) ) No excuse? Really? School isn't over yet... (Actually, all my blog readers will be getting to read a short story by me tomorrow... ;)) You're totally right about not being able to write until my room is done though. I was trying to write last night and Tucker kept talking to me. (Like, hello, I don't care that somebody wrapped barbed wire around an entire town!!) It's kinda hard to avoid conflict when we're sleeping feet apart. :P
      Oh, I just LOOOOVE vintage and WWII photos! : ) Pinterest is so amazing for that sort of thing. ;)
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE IT TOO! :D Now to fix everything else. O_O
      Well, you're quite welcome. :) They're all going to fun I hope. XD
      I'll tell her! ;) Maybe together we can convince her to guest post sometime. :P

      Thanks for commenting, Jesseca!

    2. Well... I would have sent it airmail, but, umm, my pilot is out of service due to an accident. The plane he was in, well, it crashed.And neither it nor the pilot is in good condition.
      Sooo ... I'll have to send it the old fashioned way.
      Oh, sounds like fun! ;) What town got barbed wire put around it?
      And I would so totally love to help you convince your mom to do a guest post!!

    3. WHAT????!!!?! JESSECA, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEE????? (Or to him, for that matter??) *screams* I. Need. More. Now. Like right now. Please? *innocent smile*

      Haha, I don't know. He's still reading those Louis L'amour westerns. XP
      Yay!! I'll talk to her about it. ;)

  3. Whoa, your room! XD I’m sure you can’t wait for it to look more like a bedroom soon! :D
    I know exactly what you mean about your inbox being overflowing – mine too....
    Your doggy reminds me of one we used to have – I’m a bit afraid to admit to you (haha!) that I’m not a huge dog-person (I like my kitties. ^.^), but our dog that looks like Biskit was a fantastic dog – he was bigger than yours (he was ginormous!!), and was the best watchdog ever. And yet so gentle with us. He sadly got cancer though and we had to put him down. :( But he was a great dog!
    Candy!! I love candy too.
    That’s so cool about your pottery! Those dishes you made are amazing. =)
    And I share you love of I Love Lucy! Such a fun show!
    And yes, yes, yes!!!! I LOVE notebooks!!! I have so many, it may be embarrassing...XD I have that Nautical one tooooo! :D
    Aww, my blogger friends (very much including you!) are my favourite too.
    Books, books, books! Never enough. ^.^ You already know I share that passion, so I’ll try not to rattle on about that... ;)
    Haha “Creepy music” XD I love reading about WWII and the ‘40s as well!
    Thank you so much for tagging me! I’ll do it soon! =) And btw, I love your new blog look – it’s so beautiful!!
    I’m sorry your blog is causing your troubles too! Maybe the whole bloggingshpere is turning on us...just kidding. XD
    Gonna go check out your other blog post now...sorry for such a long comment!!

    1. I know, right? XD At least that pile of old flooring is gone now. :P
      Usually I try to clear my inbox out (at least somewhat) on Saturdays, but it didn't happen last week and it isn't going too well today. >_<
      Hahaha, got ya. ;) Kitty-cats are sweet too, but dogs are my favorites. :) Awww, having to put a dog down would be sad. :'( We've never had to do that, thankfully. My parents got two labs around the time they got married, one of which lived to be old, and then I got a dog that was part lab when I was about six. He got killed right after we got Bullet and Biskit. Our boys are great guard dogs too. ;) We have a pretty bad coyote problem around here, and it's so funny to hear the dogs howling back at them. :P
      Candy is amazing. XD
      Thank you!! :D I really enjoy pottery, and making those dishes last summer was such an awesome experience. ^_^
      Yay!! *high five* I Love Lucy is THE BEST!! My brother and I were watching it last night. ;) I'm a big-time fan. I have the scrapbook and a little ad thingy. ;)
      Notebooks are amazing!!! :D Haha, yeah. I probably have TOO many! Oh, cool! Someone else had that notebook too... Lydia D., I think. ;P
      Awww, you're so sweet!! ^_^ But, yes, all my blogger friends are wonderful! *hugs*
      Haha! It is a passion, isn't it? Maybe obsession? xP
      WWII and the '40s is just so...amazing. (I use that word a lot.) It's splendid. : )
      Can't wait to see your post, Raechel!! Thank you! I love the header and the blue font, but everything else is driving. me. insane. >_< Haha, war against the blogosphere!

      Thanks for commenting, Raechel!

    2. Well that's good indeed!
      Oh good for you! I'm impressed. I should try to pick a day to clear my inbox...XD
      :) Yeah, having to have animals put down is always sad. I'm glad you've never had to do that. We sadly have many times. =( I'm sorry your dog you got when you were six was killed! That's really hard too. =( But I'm glad you've got Bullet and Biskit and they're both great dogs! Yes - we have a major coyote problem too! But no dog to guard our other animals now. We haven't been able to find the right one. Maybe someday though.
      Fun!! I love that you have I Love Lucy things! That's great. I've got a journal/notebook that has a tin cover (I love it) with Lucy scenes all over it. :D
      Haha, that's great. XD It's a gorgeous notebook. *Happy sigh* All notebooks are!
      Hahaha, yes, perhaps it is an obsession...XD
      I so agree!
      Bummer. I hope you can get the rest of your blog sorted! I need to work on mine too at some point. :P

    3. :) It usually works pretty well, but it didn't happen last Saturday. :-/ *headdesk* So here I am on Monday morning trying to clear some of it out. :P
      Awww, that's sad. :'( We almost had to put these guys down a few years ago...after they ate snail poison. O_O But they've recovered nicely, praise God. ;)
      Yes, it was sad when Simpson got killed, but having two little puppies around definitely helped. :-)
      Ugh, coyotes are AWFUL! The only other animals we have are chickens, but our neighbors have cattle. They had a bunch of calves this spring, and we were so afraid the coyotes would get them!
      An I Love Lucy notebook – how fun!! :D I saw some sort of Lucy book in Tractor Supply yesterday. I'm like "look, it's Lucy!!" I got a few stares, I think. ;)
      Yes! They're so divinely, paper-y lovely! ^_^
      Blogging work is long as everything cooperates. :P

    4. Hehe, bummer. XD I hope you can get caught up!
      Oh my, snail poison! So glad they recovered!!
      Yes, coyotes can be such a problem! Thankfully the ones around here haven't gotten any of our chickens/cats/kittens lately, though we have seen them around still. We have more problems with skunks, raccoons, and occasionally the wolverine that lives around here. =/
      Nice! Haha, that's funny. XD If people can't share in some Lucy-excitement, that's their problem. ;)
      So true - as long as everything cooperates indeed! XD I've got a 'visitor counter' thing on my sidebar that tells where people on from when they visit, but lately it's been saying EVERYONE - even me - is from San Francisco, CA....not sure what that's about. Tried to fix it but I think I'll just have to get rid of it. Oh well...
      Btw, nice work on your new blog look! I like the background colour :)

    5. :)
      Well, that's good. Oh, we had a problem with a skunk once or twice. It got my dad's truck and my dog. =P It was terrible!
      Haha, my thoughts exactly!!! xD Who doesn't like Lucy??
      San Francisco??!? O_O That's strange. Yeah, quirky blog gadgets can be sooo aggravating. >_< It drives me insane sometimes. Grrr.
      Thanks! :D I'm tickled pink (get it? ;)) with the colors. I finally got almost everything fixed. Now I just need to add some other pages, and work on the sidebar. ;)

    6. Ick! Yeah, we've got our share of skunk stories...I won't bore you with all of them though. XD I should put a post together of all of them though, 'cause we've had a LOT. XD
      I know, very strange! I still have no idea. *shakes head*
      Hehe, such lovely colours! :)

    7. Oh, you totally should put together a post. I'm sure I would enjoy reading it!! :D

      I hope you can get it all worked out!! :)

    8. I'll try to at some point. :D


  4. I had a lot of fun reading this, Faith! You always have such fun blog posts. :)
    Your dog is so cute. :) Well, both of them are. ;) It's a good thing that Biskit approves of your reading material. ;)
    Yes, candy is so good! At least most of it is. ;) I also really like Skittles. They are really good. Jolly Ranchers are good too, although I don't think I've ever had the ones you mentioned. I'll have to look for those at the store next time. ;)
    Those dishes that you made are just so pretty!
    I actually have never seen I Love Lucy. I've seen it around at stores and all, but have never watched it.
    Notebooks are definitely wonderful things. I have quite a few too. :) You have some really pretty covers. I love that one with all of the colorful circles. :D
    Music is great! I love listening to the radio when I'm in the car.
    I absolutely LOVE your new blog header!!!! It is sooooo pretty! :D
    Oh yes, what would we do without books? ;) They are just wonderful. :)
    World War 2 and the '40's is a pretty fun time period, although it isn't my top favorite. But I still like it. :)
    I look forward to all of your fun upcoming posts, Faith! :D

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy my posts, Rebekah! :)
      Hehehe. ;) Yes, it's definitely a good thing that he approves. There have been two books in the past that Biskit didn't approve he tried to eat them... XD It wasn't too bad when it was one of mine, but we he 'sampled' a library book it was rather embarrassing. :P
      Oooo, I LOVE Skittles!! :D Skittles used to be my nickname between me and a few others. ;) Those Jolly Ranchers are THE BEST! They're gummy and filled. :) Yum!
      Thanks! ;D
      Oh, you HAVE to watch I Love Lucy!! It's sooo hilarious. :D The first 3 seasons are the best, but they're all funny. ;)
      Notebooks ARE soooo wonderful!! :-) I've had that one with the colorful circles for a long time. I used to write down all the books I read in it. ^_^
      Me too! I always have the radio on in the car. ;)
      Thanks! I'm quite pleased with how the header turned out. ;)
      Books... Ahh, such a splendid word. :D
      Hmm...I wonder if I would know your favorite time period... ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!! ^_^

    2. Oh dear, that's terrible that Biskit tried to eat a couple books. Especially since one was a library book. I actually remember seeing pictures of those two on your bookshelf post from last summer. I think you put them down as your most beat-up books. ;)
      Okay, you've convinced me. I'll have to watch I Love Lucy. :)
      Yes, books is such a splendid word. :D
      Yeah, my favorite time period is the Oregon Trail. :) I love reading about that time. :)

    3. Oh, yes, that's right. I knew I'd taken pictures of them for something, but I couldn't remember exactly what. ;)
      Yay!! ^_^ I'm quite certain you'll love the amazing humor!! ;)
      Could've guessed it. ;) The Oregon Trail and the pioneer days are really fun to learn about too! Mid-late 1800s used to be my favorite time period. :)

  5. I totally agree with all of these! (Except maybe pottery because I've never done it, and dogs. Sorry, but horses are better. :D)

    I enjoyed reading these! By the way, your book quote was AWESOME!!!

    1. If you've never did wheel-thrown pottery, you can't fully appreciate its amazingness. :D Well, I've only rode a horse twice in my life – once that I can't even remember, and once on a youth trip a few years ago. :)

      Hehe, I love that one. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed, Bethany! Thanks for commenting. ;)

  6. Awesome!! Candy of course!!! And I Love Lucy is great! My friend watches it all the time!
    I got a brand new notebook for my birthday and I was soooooo excited I couldn't wait to write in it :))))
    Music!!! I would die without music! End of story.
    Glad you did this tag!! So fun to read your answers!

    1. Candy is wonderful. :) And of course I Love Lucy is JUST amazing. Ahh, I love it so much. :D
      Ahhhhh!!! That's awesome! New notebooks are the bestest!!! XD
      ME. TOO. ;)

      Thanks for tagging me, Lauren! I enjoyed it and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! :) Thank you for commenting!