Tuesday, April 12, 2016

// The Liebster Award //

Hey everyone! Me again. ;) (Like, who else??) Lydia from C'est La Vie (isn't that a beautiful blog name?!) tagged me for the Liebster Award! :D Yay! Here goes! 

The rules for the Liebster Award:
Link back to the person who tagged you.
Answer their 11 questions.
Tag 11 bloggers.
Ask them 11 questions.
Let them know you've tagged them.

~The Questions~ 

1. Have you ever taken a Myers Briggs personality test? 
No, I have not. I've taken the 16 Personalities test though. My personality type is INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving). Doesn't it just fit? FP is my initials!! :) 

2. Do you know how to dance? 
You mean like "oh, I love this song! *dances through the house*"? No? Okay, then no, I don't know how to dance. ;) 

3. What is your favorite way to communicate with others? (i.e. talking on the phone, email, texting, talking in person, letter writing, etc.)
Probably letter writing. :) I feel like an old soul when I'm hand-writing a letter to a friend. (Or writing letters between fictional characters is always great too. XD) I write in swirly cursive and add cute little flowers and doodling to the sides of the paper. :) 

4. Do you have any siblings? 
I have one younger brother...on the days I claim him. ;) 

That's us. ;) 

5. Have you ever performed in public? 
I used to play violin, and had recitals every so often. Not really in 'public', just friends and family of fellow students. :)

6. (If you drive) Can you drive a standard/stick-shift? 
No, I cannot. Dad says he's going to teach me this summer, but...I'm not sure he wants me in his truck yet. B-) 

7. Name one thing that makes you happy-- 
My dog, Biskit. <3 

I mean, who doesn't want that as their screensaver?? 

8.What was the last song you listened to? 
Be One by Natalie Grant :-) 

9. What, would you say, is your biggest talent? 
Oh dear. I guess I would say writing is my 'biggest talent'. I'm not very good by comparison, but I'm a great writer. :) 

10. Do you collect anything? 
BOOKS!!!! :D No, seriously, I do. ;) 

I really need this. ;) (from Pinterest) 

11. Do you sing or play any instruments? 
I sing in the choir at church, but that's it. No instruments. :) 

Now for the tagging part. ;) I tag... 

~ My Questions ~ 
1. What is your personality type? 
2. What part of writing a blog post takes the longest for you? (Ex. In my case, it takes me longer to find/stick in links and pictures than to actually write the post.) 
3. Would you rather smell fresh-cut grass or campfire smoke? 
4. What's the last song you listened to? (And did you like it?) 
5. What's the last movie you watched? (And did you like it?)
6. What's the last book you finished? (And did you like it?) 
7. Do you have a reading goal for this year? 
8. Would you rather use a pen or a pencil? If you chose pen, what color of ink? 
9. What's your favorite historical time period? 
10. Describe yourself in one sentence. (It's almost a question.) 
11. Do you enjoy tags? (Or are you only filling this out because you feel obligated? B-)) 

Thanks for reading, guys!! :D The writing contest starts Friday! Details coming soon. :) 


  1. :D Congrats on being nominated! That bookshelf wall is just amazing. Think if that door led to an entire little space just for books and reading.. <3 Haha. That's be so great. But I imagine it'd be difficult to get the ones on those narrow top shelves...

    Your dog is such a sweetheart! And I love that "great writer" quote. :)

    1. Thanks!! :D Isn't it?? I love dreaming up that sorta thing on Pinterest. ;) I always say I'm going to marry a philanthropist and have my own library in our mansion. ;P Yeah, the top shelves would require a ladder for me. ;)

      He is!! A 110 lb. sweetheart. ;) Oh, I love it too! So encouraging. :)

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Oh that's so cool! Have you tried driving before? I'm going to try and take my driver's test this Saturday, and if I pass...well I'm definitely gonna try driving the Honda ;)
    Awww....Biskit. Is. Adorable!!!!
    THAT BOOKSHELF!!! Kay, at first I thought that was your bookshelf and I was like "Whhhaaaattttt???" It's amazing! And yes, I would totally have that kind of bookshelf...if there was room that is :P I'd actually really love to have my own library. But the kind where the walls are covered in books and you have rolling ladders in them to go sliding all over the place to find books :D

    Thanks for tagging me, Faith! Can't wait to fill it out ;)

    1. I actually have my drivers permit and I've been driving some since last August, but I've only had one 'lesson' in driving a stick-shift. :P Oh, good luck on your test!! :D Yeah, start small. ;)
      Biskit says to thank you for appreciating his sweetness. ;) Most people only see the too-curious dog who gets in trouble a lot. :P
      Haha, I wish!!! :D Yes, I would love to have a library like that as well. :) Like I said to Eve (above) I always say I'm going to marry a philanthropist, so many I will have it one day. xD

      Thanks for commenting, Blessing! I can't wait to see your answers! :-)

  3. Ooh, coolio. :D This looks like such a cool tag. I love your screen saver, and I can totally dance. Totally. *coughs* *coughs again* OKAY MAYBE NOT. I try though. XD
    Also, when I saw that bookshelf, I actually thought it was yours for a sec, and then I was like, oohhhh Pinterest. :P

    Thanks for tagging me! :D

    1. It is a cool tag. ;) Yeah, same here. I CAN dance, but I'm not sure most people would CONSIDER it dancing. XD
      Second person on that one... Perhaps I should've made it clearer. ;) I would love to have that bookshelf, tho!

      I look forward to reading your answers, Jonathan!! Thanks for commenting. :D

  4. I love writing letters too. :) It is so much fun!
    Have fun learning to drive a stick-shift! I don't know how to drive one, but I'll probably learn sometime. ;)
    I love your answer to number 10. :) Books are a great thing to collect! :D That book shelf looks sooo cool! :) I would love to have a library in my house one day. I've always pictured myself having the one where the bookshelf's cover the walls and there's a rolling ladder. :)
    I had lots of fun reading your answers, Faith! :)
    Thanks so much for tagging me! I can't wait to do it!

    1. It really is!! :)
      Haha, thanks! Dad is of the mind that very one needs to know how. I'm game, but I'm not sure he is yet. ;)
      Yes, they are!! Some things that people collect you can't do much with, but you can ALWAYS read. :D SAME HERE!!!! The libraries with the rolling ladders are sooo awesome. B-)
      I'm glad you enjoyed it, Rebekah. I can't wait to see your answers! :-)

      Thank you for commenting!

  5. Awesome! I looooved reading this. Writing letters or cards is great. I love getting cards in the mail. I feel so special. And swirly cursive writing?? Yessss!
    Haha I dont always claim my siblings either ;-)
    Can't wait to do this tag...maybe this weekend!

    1. I love getting mail too! Who doesn't?? XD So sending mail and knowing I'm making someone's day is almost as good. :)
      Siblings...what're we gonna do with them? ;)
      *I* can't wait to see your answers!! :D

      Thanks for your comment, Lauren!

  6. Oooo...this looks like so much fun! I'm DEFINITELY going to do this!! I have some scheduled posts coming up...but this is going to be after that for sure!! ^_^ Thanks for tagging me! (*whisper* I love tags!) It was fun to read your post Faith! :)

    1. Yay!! :D I can't wait to see your post, Rebekah! You're welcome! (*whispers* So do I!!) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      Thnaks for commenting!! :-)

  7. Hehe, all your answers were so cute. Thanks for tagging me! I tagged you for the Infinity Dreams Tag (again) yesterday :D

    1. LOL, thank you! ^_^ I saw that! I need to hop over and comment. ;)

      Thnaks for commenting, Abi! Can't wait to see your tag answers!

  8. I love your answer to number 10. It totally suits me too. I'll try to do the tag soonish. I have so many tags I need to catch up on. :) Thanks!

    1. Hehe, doesn't it though? ;) Ahhh, me too! I still have like 2 tags I need to do, and I just did this and another one. ;) Can't wait to see your post...whenever it may be. :P

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. Your dog is so cute!!!
    I LOVE that bookshelf. Everyone should have one like that! :D
    Thanks for tagging me!

    1. He is. :)
      ME TOO!!! Oh, I know. ;) It's so awesome. XD
      You're welcome! I can't wait to see your answers, Lauren!

      Thanks for commenting. :)

  10. Thank you for tagging me! I'll try to get it up this next week here. :)
    So many yes's to letter-writing!! I adore it. There really is nothing like receiving and writing a hand-written letter. <3
    And collecting books - amen!!
    You ARE a GREAT writer! :)

    1. Yay, I can't wait to see your answers! :-)
      I know, right?? It makes me feel all quaint and whimsical and vintage-y. ^_^
      Hahaha!! :D
      Isn't that so encouraging? :)

      Thanks for commenting, Raechel!!

    2. :)
      Yes, me too! Do you have a quill/fountain pen? Writing with that makes it feel even more...vintage-y and lovely. :D
      It sure is!

    3. *gasp* No, I don't, but that sounds so lovely!! :) I'll have to look for one!

    4. :) I hope you can find one eventually! A little word of advice...I don't recommend Barnes and Nobles' quill/fountain/dip pens. I've tried several and have ended up returning each one. They're much more for decoration than functionality unfortunately. =/

    5. Aw, that's unfortunate. :-( Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully I can find something like that somewhere (but not B&N! LOL.) sometime. :) I would love to have one!

    6. Yeah, it's a bummer. But I'm sure there are good ones out there somewhere! I'm always on the hunt. XD

  11. I never did get to the book tag award I got but I will do this one! I vow to do it! I will try my best! :) Thank you for tagging me! :D

    1. Hehe, okay. ;) Can't wait to see your answers! :)

  12. Also I really enjoyed reading your answers. You are very witty. And you are a great writer! :D ;)

    1. *smiles* Well, thank you!

      And thanks for commenting, Emily!

  13. Sorry for taking so long to comment Faith! But, her I am at last! Thanks for doing the tag! I enjoyed reading your answers so much!
    The 16 Personalities test is based on the Myers Briggs principles. :) INFP? That's neat! I don't think I know anyone with that personality type. You people are often very creative--something I'm jealous of!
    Good old letter writing, you just can't beat it! I wrote two today!
    Also, love what you collect! Books would probably have to be my answer too. :)

    1. Thank you so much for tagging me, Lydia!! I enjoyed it immensely. ^_^
      I thought it was pretty much the same thing. ;) Yes, creativity would fall into my personality type! :P
      Nope, it just doesn't get better. ;) Ah, jealous!! I haven't hand-written a good letter in...too long. XD
      Books are THE BEST!!

      Thanks for commenting, Lydia!!