Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week Three {July 2018}

Well, whatdaya know? I survived another week. And I'm still desperately behind. And I still don't care. It's fabulous, y'all. xD

day sixteen // Monday // 828 

On Monday, I went to town to run errands, had a visit from an out-of-town family friend, and finished up a cat-sitting job from the previous week. Oh, and I posted a poll on Instagram to found out how many people sucker their tomato plants (do you??) and the sucker-snappers lost.

Garden bounty

day seventeen // Tuesday // 137

Walmart trip, nursing home visit, went by the DMV office to renew my drivers license and ended up registering to vote, then hung out by the pool and read an entire book...definitely a good day. ;)

Oh, and I assembled a desk chair that ended up not working at my desk... *taps chin*

“Prospective?” I sputter. “I’m the only aunt!”  
“Well, I guess Brock’s sister-in-law is technically the baby’s aunt too.”  
I roll my eyes. “She’s only related by marriage. Besides, she lives in like Antarctica.”  
“Canada, Char. They live in British Columbia. Something to do with Brock’s brother’s job.”  

day eighteen // Wednesday // 1,179 + 1,908

Wednesday was my sweet mom's birthday! <3 We didn't do much that day, but I did get quite a bit of writing and editing done. :D

"People say that you can’t fall in love that young, that you don’t know what you’re talking about, that it’ll never last. But they aren’t always right, Gracie. Sometimes, if it’s His will and if they’re being faithful, God lets two people fall in love young, so they have their whole lives stretched out ahead of them, instead of spending those years finding Him and each other. Not always, mind you, but sometimes." 

day nineteen // Thursday // 700 + 138

I got a new bookshelf on Thursday! This cubic shelf used to be in our living room, in several different arrangements, and behind the couch most recently. Mom mentioned that she wanted to move it out since she won't need nearly as much space for textbooks this fall and asked if I wanted it. Um, yes please! xD

Since taking this picture, I've gotten a lamp for the top and added some more books to the empty cubes. It looks so nice!

day twenty // Friday // 0

I went shopping with my mom on Friday in celebration of her just-passed birthday and my upcoming birthday. We drank Starbucks, ate Chick-Fil-A, found some clothing bargains, each bought new Chacos, and I snagged a book and a season of an enjoyed TV show from Barnes & Noble. <3

day twenty-one // Saturday // 2,257

Saturday was a nice relaxing day, which I spent mostly reading. I also made cookies for a meal at our church on Sunday, tried a salted cold foam cold brew (RECOMMENDED, Y'ALL), wrote lots of fabulous words, watched Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and danced around the house singing country music at the top of my lungs. (Don't you wish you lived on our road??)

stars on my shirt, stars in my eyes 

day twenty-two // Sunday // 715

Sunday was homecoming at our church, so after the special service and following meal, we came home and had a restful afternoon/evening. I reorganized my books by color...and hated it so much that I immediately pulled them all back off and re-did it by author. Apparently I'm slightly OCD when it comes to books.

Camp goal: 75,000 words 
Current word count: 18,715
Status: One week left and I'm not even halfway there... O.o

How is Camp going for y'all?? :D I know I keep saying this, but I really am going to get back active in blogging...maybe next week. Or next month. Ya know. *wink* 


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week Two {July 2018}

Already halfway through the month? I don't even think this is legal. Like, seriously, somebody needs to give summer a speeding ticket. (Wow, Faith, nice try there... xD)

day nine // Monday // 105 + 611 

As I may have mentioned before, Mondays at the Potts house are pretty slow. Last week, I mostly just hung out, did a little editing, and read. And cooked spaghetti and took a walk and received four packages. Mail makes me happy, y'all. ^_^

Hmm...why is Faith buying so many author copies?
An announcement is coming about that...sometime.... ;)

day ten // Tuesday // 0

Ahh, yes, the day I tackled running errands (libraries are officially in the 'errands' category now), catching up on blogging, a dentist, and a funeral home visitation. Oh, and then I let the little bro come along for a cat-sitting visit. Let's just say he keeps things interesting.

day eleven // wednesday // 245

More reading, blogging, and catching up on emails. ;) Mom and Dad were attending a funeral and visiting a lady from our church at the hospital, so I picked the little bro up from work. We got ready, grabbed supper, and went to Walmart. He went in to buy a phone charger, and came back to the car because he was $0.62 short. xD A rollaway buggy nearly plowed the front of my car (yes, I unbuckled, jumped out, and grabbed it in record time. A guy in a nearby car was so amused), but we still made church in plenty of time—laughed a lot and played with glow sticks like preschoolers.

I'd say we did pretty good adulting alone.

day twelve // Thursday // 0 + 3,933 

Totally rocked editing Thursday morning by conquering an entire chapter in, like, 20 minutes. xD Our church served a lunch to a World Changers crew last week (if you know what that is, speak up), so Mom and I helped with that and attended another funeral visitation that afternoon. It was one of those days that calls for a sundress and a smile and staying up until the wee hours of the morning to chat with amazing people. Re-watched I Can Only Imagine, too... 10/10 recommended, y'all.

day thirteen // Friday // 255

Friday was pretty slow as well, and then cat-sitting with the bro that night... Well, we won't even go into how he accused me of losing the people's cat...in their house... *cough*

(The cat was fine, in case anyone was concerned. Fat and sassy as ever. Just hiding from the long-legged noisemaker I'd brought along. Can ya blame him?)

day fourteen // Saturday // 258

Saturday, I attended a lovely wedding...at 10:00 AM. (Is that normal? Because I will totally not be doing it. 10 PM is much more likely for this chick. Mornings aren't my thing.)

“People have different dreams and different goals for their lives, and rightly so. Everyone’s story is different and no two lives are the same. Some people dream of living in faraway places or traveling the world, but I’m not one of them. This church, this community, and that ranch a few miles south of here is my future. I’m sure of it.”  
I contemplate Ryder’s words while he answers a question that came from the far side of the room. He’s sure…he knows exactly what his future will look like. With so many unknowns in my life this year, just the thought of that reassurance makes me long for what he has. 

day fifteen // Sunday // 101

On Sunday, we had church (obviously) and then lunch with friends (funnn). I took a dozen selfies and read something about the meaning of the word 'propitiation'. It means "a sacrifice that bears God's wrath and turns it to favor." Can we just stop and think about that for a second?! <3

Total goal: 75,000 (Yup, I lowered it.)
Current word count: 10,853 words
Status: Still behind. Maybe I'll catch up, maybe I won't. As long as I finish One Summer this month and get A Soldier's Freedom edited in time to send off to betas, I'm not gonna stress over it. It's summertime, y'all. ;) 

I may be around again this week with a bookish or life post, but no promises... I'm behind on both blogs and my Camp goal, and yet I'm lazing by the pool, reading books, and brainstorming a book trilogy? Why, yes. Yes, I am. *wink*

Blessings, dear friends! Thanks for sticking with me! <3 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week One {July 2018}

Greetings, writerly pals!! Who is powering through their Camp goal?! *imaginary hands raise* Now, who is dragging behind and hoping to catch up later this month? *Faith's hand pops up*

Yeah, I've not been very focused on writing or anything related to it lately...which is where we're going to toss the blame for my needy inbox and the lateness of this post. xD

I'm doing Camp NaNo a bit different this month. Instead of the usual-for-me one project, I'm working on two—the first draft of One Summer and the third draft of A Soldier's Freedom. So far I'm doing pretty good at swapping back and forth without leaving my brain (and motivation) in one or the other of the WIPs. In my daily word count listed below, the first number will be for One Summer and the second will be for A Soldier's Freedom. ;)

day one // sunday // 0 words 

Not much to tell about Sunday. Since we had just gotten home from the missions trip on the evening before, I basically just wanted to sleep. xD

Oh, and I stole Dad's shoes.

day two // Monday // 158 words 

Again, I had too much of a trip-hangover to do more than relive the previous week, write the bare minimum, and sleep. xD

day three // Tuesday // 134 + 346 

Ahh, yes, the day I began to feel human again. I got some words written and edited, went to town to the post office (I love that place. #SSDfeels), and drank a huge coffee because...because life is too short. *nods wisely*

As we roll down a dirt road, I rest my forehead against the cool window and stare out across the wide expanse of spacious prairie, dotted with cattle. It’s pretty…but rather flat. I don’t have anything against flatland, but it’ll never hold the same appeal that a majestic range of mountains does. 
But I’m definitely grateful to be here, in Oklahoma. I can deal with the vulnerable feeling of being visible from what seems like a dozen miles away. It’s not like I’m moving here. 

day four // Wednesday // 488 + 75

Happy fourth, lovelies! I spent the day writing, reading, dog-sitting (more on that in a second), watching fireworks, eating good food, and wearing red, white, and blue like a true American. xD

day five // Thursday // 556 words 

Wednesday through Friday of last week I took care of two sweet pooches for a neighbor. Ruby, pictured below, is an adorable but crazy wild mess of energy. xD

Just look at that face though! <3

day six // Friday // 106 words 

Good grief, this post is looking lame... Not much special happened on Friday either. I went to the pool, but a thunderstorm blew in and we didn't get to swim. xP

day seven // Saturday // 392 + 1,593 

Saturday was a rainy, dreary day...which I soaked up while writing and editing and reading and enjoying not having much to do. ;)

“I didn’t come to Oklahoma to fall for some sweaty cowboy.”  
Finally, Hannah turns to face me, a smile gracing her cute face. “You didn’t go to Guatemala to find a bestie either. Never say never, Char.”  
I laugh along with her, flopping onto my back and leaning my head on her shoulder. “This is different though. I don’t have time for anything other than soaking up the next twenty-four hours until I have to say goodbye to you.”  
“Ugh…” Hannah reaches over to grab my hand. “Don’t remind me.” 

day eight // Sunday // 175 + 1,322 

Our church is hosting a World Changers group this week (if you know what that is, please tell me...it seems that no one does xD), so they were at church on Sunday morning and we had a meal afterwards and hung out for awhile. Then we visited my grandmother and went back to church for the evening service 'Twas a good day, and I got some writing and editing done that night. ;D

Total goal: 85,000 words (roughly, 10k in One Summer + an edit of the existing 65k A Soldier's Freedom + 10k in new ASF scenes)
Current word count: 5,345
Status: Terribly behind, but oddly okay with that, because the rest of the month should allow me more brain-power to focus on my stories.

Who else is doing Camp this month? How are y'all doing on your goals? New or repeat project? Anyone else hyped just because it's summer?! <33


Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Thief, the Damsel, and the Dragon by Angela R. Watts || blog tour

Welcome, ladies and gents, to one of the final stops on my friend Angela's blog tour. That's right—Angela from The Peculiar Messenger is releasing a novella and I couldn't be more excited to read it!! <33


“... the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.” ~ Psalms 91:13

Edward Prosner is going to steal from the small town mayor of Fall Springs, North Carolina. He’s got a flawless plan of action and is determined to return honor and justice to his father’s good name. The problem he faces? He needs a date for the mayor’s dinner party.

Lucy Levitt is a huge romantic at heart, but with her family’s ranch and her part-time job, she has no time for dating. She believes God will place her soulmate in her life when the time is right. When the new man in town asks her out, how can she say no?

The first date seems ordinary enough, but then they begin to realize that they can’t fight their dragons alone.

EEPPS, doesn't it sound great?! And it's set in North Carolina, y'all... ^_^ I can hardly wait to get my hands on this little darling. Click the links above to check it out on Goodreads and grab a copy for yourself!!

Author Bio

Angela R. Watts is a sinner saved by Yahweh's Grace and she strives to glorify the King in all she does. She’s a homeschooled highschooler who lives with her loving family and ranch animals at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee. She’s been writing stories since she was tiny and hasn’t stopped since, though she also enjoys ranch and housework, painting, babysitting, and watching sunsets.


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Friday, July 6, 2018

Graduation Party, Mission Trip, and Loads of Books || June recap

Yes, I'm aware that June ended last week—aware, but in complete and total disbelief. Hoowww is half the year already gone?! Sometimes I feel like time is just slipping through my fingers. I grasp it and hold on as long as I can, but it still slips away, and only the memories remain.

(Yeah, I'm kinda sidetracked. But aftermath of the trip + glitchy internet is my excuse for the tardiness of this recap, sooo... Let's move it on out.)

|| Life. ||

>> I hosted a readathon! After asking around on Goodreads, I got a lot of positive feedback, so I ended up hosting a weekend readathon. It was lots of fun and I plan to do it again sometime!

>> My parents hosted a graduation party for little ol' me at our church fellowship hall one Saturday. I acted like I'm the adult that my birthday is about to force me to be and talked and peopled and surprisingly survived... *wink*

>> I went on a missions trip, to a town about five and a half hours from my home, with my family and youth group. And, y'all, it was amazing. We roofed houses and built handicap ramps and made new friends and laughed way too hard. <3 I won't go into great detail here, but keep an eye out on Chosen Vessels for a post about that fabulous week of my summer.

>> Two of my bestest friends started a cover design/formatting business! Hop on over and check it out. :D

>> Um...that's all?? I know that tons of other things happened in June, but I can't think of another worth mentioning! I took a million and one mirror selfies and sunsets pictures, and listened to oodles of music...not that any of that is new. xD

|| Books. ||

// Reads 

Andi Dreams of Gold by Susan K. Marlow -- 4 stars
Andi Far From Home by Susan K. Marlow -- 4.5 stars
Have Courage, Be Kind: The Tale of Cinderella by Brittany Candau -- 5 stars
Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury -- 5 stars
Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury -- 4 stars
At the Little White Cabin by Marian Schooland -- 4 stars
George Washington: The Crossing by Jack E. Levin -- 4 stars

// Books

I got oodles of books this month! I hit a library bookstore clearance one weekend and got The Crossing, Land of Silence, Beyond All Dreams, D-Day: 1944, and the WWII collection. 

I ordered Signs of the Times from Thriftbooks because I'll need it for ASL class (next month *gulp*)...so I just had to get Deepest Roots of the Heart and Remember Wake as well. ;)

Lastly, I bought Kate's Innocence from the author. And Emmeline, Trouble in Scotland, and Time-Life: Billy Graham were gifts! <3

Does this series have some amazing covers and spines or what?! My aunt gave me the first 15 books of the 24-book series. Can't wait to give them a try!

|| Writing. ||

Well, June wasn't exactly a record-breaking month on the writing home front. (That doesn't even make sense...)

As I started in May, I continued in Go Teen Writers' 100-for-100 writing challenge. I wrote 3,412 words, all in One Summer, the prequel to Dandelion Dust.

I was filling rather discouraged on this particular project. I couldn't focus, the words weren't coming, and I wasn't even sure I wanted to finish it. But, because I chose it as my project for 100-for-100, I was eking out the minimal word count each day.

But then...the mission trip happened (for which I took a break week from writing), and I returned home with oodles of inspiration. So now I'm happily writing the mandatory words each day—and then some! I'm not sure what I'll do with this book once I've finished, but I'm pleased with how it's turning out. <3

|| Blogging. ||

// Favorite Posts 

The Barefoot Gal ~ A Letter to All the Baby Graduates

Colorful, Creative Cards ~ Broken is Beautiful Too

Rachelle Rea Cobb ~ How to Write a Romance Novel Even if You're Single

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Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Father ~ Maybe

Precious Treasures of God ~ The Lost Art of Listening

Totally Graced ~ Sweet Summertime

Important Nothings ~ Wonder

// My Posts 

|| Goals. ||

// June Goals

>> Read 10 books.      Heh, nope.

>> Write 5,000 words.      Another no. xD

>> Work on new scenes for A Soldier's Freedom.       #failed

>> Post my short story from April on here.        YES! So glad y'all enjoyed it. :D

>> Share about the trip with y'all.          Another nope...let's try for this month.

>> Go on a missions trip.           Mhm. <33

>> Celebrate my 3rd blogging anniversary and the 1st anniversary of my precious debut novella.         I ended up not celebrating my book anniversary on here, but I did have a book sale last week in celebration. :)

// July Goals

>> Read 8 books.

>> Write 10,000 words.

>> Finish another edit of A Soldier's Freedom + get it ready to send to betas.

>> Finish writing One Summer.

>> Post weekly on both blogs.

In case y'all wondered what a tired, overheated
version of Faith looks like...

How was your first month of summer, lovelies?! Tell me all about it. <3 Who else is swimming and loving the heat? Any summer book recommendations? Wanna be a beta-reader of A Soldier's Freedom? (Sign up here!) Got any ideas for random questions I can include here next month?? xD