Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week One {July 2018}

Greetings, writerly pals!! Who is powering through their Camp goal?! *imaginary hands raise* Now, who is dragging behind and hoping to catch up later this month? *Faith's hand pops up*

Yeah, I've not been very focused on writing or anything related to it lately...which is where we're going to toss the blame for my needy inbox and the lateness of this post. xD

I'm doing Camp NaNo a bit different this month. Instead of the usual-for-me one project, I'm working on two—the first draft of One Summer and the third draft of A Soldier's Freedom. So far I'm doing pretty good at swapping back and forth without leaving my brain (and motivation) in one or the other of the WIPs. In my daily word count listed below, the first number will be for One Summer and the second will be for A Soldier's Freedom. ;)

day one // sunday // 0 words 

Not much to tell about Sunday. Since we had just gotten home from the missions trip on the evening before, I basically just wanted to sleep. xD

Oh, and I stole Dad's shoes.

day two // Monday // 158 words 

Again, I had too much of a trip-hangover to do more than relive the previous week, write the bare minimum, and sleep. xD

day three // Tuesday // 134 + 346 

Ahh, yes, the day I began to feel human again. I got some words written and edited, went to town to the post office (I love that place. #SSDfeels), and drank a huge coffee because...because life is too short. *nods wisely*

As we roll down a dirt road, I rest my forehead against the cool window and stare out across the wide expanse of spacious prairie, dotted with cattle. It’s pretty…but rather flat. I don’t have anything against flatland, but it’ll never hold the same appeal that a majestic range of mountains does. 
But I’m definitely grateful to be here, in Oklahoma. I can deal with the vulnerable feeling of being visible from what seems like a dozen miles away. It’s not like I’m moving here. 

day four // Wednesday // 488 + 75

Happy fourth, lovelies! I spent the day writing, reading, dog-sitting (more on that in a second), watching fireworks, eating good food, and wearing red, white, and blue like a true American. xD

day five // Thursday // 556 words 

Wednesday through Friday of last week I took care of two sweet pooches for a neighbor. Ruby, pictured below, is an adorable but crazy wild mess of energy. xD

Just look at that face though! <3

day six // Friday // 106 words 

Good grief, this post is looking lame... Not much special happened on Friday either. I went to the pool, but a thunderstorm blew in and we didn't get to swim. xP

day seven // Saturday // 392 + 1,593 

Saturday was a rainy, dreary day...which I soaked up while writing and editing and reading and enjoying not having much to do. ;)

“I didn’t come to Oklahoma to fall for some sweaty cowboy.”  
Finally, Hannah turns to face me, a smile gracing her cute face. “You didn’t go to Guatemala to find a bestie either. Never say never, Char.”  
I laugh along with her, flopping onto my back and leaning my head on her shoulder. “This is different though. I don’t have time for anything other than soaking up the next twenty-four hours until I have to say goodbye to you.”  
“Ugh…” Hannah reaches over to grab my hand. “Don’t remind me.” 

day eight // Sunday // 175 + 1,322 

Our church is hosting a World Changers group this week (if you know what that is, please tell me...it seems that no one does xD), so they were at church on Sunday morning and we had a meal afterwards and hung out for awhile. Then we visited my grandmother and went back to church for the evening service 'Twas a good day, and I got some writing and editing done that night. ;D

Total goal: 85,000 words (roughly, 10k in One Summer + an edit of the existing 65k A Soldier's Freedom + 10k in new ASF scenes)
Current word count: 5,345
Status: Terribly behind, but oddly okay with that, because the rest of the month should allow me more brain-power to focus on my stories.

Who else is doing Camp this month? How are y'all doing on your goals? New or repeat project? Anyone else hyped just because it's summer?! <33



  1. *is also with you and way behind* my goals? Technically I haven't started either ... I'll remedy that, though. I hope. XD I love the snippets! <3

    1. *is so glad I'm not alone* You got this, dear. ;) Thanks! <3

  2. Great update! This first week for me has been really great! I'm really liking Camp! :)

  3. I'm doing Camp Nano for the first time :) And...yeah, I'm sadly behind. July is 1 crazy month! But looking at your word count is so encouraging; ) It's more than I've got in, lol!

    1. Awesome, Ryana!! It is a crazy month, but a wonderful month too. :D You got this! *high five*

  4. That’s great that you’re doing Camp NaNo again, Faith! Way to go for working on two projects. :)
    I love the snippet! <3
    These update posts are always so fun. I really like how you say how your writing is going along with talking about how your day was and putting in some pictures. =)

    1. Hehe, thanks, girlie. ;)
      Awww, I'm so glad you enjoy them!! I was considering not doing them this month, to just focus on writing, since things are kinda crazy right now. So it's good to hear that they're enjoyed. ;)