Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Class of 2018 || A Letter

Dear Class of 2018,

First, let me congratulate you amazing people. You've accomplished something that 25% of high school freshmen in the US never do. (Yes, I googled it.) You've made the most of the opportunity of education available to you in your country of residence. You powered through rough days, less-than-satisfactory grades, and the moments you just wanted to give up.

But we did it. We finished 12 or 13 years of schooling before our 20th year of life. We earned the cap and gown, swapped the tassel, and now the future is stretching out before us—gleaming bright and free and slightly daunting.

Now that I've built you up a bit, let me say something on another note.

This isn't your moment of glory. This isn't the time you were born for.

Your destiny is so much greater than high school gradation.

I know, it feels pretty special—and it is. It's the end of something that has been apart of our lives for so long. But in the journey of life, this is only a beginning, y'all.

God's plans for our lives are playing out, and we're living it, and it's beautiful to watch. It's only getting better from here. There's adventures yet to be lived and memories yet to be made.

We're the first graduating class that was born in the 21st century. We're millennials, sure. We have cell phones and more technology than any prior generation. We speak the language of Snapchat and Instagram, and talk in the slang terms of lit, fire, legit, cray, OTP, dead, ship, and TFW.

But the millennial stereotype doesn't have to define us. We're young, y'all. We have our whole lives ahead of us to make a impact in this ol' world. Because, let me assure you, you are making an impact. Every life effects another—or, more accurately, many others. It's your choice whether you will have a positive or negative impact.

Let's change the world for His glory.

Whether you're going to college, taking a gap year, or just sitting back and contemplating your options, know that I am praying for you. Whatever you decide, however God leads, great things are in store for you.

Follow the Savior, my friends. By His power and in accordance with His plan, we truly can change the world.


No mirrors for looking back, no room for someday
We can play it safe or we can play it loud
Not afraid to stand out in the crowd
These are the days we've been given
Right now we gotta live 'em
Whoa oh whoa, this is our time

~ This is Our Time, Emerson Drive 


  1. Beautiful <3 I won't graduate for two more years, but this is beautiful and I'm bookmarking it to come back to when I do graduate. <3

  2. I haven’t graduated high school yet but this is beautiful, Faith!

  3. I wouldn't graduate for quite awhile still but this is lovely! What a sweet letter. =D

  4. Yes, yes, yes, and YES!
    Thank you, Faith for this awesome post! I've graduated this year, and it like WOW! Thanks for this letter of encouragement! I loved reading this!
    And I know that this question is probably getting old by now, but what are your plans now, after high school??

    1. It's a crazy feeling, isn't it?! I'm so glad you enjoyed! <3
      Haha, I have been asked a lot, but I think I have my answer memorized by now. XD I'm taking a gap year, during which I plan to continue writing and blogging, get a job, take a third year of American Sign Language, and pray about what God has in store for me. This time next year, I'll probably be pursuing certification as an ASL interpreter. :) What about you?

  5. Bravo! Class of 2018, break the stereotype and make a difference!

  6. This is so beautifully written, Faith! <3 I really enjoyed it. ;) 
    I never actually thought about it, but yeah, you 2018 graduates are the first graduating class that was born in the 21st century. ;) I thought it was a bit funny when you mentioned talking in slang terms because I seriously only know what like 2 of those that you mentioned are. ;D

    1. Aww, thanks!! :)
      Isn't that kind of cool?! :D I thought it was rather special. Haha, don't feel bad! My mom read it and she was like "um...what's with these slang terms'?" XD