Saturday, June 2, 2018

Amazing Vacation, Fabulous Friends, and a Class of '18 Grad || May Recap

Guess who's back?! :D I've had an amazing vacation, an inspiring hiatus, and I'm ready to tackle June with gusto! Who else is thrilled that its summertime? ;D

|| Life. ||

>> The bro and I compared actors in a movie (Love's Unending Legacy, for anyone who cares to know) with country singers. It was decided that the guys look like Blake Shelton and Chris Young, which is still debatable.

>> I WENT ON A TRIP. Three glorious weeks of road-trippin' and beautiful sights and inside jokes (cereal, anyone?) and meeting online friends for the first time. <3 Here's a few pictures to 'tide y'all over' until I can write up a real posts with allll the goodness. ^_^

>> I met my Rebe! <3 Rebekah and I have been friends for about 2 1/2 years, and we got to meet in person for the first time. My family met up with her family for ice cream and fries on evening, and then us gals hung out for awhile the next morning. It was such a joy! <3

>> I hung out with my Kansas besties! <3 Jess, Kaitlyn, and I have been dear friends for about 2 years. A little over a week ago, for the first time ever, we were all together. I can't even explain how amazing that was. <3

>> Alllll the GDPR emails. Need I say more? xD

>> When you and your mom look up a verse on angels and end up in a discussion on spiritual warfare and the occult...

>> I graduated from high school...and I'm still kinda not sure how that happened or what is supposed to happen next, because like WHAT IS THIS?! But yes, I graduated. Super hyped over that and the grand, glorious future stretched out ahead. New season of life and such. <3

>> My fabulous mom took my senior photos!

>> I listened to sooo much country music. Scotty McCreery's Seasons Change and Carrie Underwood's So Small basically sum up my life right now. ;)

|| Books. || 

May was a fabulous month for reading. I think all those hours in the vehicle paid off. ;) At some point, I was 20 books ahead of my 120 book schedule (at 67 books), so I upped my goal to 150...and now I'm 10 books ahead again....

// Reads

Quest for Leviathan by Amanda Tero -- 4.5 stars
In Bloom by Kayla Aimee -- 5 stars
The Poet's Dog by Patricia MacLachlan -- 4 stars
Rumplestiltskin by Jenni James -- 4 stars
A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade -- 4.5 stars
Laylie's Daring Quest by Kersten Hamilton -- 5 stars
Letters from Home by Gracelyn Buckner -- 3.5 stars
Shining Grace by Kristen M. Fraser -- 2.5 stars
Hidden Love by Cara Putman -- 4 stars
Jewel by Michelle Rayburn -- 4 stars
Angels Walking by Karen Kingsbury -- 5 stars
The Vintage Wren: Week 4 by Chautona Havig -- 5 stars
The Vintage Wren: Week 5 by Chautona Havig -- 5 stars
The Vintage Wren: Week 6 by Chautona Havig -- 4.5 stars
Even the Beasts by Rebekah A. Morris -- 3 stars
Dagger's Sleep by Tricia Mingerink -- 4 stars -- Review here
The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury -- 5 stars
His Mighty Acts by Rebekah A. Morris -- 4 stars
Honor All Men by Rebekah A. Morris -- 5 stars
The Rebellion by Livy Jarmusch -- 5 stars -- Review here

I also read the books of 2 Samuel, Galatians, and Jonah.

// Books 

Violet's Hidden Doubts & Praying for your Future Husband -- gift from a friend
Andi Far from Home & Andi Dreams of Gold -- bought
The Rebellion -- bought to fangirl over the cover
The Road Home & Falling for You -- review books

|| Writing. || 

Writing was pretty nonexistent for the majority of the month. During the first week, I reworked my outline for A Soldier's Freedom and made a list of scenes to add. (I have a thing for long books, apparently.)

While we were gone, I didn't write—just soaked up inspiration. Then, on the 24th, Go Teen Writer's 100-for-100 challenge began, so obviously I had to take part! I've only written like two-thousand words so far, but I'm hoping to up that greatly in June. :D

|| Blogging. || 

// Favorite Posts

The Write Conversation ~ 26 Blogging Tips

Reveries ~ When Your Writing Just Isn't Enough

Hands Made to Love ~ This Thing We Call Disability, pt.1 & pt.2

Twilight to Dawn ~ We Hold on Too Long

Go Teen Writers ~ How to Write Every Day and Why You Should

Whimsical Writings for His Glory ~ Memorial Day 2018

One Name ~ It's Because of You

|| Goals. || 

// May Goals 

>> Take a break.

>> Travel across the continent.

>> Read for pleasure.

>> Write if I feel like it.

// June Goals 

>> Read 10 books.

>> Write 5,000 words.

>> Work on new scenes for A Soldier's Freedom.

>> Post my short story from April on here.

>> Share about the trip with y'all.

>> Go on a missions trip. (In state. Meaning I'll be on a bus with crazy teens for a five hours, instead of on a plane for 12+. xD)

>> Celebrate my 3rd blogging anniversary and the 1st anniversary of my precious debut novella.

How was your May? Who else is done with school and ready to rock this summer? TELL ME ALL THE STUFF, PEEPS. <3



  1. CONGRATS GRAD!! Those pictures are amazing, girl! So proud of you! <3

    You have a bright future ahead of you, girly. Sounds like you had a great May. Have an EPIC June! <3 <3 <3

    1. THANK YOU, GIRL!!! <3 Awww, all the hugs to you. <3

      You are seriously the sweetest. Blessings to you, Ivie! <3

  2. All of these pictures are SO pretty, Faith!! I’m so glad you and your family were able to take such a fun trip. :)
    Meeting up with you was like the best thing ever!! <3 It was just so fun and special. <3
    Congratulations on your graduation! And once again, I love those pictures! =)
    Wow! You read a lot in May! :) You also got some fun looking books! ;)
    Your 3rd blog anniversary is coming up really soon!! How exciting!

    1. Thanks so much, dear! :D
      Yesss, it was so amazing. <3 *hugs*
      Aww, thanks! :D
      Hehe, yes, I did... ;) Oh, I know! I'm looking forward to all the ones I havent read. :D
      I'm super excited and I have some fun stuff planned!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am seriously soooo glad high school is over xD Did you do anything to celebrate? :D

    1. Haha, really? I think I'm still in shock that it's all over. XD Yup, we're having a party in a few weeks! You?

  4. Fantastic pictures all around! And congrats on your graduation! :)
    I love the cover of "Falling For You" - the story sounds good too! I have the first book in that series, which I'm hoping to read semi-soon.
    Great post!

    1. Thank you, Rae! :D
      Ahh, its so lovely! <3 Oh, yeah? I read the first book last summer. It was quite good!

  5. Great post!
    Congratulations on graduating! Your senior pictures are great! My mom took mine too! :D
    Your trip sounded really fun and those pictures were so pretty!!!
    You read a LOT of books! Which one was your favorite?
    Hope June is as awesome as your May sounded!

    1. Thanks so much, Brooklyne! :D Haha, moms for the win!
      Hehe, yes, I did. ;) favorite was probably "The Rebellion" or "Angels Walking". :D
      Hope yours is too, girlie!

  6. Congratulations on graduating!!!
    Sounds like you had a great May! I’m sure you had lots of fun on your trip!
    I hope you have a fantastic June! Great post :).

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! Hope you have a great month <3

    Ah that's awesome about meeting up with Jesseca, Kaitlyn and Rebekah!! :DD
    Sounds you had a blast of a trip!!
    EEEEEPPPPS you got some great books. Was Praying For Your Future Husband from Rebekah?? I saw her reading it!!! :P

    1. THANK YOU xD
      It was SO SO much fun!! :D The trip and meeting all the gals.
      Haha, yes, it was. xD

  8. Congratulations Faith 👏
    Love all the books you read XD they look quite interesting!
    Looks like you had a lovely trip 😊
    Fantastic post ;) ;) :)
    Have a lovey May
    Janelle //the Ramblings of a Bookworm//

    1. Thank you so much, Janelle!! Hope you have a lovely month :D <3

  9. CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! I graduated five years ago June 1st! Big milestone! And to celebrate we went to the NCHE book fair! LOVED IT and bought like *counts quickly* 20 books :)

    I hope you had a great trip! I can't wait to see pictures! Meeting up with friends is always fun :) I'm hoping to meet up with a lady I met last year and her family, if my sister's baby is born at just the right time so as not to prevent it, lol! This summer is going to be amazing! New Nephew, traveling to Maryland to see my other nieces and nephews and getting to release another book! SOOOO excited!

    1. THANKS, GIRL! :D That's awesome! Haha, books are the best. xD

      I'm a bit behind there, but pictures and details are coming next week. :D Aww, that sounds amazing! But so does a new baby. ;) I'm excited for a fabulous summer as well!!

  10. I love your post graphic, Faith!! We're getting ready for our vacation . . . from Québec to Alberta and then down to Iowa and back. ^_^ Going to see friends and family we hardly ever see . . . <3 <3 Beautiful pics of your trip, BTW! Meeting online friends is so fun, I'm sure. I'd love to be able to meet you and Jesseca and other people some day. <3 AND I LOVE THE SCENERY OF YOUR SENIOR PICS!!! And lol, yes, reading in the car . . . ;)

    I feel this comment is verrry confusing but sometimes I am confusing xP. Apologies if you are confused. ;D

    ~Katja L.

    1. Thanks, Katja! :) That sounds like a lovely trip. Hope you have a wonderful time!! Yes, it was such a blessing. :D

      Haha, no worries. ;D