Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Question of Honor // Book Review

Good morning all! Welcome to another stop on the A Question of Honor bog tour! :) Also, psst! Yesterday's author interview was my 200th post! :D
Today I'll be sharing my review of this amazing historical fiction novel. But first, the fabulous cover and intriguing synopsis... 

About the Book:

A man. A child. A war. 

When German soldiers invade France during World War II, young Joyanna's perfect world is shattered. In the hands of those who hate her, she battles to comprehend why people can be so ruthless and cold toward those whom they have never met. 

David Sullivan, pilot in the Royal Air Force, was certain he would never hate, but a painful loss forces him to either reconsider or do the inconceivable—forgive. He is suddenly challenged by the realization that doing God's will is not easy, but most important. With the lives of freedom-fighters relying on him, he must learn the difficult lesson that he is not in control, but merely one who must surrender his heart of obedience to One greater.
A sudden turn of events lands Joyanna and David in the same country—but for far different reasons. When their paths cross, David finds he must make a decision that will affect them both for the rest of their lives. 
Will he choose vengeance, or will he let his life be ruled by a higher standard? A standard of Honor.

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~ My Review 
5 stars 
A Question of Honor is an amazing historical novel with rich and well-researched details, realistic and endearing characters, and a beautifully-woven theme of forgiveness that's sure to stir your heart. 

I remember reading snippets of this book not long after Jesseca started it. It had no title then, and many differences from the wonderful story about to be released to the world, but I loved it. Sometime, I read the second draft, laughing and crying and soaking up the goodness. I beta-read the book last fall and again laughed, cried, and admired the way the story had grown stronger through revision. 

All that to say...I love this story. And what makes up a good story? Characters. Realistic, varying, fictional people who work their way into your heart until they began to feel real -- like they're your friends. Like you're sitting there next to them as they tell you their story. That's the kind of characters fill the pages of A Question of Honor. 

Of the characters, David and Micah are probably my favorites -- although I do love Gil and I have a soft spot for Erich. David is down-to-earth and cool-headed, while Gil is a fun-loving and charming risk-taker. Micah is a lot like Gil in some respects, but milder, I believe. And then Erich -- the villain of the story whom you can't help but love. 
The book has some lovely lady characters too. Joyanna is a precious cinnamon roll in need of love and protection. Elaine resembles the typical war wife, awaiting her husband's return. And Lily, the one who's persevering in spit of all she's been through. <3 

I particularly enjoyed how the story isn't the 'typical' American WWII story, as it is set in 1940 before America entered the war. It was interesting to learn of the Battle of Britain and the courageous men of the RAF -- all of which I knew little to none about until reading this book. 

If you have not yet been convinced that you need to read this book, you need to read this book. *wink* You won't be disappointed. 

May God bless this young authoress in her writing journey!! <3 

About the Author: 

Jesseca is an 18-year old daughter, sister, and a child of God. Her days are spent reading, cooking, spending time with siblings, or playing piano.  And writing, of course! At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she’s convinced there’s no place like home.


  1. Aww, thanks so much for your sweet review, Faith! <3 I've so enjoyed having you as a critique partner all the way through the writing process. I could always count on you to tell me what you thought, but be super sweet about it. :) *hugs*
    Thank you so much for being a part of reading so many different revisions of the book, and being a part of the blog tour!! :)

    1. You're so welcome, dear! <3 And I've enjoyed being part of the entire process. :) *hugs*
      As if I would pass up or miss out on any of it! ;)

  2. Awww, this is great! I love the review: 'precious cinnamon roll'. Yes. Yeppers.

    1. Thanks, Angela!! :) Hehe, yes, sweet lil' Joy. *hugs her*

  3. Great review!
    And congrats on 200 posts!! :)

  4. Wonderful review, Faith!! I agree with everything that you said about this lovely book! :)
    Congratulations on your 200th post the other day!

    1. It's just amazing. ^_^
      Thank you so much!