Monday, July 17, 2017

See Y'all Later...

Hey everyone! 

Just a quick note... I'll be out of town this week, camping with my family. I haven't been around the blogging world much for the past couple weeks, but I do have some stuff planned for once I get back. :D 

Hope y'all are having an awesome summer! I'd love to hear what's been going on in your life lately! 


Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Old River Road // Birthday Party + Book Sale

Hello all! Today I'm taking part in a birthday party for a book (and author ^-^) that I adore. 

It’s been one year since Ivy Rose’s debut novel was released! To celebrate The Old River Road‘s first birthday, the eBook will be discounted to $.99 on Amazon July 8th - 10th. Also, she isrevealing the title of book two in the Long Lake Legacy series. 

    When seventeen-year-old Clara Boutwell married her dashing coworker, William McDonald, she was convinced her life was near perfect. The journey before them as newlyweds in the great city of Chicago was promising and exciting. But a frightening disease soon takes William in its grip, forcing them to the clean air of the western frontier in a desperate attempt to save his life. But pioneering doesn’t prove to be easy, with miles between neighbors instead of fences. On the eastern Washington prairies, the McDonalds face hardships and trials in a new world where everything is tested, from physical endurance to emotional strength—down to their relationship and faith in the Lord.
    This novel tells the incredible true story of Clara and William, the great-great grandparents of the author, in a sweet narrative full of laughter, tears, and the struggles of an early pioneering family. Prepare yourself to share in their experience as you read this account of a pioneer family in Washington state, and see their lasting legacy that has endured into the fifth generation.

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And now for the title revealing! 

*Note: this is a mock cover, and not the final product.*

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About the Author

Ivy Rose is a young novelist with a passion to create beautiful fiction. She’s been accused of wearing out coffee makers and clearing the entire house of its chocolate supply. Armed with a desire to create scenarios readers can easily relate to, she writes in many genres about ordinary individuals faced with extraordinary choices. When not studying for exams, she can be found practicing fiddle, TaeKwonDo, or ATV-ing the Pacific Northwest. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Mission Trip, Book Release, and Golden Moments // June Recap

Golden moments. I could basically sum up the entire month of June by saying every day was filled to the brim with summer and goldenness. Because it was. 

BUT...I'll go ahead and warn you, loyal readers, that this post is going to be super lame. Because I was away from technology while soaking up this wonderfulness, I didn't keep track of a lot to things... So yeah. *nods* 

// Life. // 

>> As mentioned in the May recapI was in a pottery workshop for the last week of May/first week of June. It was an educational experience for sure. 

>> I laid on the cement walkway with the dog sleeping on my stomach and talked to my bro and it was an utterly golden moment in history. 

>> I sang In Color in the shower (with an exaggerated accent) and was glad no one could hear me. 

>> I went on a mission trip. And y'all, it was SUCH an amazing experience. There'll be more on that coming soon (like a big, long, rambly post...or two or three), but for now here's some pics. :D 

// Cherishing. // 

Cherishing. Interesting word isn't it? Until I sat down to write this post, I didn't really realize how much I'd focused on cherishing this month. But now, looking back, I did. I cherished my relationship with God, and the joy that can be found in the small things along this journey called life. Cherish the golden moments, y'all. <3 

// Books. // 

Reading was not quite *cough* up-to-the-usual again this month. I'm hoping for lots of reading in July. XP 

A Place Called Lonesome by Jesseca Wheaton -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
Journey to Love by Amanda Tero -- 3.5 stars 
Letter of Love Amanda Tero -- 4 stars 
The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
The Candy Country by Louisa May Alcott -- 3 stars 
Dandelion Dust by Faith Potts (re-read) 
True to You by Becky Wade -- 4 stars -- Review HERE

I also read Julia Ryan's poetry book. :D 

The Farmer's Market Mishap by Wanda Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter 
Poetry by Julia Ryan 
Dandelion Dust by yours truly *squeals over the beautiful cover and shoos you to the next section* 

// Writing. // 

So, um, writing kinda crashed and burnt this month, if ya know what I mean. 

*has to legit hunt through desk to find writing notebook* *glances over the bad notes I kept of this month* 

As best I can figure, I wrote about 2,000 words in the month of June. The Faith that wrote out 'June Goals' awhile back would be mortified at this statement. But the Faith who returned from the mission trip (almost two weeks ago now) doesn't really mind so much. Writing is something God has given to me, but it can't be for His glory when it distracts me from my relationship with Him. 

So what now, you ask? Sure, I'm still writing. But my plans have changed a bit, became somewhat more laidback, and I'm currently just waiting to see what God has in mind for me. :) 

And as far as the month of July goes, I'm technically signed up to do Camp NaNo (and I'm currently failing), but... I'm not too concerned about that right now. There are far more important things in my life, and I don't want to let any of them slip by. 

On the publishing side of, yeah, something pretty awesome happened. I published a book....and I'm *still* reeling from how amazing it feels. :D 

So, yup. For anyone interesting in seeing/reading my darling Dandelion Dust that y'all have heard me talk so much's now available on Lulu. ^_^ 

// Blogging. // 

// Goals. // 

~ June Goals 

>> Hit 30k or finish A Soldier's Story.            Nope. 

>> Finish final edit of Dandelion Dust.          YUSSS! I'm done with that book forever. 

>> Publish Dandelion Dust.      EEPPS YES IT HAPPENED. 

>> Beta-read another book.               ...sorta? *cough* 

>> Read 10 books.            #failed

>> Go on a mission trip.          Success! 

~ July Goals 

>> Finish beta-reading aforementioned book. 

>> Read 10 books. 

>> Go camping. 

>> Post about mission trip. 

>> Live life to the fullest and savor the golden moments...without worrying so much about 'goals'. 

How was your June, friends? :D 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dandelion Dust blog tour // Wrap-up + Giveaway Winners

The blog tour came and went in such a whirl of wonderfulness last week/weekend...thanks to all the lovelies who took part in spreading the news of the release!! <3 

Soleil @ ReviewsbySoleil 
Liv @ Liv K. Fisher 
Kaitlyn @ Twin Thoughts
Rebekah @ RebekahAshleigh 
Lydia @ Lydia Therese 
Rebekah @ Rebekah's Remarks 
Faith @ The Writer's Song 

Thank you all so much! :D Y'all are seriously the best, and reading your posts about *my* book was quite wonderful. :) 

And now, for the real reason you all are reading this... *drum roll* The giveaway winners!!! :D 

Sarah Grace and Seneca will each be receiving a signed print copy of Dandelion Dust. Thank you all so much for entering! I believe there was about 180 entries when the giveaway closed...that's pretty awesome. ;) 

Have a blessed week! 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Question of Courage // Cover Reveal

I am so, so, SO excited to be able to share this beautiful book cover with y'all today. My dear friend and amazing critique partner, Jesseca Wheaton, is preparing to release the second book in her fabulous Questions of War series later this year, and the cover is being revealed today. 

Like, OHMYGOODNESS y'all, this thing is soooo beautiful. I flail about book covers a lot, but this one is worthy of all the flailing. And I can add, with a smug lil' smirk, that the book itself is beautiful too... *beams because um, yeah, duh I already read it* (Quick note here, Rafe is mine. No matter what anyone says or thinks...Rafe is mine.) 

Read on for all the amazingness!! :D 

About the Book:

A man. A decision. A destiny. 

Rafe Sullivan never imagined the war would come to his doorstep. But when Pearl Harbor is attacked and America's focus suddenly shifts to the pacific, he finds he can't ignore the problem anymore. 
Leaving the life he loves behind, he joins up to do what he does best. Fly. 
Yet, nothing could have prepared him for the horrors of war, and the struggle that is going on in his own heart. As an outstanding navy pilot, he is stationed on one of the few Pacific carriers. But could God be calling him to step out in faith, and go beyond the call of duty? 

Lily Wilson gives her all to help the hurting community around her. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the war is brought home to many American families. And as a nurse, she longs to be able to relive some of the suffering. Yet, her own grief is still fresh in her heart, and though she's made the decision to get on with her life, she can't seem to leave the past behind. When healing at last comes, the guard she placed around her heart slowly begins to crumble. 
But when she receives the news she hoped she would never again hear, can she trust that God’s plan is always right?

Arthur Warrington saw the Navy as an escape from the life he left behind. And it seems good for him. He is able to forge new friendships and distance himself from his past. But when his best friend makes a decision that rocks his world, he is left grappling with the question: what is true courage? 

Three lives. One War. And a search for the Courage to go on.

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About the Author: 

Jesseca is a 19-year old daughter, sister, and a child of God. Her days are spent reading, cooking, spending time with siblings, or playing piano.  And writing, of course! At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she’s convinced there’s no place like home. Though, being in the sky is pretty awesome, too. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Dandelion Dust blog tour // Day Three // Release + Quotes

Six months and four days ago I woke up, recalling a dream I'd had. And I started a story. 

Inspiration flowed through me, many long days and late nights.

It was going to be a short story...maybe a long short story...maybe even a short novella. No more than 25k-30k, right? 

Today that novella, now around 49k, is releasing to the world. 

*obnoxious screaming* Did y'all hear what I just said?! My BoOk Is ReLeAsEd To ThE wOrLd. 



*screams louder*



*revives self* 

*repeats process* 

*deep breaths* *ahem* Okay, so, yeah. I'm kinda sorta almost extremely excited, to put it mildly. *beams* Just in case any of you lovelies want to buy my book, or even take a peek at its professional lil' here

Onward to the quotes! Enjoy these little darlings that I've been adding to Instagram the past couple days... :D 

Next up, today's blog tour friends! 

Rebekah @ RebekahAshleigh// Book Review 
Anika Joy @ This Journey Called Life // Book Spotlight & Review 
Laura @ Books and Chapters // Book Review 
Olivia @ Living for the Other Side // Book Review 
Jesseca @ Whimsical Writings for His Glory // Book Spotlight, Review, & Author Interview 
Bethany @ A Great God and Good Cocoa // Book Spotlight & Review 
Micaiah @ Adventures Beyond the Horizon // Author Interview

Also, don't forget the giveaway! Today is the last day to enter, as the form closes at midnight. Click here to get your entries! 

Thank you all sooo much for making this such an amazing release! *hugs all around* 


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dandelion Dust blog tour // Day Two // 13 Random Facts

Hello all, and welcome to day two! Today's blog tour-ers are... 

Rebekah @ RebekahAshleigh // Book Spotlight 
Angela @ The Peculiar Messenger// Author Interview 
Raechel @ Gods Peculiar Treasure Rae // Book Spotlight & Author Interview 
Lydia @ Lydia Therese // Book Review 
Rebekah @ Rebekah's Remarks // Book Spotlight & Author Interview 
Faith @ The Writer's Song // Book Review & Author Interview

And now, for a little something fun, we have ten random facts concerning Dandelion Dust. Hopefully these are enjoyable. xD 

1. It's my fastest written book to date, finishing at 25 days. 
2. At the time, it was the only thing over 1,500 words that I'd written in first-person present tense. 
3. Katydid, Ryder's dog, was not in the first draft. 
4. What is now chapter nine was not in the first draft. I had so much to add between chapters eight and nine while editing, I ended up with an entirely new chapter. 
5. The idea for the book came from a dream I had on Christmas night, 2016. 
6. In my notes and plans for the book, Ryder was supposed to chew his nails (and Char was supposed to find it gross), but that never actually found its way into the book. 
7. While writing the first draft, there was not a day I didn't write at least 1,000 words. (A new record for myself.) 
8. The title came to me quite out of the blue on December 29th, my fourth day into writing. 
9. I wrote nearly half of the first draft with my iPad's on-screen keyboard, before my Bluetooth keyboard arrived in the mail. 
10. One of my friends has been convinced since the beginning that the book's sister-character is based off her...which may or may not be sorta slightly true. 
11. Mr. and Mrs. Traven did not have first names in the first draft. 
12. I have tried many times to set my friend up with Drew from DD...but they're both fighting me on it. 
13. I never struggled much with anything on the writing end of this story. It's like God just placed the story in my heart, and that was it. I didn't have to work and struggle over anything; the words just flowed. 

Don't forget! Click here to enter the giveaway, and check out my Instagram for another DD quote. :D