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When Calls the Heart '21 || Underrated Characters

Happy Valentines Day, lovely humans! And welcome back to the final day of the party. It's been fun and a nice way to unwind at the close of a long week...whilst contemplate other people's lives... xD 

So today I'm going to talk about characters that are, in my option, underrated. I'm choosing one from each season. These are characters who a lot of others (fellow characters and viewers alike) didn't really like, and/or characters who didn't get much screentime, whose stories were never finished, who I would have liked to see more of... you get the picture. 

|| Underrated Characters from Each Season

• Season One - Wyatt Weaver • 

Anyone else remember him? The smart kid who walked his brothers to school and then went to work in the coal mine? He's only credited in two episodes of season 1 and one episode of season 2. I wish he would've been a recurring character. Plus Wyatt and Gem's relationship, like?! 

• Season Two - Luke McCoy • 

Ahh, yes, the fellow who's just moved to town and seen hanging around the mercantile discussing rolling pins with Clara. I thought they were really cute together and we don't even see him again after she goes out with him like once (he's credited in two episodes). I'm a fan of her with Jesse, but... what happened to Luke?!

• Season Three - Edith & Roy Sampson • 

The estranged couple (with a baby) that were reconciled with a little help from Jack. There story was, technically, not left hanging, but do we ever find out what happened to them after the silver mine closed and the flood? Not that I remember. And, c'mon, they're cute. 

• Season Four - Shane & Phillip Cantrell • 

Again, they're cute. Phillip appears in 13 episodes and is often seen only as one of the school children. His father, Shane, appears in only 5 episodes and at some point is "away for work." Like...who's raising his son while he's gallivanting off to goodness knows where? Shane and Nurse Faith Carter were briefly/almost an item and that was never finished either. After Phillip left for eye surgery in the city, they're never heard from again! 

• Season Five - Sofia Connelly • 

Anyone remember the architect friend of Rosemary's who had a thing with Carson briefly in season 5? Yeah, me too. And I actually really liked seeing their whirlwind romance. While I understand why it couldn't have worked long time without Carson leaving the show, I would like to see a reappearance of her character. 

• Season Six - Mike Hickam • 

I was struggling to find someone for this season, so I decided to throw in this guy that could really have been listed on any season. Yes, Hickam. The actor's IMDb page credits him for 43 episodes of WCTH, yet what do we really know about him? He works for Lee and will do anything Rosemary asks him. Beyond that? #MoreHickamPlotsPlease

• Season Seven - Fiona Miller • 

Not necessarily an underrated character... but a really fun one that I haven't got to talk about much. And I can't think of anyone else I want to talk about for season 7. xD  She arrived with the telephone in Hope Valley and has been a fun part of the show ever since. Looking forward to seeing her story continue in season 8! 

*Images and collages are not mine. 

And the giveaway winners are... Abby Elissa (first place) and Sawyer (second place)! Congratulations, lovelies, we'll be in touch! <3 

who's your favorite underrated character? 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

When Calls the Heart '21 || Guest Post: Pros & Cons of Lucas & Nathan

Yo fam! 

Today we have a guest post from my When Calls the Heart buddy... talking about the elephant in the room, the lingering love triangle. 

!! Disclaimer: The following article contains opinions that are not necessarily approved or endorsed by this blog. Stories by Firefly cannot and does not recommend joining #TeamLucas but leaves the final decision in the capable mind of the reader. Proceed with caution. !!

You can click over to Rebekah's blog here to read my pros and cons for each guy. ;) 

|| Guest post w/ RebekahAshleigh

If you’re keeping up with When Calls the Heart you know that there is a love triangle going on. Who will Elizabeth fall in love with? Lucas the saloon owner or Nathan the Mountie??

I’m Team Lucas all the way! Before I ever “met” either guy I was not wanting Lucas actually. I mean he’s a saloon owner and I thought Nathan was better looking. I don’t think that anymore! You can’t tell that kind of thing from a picture, you have to see them in action to decide for yourself. ;)

Okay, here are my pros and cons for each guy!

Nathan Grant 


1. He is caring. 

2. He is good with little Jack. (I mean there hasn’t been that many interactions, but one specifically stands out.) He also really cares for his niece.

3. He does a good job of protecting the people of Hope Valley.


1. Nathan is slightly boring. He likes Elizabeth but won’t make any moves, but he gets mad when Lucas asks her out? Like, don’t be mad Nathan, if you want Elizabeth you have to try.

2 .Nathan has a very obnoxious niece named Allie. I am sorry, I really like the story of Nathan raising his niece I just can’t stand Allie... (I can only hope she gets better in this new season)

3. I just don’t think he’s good for Elizabeth. I mean Nathan is caring but yeah, I don’t think Elizabeth should go for another Mountie…

Lucas Bouchard 


1.Lucas is very romantic. (and good looking. ;))

2. He is supportive of Elizabeth’s writing.

3. He is helping bring progress to Hope Valley. 


1. Lucas does have a bit of a past, and it did catch up with him and put Elizabeth in danger. But it all worked out. Just because someone doesn’t have a great past doesn’t mean they are a bad person.

2. Some people think he’s trying to buy Elizabeth’s love. He’s not he is just like me and has the gift of giving. Anyways, Jack was also really romantic and I like that Lucas is too.

3. At one point he was a bit too supportive of Elizabeth’s writing and did something he should’ve had Elizabeth’s permission for, but it all worked out and she forgave him.


giveaway details are here + leave your comments today to get extra entries! 

okay, so... are you #TeamLucas or #TeamNathan? 

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When Calls the Heart '21 || Season Eight Collaboration

Happy Friday, lovelies! 

And welcome to the unofficial fifth annual When Calls the Heart blog party, hosted by yours truly and my friend, Rebekah. It's a fun thing we do every Valentines week/weekend, as much for our own enjoyment as sharing with y'all. :)

For day one, we wrote a collab/convo about our speculations for the new season, which premieres in just over a week! 

|| Collab w/ RebekahAshleigh

Rebekah: Welcome to the When Calls the Heart blog party! 

Faith: Woot, woot! Fifth year in a row :D

R: I can’t believe this is our fifth year doing this!

F: Me either! We must be getting old… 

R: Haha, I know right?

F: But you know what the best part about another year of this party is? Another season of our beloved series. ;) 

R: Yes! I am so excited to see where season 8 goes! 

Only a week left until it premiers! 

F: *tosses confetti* I was thinking about this last night and trying to remember if the new season was season 7 or 8. (I always combine 6 and 7 in my mind for some reason… :P)  But wow, 8 years of Hope Valley!

R: Yeah, 8 years! It’s hard to believe there’s been that many seasons already. 

F: What would you say you are most looking forward to about season 8? Or do I have to ask? ;)

R: I am really looking forward to Elizabeth picking a guy. ;) A certain saloon owner would be nice. ;) 

F: Saloon owner, you say? I’m sorry, my dear, you must be mistaken about the fellow’s occupation… He’s a mountie. ;)

R: No, no...he is definitely not a Mountie. ;) I do like Nathan, but not for Elizabeth! 

F: *laughing* okay, I tried… We’ll never agree on this one… I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

R: Haha! I think the only Hope Valley couple we actually have agreed on is Lee and Rosemary. 

F: Yes, true… And Jesse and Clara. But we never did agree on a suitor for Abigail. 

R: How could I forget Jesse and Clara! They’re a cute couple.

Yes, we never could agree on Abigail’s love life…. (although Frank was great!) 

F: I hope to see more of their relationship growth and such in season 8! Wait… who’s Frank again? .... Okay, okay, I’m kidding. xD 

R: I do too!! 

Faith, you’re killing me here! ;D But Abigail’s not around anymore so I suppose it doesn’t matter too much anymore… 

F: Hehehe… Okay, since Abigail is no longer on the show, I guess I can drop the Frank thing… Bill is still around, so I’m pleased with that. ;)

R: Well, since Frank and Abigail are gone I don’t really mind Bill being around still. ;)

F: I’ve always thought Bill was an interesting character. Shady enough to keep me guessing (and wondering if he was actually a bad guy sometimes), but I always end up liking him. I especially liked his relationship with Jack. 

R: Exactly! Like I always go between liking Bill and disliking him!

But yes! I really liked his relationship with Jack too.

I really like how Bill looks out for Elizabeth and baby Jack. <3

F: Yes! And I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far of his relationship with Nathan, how especially in most recent episode they were teasing each other a bit and such. 

Awwww, yes. <3 Proof that Bill does have a heart. 

R: Oh yeah, I had kinda forgotten about Bill’s relationship with Nathan… 

Bill doesn’t seem to really be a fan of Lucas though…

F: I don’t remember a lot from season 7 (I need to re-watch next week before the new season starts airing!) but I’m specifically remembering the scene before Bill and Nathan leave for the *spoiler* prisoner transfer that ended in that other Mountie getting killed *spoiler* and Bill was like “yes, we’re leaving now. Get your stuff, let’s go!” And Nathan’s just like, “okay, fine.” xD 

Hmmm… maybe Bill knows something about Lucas that we don’t…? ;)

R: (I should do that too!) 

Oh right, I do remember that. (I mean how could I forget with that leading to the whole ending of the season?!)

Yeah, I don’t know about that. ;) 

F: Right?! (That hug though… *heart eyes*)

Hehehe… Maybe he’s just being cautious because he’s looking out for Elizabeth… we’ll see. :P

Okay, now that we’re thoroughly sidetracked… any other expectations/speculations about season 8??

R: Yes...the hug...I feel like the hug though was just because of the situation... because I mean there was that sweet scene with Lucas shortly before… ;)

Haha, right?! Well, I really hope Lee and Rosemary have a baby or adopt a kid. Since about season 6 I think it’s sort of briefly been in there but nothing has happened. 

F: Maybe… but it was still super sweet. Ahh, yes, Lucas the charmer… how could I forget? ;)

Oh, I’d forgotten about that! Yes, I would definitely like to see some progression in that possibly-forgotten side-plot. I truly would love to see them adopt a child. I love adoption plots and I think they’d be great parents. <3

R: Okay, it was kinda sweet. ;) But the look on Lucas’s face about broke my heart when he saw Elizabeth hug Nathan! (okay, I’m being slightly dramatic. ;))

It would be so sweet for them to adopt, the two of them would be amazing parents!! 

F: Poor guy… I’m not even being sarcastic this time—either way this goes, one of the guys will get hurt… :’(

Right?! Plus I always enjoy when they bring in characters from When Hope Calls to WCTH and the other way around. (Speaking of which, did WHC ever get confirmed for a second season?)

R: I know! Like I want Elizabeth to pick a guy, but I’ll feel bad for the other guy no matter which one it is.

I love it when they do that too! When Hope Calls has such a fun cast and I love it when they show up in When Calls the Heart. (No, I never heard anything about a season 2 of WHC. I hope they decide to do one though because I was really enjoying that show!)

F: I know, right? Reason #1 that I’m typically not a fan of love triangles. All the accompanying drama being a close #2. But still, I hope the love triangle gets settled in the new season, one way or another. I don’t like lingering unanswered questions… :P

(I wish they would!)

R: Exactly! 

I feel like the love triangle will get resolved towards the end of the season, because you know how they like to draw things out… ;) 

F: Don’t I know it! ;)  Yeah, I think it probably will be. Especially after seeing the video *sorta spoiler* of Elizabeth taking off her wedding band. I’m thinking that’ll happen further into the season maybe before she actually “picks” someone. 

R: Oh my goodness! Yes! That video is both sweet and kinda sad. 

Yeah, probably…

F: It definitely shows the bittersweetness of a changing season of life… I’m excited to see what it signifies for a future/growing relationship for her. 

Another thing I’m curious to see in season 8 is how the writers take Faith and Carson’s relationship. I’m struggling to remember where they were with things when season 7 ended. I haven’t always been a total fan of their relationship (sometimes I think he’s too old for her xD), but I’m interested to see how that plays out. 

R: For sure! <3

Yes, I’m also excited to see where things go with Carson and Faith. I cannot remember where season 7 left things with them. I remember them saying how they felt about each other and kissing, but I think that was earlier on. 

I like them together, but yeah, sometimes it does seem like he’s too old for her.

Speaking of relationships, I’m excited to see where season 8 goes with Jesse and Claras as newlyweds! 

F: Yes, I remember that too, but I don’t recall whether or not anything specific happened after that. I know Carson is in that scene with the Elizabeth/Nathan hug, but I don’t remember when we last see Faith. I really do need to rewatch. ;) 

Agreed! They’re so cute. <3

R: Right, Carson was in that scene, but yeah, I cannot remember about Faith. I totally need to rewatch season 7 as well. ;)

I think it would be sweet to see Clara and Jesse have a baby, but I feel like that would be too soon for this season since they just got married in the middle of season 7. 

F: I was just thinking it would be cute for them to be pregnant in the new season! But yeah, I don’t know if the writers will want for that to happen so soon. They let Elizabeth have a baby right away though… ;P

R: That would be so cute! 

True, so there is hope! ;) 

F: As long as Jesse doesn’t have to die in order for it to happen… 

R: Right! I don’t want any more deaths to happen!! 

F: No character deaths this season, please! 

The only other expectation I have for the new season is that I hope to see storylines with Fiona! She’s a fun character. 

R: Oh yes! Fiona is a really fun character. I hope we get to know her more in the new season. :)

F: We could seriously talk about WCTH for days on end. ;)  Anything else to add?

R: We definitely could! ;)

Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, although I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff later. ;D 

F: Haha, right? I’ll think of something as soon as I sign off… xD  This has been so much fun! 

R: Same here. ;)

Yes, it has been lots of fun! 

F: Until next time, lovely friend! *waves* 

R: Goodbye! <3 


|| Giveaway

Yep, there's a giveaway too. ;)  To enter, simply comment on my post and Rebekah's today and tomorrow. Each post commented on counts as a entry, so there's a total number of four possible entries. (In other words, multiple comments per post don't gain additional entries.) Two winners will be chosen at random and announced in Sunday's post. :) 

In the prize stash we have... 

- When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree DVD

- When Calls the Heart: Heart of the Family DVD

- When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home DVD

- When God Calls the Heart to Love Devotional

First place winner will receive their choice of two items from the list, and the second place winner will receive the other two items. Each will also receive a few Valentines themed stationary items (journal, cards, stickers, pens, etc.). 

what's your top speculations for season 8? 

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Top 15 New Reads of 2020

Hello, lovelies! 

In the midst of reflecting on all that 2020 was and all it wasn't, I decided to delve into the less-serious sides of 2020. Namely, my reading material over the past 12 months. 

I read 81 books in 2020, which sounds good compared to 68 in 2019, but lousy compared to 201 in 2018 or 168 in 2017... Still, it was a nice number, in light of the limited reading time I had for most of the year. 

So yeah, I picked my top five reads in three categories to spotlight! I removed a few books from this list that were Christmas, since I'd already talked about them during 12DoC, or were re-reads to help narrow down the list. Because...I'm terrible at picking favorites. *throws up hands*


A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano

/ beautiful eloquent prose / deeply woven mystery / pretty names: Tressa, Trevalyn, Donegan / vineyard setting / one first person POV & one third person POV / oceanside estate / buddy read /

Untitled by Jesseca Wheaton

/ raw, heartfelt prose / WWII - war in the pacific / brotherhood / harsh war fiction / painful / indie fiction / totally broke me / spotlighting the untitled, forgotten ones / 

r e v i e w

Never Say Goodbye by Sarah Grace Grzy

/ single father trope / bookstore vibes / broke my heart and put it back together / stunning cover art / sequel to Live Without You / adored the audiobook /

Tattered Wings by Kassie Angle

/ working dog rep / spunky girl MC / strong brotherhood relations / fragments of a memory / wounded soldiers / tattered wings still fly /

r e v i e w

He Wore Brass Buttons by Willowy Whisper

/ beautiful historical collection / intoxicating writing style / one novelette + three short stories / The Tiny Gift was my fav <3 /

N O N - F I C T I O N 

All Along You Were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nichols 

/ thoughts for boundless living / free-style poetry / inspiring artwork / encouragement for every heart / 

He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado

/ lingering at the foot of the cross / soul-stirring thoughts and reflections / well-done audiobook / 

War Letters compiled by Andrew Carroll

/ genuine letters from America's wars / revolutionary war through Iraqi conflict / over 500 pages of history / a total treasure / aside from being abridged, epic audiobook / 

Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris

/ inspiration to use the middle and high school years as something more / teen encouragement / upstart of the Rebelution blog / late to the party on this one / best suited for teens /

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon 

/ "10 things nobody told you about being creative" / insight into the life of an artist / humorous / oddly inspiring / includes original art / 

S H O R T   S T O R I E S

Off Course by Angie Thompson

/ sibling relationships / foster care and juvenile detention rep / cemeteries always get me / might have cried a lot / 

A Touch of Purple Paint by Hailey Rose

/ broke my heart into pieces / childhood cancer rep / amputee rep / grief and loss / cried so dang hard / 

What the Cat Dragged In by Angie Thompson

/ perfect winter story / adorable little kid / foster care rep / reunited / sibling relationship /

Lockdown by Angela R. Watts

/ prequel to the Infidel Books / 2020 vibes / all the feels / "America forgets too much." /

Tin Can Serenade by Amanda Dykes

/ epistolary historical story / adorable story / deeper story than I expected / precious Christmasy tale /

what was your top favs of 2020? 

Saturday, January 9, 2021

2020 || He is Still Good.

Hello, lovelies <3 

I'm here today to talk about 2020. Ya know, that "dumpster fire of a year we're calling 2020." (It's like... a train wreck. Except the train is just rows of dumpsters. And they're all on fire.)  

Slightly kidding... ;P  It was a rough year, but God is good. At many times, it felt like the whole world was shrouded by pain and fear and grief and loss. So much loss. But no matter what, I know He is still good. 

So yeah, I'm gonna talk about a few things from this year and throw out some random highlights from each month and dump some photos on y'all... Here goes. 

Words of the Year. 

My words of the year for 2020 were fearless and faithful. 

By fearless, I meant I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to do things that intimidated me. I wanted to work past the fear of the unknown. 

By faithful, I meant I wanted to be faithful to the people in my life. I wanted to be faithful to following the Father's leading and spending time at His feet. I wanted to be faithful to spending quality times with family and friends. I wanted to be faithful to giving my all, no matter the task ahead of me. 


2020 was not what I expected. 

Fearless came to mean being present in the moment, when it was uncomfortable and difficult and painful. It meant showing up to work, when work was exhausting and wearying. Satisfying my heart with peace from my Creator, mustering a smile, and setting forth into another long day. 

Faithful... ahh, what a special word. Instead of me being faithful to others, time after time I experienced others being faithful to me. Friends who showed up and showed love. People—special, lovely, broken, amazing, beautiful people—who loved me through the hard times this year and let me love them back. Faithful friends are an incredible thing and realizing you have several is even better. <3

(I might talk about faithfulness more sometime... we shall see...) 


• Discovered the early 2000s TV show, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye and my life will never be the same. 

• Ventured off to the Atlanta AmeriMart with work peeps. It was fun, but exhausting. xD

• House-sitting/pet-sitting for a week. 

• Make plans/goals for the year—most of which didn't happen, ahaha. 

explored cemeteries


• Took a trip eastward to spend the weekend with special friends. <3

• Lots of reading and writing. 

• House-sitting/pet-sitting several times. 

• More snow. 


• Discovered Murdoch Mysteries as a result of watching Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye and quickly became hooked. 

Talked about my poor, neglected WIP on here

• Work started back up full-time as we prepped and received inventory for what turned out to be a crazy busy summer/fall season.

• A dear friend, teenage son and brother of a family very close to us, went home to be with Jesus. It was totally unexpected and a very difficult month in many ways

• Lockdowns began. Work wasn't immediately affected, but church and other activities were. 

crazy bro ;P


• Yellow flowers brightened my room, a thoughtful gift from a friend. <3

• Apparently I had iced coffee + shrimp&grits for lunch at work a couple times?? #whattacombo

• Sending lots of snail mail. 

• We started having church services in the parking lot and gathering with other believers was breath of light air in an otherwise heavy time. 

• Work Work Work.

• Wrote a three-part Easter series that meant a lot to me. <3 

{ fridaysaturdaysunday }

My family... xD


• Spent a Sunday afternoon on the lake with dad. 

• Work shenanigans... like microwaving Doritos. Don't ask. 

• Baking every time I got bored. What is it they say about #QuarantineLife? 

Shared my heart. 

• A weekend visit from friends. <3 

• Golf cart races in the dark + getting a plastic cup of Cheerwine thrown in my face during one such race. 

sweet sis <3


• Began the summer semester with a math and English course. 

• Exploring creepy backroads with the fam. 

• Wore overalls and plaid tops to work many days and felt like a total southern country girl. ;)

• More work shenanigans. Like wearing cowboy hats and racing in the rain and who-can-carry-the-most-beer... The store where I work opened a deli on the property, and I got to experience working in food service for the first time. It's a lot more fun than I expected. 

Published Window Fellow on Amazon Kindle. <3


• Spent the Fourth of July weekend pulling long shifts at work. But hey, I decked out in red, white, & blue from head to toe. ;)

• Sunday afternoons on the lake with the fam, spending every extra minute soaking up the sunshine, and long Jeep rides with the tops off. 

• More house-sitting. 

• Cows! Meet the newest additions to the Potts family farmstead... 

Rain. So much rain.


• Finalized enrollment for the fall semester + ordered textbooks and student ID. First day of official, on-campus classes was the 19th. I feel like such an adult, what is this madness?? 

• Went on an adventure! A lovely gang of us girls took off to the beach for a super sweet 4 day weekend (three and a half days? it felt wwayyy too short). We lounged on the beach, explored the island, and visited Fort Sumter and the USS Yorktown. So many memories. <3

my favorite dress ever *heart eyes*


• I took very few pictures this month, compared to others?? Oh, right, because I was SWAMPED in homework. Ahahahaa... But yeah, seriously, college + a 3hr roundtrip commute a couple nights a week kills your free time, but also allows for lots of audiobook/music jam time, soooo... We ain't complainin'.

• House-sitting multiple times. The kind where you're home for like one night, gone somewhere, home again, gone again. Add in work and school, and I basically lived in my car sometimes. xD 

• Hung out with the bro one night and helped him change the wheels and tires on his truck, so I'm basically a certified mechanic now. 

Life update + 9/11 Tribute.


• More school, more work, more long weeks, more COVID, more being tired all the time.... but never running out of grace. <3

• Church cookout on the banks of the river was a special time. <3

• Bought a new ball cap and I LOVE IT. 

• Watched all four seasons of Chesapeake Shores after considering it for awhile. I liked it a lot more than I expected to. ;)

• Dressing up as Toy Story characters with the work squad. I was the little toy soldier/army dude guy. (<< this coming from the girl who hasn't actually SEEN Toy Story). 



• The election...happened. 

• My ASL teacher brought his dog to class and succeeded at distracting everyone from the lecture. 

• Work busyness with holiday crowds + people looking for Christmas tree farms, haha. 

• Enjoyed Thanksgiving with the fam—which consisted of Thanksgiving dinner, and then hauling logs with the bro. xD

0% battery life? #mood


• Christmas decorations + Christmas baking. 

• Final shifts at work. The company I work for closes during the winter, so we worked to shut down + do inventory the week before Christmas. 

• Hosted 12 Days of Christmas again and loved it. 

• Work Christmas party + church Christmas gathering. 

• We woke up to a beautiful snow on Christmas morning and it made me deliciously happy. <3

• New Years Eve visiting + dinner with the cousins. :D

// list of accomplishments 

• grew closer to my Savior than I've ever been before 

• bemoaned everything that got canceled...

• worked 45-50 hours weeks for most of the summer

• started college & am now 24 credits toward my degree 

• house-sitting/pet-sitting sooo many times

• only traveled once *sob*

• read 81 books

• published my short story, Window Fellow

what was your bright spots of 2020?