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As you may or may not have gathered, I'm really terrible at promoting myself and my books. really bad when you realize that I'm an indie author, so if I don't do this stuff...well, it ain't gonna happen.

(Seriously, though. There's got to be others out there that feel weird saying "hey, buy my books so I can make money!" C'mon. I know you're out there, kindred soul.)

Complaints aside, I realized the other day that I have a literal treasure trunk of books shoved under a piece of furniture in my room. (Okay, it's not that big...) Nearly twenty copies of Dandelion Dust and a handful of copies of Love Needs No Words.

Sure, I could just leave them there and sell them a little along and/or use them for giveaways, but I figured this may be the perfect time to amp up my game and attempt to sell some signed copies! So here goes.
Dandelion Dust —> $10
Love Needs No Words —> $5
Shipping —> $3
If you buy up to four copies, I'll combine the shipping—provided they're going to the same address. (I'm assuming they would be, unless you're one of those epic people that mails books to others. And if you are, allow me to give you my address, new friend.)

Payment can now be accepted through PayPal or a check in the mail. To order, you can shoot me an email at and we'll work out all the details. :)


  1. Do you still sell them?
    And if yes do you sell internationally?

    1. Yes, I do. I'm willing to ship internationally, as long as the buyer is willing to pay the additional shipping charges.