Thursday, June 16, 2016

Top Ten Villains // Tag

Hey folksies!! (I'm not sure if that's how you spell 'folksies'... It's probably not a real word, but I'm spelling it how I'm saying it so THERE.) 

Okay, here goes. I was tagged by Rebekah at Rebekah's Remarks for the Top Ten Villains tag. (She tagged me like an eternity ago, but whatever.) Thanks Rebekah! :) 

The Rules... 
1. Post the button. 
2. Thank the blogger who tagged you. 
3. List your top ten favorite villains and why you chose them(they can be from movies or books). 
4. Tag ten other bloggers. 

My Villains... (In no particular order.) 

You would not believe how long it took me to think up ten evil-y peoples. I was going to use Adolf Hitler, but Mom says he 'doesn't count' because he's not fictitious... =/ She did have lots of good ones though, so thanks Mom. :) 
We'll start off with the obvious villain... 

Satan ~ Everyone with me on this one? ;) But, thanks to Christ, we can rejoice in the knowledge that he has already been conquered! Hallelujah!! 

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”              John 16:33 KJV

Colonel von Laeman from Return to the Hiding Place ~ Ugh. Just the sight of this guy makes me cringe. If you haven't seen RttHP (yes, it has an abbreviation now. You're welcome.), you so should. It's heart-wrenching, and beautiful, and amazing, and...gahhhh. Words can't describe. ;) 

King Respen from The Blades of Acktar series by Tricia Mingerink ~ Okay, I still have a serious Acktarian hangover right now. Even though I finished Deny and Defy over two weeks ago. But...goodness these are good books. They just make my heart hurt... (That's a good thing.) and...yeah. (Also, book four is going to be titled Deliver. *shrieks*) I'm extremely off topic. *cough* King Respen is a horrid villain. But how can the hero of the story be good if the bad guy isn't bad? (Okay, don't answer that...) 

Charles Kent from Beyond the Mask ~ Can we all agree that this guy is just awful?? I mean, really??? Keeping Will and Charlotte apart, trying to have Will killed (several times), even lying to his own niece and planning to kill her!!! Yeah. I need to watch this movie again. XD 

Also, am I the only one that is reminded of Leith Torren by Will Reynolds? You know, with the whole assassin thing... Yes? ... Maybe? ... Sort of? 

Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life ~ First off, this is like one of my favorite movies. Everyone needs to see this amazing Christmas movie at least three times, in my own humble opinion. ;) And how Potter tries to destroy George or even buy him off is just so, so...villainous. 

Snake Cain, Matty Cain, & Sheriff Joe Cain from Gallows Road ~ *shudders* This group is. just. horrid. Like, I can't even... All the positively evil things Snake and Matty do to Bob and his family are just...awful. And of course their 'sheriff' uncle is just as bad for turning his head from all of it. >_< 

Brady Gray's brothers (except Logan) from Seasons of Gray ~ Okay, so I'm going to assume that all of you have heard the story of Joseph (if you haven't, go read Genesis 37:1-36). So take that to modern day times. Yeah. These guys are so horrible. (Especially Jake. Jake is horrible. But God can change Jake. :)) 

Ellis Brawley from Believe in Me ~ Again, this guy just looks awful and mean and rude and nasty. (All of which he is, of course. That's how he made this list. ;P) I mean, trying to take the state championship from those hard-working girls?! Ugh... 

Samuel Doros from Love's Abiding Joy ~ Ewww... *makes face* Just this dudes name is mean-lookin'. And he's so nasty (especially to Jeff) and so controlling (especially to Willie, who has more than enough to deal with right know without having to evict friends). Very villainous and only seeks personal gain. -_- 

Clay & Mac from The Redemption of Henry Myers ~ Really, guys? Why can't you just leave this poor guy alone?!? He's trying to do right and live right and move on from his nasty past and you two just won't let him. Utterly despicable. >_< 

I could keep throwing out villain-y people, but I'll stop now. ;) Some others I considered are... Ella from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, Major Ubel from Dark Storms Rising by Jesseca Wheaton (this dude is just HORRID. I'm pretty sure that even his author is afraid of him...), and the 'mystery villains' from The Letter and the Sisters of Holmes County trilogy by Wanda Brunstetter. 


I'm pretty sure everyone 'round here has been tagged, so I shall refrain from seriously tagging anyone. But...if you haven't been tagged, you're reading this, and you have read/saw at least on of the above books/movies -- consider yourself tagged! XD (Also, tell me so I can go read your post! :)) 

Thanks for reading, peoples. I have several more tags to catch up on, so those will be coming sooooon. =D

Tootles! *snaps fingers and vanishes like the woman from Doodlebops* 


  1. Hey, thanks for doing the tag! (Although, technically Satan is also not fictitious...I mean, he's still alive and everything!) You had some "good" villains. I almost did Satan as my #1 villain, but my sister, who tagged me, had done him, so I just did Judas Iscariot instead. ;)

    1. Sure! (Ahh, yes. He most certainly is! I didn't mean for it to sound like he isn't real. ;) And the Colonel is technically 'real' too, though I don't know if that was actually his name.) Oooo, yes, Judas Iscariot is absolutely a nasty villain. *shudder*

      Thanks for tagging and for commenting, Rebekah! :)

    2. I tagged you again. Just because it's so fun to tag people. *cue evil laughter* }:)

    3. Ooo, thanks! :D Looks like fun. ;)

  2. Haha, well, since I know a couple people who have use Satan and he's not fictitious, I'm going to have to use Adolf Hitler at the top of my list. ;)
    I believe the Colonel from RttHP is the worst villain I have encountered in fiction. And it's even more scary since the movie wasn't actually fiction. (Oh, and THANK YOU FOR THE ABBREVIATION! It was getting tedious to write it out every time. ;))
    King Respin. Yep, he's awful. Though . . . he was sorta different in that last book.
    Yes, Charles is awful! And it makes it even worse that he "appears" to be a good buy. *shudders* they are the worst!
    Mr. Potter is one of those villains that always makes me laugh. Just because he's to pathetic 'cause he want's so much power. And I love how the movie ended. ;)
    I haven't watched '"Gallows Road", 'Seasons of Gray", "The Redemption of Henry Myers", or "Believe in Me"... I'll have to try them!
    Yes, "Mr." Doloros is so awful to poor Willie! And then Willie dies! *cries* It was so awful! I'm glad Doloros's daughter has better sense. ;)
    Yep, Major Ubel's author is scared of him. He's evil. I mean, so, technically Erich is evil as well, but his evilness is still manipulable. There are times he can be sorta, semi good. But Ubel? *shudders* No, he's awful!
    Oh, and random question . . . who is Doodlebops???

    1. Haha, you so should use Hitler. :P
      Ahh, the Colonel, yes. He is so horrid...he doesn't even seem human with what he did to Mephibosheth... *shudders* (And you're so welcome. ^_^ Haha, SAAAAAMMMMEEEE!! It's a bit much. RttHP is much easier. :P)
      King Respen was *different* in the third book, but he was still awful. I nearly gagged when he relayed to Renna his 'proposition'. -_-
      Uggghhh. Charles Kent was so awful... >_<
      Haha, yeah, Mr. Potter is certainly an interesting 'villain'. ;) ME TOO!! The ending is so lovely with all the good and happy feels. :)
      All of those are AMAZING movies. You really should go watch them... (like right now, 'kay?) "Seasons of Grey" and "Gallows Road" both have some violence, but it's not bad. ;P
      I KNOW!!! I was so stunned to learn that. A friend and I were discussing the LCS movies one day and she was like "yeah, after Willie dies..." and I nearly fell out of my chair. THEY WERE CHILDHOOD SWEETHEARTS! That's not supposed to end that way... o.o Yes, Colette was sweet. :-) *obsessively ships her and Jeff*
      Ubel and Erich have different types and levels of 'evil-y-ness'...but...yeah. ;)
      *snickers* I was wondering if anyone caught that. ;) Doodlebops was a show on Disney when I was a kid (like, toddler–7ish) and I was thinking of it when I wrote this. It was about these three siblings (Rooney, Moe, & DeeDee) that sang and danced and all had crazy colored hair. :P Anyway, there was a woman on it who disappeared when she snapped her fingers. ;) It was one of those crazy Disney shows – exactly why kids (like me) are warped these days. ;)

  3. You've got some serious villians in here, lol!

    Also.. Tagged you for something else. x) "The Rising Authors Tag"! Here's the post

    1. Hahaha, right?! XD

      Ooooo, that looks like fun!! :D Thanks, Eve! :)

  4. You picked some “good” villains, Faith! :)
    Satan is definitely very evil.
    Oh yes, Charles Kent is awful! Trying to have Will killed and I can’t believe that he planned to kill Charlotte too!! Yeah, he’s just terrible.
    Brady Gray’s brothers and Samuel Doros are just awful too.
    And Clay and Mac are so terrible too!! I could never remember Mac’s name for some reason. ;)
    I haven’t seen Return to the Hiding Place, It’s a Wonderful Life (yet ), Gallows Road, or read the Blades of Acktar series (yet ;)) so I don’t know all about those bad guys, but since you included them in this tag than I know that they are, for sure, all awful too. ;)
    I’ve seen Believe in Me but not for a long time so I can’t actually picture who Ellis Brawley is. ;)
    I had fun reading this tag, Faith! :)

    Oh, and I would ask about the woman from Doodlebops, but I saw your explanation to Jesseca. ;)

    1. Oh, yes, the evil-est.
      I know, right! When Charles Kent was going to leave her in the bottom of the windmill-thingy -- how horrendous!! >_<
      Doros and the Gray brothers, they were all evil from envy of want of power/land/prestige. =/
      Haha, I couldn't remember Mac's name either. I thought of Clay, but I had to check IMDB for Mac. ;P
      All must read/watch books and movies! RttHP is the worst, but all of those... *shudders*
      Ellis Brawley is nasty-evil. >.< (We watched that movie again Sunday. I just loves it so much!! :)) I was going to include pictures of the villains, but I ended up posting in a hurry and not. :P
      I'm glad you enjoyed, Rebekah! :D

      Haha, okay. I would refer you to previous comment... ;)

  5. I'm impressed you could come up with that many! I would be wracking my brain too! XD
    The Doodlebops bit gave me a laugh. XD I've seen that show plenty. While I never watched it when I was little, my younger sister has, which means I have! XD

    1. Hehe, it did take awhile. :P
      Yay, someone who knows what I'm talking about!! :D Haha, best I can remember (from, like, 10 years ago XD) it was a pretty funny show. Moe was always my favorite -- with the water dumping on his head!

    2. :D
      Haha, yeah, it was. I don't remember which character was my favourite...I think the pink one was my sister's favourite (and I can't recall her name! Yikes. XD). It's fun remember shows watched a long time ago! One of my favourites was always the Little Ruggrats....and Blue's Clue's. Love Blue's Clue's. XD

    3. The pink one was...DeeDee! Blue was Rooney and orange was Moe. ;) (And yes, I just looked it up. XD) It is fun!! But it feels like an eternity ago! O.o Hahaha, yes! My uncle always called my brother and I 'ruggrats'. ;) Yep, I always loved Blue's Clues. :)

    4. Ah yes! XD I know, it does! Hehe, that's funny. ^.^ Yep, can't go wrong with Blue's Clue's! XD