Tuesday, July 30, 2019

FREEDOM || blog tour signups + ARCs

The time has come, my friends...

Blog tour signups for the long-talked-about, much-loved (at least by me), long-awaited Freedom are HERE!

Even better than that? I'm joining my friend Kaitlyn in the release of her debut novel, Beloved. Utilizing the time, talents, and platform the Lord has given us, we're using this opportunity to speak out against suicide for the 13 days the tour will run.

Why 13 days? Netflix released a series in 2017 known as 13 Reasons Why. There has been much debate over the series—some find it triggering and have even gone through with their own suicide, while others argue that it promotes awareness of mental health. A girl on the show recorded tapes of the 13 reasons why she was committing suicide, and left them for family and friends to listen to following her death. But we believe that anything glorifying the taking of God-given life is in err.

So I present to you: the 13 Reasons Why Blog Tour. 13 days of choosing LIFE. 13 days filled with reasons to stay. Spotlighting two new releases that delve deep into the rough truths and murky darkness that shrouds this life-taking epidemic.

And since the tour will be open to participants for eleven of those thirteen days... now's your chance to join in!

|| Blog Tour

|| ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies)

are you signing up? are you as excited about the tour as we are? 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Mission Trip + Birthday Bash || June Recap

Yes, that says June. Yes, I realize this is two days shy of being a month late. Am I back to a consistent schedule? No, but I'm back for right now. Am I promising I'll do better? No, but I'll try. I could make up a bunch of excuses, but I'm basically just a procrastinator who needed some time after a trip the last week of June. And is still trying to get things re-aligned. :P

All that to say...this may be boring and lame, but I didn't want to break my trend of doing a recap every month. And I didn't rly wanna combine it with July, because they felt like distinctly different months. For some reason. xD

So hey there, friend! Please—forgive me for disappearing. And prepare yourself for a photo dump. Also let's talk and catch-up in the comments. :D

|| Random

• Work, work, work...and did I mention work?  Okay, seriously, I'm not complaining. At all. But sometimes I feel like I spend 60 hours a week in a checkered uniform shirt. xD

• I also spent a lot of time camped out at the library—hoping for a spot by an outlet, wearing a hoodie, chugging coffee, taking up a whole table with my notebooks and planner and schedule and editing notes and...such—because our internet at home has been iffy.

• When your bro comes by where you work...and as he's leaving, you realize that his means of transportation is farm equipment. 

take a look at dat plow boy

|| SOS = Servants on Site

My family and a group from our church participated in the same mission trip/group ministry that we've did for the past few summers. It was an absolute blast, and as good and powerful and life-changing as always. <3

in the chow line ;)

SOS 2019 theme

my work crew!

posing in Smithfield's

that sky tho

hauling home ALLL the dirty clothes...

group scavenger hunt on Thursday night :D

girl time!

my pretty mama <3

I read like one book (A Letter to the One by Abby Rose Nichols) during the month of June...which might have been even worse than May, actually—can't remember. I did acquire several books. Including The Broken Prince by Kara Linaburg which I'm super excited to read sometime! Hopefully soon. :D

(Told you this would be lame and boring.)

|| Freedom Update

Freedom is coming along quite nicely! The lovely Abi Claire finished edits while I was away from home, so as soon as I finish sorting and applying those, the next step is formatting!

Meanwhile, there's a lot of blog tour prep going on behind the scenes. Ya know those situations where you have wayyyy to much to text someone so you call them? That's me and my bestie trying to plan this thing out. It's so crazy—in a good way. xD

Speaking of the blog tour, the lovely Kate and I will be opening the signup form tomorrow! How exciting is that? We'll be sharing an ARC option as well, for anyone who wants to help out but doesn't have a blog and/or just likes to review. ;D

Also, if you're someone who likes for Kindle books to be downloaded directly to their device on the day of release... Freedom is available for preorder!

|| Snippet 

Goodbyes said, I pocket my phone and, foreseeing the opportunity, step ahead to hold the door for the older couple.  
The lady’s eyes lock on mine as she nears. “Was that your girl on the phone?”  
My girl? I can’t help grinning. “Well… she was once.”  
“I hope you’re doing whatever you need to to get her back.”  

“I could lie and say I hoard phone numbers.”  
The elevator door opens, revealing the walkway to the front doors of the trauma center entrance. I motion for the other couple to exit first and then follow, falling in step a pace behind them over the crosswalk.  
“But that would be a lie. You’re one Lysol can shy of a clean freak.” 

|| Favorite Posts

The Danger of Writing << Ink Blots and Coffee Stains

Waiting for Nothing << The Storybook Journal

|| My Posts

|| Dandelion Dust: Birthday Bash

• For those who missed it or didn't realize something was going on, I hosted a birthday bash for Dandelion Dust in June, since June 30th was the 2nd anniversary of the book's release. Many other bloggers and friends in the community helped spread the dandelion love, shared about the book-birthday, and talked about my books on social media!

>> Abigail Harris did an amazing week-long author spotlight. Which was super sweet and a fabulous idea! Give her posts a read.
One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~ Five ~ Six ~ Seven

>> Julia @ Lit Aflame and Liz @ Home with the Hummingbirds and Molly @ Qadash - Set Apart, for Him each did a fantabulous interview!  
>> Brooklyne @ Showers of Blessing — This girl's photoshoot, y'all! I am totally in love. *heart eyes* 
>> And let's not forget the epic peeps on Instagram! So many lovely bookstagram pictures. <3  I felt so loved-on. ^_^

• The Kindle ebook was free on the 30th...and I expected *some* downloads. I was thinking, maybe 50-60 at the very maximum. Guys... we topped out with 576 free ebook downloads of Dandelion Dust.


I'm greatly indebted to and appreciative of y'all for spreading the word! I did very little to promote the free day, and the bash in general, so I was absolutely blown away by that number. Wow, y'all. God is good. <3

• I have some DD bookmarks and postcards left over from the party. If anyone would like a couple, shoot me a message or email with your mailing address and I'll send you a few to keep or share with friends. :)

|| June Goals

• Send Freedom to my editor.      YES!

• Celebrate the 2nd book-birthday of Dandelion Dust.         YES! 

• Go on our annual in-country missions trip with the church gang.       YES! 

• Blog weekly.     No-ish?? 

• Read 4 books.      Not quite.... *ahem*

• Resume staying alive.    So it would seem. 

|| July Goals 

• Considering the date, I'm not going to post July goals...because it would sorta kinda probably be cheating to list things I've already did and/or will finish in the next, like, two days. So check back soon for my July recap + August goals. :P 

how was your June? anything exciting happen/happening/happened over the course of your summer?