Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Imagine this - 2

Are y'all ready for the next 'Imagine This'? I hope so! 

Here's the rules:
1) Write a story of what you think is taking place in the picture. 
2) Send it to my email or through the blogger contact form on the bottom of this page. 
3) You have through Tuesday, July 7 to send in your entries. I'll post them Wednesday or Thursday, if at all possible. 
4) The word count max is 800. Again, if your story is a few words over it's okay! :) 

 Introducing 'Imagine This' picture #2!!

      -From Pinterest-

Yes, there is something in the top right corner. I tried to blur it out but that didn't work very well. LOL! Just ignore it. I apoligize. =) 

I hope y'all enjoy entering these as much as I enjoy hosting them!! :-) Thanks in advance! I know all the pieces will be delightful! 



  1. Don't think I have time to enter in this one, but best of luck to those who do enter! :D Bet you'll get some interesting stories with that. Also, definitely - I really enjoyed the first contest. :)

    1. Thank you, Eve! ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it. =)

  2. I will really try to enter this time! My schedule got a little hectic last time...sorry for not sending in a story! I was really hoping too!

    1. I totally understand hectic schedules, Rebekah. I'm usually scrambling to finish something for a contest the night before the deadline! :) I hope you get to enter. I'm looking forward to reading it! ;)

    2. I sent my story...let me know if you got it. It's more than 800 words long, sorry, I'm a bit of a long-winded writer. ;P

    3. Hmmm...I didn't get it. When did you send?