Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Favorite Month is Gone // July Recap

*comes sweeping in for this super-late-but-I-don't-care-I'm-doing-it-anyway-'cause-this-month-was-epic monthly wrap-up*

July was basically a long/short (it felt like both *shrug*) series of unexpected, expected, awkward, and awesome thingys. I shall now do what all good blog authoresses do and delve into this with y'all. Ready?!

// I snapped pictures of my dog...destroying a box. Then I got the privileged joy of picking up after him... Hey, he was enjoying it! ;) 

// I spent long nights arguing with my autocorrect that 'safari' and 'apple' shouldn't be capitalized when not meaning a browser and a company. 

// Yeah, sure. That's exactly where you're suppose to park. *insert sarcasm* 

// My ears were often full of water from oodles of swimming. :P

// Listened to this conversation... 

Tucker: *is being annoying* 
Mom: You know, they have homes for kids like you. 
Tucker: Smart kids? Yeah, it's called college. 

// The Kid got a bee sting above the eye and his eye was completely swelled shut the next morning at church. *wishes had a picture of his pitiful self* THEN. On Monday (which was technically August first, so you'll get details later) Tucker's friend got stung...same eye. Then I got stung thrice...wrist, leg, underarm. -_- 

// I had a fantabulous birthday. Sweet sixteen!! ^_^ 

Gifts I received! :) A canvas wall hanging, a string garden of succulents, books, chocolate, cards... ^_^ 

AND...I also got tickets to MercyMe in December. MERCYME!!!! *shrieks* 

// Books. // 

I only read six books this month...isn't that utter sadness?? :'( 

Julia's Last Hope by Janette Oke -- 5 stars 
Dearest Jean, Dearest Walter by Rose Holman -- 5 stars 
The Silent Blade by Jesseca Wheaton -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
Jonas & Olivia by Victoria Minks -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
Coffee Cake Days by Amanda Tero -- 5 stars 
From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden -- 4 stars -- Review HERE

As far as a book haul goes, I got three lovely books this month. And didn't spend a dime! XD 

The Solid Rock by Faith Blum -- Giveaway win. (And I just love her name. ;) ) 
Millie's Unsettled Season & Millie's Courageous Days by Martha Finley, adapted by _____ -- A birthday gift from a friend. :) 

// Writing. //

My profile pic for Camp. Very fitting. *nod nod* 

As far as writing goes... I DID CAMO NANOWRIMO THIS MONTH. XD 

Okay, so... You probably knew that already. ;) But if know now. My goal was 30k and I exceed that by ten awesome words (totally worth mentioning, folks). I had the awesomest cabinmates and it was an epic experience. XD

Also...I may or may not have wrote in a few other side-stories. Just for funsies. Make that three stories, to be exact. :P Bringing my grand total for the month up to... 30,891. 


// Blogging. // 

-- Visit RebekahAshleigh for a humorous narration of the sighting of An Exotic Bird...or Not.

-- Visit Bethany's blog and read her awesome post  lost people 

-- Visit Olivia's blog and be inspired by the lovely post Is There Any Safer Place?

-- Read Amanda's thought-provoking walk through When We Feel Unworthy of Being Loved 

-- Visit Amy's art blog for some tips on organization in your writing. Writing, I'm Slowly Getting Organized

-- Read Emily's uplifting guest post on the subject of blessings

-- Visit Abi's blog for her delightful post Why I Love Snail Mail

// Goals. //

My goals for the month of July were... 

-- Write 30,000 words in War Tears

-- Read/finish at least 8 books. 

-- Make curtains for my room. 

And...only #1 happen. :P August? 

I haven't set any specific goals for this month, but I do plan to get ready for school, write...some, and READ. XD 

~*~*~ know the ritual. Have you read the books, did Camp, read the blog post? What was the best happening of your month? Teeellll mmeeee aalllll peeepppss!!! 



  1. WOW YOU DID GREAT ON CAMP NANO *high five* I got my goal also but it was a lot lower so it's not as impressive. xD

    1. THANKS!! :D *high five* It was an awesome first experience. But you still wrote *something* so that is impressive. XD

  2. FAIIIIITH I'M SO SORRY LOL I need to stop by more often!! I have your last three or four posts stashed in my inbox so that I could come comment on them, and it just... *sigh*

    Anyway, like I meant to comment earlier, congrats on Camp NaNoWriMo! Eeee, that's so exciting that you managed to finish. :) I would love to give that a try sometime, but I ain't up for it quite yet lol. Proud of ya! *high five*

    Oh, and a happy, happy, happy (late) sweet sixteen to you!!

    (Deleted my original comment 'cause I accidentally made it into a reply.)

    1. No worries, I totally understand. :P At least two or three of the emails in my inbox are labeled 'Edge of Night'. ;) Time just gets away from you and there doesn't ever seem to be time when you're NOT doing anything. ;)

      Thank you so much!! Oh, I'm sure you could do it! 'Tis so much fun. :) *returns high five*

      Awww, thanks again! ^_^

      (Gotcha. ;) And I deleted it completely. :) )

  3. First of all -

    Happy (*whisper*belated) Birthday to You!
    Happy (*whisper*belated) Birthday to You!
    Happy (*whisper*belated) Birthday to Fa-aith
    Happy (*whisper*belated) Birthday to You!!!
    *throws confetti* *cues in fanfare* *hands you a big birthday cake* ^_^

    Okay, now I'll comment on the rest of your post ;)

    Awww….puppy!! (I know, I know, not a puppy, but he’s so c.u.t.e!!!) What is it with them liking to tear things apart, I’d like to know? Be glad that cardboard box isn’t a muskrat. Be very glad :P

    Hehe, that autocorrect. Always thinking it’s smarter than us *sigh*

    Is that - your car? Or random photo of random car in wrong spot? :P

    Ouch. How did you all manage to encounter so many bees? ;)

    Noooo….reading six books isn’t utter sadness. Anything higher than a zero is good, right? ;)
    Oh, oh, oh you have the first two books in the Millie series!! COOL. You haven’t read the series yet? And hehe, whoever gave you the books was very thoughtful. One, because it’s TWO BOOKS, but second, the first book ends on a huge cliffhanger. There, won’t say no more about it before I give away the entire thing :P Unless you’ve read it already and know what I’m talking about.


    1. Awww, you're too sweet, Blessing!!! ^_^ *dances in confetti* *gobbles birthday cake*

      :) I still call him puppy. Hehe, I don't know but they sure enjoy it! A muskrat? Really? Biskit did carry a groundhog home once...they must have some strong jaws! :P

      Grrrr... I know, right?! Autocorrect is nice when it's helpful, but other times... >_<

      Haha, no that's not our car. ;) It's just a random car that was parked (wrong!!) next to us...and I had to have a picture. ;)

      I don't know, but it wasn't too fun. :P

      Aww, yes! Very good point. Any reading is good. ^_^

      YES I DO!!! *happy dance* No, I hadn't read them before. I'd read a lot about them from...practically everyone...but I hadn't read them. :P Really?? Aww, I'll have to remember to thank the special person. :) Cliffhangers are nightmarish! And no, I haven't gotten to read them just yet. ;)


  4. July seemed to be kinda long/short for me too. This whole summer is just flying by!
    That picture of your dog is pretty cute. :) What is it with dogs liking to tear things up? ;)
    Isn’t autocorrect just so annoying sometimes? Sometimes it’s actually very helpful, but other times, yeah, not so much. ;)
    Ouch! All of those bee stings sound awful! I’ve actually never been stung by a bee before. Although one time I did get a mosquito bite above my eye and my eye got pretty puffy.
    That’s so cool that you got tickets to go see MercyMe in December!! Have you been to a concert before?
    Haha, that book quote is hilarious! :D
    In July I also read “Julia’s Last Hope” and “The Silent Blade”. ;) They were both good. Although for some reason it seems like forever ago since I read “Julia’s Last Hope”.
    Getting books is so fun! :D That’s really fun that you won “The Solid Rock” in a giveaway win!
    The Millie books were adapted by Kersten Hamilton, and are amazing. I can't say enough about those books! :)
    Oh, I like your profile picture for Camp NaNo, Faith! :)
    I was so thrilled when I saw that you put a link to my post up! It totally made my day, :) and I’m glad you enjoyed the post! :D Some of the posts that you linked to I’ve read, but I’ll have to read the other ones that I haven’t.
    Well, even though you only completed one of your July goals, it was a pretty big one, so that’s great!
    I had a lot of fun reading about your wonderful July, Faith!!! :D

    1. July has utterly FLOWN PAST ME. And yet, it feels like the fourth was ages ago...but Christmas was last week... Weird how that works. :P
      Hehe, I don't know but my puppy dog sure loves it! :)
      Yeah, sometimes autocorrect is awesome, but other goes to its head. ;) *is laughing at the mental image of autocorrect's head*
      You've never been stung by a bee?!? Lucky girl! ;) Seriously, they HURT. And I usually end up all swelled up. >_< Ick, a puffy eye doesn't sound fun.
      I'm so excited about going to see MercyMe!!!! :D Yes, I have been to a concert before. We went to see the Martins & Mark Lowry...last year, I think. That's the only concert I can think of, though I may have been to another one.
      *grins* I love book puns.
      You read "Julia's Last Hope" and "The Silent Blade" too?! How interesting... ;) Yeah, I thought the same thing! "Julia's Last Hope" feels like ages ago.
      I seriously love book giveaways!! They're the bestest. :D
      Oh no... *cringes* I did NOT do that... *checks post* Yes, I did. Augh! *headdesk* I did not intentionally leave that space ____ blank. I just didn't go check as I was typing the post, intending to go back later... O.- Whoops? They sound so good though! :)
      Thanks! I have a new infatuation with vintage typewriters. :) Wishlist!
      Awww, you're welcome! ^_^ I loved that post!! There were a ton of good posts going up the month of July (every month, really ;) ). I would link to them all if I could!
      Thanks so much again, Rebekah!! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed! :)

    2. Yes, it’s definitely weird how time works. ;)
      Autocorrect has been driving me crazy lately. It seem like whenever I spell a name autocorrect thinks I spelled it wrong and ‘fixes’ it, but then I have to go back and change it.
      Yeah, I have never been stung by a bee, but I can imagine that it hurts.
      That’s so cool that you got to go see the Martins and Mark Lowry! :)
      I know, it is interesting that we read some of the same books last month. ;)
      Oh, okay. :) I was thinking that maybe you just weren’t sure who adapted the Millie books. ;)
      I’m so glad that you enjoyed that post of mine! :D

    3. It's insane! :P
      Yes, yes, yes. *nods* I have the same problem. With names in emails and blog posts, but especially in writing. It just changes it on its own! Grrrrr. ;)
      The Martins ans Mark Lowry were a lot of fun!!!! :D
      It is interesting...I wonder if our book list for the month of August will be similar at all... ;)
      Hehe, yeah, that's what it was. ;) I didn't know it, but I knew it was somewhere on the books.

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning my post!

    1. You're so welcome, Amy! :) I enjoyed your post.

  6. HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu!!!!!!! :) Smashing gifts you got! <3 Are you enjoying sweet 16, or does it feel about the same? ;)
    Ouch about the stings! Sorry for all. Ick. I hope you're each healed from them!
    Fun books! I love books. Bet ya didn't know that. ;) Har har.
    I should end this comment....seems to me I'm in a weird mood. But yes, Happy Birthday again!!! :)
    And congrats on your writing!!

    1. *smiles ridiculously* Awww, thank you! :) I guess I'm enjoying sweet 16. ;) It's awkward/scary/awesome to think that I'll be an adult in two (short) years. O.o
      Ick is right! Yes, I am. Thank you! :)
      *dramatic gasp* YOU love books? B-)
      Hehe, I love weird moods. :P

      Aww, thanks again! ^_^ I enjoyed your comment too.

    2. :D Hehe, that's good! And yes, I know exactly what you mean! To be honest, while I'm looking forward to my next birthday in October, I am a little nervous, because 21 seems too old. XD I know it's just an age, but I don't feel old. Or legal. ;) I mean, I still don't even have my permit! I joke with my sister that I feel stuck at age 18 (which I like) and her at 11 (she's 13 now. ^.^). Ah well. I guess I'll feel like 21 in a couple more years maybe..?! Ages are weird.
      Yay, glad you're better!
      Hahaha, I know!! So crazy, me liking books!! XD

    3. Hahaha! Well, 21 is far from old... ;) Not feeling legal, YES!! I can legally get my license (LICENSE!!!!) next week. That's scary. Weirdsville.
      Awww, yes, I know what you mean. My little bro is 13 too, and it seems so weird. I'm like YOU'RE GROWING UP TOO FAST!! *nod* Ages are very weird.


    4. Haha, you are right. XD Ahhhh! And now you HAVE your license! You're legal!! :D
      I know! We all need to slow down on the aging department. ;)

    5. I know!!! *squeals* I'll be driving by myself in the morning for the first time...*grins*
      Haha, certainly!

  7. Oh, yes!! July as an amazing month!! Happy sweet 16!!!! I love that we share a birthday month; we can both agree it is the best month of the year. ;)
    Yes, yes, yes, YES!!! You must read the Millie books! And I have to say I'm so thankful; she got you both books. Having only the first one would kill you when you got toe the end!
    I'm soooo excited for "War Tears"!! Awesome, awesome, AWESOME job with camp Nano!! *high five*
    I hope your August is amazing as well!!! :)

    1. Isn't it the bestest?!? :D Haha, yes, I thought of that too. Just opposite ends of the month, lol. ;)
      THEY SOUND SO FABULOUS!!! XD Hmmm...I'm anxious to read of this horrid cliffhanger I keep hearing about... :P
      *beams* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Seriously, our conversation through the month (you know, when I made NO sense?) kept me going. :)
      August is amazing, though flying by FAR too fast. ;P

      Thanks again, girl! :)

  8. Happy very belated birthday, Faith!!! What day was it?? Mine was in July as well. =)

    Your July sounds so fun! And...Millie Keith ***screams*** ♥♥♥ You HAVE to read those books. I love them so much!!

    Beautiful blog, Faith!!

    1. Awww, thank you, Hannah!! :) Mine is the last day of the month. When's yours?

      Hehehehe, I've heard that from a lot of girls!!! I definitely need to get to reading those super soon. ^_^

      Thanks! And I appreciate your sweet comment. :)

    2. Oh, awesome! Mine is the 10th. =)

      And yes, that is right. ;) They're such good books. =) My favorites! ♥♥♥

      Your welcome! Have a beautiful day!

    3. Ahh, okay! My mom's is the 18th. :)

      They sound AHHHHMAZIN'!! :P

      You too! <3