Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Leaves, Pumpkins, and Candy Corn // October Recap

Well, it's that time of month again. Today is November. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN LIKE WHAT?! *ahem* 

I love writing and reading these monthly recaps, but...is it just me or are they coming a bit too frequently? (This is where you say "yes, Faith. Yes, they are." And we devise a way to slow time. Mwahahaha.) 

But seeing as how it is this time again, let's move on before this post becomes a book. ;) 

~*~ Life ~*~ 

FALL PEOPLE ITS FALL. Haha, yeah, basically sums up October for me. XD *bombards you with fall-ish stuff-ies* 

--from Pinterest 

--from Pinterest 

// This month I finally got a desk for my room!!! ^_^ My little bro made it for me and it is LOVELY! 

My desk the night after it got moved to my room...

And after about three weeks of use... :P #messywriterperson

// On October first, we plowed potatoes. It's like an unwritten P. family tradition, something that is did by the family every fall without question. I drove the big ol' tractor part of the time this year, and it was an...interesting experience. My foot hardly reached the clutch, but it worked. :P 

// I...spent a lot of money? More on that in a bit, but here's the general idea.

Books, movies, music! 

// Read this amazing quote... “The demand that God should forgive such a man while he remains what he is, is based on a confusion between condoning and forgiving. To condone an evil is simply to ignore it, to treat it as if it were good. But forgiveness needs to be accepted as well as offered if it is to be complete: a man who admits no guilt can accept no forgiveness.”    -- C.S. Lewis 

// So one Friday night (10/21) my bro walks into my room and he's like "pretend like I'm beating you". So he starts whacking the bed and as he does I scream. We weren't very synchronized, but no one cared. I was laughing so hard my screams were more like squeals and Mom caught on to our gag pretty quick. XD    Yeah, just the randomness of my life. :P 

// I learned when mayonnaise became a thing... I'm serious!! It was in my history book. It was made in 1756 by the French. ;) 

// I got a splinter in the *TOP* of my toe. Yeah. Still not sure how that happened... 

// I saw this sign in a hair salon... *snickers*

// I mastered eating ice cream. From a cup. Without a spoon. Sorry, no picture. XD 

// My dad and bro went deer hunting last weekend, and Mom and I had a When Calls the Heart 'marathon'. :) Also while they were gone we spent the day with my great-aunt. She lives in a quaint little town a little over an hour away and it's (I'm not kidding) like going back a decade or two. :P We ate lunch, roamed the streets, window-shopped, and I bought some books. (They had a hard time dragging me out of those stores...) 

// Basically my life. Basically. 

--from Pinterest 

~*~ Books ~*~ 

I was so thrilled with my reading this month! I finished a total of 8 books!! :D And completed my Goodreads challenge of 101 books in 2016!!! :D Will I hit 110? 120? 

Befriending the Beast by Amanda Tero -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
Peace, Be Still by Amanda Tero -- 4 stars 
The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest by Melanie Dickerson -- 5 stars 
Faith is the Victory by Faith Blum -- 4.5 stars 
Same Dress, Different Day by Juliet Van Heerden -- 3.5 stars -- Review HERE
The Wish by Beverly Lewis -- 5 stars -- Review HERE
Silent Star by Bill Wise -- 4 stars 
A Question of Honor by Jesseca Wheaton (beta-read, no official cover yet) -- 5 stars -- Review to come. 

I also acquired an oodle of books this month. ;) 

Used bookstore -- Child of Mine by Beverly Lewis, A Heart Full of Hope by Robin Jones Gunn, and The Flying Cavalier and Pages of Promise by Gilbert Morris. :) 
Books-A-Million (YES SOMEONE MADE THE MISTAKE OF LETTING ME IN THERE TOO.) -- A Thousand Shall Fall by Andrea Boeshaar, The Amish Millionaire series by Wanda Brunstetter, and a lovely notebook (more on that in a momento.) 
Locally owned bookstore -- Anne of the Island and Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery 
Another used bookstore -- Sanctuary by David & Beverly Lewis 

My great-aunt -- The Thorn, The Postcard, and The Crossroads by Beverly Lewis. 
Review book -- The Other Side of Infamy by Jim Downing
Giveaway -- Befriending the Beast by Amanda Tero 

~*~ Writing ~*~ 

This is the lovely typewriter notebook I got a Books-A-Million. It's so purty!! :)

Um, so, writing suffered terribly this month. School was overwhelming and I did a lot of reading and *some* blogging, but other than that...? I have no excuse. 

My total word count rolled in at 4,257, in seven different projects. ;) However, War Tears can only claim 2,566 of that. Finishing by Christmas isn't looking so well. :P 

~*~ Movies and Music ~*~ 

First off, THIS. 

I have now saw every episode of the TV show When Calls the Heart and love it dearly. :) That season three finale though...I need more. Please, Hallmark? 

On the music note (pun *totally* intended), I'm flailing over Casting Crowns newest CD. 

I've played it on repeat, much to the annoyance of certain household members. *coughs* *glances at The Kid* 

Other good tunes of the month... 
The End Down Here ~ Lawson Bates 
Freedom Sure Ain't Free ~ Lawson Bates 
Chain Breaker ~ Zach Williams 
Sparrows ~ Jason Gray 
Open the Clouds ~ Unspoken 
I Have This Hope ~ Tenth Avenue North
Control ~ Tenth Avenue North (LOVE THIS ALBUM BTW.)
Overflow ~ Tenth Avenue North
Afraid ~ Tenth Avenue North
Fighting For You ~ Tenth Avenue North
Call it Grace ~ Unspoken  (*squeals* LOVE THIS SO MUCHLY.)
Miracle ~ Unspoken 

~*~ Favorite Posts ~*~ 

~*~ Goals ~*~ 

My goals for October were... 

>> Read five books.              Check! 

>> Beta-read two books.             Um, well, I finished one. XP

>> Finish the remaining short-story which is for this contest.      Actually, no. I ended up skipping the contest. I do plan to finish the story someday though and share it here. :) 

>> Hit 68k in War Tears. (I want to finish it by Christmas. #shrieking)    Ha! No. I didn't even hit 65k. *sad face* 

>> Make curtains (FIANLLY).      Again, no. ACK.

Goals for November!! 

>> Read five books. 

>> Finish beta-reading the aforementioned book. 

>> Hit 68k in War Tears. (Ha. I'm overly optimistic. But. We'll see.) 

>> Survive the worst of tree harvest. (Starts today. I have 15 wreaths to make in 2 days.) 

Alrighty, you know the routine. Books – have you read them? Movies – have you watched them? Songs – have you heard them? Posts – did you like them? Goals – what are yours? XD 

See y'all in a couple days! 

**Photos are mine unless otherwise indicated.** 


  1. Awesome wrap-up post! I love how you have a before and after of your desk. :) Tell your brother he did a good job.
    And I'm on the post list!? *dances around* I think this is a first. :)
    Hope your November goes well!

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks; I'll tell him! :)
      Awww, you're so welcome. Your post touched me. <3
      Yours too!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. OH GOSH. When Calls the Heart. *hugs it* Wasn't season three good?? (I adored Lee and Rosemary) And almost all of those songs you mentioned... UNSPOKEN AND TENTH AVENUE NORTH'S NEW ALBUM!! YES. I have Tenth Avenue North's latest and CONTROL. Just yes. Oh and *I have this hooooope, in the depths of my soooul* ;) And Miracles by Unspoken! <3333 I see you like music I like. ;) AND YOUR LITTLE BRO MADE THAT DESK??? How. That's just...He did really good! Tell him I said so, would you? :D And A Thousand Shall Fall!! YOU MUST tell me how you like it cuz I've heard of it and I'm interested in the Civil War so. (my book is set in that time :D) Anyways!! Oooh! And I saw your post about your WWII book... Sorry I didn't comment! I had a comment started and then...it didn't get finished. XD Your book sounds cool, though, Faith!! Just wanted to let you know that. ;)

    1. P.S. Also yes to Chain Breaker by Zach Williams. <33
      P.P.S. WHEN CALLS THE HEART is doing a season four!! Did you know? Oh, and a Christmas movie...this December. WHAT WHAT #illbewatching

    2. YES YES ITS UTTER AMAZING-NESS. (I adore them too!! <3 Wasn't too sure about her at first, but now... *grins*)
      YAS I KNOW! Wait, what?! I don't have the album yet *sad face*, just, YouTube stuff for me right now. Yes! *leaves comment to find da songs* *is now listening to Miracle* Hehe, yes, I think we can definitely agree on most music...and WCTH. XD
      YES HE DID! *pats his head* He's really been getting into carpentry lately. ;) I will absolutely tell him! :)
      A Thousand Shall Fall!!! It sounds amazing and I REEEAALLLY like Civil War, next to WWII. ;) (Really?! That's awesome! I'd love to hear more about it! :))
      Oh, no worries. I understand about starting comments and not getting back to them. :P Awww, thanks!! <3

      Thanks for commenting!!

    3. P.S. *squeals* I LOVE THAT ONE TOOO! Have you saw the video?
      P.P.S. I had heard that! And Christmas movie, yes! #cantwait #wontbewatchingcuzdoesnthavehallmark #willsufferuntildvd

    4. THAT'S HOW I FELT TOO. It was like... "Rosemary. I don't like her. GET.AWAY.FROM.JACK.PLEASE." "Huh, she's getting better." "Who's this biker guy?" "Huh, I like him." "Okay, they are adorable together." "Okay, they're my fav couple." At least sorta like that. ;) *grins back and nods head*

      YouTube though! It works. ;) Do you have the Unspoken album?? If you get it, GET THE DELUXE EDITION IT IS WORTH IT. Yes!! I think we agree on both those things. *happy smile* *am glad*
      "*pats his head*" XD That's really cool! oh, thank you! He deserves the praise!
      YOU LIKE CIVIL WAR TOO?! (I'm talking in lots of caps this time...uh...) (I will totally tell you more about my book! If you want, I'll even send you what I've written so farrrrr...)
      You're most welcome!!! I'd be interested in hearing more about your book too!
      P.S. I HAVE NOT SEEN the video. I will look it up though.
      P.P.S. Both season four and the Christmas movie are bound to be good!! #lookingforwardtoittoo Oh no! You don't have the channel?! *wishes you could watch it right it comes out* I'm sorry. :P

    5. *nods rapidly* MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. At first I wasn't too sure about Lee, cuz I'm like "he can't be that great; look who he's hanging out with!!!" XD But now, yeah. They're super cute!! <3 <3

      Nope, not yet. Deluxe edition – got it. XD Hehehe. *is glad too*
      I would love to read your booookkkkk. Like, THAT WOULD BE EPIC AWESOME SAUCE!!! (I just replied to your GR message, btw. :))
      Okidoke! I will most certainly share about mine as well. :D

      P.S. YES LOOK IT UP. And come squeal with me.
      P.P.S. Nope. *sad face* *tears* shall bravely endure though! #cantwaitfortheoverloadofcutenessthathadbettercomesoon #hopejackfinallyproposes

    6. *blinks* You really thought that too?! *smiles* Haha! I totally know what you mean. XD At first, I wasn't super sure about him either (especially since Rosemary was so enchanted by him) but I quickly warmed to them both! And YES. SUPER CUTE. <333

      Yup. You got it - D.E.L.U.X.E. Cuz there are extra songs. <3 <3
      You wouulllddd?? EEP. THANK YOU. I WILL TOTALLY LET YOU READ WHAT I'VE WRITTEN SO FAR. *happy dance cuz you want to* (Yes!! I saw that and I'll try to reply soon!)
      Yes! Definitely do! (I'd even be interested in reading some of it, if you want me to???)

      P.S. Erg. I haven't watched it yet, BUT I WILL. And then I'll squeal with you. ;)
      P.P.S. *sad face as well* #iagree #Jackalreadyhasaring #Charlesmesseditallupforhim #plusRosemaryandLee ;)

    7. I did!! Hahaha, yeah, exactly. Lee already 'had a reputation' in my book, by hanging out with her. :P Yup, they're super cute together!! :D <3

      Extra songs = extra epic. XD
      Yay!!! I look forward to reading it!!! :D
      Oh, awesome!! That can certainly happen too. *beams*

      P.S. No worries!! :)
      P.P.S. #ikr #theringgoesonHERhandJack #backoffcharles #RosemaryandLeeandtheirfivekids XD

  3. I feel you gurl. When I clean my desk I'm all like dancing in glitter and two seconds later it's destroyed. xD

    1. *beams* Someone gets me. Haha, me literally. It's insane-ness. XD

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I'm SOO happy it's fall! :D But the weather here isn't very cool... It's not getting much cooler but soon, right? ;D There's hope still for a snowy winter!
    Ohmyword, yeppers to the desk. xD It's so cute though! I wish my desk was that big...(I must find one that fits all my needs lol ;D) And I LOVE THAT SALON SIGN. OH MY GOSH! xD
    Yeah, Casting Crowns' new CD is pretty sweet. :)
    I've been editing my novel 'Seek'... I pray to really get hit it hard this month, and so far, so good! :D I've got a system goin' lol... I've been reading mostly for school right now... I've got some goals for this month, but posting some in-depth, heart felt pieces about Yahweh and my life and stuff... That's a good one I'd love to actually do, too. ;D
    -Angela | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. Me tooo!!! Aww, warm falls aren't the bestest. It hasn't been real warm here either. Maybe soon though! ;)
      Thanks! *grins* Haha, well, I requested a large desk...and I've still managed to fill it to overflowing. XD Hahaha, ISNT IT GREAT?!? :P
      So lovely! :)
      Oh, cool, good luck editing! :D Systems can be good...when I stick to them. ;) Ooo, looking forward to those posts! :D

      Happy thanksgiving! Thanks for commenting, Angela! :)

    2. Yeah, hopefully! :D
      LOL yeah I feel ya. ;D It is darling!
      Thanks! :D And good luck writing. :)

    3. I hope so too! :)
      Hehe, good to know.

  5. I can’t believe that November is here either!
    I agree, these types of posts are both fun to write and to read. :) Is that first picture from around your place?
    That first fall-ish quote is so funny! And so true! I always dress warmly in the morning because it’s freezing, but then in the afternoon I always have to change. ;) Not quiet so much anymore though. ;)
    And I just have to say it again, I love your desk! :D
    Mayonnaise was made in 1756? I didn’t know that it’s been around for that long. Interesting. ;)
    Out of the books you read this month I have just read “The Wish” and “A Question of Honor”. :)
    “Child of Mine”, “The Thorn”, “Sanctuary”! Oh, got a lot of great books this month!! :D (I probably got way too many books this month too. Well, you can never have too many, but… ;) ) You got the Amish Millionaire series? Cool! I really want read that series sometime. :)
    That typewriter notebook is so cute! =)
    Well, at least you were able to write some in “War Tear”, even if it’s not as much as you hoped :)
    When Calls the Heart!!!! I’m so glad that you started watching this show and like it!!! :D I can’t wait for season 4!!! :D
    I had never heard any of those Tenth Avenue North songs, but I just listened to all 5 of the ones you mentioned. :)
    Thanks so much for mentioning my post!! :) I’m glad you liked it.
    I hope tree harvest goes well for you. :) Wow! 15 wreaths in two days?! Well, I’m sure they will be lovely. :)
    As always, I loved this post, Faith!! :D

    1. It's so quick! O.O
      They really are! Yes, the picture in my post graphic was taken by another house up our road. :) We were out walking one evening when I took it.
      Hahaha, same for me!! I feel like I'm constantly changing clothes this time of year. XD I either end up cold in the mornings, or overly warm in the afternoon. :P Yeah, the weather is evening out some now. ;)
      Thanks! :)
      Hehehe, yeah, it was an odd fact to throw in, huh? ;)
      "The Wish" and "A Question of Honor" were both AMAZING! :D
      Yes, I did get a lot of good books! :) (Oh, cool! What books did you get? Haha, yeah, never *too* many. ;)) Yup! Finally found the box set of them. :) Same here!
      *smiles* I love it!
      Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself. Some writing is better than none! :)
      I'm so glad to chat about it with you!!! :D Yes, me too!!! *fangirl squealing*
      *grins* They're really good!
      Glad to do it! :)
      Thanks! *wince* Yeah, but it happened. Finished this morning and now I have the weekend free! :P
      So glad you enjoyed!!

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! :)

    2. Oh cool. :) It seems like it’s really pretty around your place. :)
      Those two books were definitely amazing. I can’t wait until the one come out! :)
      Getting books is always fun. ;) Well, I got like a bunch, mostly from my birthday or birthday money, but some of the ones I got were: “Where Treetops Glisten”, “The Christmas Secret”, “The Wish”, “Finding Father Christmas” and “Engaging Father Christmas” by Robin Jones Gunn, and “One More Wish” by Robin Jones Gunn.
      I keep looking at the library for the Amish Millionaire series, but they don’t have it yet, I might just end up buying it, I’m not sure. ;)
      I’m so glad to be chatting with you about it too!! :D

    3. It is really pretty. :) Especially up where that was taken!
      Same here! I need "A Question of Honor" on my shelf!! :D
      Oh, I hope you enjoy "Where Treetops Glisten" and "The Christmas Secret"!! :) I sad "Finding Father Christmas" on Robin Jones Gunn's newsletter. Those sound good!!
      Well, I hope you get to enjoy them either way! :D

  6. What a beautiful desk, Faith! That's so sweet that your brother made it for you. What a special desk then, too. :) It really is beautiful. I love desks. XD
    Love that picture of the books/movies/musics you got. :D That's smashing. It's always a good month when lots of books are involved. ;)
    And congrats on reading 8 books! I love "The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest"! <3
    I hope making all those wreaths goes well!!
    And yes, I'm sure you've gathered - I share in all the excitement for Fall. I loooove this time of year!!
    Great post, Faith!

    1. Thank you, Raechel! :) It was really sweet...he can be when he wants to be... ;) Haha, I love desks too!
      Hehe, thanks! Yes, it always is...always. Books are da bestest. :P
      Tank oo!! OHMYGOODNESS YES IT WAS AMAZING! Also, I finished "The Beautiful Pretender" about 1/2 hour ago. It was lovely as well. :)
      So far so good! The 15 wreaths for this week were finished this morning. :) #weekendofreadingahead
      Me tooooo!!! Fall is the loveliest of the lovelies. :) <3 Glad you agree!

      Glad you enjoyed, Raechel! Thanks for commenting! :)

    2. Haha! :D
      You got that right!
      AMAZING is so spot-on! And yes, "The Beautiful Pretender" was a really good one too. I'm soon to start "The Silent Songbird" by Melanie Dickerson (different series, but same author, same type of book), and I'm really looking forward to that!
      Oh yay! That's good indeed! :D

    3. :D
      Ooo, yes, the Hagenheim series (I probably spelled that wrong XD) I saw something about "The Silent Songbird" on GR! It just released, I believe. That one sounds lovely too!! ^.^

  7. Ooohhh love the desk! And the colour - absolutely gorgeous! :D And haaaa….yes, that’s pretty much what happens to my desk too. I try. . . . :P

    Hehe, love that random bit of life ;) Siblings ;)

    All those books o_o Awesomeness!!! ^_^
NO WAY. NO WAY. NO WAY. You HAVE all of “When Calls the Heart”?!?!?! Ok, I’m booking a flight to NC right now xD

    Tree Harvest! I think I remember you telling me something about that before. It’s been 8 days since you posted…so were you able to make the 15 wreaths? ;) I’d love to see them *hint hint*

    Out of all the books you listed, I’ve read “The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest” (LOVED it), “Anne of the Island” and “Anne of Ingleside” (btw the covers of the books you have are very interesting! Never seen them before, but they look beautiful ;)) As for Movies, YES, I JUST watched the first season of When Calls the Heart this month and I’m dying to see the next two seasons. And music…yikes, haven’t heard a single one of them. Well, I’ve heard a snippet of “Freedom Sure Ain’t Free” on iTunes, but that’s about it :/ Gonna have to listen to the others!

    Really enjoyed your post, Faith! :D

    1. Thanks, Blessing!! :) I'm really liking the blue too. Hehe, so good to hear. :P

      What are we to do with them?! XD

      *squeals* *huggles the books*
      YES YES YES I DOOOO!! Haha, come on!! We shall have a marathon. B-)

      Yes, I did get the 15 wreaths made! They went on a truck to Alabama last Friday. :) Since then I've made 10 for a truck going out Monday, and I have 25 + 2 big ones to make by next Friday. *collapses* :P I'll probably show pictures some time... ;)

      "The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest" -- AMAZING. (Aren't they lovely?! I had AGG book #5 with that edition cover, so I got these two like that too when I spotted them ^.^. Now i just need books 4, 7, and 8! :D) YES YES WATCH ALL OF WCTH!! It's very epic-ly amazing. Seasons 1 and 3 were my favs so far. :) Freedom Sure Ain't Free is super good! (The full song is on YouTube. ;))

      Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting! :)