Monday, March 6, 2017

Blog Survey // Results!

And I'm here! Finally! With the results on the blog survey!! :D (Y'all can really remember what you requested after nearly two months, right? *laughing*) 

Alright, I'm going to give stats/examples of what was chosen/requested on each part, followed by my response to that and plans for the future. Here goes! :D 

What posts do you enjoy seeing? 

Writing updates: 10 of 12 
Short stories: 10 of 12
Random life tidbits: 11 of 12
Writing challenges: 10 of 12
Blog tours: 6 of 12
Bookshelf tours: 8 of 12
Book reviews: 8 of 12
Tags: 9 of 12
Monthly recaps: 12 of 12 
Other: post about villains *rolls eyes and pretends I don't know who that was from* 

There will definitely be monthly recaps each month, since that seems to have been unanimous. XD I'll also try to do more writing updates, short stories, bookshelf tours, and random life posts. I'm going to do less blog tours since only half enjoy those, and most of my book reviews are posted at Chosen Vessels these days. Tags will happen if there is one circulating. 

What would you like to see more of on this blog? 
Hijackings by villains, anything books and writing related, bookshelf tours, faith-related posts, life stuff, stories, my writing lifestyle, Imagine This, pictures by me, blog tours. 

I covered most of this stuff with the previous one *points up*. Imagine This will be making a comeback, and I'm hoping to have one of those or some sort of writing challenge every month to every other month. :D As for posts on my favorite Bible passages and how God is working in my life, those usually go up at Chosen Vessels as well. 

Do you read my other blog (Chosen Vessels)? 

Yes: 4 of 12
No: 1 of 12
Sometimes: 4 of 12
Faith has two blogs?!: 3 of 12 

For those of you who chose the last option, yes, I have another blog. You can find it here. For those of you who do know/read it... Thank you! <3 

Should I continue with my sporadic schedule or do something more planned-ahead with posts 1-2 times a week? 

Scheduled: 3 of 12
Sporadic: 3 of 12 
Either: 6 of 12 

Since half of y'all chose either, I'm going to go with an in-between. I'm not going to set aside specific days, but I am going to try to post twice a week on this blog. :) 

Anything else? 
Be the villain, photoshoot. 

*is trying to ignore all this villain-mumbo* Photoshoot, yes!! *headdesk* I totally forgot about that!! But... *nods* it will be showing up shortly! :D 

Thank you all so much for taking the survey!! I hope you continue to enjoy my posts!! :) <3 


  1. I enjoyed seeing the survey results, Faith! :)
    I’m glad that the monthly recaps will continue! I’m also happy about the writing updates, short stories, bookshelf tours, and random life posts. ;)
    Yay for the photoshoot!! I can’t wait to see it! :D

    1. Yay!! Thank you so much for your feedback, and I hope you enjoy all the to-follow posts. :)
      Aww, thanks! Hope you enjoy :D

  2. Gosh, someone really likes villains. XD
    I look forward to your next few posts. Sounds like I'm in for a treat. ;)

    1. Apparently...or else a villain tried to hack me... *cough*
      Okay, great!! :D

  3. Fun to see the results, and as always, am looking forward to all the coming posts - any kinds! :)

    1. Aww, thanks! Hope you enjoy what's coming up, Raechel! :)

  4. lol @ at the villain comments!

    Thanks for updating us on these results, Faith! :) Your posts are always a pleasure to read, but I'd say your writing posts, tags, life updates, and recaps are my favorites as well. Have I mentioned how much I love your header images, by the way? 'Cause I do. And that is such a good picture of (I'm assuming) you that you have for your profile! (Sorry if it's been like that for a while - my brain tends to skip over profile images lol)

    1. Oh. Speaking of tags, I might as well ask while I'm here: I've got a couple that I'm working on right now - would you be up for participating in a tag or two? :)

    2. *laughing* XD

      Aww, thanks! Writing posts, life updates, and recaps are among my favorite posts to write. :) Hehe, thanks! I love the header. :D And thanks again!! Yup, that's me. ;) (Nope, it changed only...last week? I totally understand. XD)

    3. Oh, absolutely! Thanks for asking! :D

  5. Sounds awesome, Faith! :D As long as you're havin' fun, I think all of little villainous ducks will enjoy the tag along. ;D