Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Camp NaNo, Wisdom Teeth, and I FINISHED ANOTHER BOOK // April Recap

Well, peeps, the time has come again. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm writing these post every other week. XD 

// Life. // 
ya know the segment that is really lame because all of Faith's life fell under 'writing' this month 

>> Since when does GR send you emails when you finish a book?? Like, do you realize how many of those emails I get?!

>> *drops my fork for no reason at all* My hand is rebelling.

>> Easter happened. Lots of wow-ness as always. 

>> Wisdom teeth...very meh. Here's the pictures that were sort-of promised. (And yes, I'm fine now. XD) 

>> Discussing with fellows writers who's killed more charries... "I think you might have killed more than me." "I don't think so..." "Well, maybe, if you count *insert name*." 

>> Cherishing time and relationships. *nods* Always good things. 

// Books. // 
hashtag epic fail goes right here, y'all 

So...I epically failed at reading this month. *cries* I think I ended up finishing 8 books, most of which were liiittlleee. 

Millie's Unsettled Season by Martha Finley -- 5 stars 
Choices for Max by Rebekah A. Morris -- 3.5 stars 
Gentleman of her Dreams by Jen Turano -- 4 stars
Esther -- 5 stars 
Flowers by Kellyn Roth -- 4 stars 
Christ Arose by Faith Blum -- 5 stars 
Amish Prayers compiled by Beverly Lewis -- 5 stars
Philippians -- 5 stars 

As far as good news goes...I got ten lovely books this month... ^_^

Millie's Faithful Heart by Martha Finley 
Laylie's Daring Quest by Kersten Hamilton 

Used bookstore: 
Theft and Thanksgiving by Emily Thomas 
The Christmas Key by Emily Thomas 
Love Me Tender by Janice Hanna 
The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis 

King's Blood by Jill Williamson -- giveaway win 
The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis -- review book
The Silent Blade by Jesseca Wheaton -- gift 
Violet's Defiant Daughter by Martha Finley -- gift 

// Writing. //  
loads of on 

So I participated in another NaNo makeup from March 15th to April 15th. And then Camp NaNo was running through the month of April so EEPSS. Double epicness. :D 

Total word count: 59,958
Camp word count: 57,063

I technically won Camp on the 27th...but I didn't validate my word count, because I was like "hey, let's see how much more I can get in." Welp, guess who forgot to do that...AT ALL?! Yep, until Monday morning. Like, heh, too late now, dork-brains. BUT...I still technically won... ^_^ 

Okay, announcement time. On April 29th at 10:19 PM I typed the lovely words "the end" and finished War Tears. Such a feeling of completion, y'all. I've been writing this thing on and off for like 25 months... I was about ready to cry!! How can I say goodbye to my precious charries?! But I have a ton of editing to do...and ideas for a sequel and prequel. :P 

// Music & Movies. // 
good stuff, as always 

Movies... I saw The Case for Christ at the theater and it was EPIC. Go see it NOW. I also watched Last Ounce of Courage at a friend's recommendation and... *bawls* THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. America needs to see that, y'all. 

And music? *drags out a list* Basically I listened to a ton of stuff because I almost always have music while I'm writing and I wrote a lot so. *nods* 

Fireflies // Owl City 
Can't Live Without You // Owl City 
Saving Amy // Brantley Gilbert 
If You're Reading This // Tim McGraw 
Live Like You're Loved // Hawk Nelson 
Even If // MercyMe 
When You Smile // Casy Darnell 
When the Waters Rise // Casey Darnell 
I Will Stand By You // Casey Darnell 
War // Icon for Hire 
Welcome Home, A Soldier's Song 
A Soldier's Memoir // Joe Bachman 
Sunshine Girl // Britt Nicole 

// Blogging. // 

Heeding His Call in Our Writing // Gods Peculiar Treasure Rae

Blessings and Thorns // Having a Heart Like His 

When I Just Don't Want to Write... // My Bookcase and I 

My King // Twilight to Dawn 

15 Dialogue Prompts to Re-Inspire You // The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac 

A Number of Little Things that Make Me Happy // Silver-Lined Ramblings 

One God, One Savior // Rebekah's Remarks 

A Moment // Second Star 

The Reliable Hope // Wonderland Creek 

The Why of It // Sugar Mountain 

// Goals. // 

~ April Goals 

>> Survive and win Camp NaNo (while eating AND keeping up with school).    #SUCCESS 

>> Write 40,000 words. *points to above*    *nods rapidly* 


>> Stay semi-caught up on emails. (During Camp? Heh.)      Um...didn't happen... 

>> Alpha-read consistently.    For the...most part? I read 9 or 10 chapters, which was pretty good, all things considered. XD 

>> Read 10 books.    #epicfail *cries for the poor neglected books* 

>> Post on Chosen Vessels and Stories by Firefly once a week.    *cough* Um, SBF yes. 

>> Stop making so many insane goals for myself. *grins*      Another failure. XDD 

~ May Goals 

>> Order first-draft copy of War Tears. *squealing* 

>> Finish A Soldier's Story. 

>> Host another Imagine This writing challenge. 

>> Apply beta-readers suggestions/critiquing to Dandelion Dust. 

>> Finish an alpha-reading project. 

>> Read 12 books. 

>> Write 10,000 words. 

So how was your month? Easter? Did you write words? Read books and posts? See those epic movies/listen to the songs? Am I overlooking something I should be asking you? ..... Are you looking forward to another writing challenge? TELL ME ALL, HUMANS. 



    1) YOU FINISHED. YOUR. EPIC. GIRL. I am sending you a hugeeeee congrats right now AND THAT DOESN'T COVER IT
    2) wisdom teeth?! *cringes*
    3) You listened to Can't Live Without You and then Casey Darnell *grins*
    4) you wrote so many words and still managed to read eight books...I know you think that's not much but I read like one book this month, and finished DD O.O *hides*

    wow you and I haven't talked like all month... XD LET'S DO SO SOON.

    1. *grins* ACK YES THANK YOOUUU. I actually just ordered the print copy so I'm kinda hyped. XDD
      *wince* yeah...not fun.
      Of COURSE!! That song you sent me tho... <3 <3
      Weelllll...yeah, but they were all really small. And I usually read more than that. XP But any reading is incred, right?!

      Wait, we didn't? I think we did like once....just kinda brief. XD oh wait, yeah, we talked right after you went on vacation...wasn't that this month??

  2. Amazing wrap-up, girl! I'd say your month was pretty epic. :) Funny thing, I had an emergency wisdom tooth removal too in April. lol. I feel your pain. ;) So much congratulations for finishing your book, btw!! That's amazing!! *glitter bomb explodes* ;)

    1. Thanks, Victoria! :D Aww, really?? *ships you milkshakes and ice cream and health* We shall conquer this! ;) Thanks so much!!! :D *dances in confetti*

  3. YOU FINISHED WT LIKE WHAAAAAAA?! CONGRATULATIONS GIRLIE!!!!!! Goodness, that's so exciting.
    A Case for Christ. AMAZING movie. And OH OH YOU WATCHED LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE!!!! Ohmegoodness yes, everyone needs to see that.Oooh, New books are always great (even if they're not *technically* new XD), and the Millie books and the Violet books!!! I loved those so much more than the Elsie books. :D
    Thanks for linking to my post!! ^_^

    1. YES YES THANK YOU, DEARIE!!! You is such a fab encourager!! <3
      *nods* Both of those, EEPPPS. Yes, Mom and I watched it and CRIED. And then I suddenly had oodles of writing inspiration. :P THANKS FOR THE REC!!
      Haha, right. XD Well, TSB and The Ebb Tide were 'new'...but that's all... :P Yay, I look forward to reading them!!
      You're so welcome! <3

  4. *bounces excitedly thought post* MUST. READ. WAR. TEARS. NOW. PLEASE.
    So, ya know....count me in as a beta reader. ;) Super happy for you, Faith! It's going to be amazing. Don't worry, I replenished my depleted Kleenex supply after reading Dandelion Dust so I'm ready any time now. XD

      *grins* Thanks, Rebekah!!'ll probably need 'em...and that's all I'll say... ;)

  5. Loved this wrap-up/update, Faith!
    Once again, major congrats on finishing War Tears!! <3
    Nice books you got! "Love Me Tender" was a good read! Though, in the series, they said they were going to have a book in each decade, and I was interested in one that would be set in the 60's, but there wasn't one. :P Oh well. LMT was very good, and the 50's are so fun!
    And awwwww!! Thanks for including my post! You're so sweet! <3

    1. I was afraid it was a little lame after some of my others, so thank you! :)
      Thank you so much!!! <3
      It sounds really sweet! Oh really? Hmm, yeah, a 60's book would've been nice. I have the 40's book from that series as well -- "I'll be Home for Christmas", I believe it is. Looking forward to reading it this Christmas season, and LMT before then! :D
      You're so welcome!! <3

  6. I love those flowers! They’re super pretty. I just love flowers! ;)
    I’m glad all went well with your wisdom teeth. :)
    Oh, you got lots of fun books! Your A Life of Faith collection is growing nicely. :) I got “Love Me Tender” in April too! It looks really good. I also got “The Ebb Tide”!!!!! :D I haven’t gotten very far into it yet unfortunately. I had a library book that I needed to finish before it was due, but hopefully I’ll be getting back into “The Ebb Tide” soon! =) Oh, you got two of the Secrets from the Blue Hill Library series. I really want to read those books sometime!
    Congratulations once again on finishing “War Tears”, Faith!!!!!! :D

    1. They are! I love the thrift/phlox. :D Mom said we have irises opening now too!
      Me too! :)
      Yes, A Life of Faith, EEPS! :D Oh, so cool! Hey, we should read "Love Me Tender" together sometime!! If you would want to. ^-^ I'm looking forward to starting "The Ebb Tide" soon! Hehe, yeah, I haven't gotten much reading done at all lately. :P Yes, they look great!
      Thank you so much, Rebekah!! <3

    2. Oh fun! We have some irises too, but I don't think they're opening just yet. :)
      I'd love to read "Love Me Tender" together! I was just thinking this past week that we should read a book together again sometime. :)

    3. They're so pretty! :)
      I was thinking the same thing!! Okay, great. :D

  7. You. Finished. War. Tears. Like... whoooaaaaaa, girl. It always makes me realize how big this is when I remember that you had just started writing it when we "met". Just... wow. Awesome, amazing job!! You've got this!
    Sounds like you had a good month! AND YESSSSS amazing job with Camp NaNo! :D

    1. Yes. I. Did. *is still legit so hyped* I know, right?! Like...this is a big deal. Wow me. O.O Thank you! <3
      I did!! EEEPPS YOU TOO!! :D

  8. YAAAAAAAYYYY, Faith!! So thrilled about War Tears! Amazing job. I can't wait to read it but I have to admit I'm just a *teensy* bit concerned. :) And even though you didn't make your reading goals, that's still INCREDIBLE considering all your writing AND staying caught up in school :P

    You read the Millie books too?? Cool! Oh and have you already read any of Jill Williamson? I have one . . . maybe two books by her but haven't read them yet. *hides*

    Love The Horse and His Boy (first book in Narnia I read, now I've read it twice.) And OF COURSE, The Silent Blade!! *reminds self to buy it in paperback*

    I didn't get to see Case for Christ but my grandparents loved it! I need to see it!!

    And yes, wasn't Tricia Mingerink's post rather fascinating?? OH!! My best friend is now reading The Blades of Acktar!! So happy I have somebody in person to talk about it with. :)

    Ok. I'll stop, because this comment became insanely long and rambled. If you read all that . . . wow. ;) Glad you had a good month!

    1. THANK YOOUUU!! Haha, concerned?? :P I can't imagine why... Haha, very true. XD

      Yes!! I've just recently started them and I love them so far. :) I haven't read anything by Jill Williamson yet (unless her articles on Go Teen Writers count, haha), but I'm looking forward to trying her books out sometime. :D Hehe, I relate. XP

      I have seriously got to read Narnia sometime soon. :P YESS!! The cover of TSB is so much more amazing in person. :D

      Yes, you do!! It was fabulous!!

      It wassssss. I loved Deliver, but now I'm kinda sad to see the series end. :') Ah, well, re-read time! Oh, so awesome! I've been trying to convince my bro to read them. :P

      Hehe, rambly comments are the best. ;) Hope you have a blessed May, Bethany!!

    2. Haha yep, nothing besides the articles. That blog is so great!

      YES!! Read Narnia!!! You'll love it. :)

      That's what I was thinking regarding a reread. Probably within the next few months. :D

      Haha, agreed. And the same to you!

    3. It really is! :D

      Hehe, I plan to!

      Yes!! I'm hoping to re-read the whole series this summer. :)

    4. We should read them together. ;)

    5. TBoA? That would be cool. :)

  9. Aww, I'm glad you're feeling better from your wisdom teeth. :) And I didn't know (or remember...) that The Case For Christ was a movie! Man, I've read two of Mr. Strobel's books and YES, they're great!
    CONGRATULATIONS, FAITH!!!! WAR TEARS IS AMAZING I KNOW IT OMGOSH!!! Yay! :D You did EPIC, girl. I can't wait to read it.
    -Ang |

    1. Thanks, Angela! <3 YES!! It's a new movie, just came out. :D I haven't read any of his books (yet!) but I want to. Gah, the movie was so good!!
      THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRL!! And for warring with me many times, you're awesome! ;D EEPS IM GLAD YOURE EXCITED.
      Thanks again, girl!! :)

  10. I love your writing--so you! :)
    May I beta-read War Tears? Pleeeeeaaassee???? (Email me answer.)
    So excited for you, Faith!

    1. Hehe, absolutely!! Don't know when I'll be ready for beta-readers though...probably not until this fall/winter, at least. :P
      Thanks so much!! :)