Saturday, April 15, 2017

Camp NaNo April ~ Week #2

Current word count: 26,931
This week's word count: 13,429 (within 100 words from last week, LOL) 

So yeah, week two was as epic as week one. I think I'm gonna up my goal, but more on that in a second... 

Day Eight // Saturday // 3,509 words 

Saturday was a good writing day. Someone in the 5k1 group suggested doing a 5k weekend, spreading out 5k over Saturday and Sunday. So I was totally going for it, and figured I needed to get most of my words in on Saturday. And I did. ^_^ 

Day Nine // Sunday // 1,626 words 

Sunday XD Spring has arrived, y'all. Sunday evening before the night service, Mom and Dad both had meetings at church. So the Kid and I ended up hanging out in the parking lot for awhile. Which pretty much meant he wandered around the parsonage yard and I sat in the car in the A/C and attempted to write. 

But...writing didn't go so well because I was in the dumps. (In other words, Faith was feeling sorry for herself.) I decided that I hated this book and I was going to give up writing historical fiction entirely. I mean, the first draft of Dandelion Dust was sooo much better than this one, and that's totally a fair comparison, right? 

Heh. No. But my lovely critique partner came to my rescue again and...well, I'm still writing. So 'nough said. *wink* 

(Btw, I did make the 5k weekend unless you haven't figured that out. :P) 

Day Ten // Monday // 1,771 words 

So yeah, Monday rolled around and I was just so bleh. Like, life bleh. School more bleh. Writing, YES PLEASE. 

Mom, being the dear she is, declared the P. family homeschool on spring break this week and I was like THANK YOU, KIND LADY. (We never take spring break, y'all. NEVER. So this is epic.) 

Bullet is thankful for spring too. I mean, why else would he carry a log home...? Dumb lil' doggie. 

Also... As I have recently discovered, April 10th is Support Young Authors Day, so obviously that's worthy of celebration. I totally suggest reading Savannah's post, To All the Young Writers

Day Eleven // Tuesday // 1,266 words 

Tuesday was a good day where I legit did nothing but write and read some and go to Bible study that night. By then, I was seriously thinking of upping my Camp goal. 

I also stayed up until 12:24 after discussing 'theological questions' with two lovely friends. We had a fab time, peeps. ^-^ 

Day Twelve // Wednesday // 1,752 words 

Wednesday was...heh. Amazingness + craziness. I overslept my alarm, ate breakfast, wrote a couple hundred words, went to pottery class, came home, had lunch, made a prop for a skit the young group was putting on, took a shower, ate supper, went to church and did the skit, came home, and wrote some more. And crashed into bed as exhausted as you just became after reading that run-on. XD 

This was also the day I made a resolution. It was this -- if I can hit 100k in my book (which would be about 29k on my Camp goal, I think) by Saturday night, I'll up my goal from 40k to 50k. O.O Yeah, I'm questioning my sanity too... 

In case you were wondering, 1940s couples were THE CUTEST. I have a slight obsession in this area. Just ask Pinterest. 

Day Thirteen // Thursday // 1,260 words 

Thursday I went shopping with Mom. Which was AWESOME, but it also meant no writing. We had a lovely time though, and enjoyed goofing off... XP

Someone obviously needs to buy me this hat... 

All my writing happened Thursday night, but I was still pretty pleased with the outcome. Not making great headway toward that 100k, but it's coming. ;) 

Day Fourteen // Friday // 2,245 words 

Friday. Friday was lovely because I legit did nothing but sit on the porch and write oodles of words. It wasn't going well for awhile, but I ended up writing more than my goal. (Now I only need about 1,900 words to hit 100k. It's 1:17 as I write this, and I have yet to write a thing. Think I can still do it?) 

Also, it's Good Friday, so hey, let's take time to reflect on all Christ did for us. We're so unworthy, and yet He's so gracious and loving. <3 

Well, I guess that's all. See y'all lat-- Huh? What? You want more snippets? Oh, good heavens, people... I suppose I can oblige that... B-) 

// Snippets // 

  “There are good dogs and and there are bad dogs. Most of which, in my opinion, has to do with the owner and how they are treated. I'm sure Lenore would pick a good dog, be kind to it, and train it properly.” 
  “Well…” Erin bit her lip in thought. 
  As she mulled over Bethany's words, Lenore leaned in closer. “Thanks, Auntie Beth!” she whispered. 
  With a sigh of exasperation and another gulp of coffee, Erin gave in. “Well, maybe we’ll at least go take a look at them.” 
  “Yippee!” Lenore squealed. “Thank you, Momma.” 
  Despite Erin’s earlier trepidation, the ladies returned to the house on Seventh street that evening with an adorable part-beagle puppy. And a beaming little girl with eyes that danced. 


  Luke and I had a long talk the other night. (Longer than we should've probably, as I was nodding off during the briefing the next day and Joshua had to keep elbowing me. I'm thankful for a co-pilot who’s a believer and cares about the men’s souls more than their ability to drop bombs and shoot Germans.) 


Happy Easter!!! <3 Any plans? How's Camp going for you?



  1. And another fantastic week for Faith! This girl is killing it! ;)

    Oh my word, you're doing so wonderfully. :) I love that your average is about the same every day. Mine fluctuates so bad. :P But Camp NaNo is going pretty well for me. I only need about 750 more words to reach my goal of 10k so that's pretty good.

    You're doing a really great job, Faith! Keep it up! :)

    1. Aww, thank you, girl!! :D

      Hehe, yeah, I'm pretty happy with my average. Hoping it stays that way for the rest of the month. ;) That's so awesome!! Congrats!!

      Thank you so much, Karyssa!! ^_^

  2. Once again an awesome week!! ;) 1. Hooray for Spring breaks amirite? 2. That hat is just great. :P 3. 1940's couples ARE SO CUTE. SO cute, y'all. just...the 1940's in general... aghghg I could live back then. :D

    1. Absolutely! Any break from school is epic. XD Hehe, couldn't resist trying it on. ;) YES! Glad you agree. Hehe, I could too. So adorable and vintage. <3

  3. I always enjoy hearing how camp is going for you, Faith! That's great that it is going well. =) I love the snippets!!

    1. And I enjoy writing these posts!! Hehehe. ^_^ Thank you!! <3