Friday, August 7, 2015

Which Bad Guy?....

Hello all! As I type this I am on a van with five others. We're going on a mission trip! I'm so excited!!! :) 

So, I thought I had already found a picture for the bad guy in Being Little Sister but...I found a few others that I really like. ;) I need y'all's help deciding which one to use. 
Here's what going on: I'm going to introduce you to the bad guy with a few excerpts from the story. Then I need y'all to choose which picture you think best fits his character. :)  

The bad guy's name is....Trent Porter! He's around thirty years old and lives in Breakwater Canyon, Nevada. 

~ Excerpt 1 ~
After making sure no one was watching him, Trent stepped around the side of the building and into the shadows. "It's him alright." 
 "You best be sure," the man who had been waiting for him smirked. The light spilling from the café window glinted off of the deputy badge pinned to his vest. 
 "I'm sure. It ain't your place to question me anyhow," Trent growled. 
 "You ain't seen him for what, ten years?" 
 It was more than ten years, but Trent wasn't going to tell the deputy that. It ain't any of his business.  "Just do your job if you wanna get paid." 

~ Excerpt 2 ~ 
  "Howdy there, Carter." Trent addressed Mitch. "Enjoying your stay in this fair town?" 
 "Do I know you?" Mitch asked calmly. 
 "Let's just say we've met." Trent grinned. 
 "When?" Mitch demanded. 
 "Oh, nearly twenty years ago." 
 "Why don't you ask your daddy, boy?" Before Mitch could answer, Trent laughed and continued. "Oh that's right, he ain't around anymore, is he?" 
 Andi's anger grew. How could this man make jokes of their father's untimely death? She looked to Mitch. His fist were clenched, but his face remained expressionless. 
 Trent grinned. He was getting him angry, and that was exactly what he wanted. If he could get him angry enough he might try something stupid,...and then Trent would have an excuse to kill him. 

~ Excerpt 3 ~
Andi peeked around the corner. The passageway split from there and went in two nearly opposite directions. Trent was standing between the two shafts as if trying to decide which way to go. As Andi studied the two options she spotted something bright in color at the entrance of the right shaft. She leaned somewhat closer but still couldn't tell what it was. 
 Before she could decide what to do Trent turned and hurried down the shaft to the left. Andi waited until he was well away before she re-lit the candle and went to investigate. Placing one finger on the dark red spot on the rock wall, she then drew her hand close to her face and the candle.
 Her stomach twisted. It was blood. 

Below is the pictures! ;) 

1) This is what I had first...

2) Here's another I found...

3) and this is the last one...

So what did you think? Do you like Trent? Did you enjoy the excerpts? Are you going to be interested in reading more about him? 




    1. He is AWESOME. B-) I'm strange...the bad guys tend to be my favorites. :)

  2. I agree with Emily. The first one seems to be the best. Creepy and mysterious. :)

    1. Creepy and mysterious are great words to describe Trent. Thanks Rebekah!

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    1. Thank you for answering, Lauren! :)

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    1. Thanks Jesseca. :) I like the first one too.