Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello, 2016!!!!!

Here's some goals I have for this year. I guess you'd call them resolutions? ;) Anyways, here they are. :) 

Goals for this year. (In no particular order. xD) 
- Read 101 books (from the 35-40 I read this past year this is quite an undertaking... ;) ) 
- Finish all my short stories and... 
- Finish at least one of my book length writing projects 
- Read 30 books of the Bible (including Revelations, Hebrews, Jeremiah, Romans, Ecclesiastes and Isaiah) and keep a journal of what I read. :) 
- Grow closer to God <3 
- Be a better friend *smiles* 
- Learn to drive a stick-shift (hehe.) 
- Get my drivers license 
- Make a difference 
- Write fanfic for some of my favorite books/movies. Including -- a continuation of Under His Wings by Liz Tolsma, 'missing/deleted scenes' from...White Christmas Pie by Wanda Brunstetter (*wink to Rebekah A.*) and Laura's Victory by Veda Boyd Jones :) 

~ Books I plan to read in 2016 ~ 

- Wings of a Nightingale series by Sarah Sundin 
- The Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery 
- A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer 
- A Gown of Spanish Lace and Tomorrow's Dream by Janette Oke 
- Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled by Rachel Starr Thomson 
- Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home: 10th Anniversary edition and The Last Ride by Susan Marlow
- Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin 
- The Redemption of Sarah Cain by Beverly Lewis 
- Gentle Annie by Mary Francis Shura 
- The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella 
- The Christmas Star by Ace Collins
- The Christy Miller collection by Robin Jones Gunn 
- Faith under Fire by Stephen Rabey 
- The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis 
- G.I. Joe and Lillie - Remembering a Life of Love and Loyalty by Joseph Bonsall 
- Growing Up Duggar by Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar
- Grace Unplugged by Melody Carlson 
- The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom 
- United We Stand by Joan Croston, and others 
- Starlight Animal Rescue series by Dandi Daley Mackall 
- He Did This Just for You by Max Lucado 
- The Westward Christmas Brides Collection 

~ Movies I Want to See ~ 
(Ignore the fact that they're mostly Christmas movies...) 

- The Redemption of Henry Myers 
- The Christmas Card
- God's Not Dead - 2 
- Christmas Child
- Christmas for a Dollar 

Have you read any of these? Seen any of the movies? What books are you looking forward to reading in the coming year? Movies to see? Any New Years resolutions? 
I'd love to hear! 


  1. YES!! *jumps up and dances around the room* Finish either "To Win Her Heart" or "War Tears" for your book length project!!!! :D I was so excited to see that on your list!

    "Faith Under Fire" has got to be one of my favorite nonfiction books ever. Seriously, you want to get inspired? Read it! It's so good. ;)

    I've read. . ."Faith under Fire", "Anne of Green Gables series", "A Christmas Gift for Rose", "A Gown of Spanish Lace", "The Chronicles of Narnia", "Growing up Duggar", "The Starlight Animal Rescue series", "The Hiding Place", and "United we Stand". (Although one of the books in that last collection I CANNOT recommend. The others are all really good. :))
    Oh, and if you need another book. . . *smiles* try "The Swiss Courier"! ;)

    I've seen "The Christmas Card" and "Christmas for a Dollar". That last one is sooo good!! I LOVE the sibling relationships! So sweet! :)
    I can't wait to see "God's not Dead 2"!! Dad said he'll take some of us older ones so see it when it comes out. I'm so excited!! :D

    Oh, and you probably don't want a list of books I'm looking forward to. B-)

    Did I cover everything? *looks back at post* I think I did! :)

    1. Wow, okay, sorry that was so long! I tend to ramble too much when I comment. . .obviously!

    2. Hehehe. I thought you'd like to see that among my goals. B-) Who knows? Maybe I'll surprise even myself and finish "To Win Her Heart" AND "War Tears"... ;) Wait, did I actually say that? Oh well.

      I'm SO excited to read that "Faith Under Fire"! I can't believe I haven't read it yet! :-/ Well, I did read some of it on the way home. ;)

      Some of the "Anne" books as well as "Chronicles of Narnia" will be library books, but all the rest I have. :) ("A Christmas Gift for Rose" is supposed to be here tomorrow and I'm so super excited!!! xD) I'll watch out for that in "United We Stand" ;)
      "The Swiss Courier"? Hmm...sounds familiar... B-) Hehe, yes that's one I want to read too. I almost added it to the list. ;)

      I can't wait to see those Christmas movies! They'll come with "A Christmas Gift for Rose". ;) LOL
      Oh, sounds fun!!! :D I haven't seen a whole lot bout it, but if it's anything like the first one, I'm sure I'll love it. :)

      Hehehe, my Goodreads list is much longer than this, but I decided not to bore y'all with all of it. ;-)

      Thanks for commenting, Jesseca!

    3. Don't apologize! I LOVE long-rambling comments. *smiles* I mean, look how long mine is?! :-)

    4. YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Am I excited enough? ;) I can't wait for you to finish those two!!

    5. Somehow I expected that sort of response... B-)

  2. I like your goals Faith! And good luck to you in learning to drive a stick shift. I learned how to drive in a standard truck. I felt at the time like it was major brain overload: clutch,shift, brake, use your blinker, turn...all at the same time. However, it paid off in the end. Driving an automatic feels like a picnic now. :)
    Of your to-read books I have read, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hiding Place, and the first 3 (I think) of Anne of Green Gables. They were all worth reading though I did not like The Last Battle and got a bit tired of Anne's adorkable personality.
    I haven't seen any of those movies, or even heard of any except for God's Not Dead-2.

    1. Thank you, Lydia! I've had *one* lesson is driving a stick-shift truck...and it was a nightmare. I was in an old truck of my grandpa's with my dad and it was quite interesting. ;) The clutch is almost gone, for starters. And why Dad let my brother ride along in the BACK of the truck I'll never know. All was going fairly well until I had to turn around, which required reverse...which led to killing the motor...like ten times...which was not fun. *laughs* Dad was trying not to laugh and my brother insists that I gave him whiplash. :P It's a memory I'll always have, that's for sure!

      I'm super excited to read all of the books. :) Until like two months ago, I hadn't heard of any of those movies either. There're a few others I was going to add, but they're technically re-watchs. ;)

      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, Lydia!

    2. If it makes you feel better Faith I knocked my dad out of the bed of our truck the second drive I took in it. I accidentally tried to start in 2nd gear--something I can do now but not a task for a beginner. Thankfully we were in a field of grass and he was not hurt. :)

    3. Oh, no!! Okay, I'll admit I did chuckle over this. ;) I can totally se it happening around here! :) Glad he wasn't hurt!

    4. I know right, Faith? It just seems SO much more stressful if there's someone in the back seat (especially if it's a sibling ;)! When I first tried driving our mini van, Mom was in the passenger, and Tiger Lily in the back seat. And then I forgot which was the gas pedal and which the brake, so I pressed the gas instead of brake and shot forward. Managed to slam on the brake just one time. ;) Mom screamed and Tiger Lily, who was holding a bowl of water from cleaning the windows well...yeah. Didn't have just whiplash :P

    5. So true! It IS more stressful! The first time I ever drove it was in our 12 passenger van and my brother was in the backseat. Every time I made a mistake all I could think about is how he would remind me of them. The 2nd time I drove (on the main road, no less) all 7 of my siblings were in the back seats. I was so thrilled I made it home without hitting any one! My siblings can be, ahh, rather noisy and bossy when I'm driving. ;P

    6. YES!!! It's so stressful and...just terrible! And then Tucker is screaming things like "I'm too young to die!" "Mom, tell her to slow down!" "I'm scared!"...yeah. ;)

      Blessing, that sounds quite...stressful! Yeah, I can imagine what happened with the bowl of water... B-)

      Jesseca, yes!! That's totally how it is with me! Tucker is constantly reminding me of stuff. The good part is he tends to exaggerate (like a LOT) so I usually is it ignore him. ;)

  3. Love your goals, Faith! Sounds like lots of fun!

    Out of all the books you listed, I've read A Gown of Spanish Lace (really beautiful), the Hiding Place (exciting!), the whole Anne of Green Gables series (super fun, Anne is so....loveable!:) and the Chronicles of Narnia (seriously one of the best series ever written!)

    Oooh, are you learning how to drive already?!? That's cool! Here in Canada, we don't get to learn until we're 16. So this year, I FINALLY get to start! Well, officially anyway ;) Mom and Dad have let me drive around in our driveway sometimes, not often, but enough to make me somewhat comfortable with the wheel. SOMEWHAT :P

    Thanks for sharing, Faith! :D

    1. I'm so excited to read A Gown of Spanish Lace! And I want to read The Hiding Place and then see the movie (which I should've added to this post...) ;) It seem that I'm the only person who's NOT read Chronicles of Narnia or Anne. :-/ LOL.

      Yes, I am!! In NC we get to start driving with a permit when we're 15. ;) Yeah, my parents let me drive around like that some before I got my permit. Haha! I totally agree with your "SOMEWHAT"!! :D

      Thanks for commenting, Blessing! :)

  4. Those are a bunch of great goals, Faith! That's so great that you're planning on finishing one of your books, and writing missing/deleted scenes from "White Christmas Pie". (*winks back*) : )
    Out of the books on your list I have read: "A Gown of Spanish Lace", "The Redemption of Sarah Cain", and "Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home: 10th anniversary addition". Out of the movie I've seen: "The Redemption of Henry Myers", (it is SO good), "The Christmas Card", "Christmas for a Dollar", and "Christmas Child".
    I am also looking forward to watching "God's Not Dead 2".
    Thanks for sharing with all of us, Faith! : )

    1. Well, I figured there may end up being a mob after me if I don't finish SOMETHING soon. ;) Hehe, I reeeeaally want to write those scenes with Will and Karen...like right now. B-)

      "The Redemption of Henry Myers" and those three Christmas movies came in the mail today!!! *happy dance* I'm really looking forward to watching all of them!

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! :D

  5. Those are some great goals, books, and movies. The more I think about it, the more I think that I'll probably come up with some goals for this next year though I usually don't. I hope to read some of those books also. I didn't even know that there was a God's Not Dead 2! I loved number 1! I can't wait to read all those short stories and the long book! I'm super excited. Many of my unwritten "goals" are a lot like yours. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You should Bethany!! I like having goals because this time next year (and all through the year) I can look back on it and see what I've accomplished. :)

      I didn't knows about it either until seeing the previews on something! I'm really looking forward to it and I also love #1!!

      Thanks for commenting, Bethany!! :-)

    2. It seems like whenever I write goals, I only get disappointed when I look back at them. But, maybe I will!

    3. Yeah, I see what you mean. ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Oh, how neat!! :D Yes, I guess I'd be considered a fan of Mrs. Sundin's books. I, too, have only read "Wings of Glory" but I plan to read all the others this year. ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Rachelle!