Monday, March 14, 2016

Stealing the Spotlight! // Darien & Aster

Hey guys!! :) I hope you're all have a great Monday! I have something special for you all today. A neat look into the lives of my two main characters from my new (!!!!!) fantasy/dystopian/contemporary book idea. I've never written anything like this, so it's definitely a new experience. :D I was going to let Darien and Aster each write a quick bio of themselves, but decided against it for several reasons. 1) Darien doesn't know what a 'quick bio' is, and... 2) Aster is too keeps-to-herself to write a decent and truthful bio of herself. ;) 

Anyway, on with the post. Here's a quick description, so you're not totally confused. ;) 

  The peaceful world Aster Kilyan once knew has been overtaken by an evil foreign power. Her father joining The Community, a group working against the dark oppression, does nothing to ease Aster's mind. When her home is invaded by the enemy, resulting in the deaths of both her parents, Aster is more terrified than ever before. 
  Darien Appalach, a leading member in the Community, vows to protect her and keep her from harm, but can she learn to trust him? 
  Alone in a world of danger and chaos, to whom will Aster turn? Will she give her life and her soul to the devilish man in power? Or fight back and overcome the darkness with the help of her God? 

  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 
       Ephesians 6:12 KJV

From here on, to keep things straight, I'll be 'normal' type, Darien will be bold, and Aster will be in italics. :) 


Hey everyone! How are you? My name is Darien and I'm so excited to be guest posting here this week! 

This week?! Um, no. It's just today. 

Whatever. *tries to backspace Faith's words until she stops me* 
Anyway, Aster and I would love to get to know you all (because it's very likely you'll one day be reading our story here) so leave any comments or questions you'd like, and we'll hack into Faith's account to answer them. B-) Mwahahaha!!!! 

*sigh* Darien, cut the small talk and tell them about the book. 

What if they like the small talk? Huh? 

*eye roll* Oh, just go on. 

You see, Aster and I are actually who's writing this super awesome book. Faith is just giving us some writing tips and thinks that makes her the writer. Excuse me? IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT. But we'll let her keep living in that nice little dream world of hers, 'kay? 

You do know I'm reading over your shoulder, right? Stop lying to my friends and tell them something about yourself or the book. Now. *glares* 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, about me (because we have to make Faith think she's winning somehow). If we were to meet in person, the first thing you would notice about me is my eyes. I have a condition called Heterochromia iridum. And yes, I can spell and pronounce that. ;) It means that the iris of my eyes (the iris is the colored part, in case some of y'all aren't ophthalmologists.) are different colors. One is blue and the other is green. I think it's pretty cool, but it creeps some people out. ;) 

Much better. ;) Alright, now let's hear about your work with the Community. And for Pete's sake, let Aster talk. 

Hear that, Aster? 

Like how could I not? You go ahead, she wants everyone to hear about the Community. 

Yeah, sure. The Community is a group of people fighting against this horrible dude (Faith won't let me say his name) and doing everything we can to disrupt his plans of controlling the world. *clears throat* Aster's father was killed for being a member of the Community. 

Well, this conversation went downhill fast. (To Faith), you said this was going to be fun. 

It is fun! :) Um, why don't y'all tell how you first met? 

Which time? 

The good time. 

Okay, the story of how we first met. I'm walking down the street and– 

And that's the way all good stories start. :) 

Um, wrong. And you're interrupting. I'm going to lock you in the closet if you don't stop. 

-_- Has anyone ever told you you're impossible? 

Only you. Now back to the story. I'm walking down the street and I take a shortcut through college campus. I see this girl up ahead of me, sitting on a bench and sobbing her heart out. 

I was not crying. 

You were too. Anyway, I decide to go over to her and see if she's okay. She must've heard me coming because she stopped crying and wiped her eyes. I'm like, "hey, are you alright?" She says– 

I can handle this part. I said, "yes. Why?" 

"Oh, no reason." She grabs her backpack and starts walking down the street. I follow her, of course. 

"What do you want?" I demand. 

"May I walk you home?" I ask politely. 

"No, you may not." 

How could she have the nerve to turn me down like that?! I know I have to do something drastic. So I sigh and say, "some birthday this has turned out to be." 

"It's your birthday?" I ask, unassumingly. 

She was playing right into my hands. "Yeah, and you won't even let me walk you home." 

What could I say without being completely heartless? "Okay, sure. You can walk me to the bus stop." Darien suddenly finds this ridiculous grin to show off. 

Ridiculous? Geez, you are heartless. 

*eyeroll* Since I'm going to be stuck with this guy for the next several blocks, we're going to have to talk about something. So, trying to be polite, I ask, "so how old are you today?" 

"Twenty and a half," I reply...and watch her explode. 

Explode? How could I not?! You lied to me!! 

I did not lie! It was my twenty-years-and-six-months birthday. ;) 

Darien, no one celebrates that. 

I do. And so does Faith. B-) 

*eyeroll* What does that prove? 

Uh... Before this gets out of hand, we're going to have to sign off. Aster, Darien, say goodbye to the readers. :) 

Here we go again with Miss Bossypants. And just when it was getting good too. I guess we should be nice and 'obey' her. See y'all later! Leave a comment and let us know if you'd enjoy hearing more of our story, if you've ever heard of heterochromia iridum, or if you celebrate half birthdays. :) 

Bye guys! I'll be around to answer comments as well! ;) 

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed! :D Leave any comments or questions for these two and I'll allow them to come online and answer them. :) Also, I'm extending the Imagine This writing assignment until Friday, March 18th. :) 

By 'allow' she really means she's afraid I'll lock her in the closet. I've did it before. And, just for the record, she has a really small closet. ;) 

Like they care what size my closet is! *sigh* 

*whispers* Bye guys! 


  1. Oh goodness I loved this! It was so amazing and awesome and. . .yeah! I loved it!!
    I absolutely love Darien. He's so outgoing, and fun, and awesome, and so the opposite of me. Oh, and did he lock you in the closet like he threatened? B-)
    Aster seems sweet. It sounds like she's been through a lot! I hope Darien doesn't tease her as much as he teases you! And I loved how they met. You handled him great, Aster. He deserved it. That was just plain mean, Darien.
    Okay, I've talked enough. :P I loved it, Faith, and I can't wait to see more of these characters!!

    1. Darien: Hello, Jesseca! Good to know someone has finally discovered my awesome side. B-) No, I did now lock Faith in the closet. She claimed she had a headache yesterday so, being the nice guy that I am, I let her keep her freedom. ;)

      Aster: Um, yeah. Darien does tease me as much as he teases Faith. But a good, sarcastic comeback is usually enough to put him in his place. ;)
      I thought I handled his lies very nicely too. :)

      Darien: Just plain mean?!! Excuse me?! How else was I going to get her to talk to me?? >_<

      Faith: Thanks for commenting, Jesseca! Hopefully I'll have more of these characters around soon. ;)

      Darien: *shrug* You might and you might not.

  2. AH! This is amazing! Can't wait to hear more about them! :D

    1. Darien: Yes, we are amazing, aren't we? B-)

      Aster: Thanks for reading, Blessing Counter! I love your name. :)

  3. This sounds like a really fun book! :) Can't wait to read more! :D
    Darien: What's your favorite color?
    Aster: What's the color of YOUR eyes?
    Have fun hacking. ;) But please don't tell MY characters how or I'll never hear the end of it. Nor will those who read my stories. B-)

    1. Faith: I'm enjoying writing it! :)

      Darien: Uh, blue I guess. Like dark/navy blues. :P

      Aster: My eyes are brown. And my hair is brown. Add in one hundred too many freckles and I'm a very plain girl. ;)

      Darien: Oh, we're having lots of fun hacking. B-) Oh, dear Rebekah, surely you wouldn't blame your readers for what their characters do?! *goes to raid your blog and find your characters*

  4. Talking to FAITH: I really enjoyed this and your introduction to this story has me really intrigued! I can't wait to read more!

    Darien and Aster: I enjoyed seeing your . . . writings. Thanks for sharing with us all a little about yourselves. Now don't go locking Faith in her closet or I might have to get a plane ticket and come over there to rescue her. (Don't let Faith see this part: Maybe you actually should so that I can come out there and meet you all!)

    This was so much fun!

    1. Aster: Hey, Bethany! Faith says to tell you... "Thank you, Bethany! I hope you'll enjoy it later whenever I write enough to post." I noticed the horse in your profile pic. Do you have horses?

      Darien: You're quite welcome. We're glad that you enjoyed it. ;) *shrug* No promises about the closet ordeal. I mean, honestly, she talks too much. Where ELSE am I going to put her for a little peace???!? (Oh, don't worry. She will see NONE of this. I would be glad to lock her in the closet, but not for that purpose. The LAST thing I need is one of her writer buddies coming over to "fan girl" over us poor characters. *gag* Kidding of course... ;) )

    2. Yes, Aster, we have two horses! Do you like horses or ride? Do you prefer a certain riding style?

      Aww, c'mon Darien, I'm not THAT bad! I think we might actually get along . . . . :)

    3. Aster: Oh, that's amazing, Bethany!! :) I LOOOVE horses! My grandparents have horses and when we lived near them (when I was little) I got to ride everyday. :-) Unfortunately, we moved to the city almost eight years ago and we haven't been able to visit them for several years. :-/

      Darien: I don't see why we shouldn't get along, I didn't mean that. You seem like the adventurous type of girl that would survive quite well in our world. ;)

    4. How fun, Aster! That's too bad. :( As Faith could tell you, I love horses too! I have for years! I even volunteered at a rescue horse sanctuary where I got to help horses that had been abused, abandoned, and neglected. I even got to meet a newborn colt!

      Maybe I would, Darien! Maybe I would. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see to learn a little bit more about your world!

    5. Aster: Wow, that's great, Bethany!!! Awww, how precious! I've saw one or two colts before; they're adorable. :)

      Darien: We have a dangerous world. B-)

    6. Yes, they are, Aster!

      Then I just might enjoy your world, Darien!

      I had fun chatting with the two of you! Thanks!

    7. Darien and Aster: Thank you too!! :)

  5. I loved this post, Faith! It was so funny and the book sounds like it will be really good. :)
    Darien and Aster, it was great to meet you guys! :)
    By the way, Darien, you should not be threatening to lock people in their closets. It is not very nice.
    Faith, thanks again for sharing! :D

    1. Faith: Thank you, Rebekah! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :D I think–

      Darien: *takes over* Hey! Why, thank you. ;) It isn't very nice, is it? I really must work on that... (If you come up with another way to 'help' Faith see things my way, please let me know. Duct tape wouldn't be gentlemanly.)

      Faith: *sigh* Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! ;)

  6. I loved this, Faith!
    I haven't heard of heterochromia iridum, (I literally just copied and pasted that) but my great-uncle had one brown eye and own blue eye, I think. Although that might have been from glass getting in his eye, I don't know.
    Can't wait to see more!

    1. Faith: Thank you, Lauren!! :D Haha, don't worry about copy and pasting it. I copied it over from Wikipedia into this post. :P

      Darien: She also had heterochromia iridum written on the back of her hand for days. B-) It could be the same thing that your uncle had, Lauren. Heterochromia iridum can be caused by an infection or by getting a foreign object in the eye. Or, like me, you can be born with it. ;)

      Faith: Thanks for commenting, Lauren! :)

  7. That was fun. I've heard of heterochromia iridum, but I didn't know what the medical name was for it.

    1. Darien: We're glad you enjoyed, R! (May I give you a nickname?) B-)

      Faith: Haha, I didn't know the medical name for it either until this. ;) Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. You long as you don't tease me to much.

    3. Darien: Thank you. I'll have to think of one. ;) Don't tease you? But it's so much fun! *innocent grin*