Friday, July 15, 2016

Camp NaNo July ~ Week #2

And now... Another week has gone by, folks. My word count total now stands at 15,274 – 8,254 of which were written this week. :D 

I've pretty much been leaving the tag open to my Camp NaNo cabin and, at times, I've been pretty sure Gmail was considering completely kicking me out of the system. But thankfully my inbox is in much nicer order now. :) (Only 6 emails in need of my attention. *sings the hallelujah chorus*) 

Onward to the daily recap!! 

Day Eight // Friday // 947 words 

On Friday I spent the morning mixing chemicals, lost my blue pen *sniff*, and crashed into bed promptly at 12:16. XD

According to the Camp word-keeper-tracker-thing I only wrote 846 this day, because 101 of them were after midnight. Really? It didn't feel like Saturday then... (Come to think of it, it didn't feel like day at all. Or night. Just a blur of words and word counts and word wars...blah.) 

Day Nine // Saturday // 1,408


Aside from finding the MIA blue pen, I really don't remember what I did Saturday... But, obviously, I wrote a lot. :P 

Pardon all the tear-jerkers. It's story related... *sniffs* 

Day Ten // Sunday // 938

Sunday...ahhh, what a blur. It went like this – church, lunch, visiting my uncle and grandmother, meetings at the church for Mom and Dad (which meant me sitting in the car aimlessly browsing Pinterest. hehe), church again, and home. 

How to study 1940s style. Hehe, looks like me. ;) 

Day Eleven // Monday // 623

*looks at word count in utter disgust* 

Not even half way through and I've got the Camp NaNo blues, as my cabinmate called it. My brain no longer functions correctly (or did it ever?), my story seems stupider by the minute, and I just need a shoulder to cry on. *sniffs* 

Day Twelve // Tuesday // 1,497

I know what you're thinking "those blues didn't last long!" And you would be right, thank heavens. My writer's block seemed to wear off throughout Tuesday, and by 10:30ish I was so pleased to discover I had... BROKEN MY ALL-TIME CAMP HIGH! *shrieks* Looking back, I should've written three more words so I could say "oh, sure, I can write fifteen-hundred a day". XD 

This is also the day I revealed to my characters the art of button-punching. What's button-punching you ask? This is button pinching... 

*types furiously* 


Get it? Typing! (Did I get you all hyped over nothing? Sowwwy.) 

This is where we will pause to admire my first ever wheel-throw lidded jar. I'm so tickled with it. ^_^ (Just because it happened on Tuesday. Pardon my inconsistency here.) 

Day Thirteen // Wednesday // 1,043

I assisted in a kid's class Wednesday morning at the art center, and we had church that evening. :) 

Alllllssoooo. This gorgeous book arrived in the mail. :) Isn't it beautiful?? I absolutely adore the lightning in the background and through the wording. ^^

Day Fourteen // Thursday // 1,798



*is now hoarse from all the screaming* 

I really wanted to reach 15k, my halfway point, this week. When I realized that would mean breaking my word count high again (because I didn't stick with this goal very well until here...), I wasn't sure it would happen. did. *grins* 

LOOKIE, FRIENDS! I'm over where I'm supposed to be!!! :D 

So. Since I've been working at this novel for awhile now, squealing about it for the past two weeks, and have only offered the synopsis (on my Writings page) for the world to view... Anyone interested in glimpsing a snippet of my novel? Was that a yes? 

  America was now a country at war. And a country at war meant men called up to fight, to serve, to do their duty as loyalty-bound citizens. It meant him being called away from his home and family to defend those he loved, to defend his country and everything she stood for. 
  In that moment, he knew. Knew that even if he wasn't drafted, he would go. It was his duty as an American to defend the homeland, and it was his duty as a Christian to defend God’s people. 

What do ya think? :D 


Here's a little trivia I learned this week that y'all might enjoy knowing.'re going to have to guess at it. ;) And I'll let you know the answer in my next post. Please don't look it up, at least until after you place your vote in the comments. :P 

When was Nutella first created? 
A) the 1990s
B) the 1940s 
C) in the past ten years 
D) none of the above (explain in the comments). 

I hope you enjoyed the recap! How's your week been? Have a great day, my dear readers! :) 


  1. It sounds like you have made a lot of progress this week! :D

    Hmmmm...I'm going to guess the 1940s? ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. I have, Lydia! Thank you. :-)

      Check back Monday or Tuesday to see if you're correct. :D

  2. Congratulations on all the new word count records! I think the most words I've ever written in one day is 2,179. I really wish I could have joined in Camp NaNo, but maybe in November? You'll have to teach me how it all works!

    You're excerpt is super! I can't wait to read more . . . . (hint, hint) :P

    I'm guessing the 1940s too. :)

    1. Thanks, Bethany! :D Woah. I don't think I've ever written 2,000 in one day. :P YES! You totally should! And maybe we can both do Camp NaNo next April!! :D

      Hehe, thanks. :) Um...yeah. Soon. ;)

      Okidoke! The answer will be given shortly! :D

    2. It would be super cool to do it together in April. :)

    3. Yep. We need to plan on it. ;)

  3. I enjoyed reading about how Camp NaNo is going for you, Faith! :D
    Oh no, that’s not good that you got some writers block, but that’s great that it didn’t last long! :)
    You were able to write 1,798 words in one day? Congratulation!! :D
    Oh, I really like that wheel-thrown lidded jar. :) It is so cool!
    I LOVED reading the little sneak-peak of “War Tears”!!! :D Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    For the trivia question, I’m going to guess: B) the 1940s.

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying my recaps, Rebekah! :)
      Yes, writers block wasn't too bad last week...but unfortunately it has been worse this weekend...grrr. :P
      Thank you so much! It was a fan-tab-ulous feeling! :D
      Isn't it? I'm just learning those so it's a neat experience. :-)
      I'm glad you liked it, Rebekah! Hopefully I'll be sharing more soon! ;)

      The answer will be given shortly! ^_^

  4. Whoa, 1.8k in one day?!? Awesome!! :D

    Oohhhh...pretty jar! Is the lid made on a wheel too?

    Ummm....I'm going to guess the 1940s.

    1. Yep. ^_^ Woo-hoo! I was thrilled. ;)

      Thanks, Blessing! Yes, the lid is also wheel-thrown. I have to trim it up a lot afterwards, but it is. :)

      Okay! Answer coming soon. ;)

  5. *Finally gets around to commenting on post* YAY!!!! :D Awesome job on your word count!!! I always loved looking at project stats and seeing the little marker thing being ahead of my goal for each day. ;)
    And.. I love all the story-related tear jerkers. *sniff* Although I must ask, how do "The Few" from The Battle of Britain play into your story???
    Oh, that pot is beautiful! Great job!
    And that snippet is just so utterly amazing. *fangirl squeals* Yes, I fangirl over your story. ;)

    1. Oh, and I'm going to guess two times. Is that allowed? ;P
      Either 1940s or 1950s.

    2. THANK YOU!!! :D Yes, me too! That's seriously one of my favorite parts of Camp NaNo. ;)
      Aren't they grand? *sniffs too* Umm... *didn't even realize that's what that was and now must come up with a quick reason* Because if it hadn't been for them who knows how the war would've played out? And therefore my story could be very different... *nods*
      *beams* I got to pick it up today. :)
      Aww, you're such a sweetheart, girl! My first fangirl! *high five*

    3. Nope. That's not allowed. Sorry. B-)


      Hehehe, okay. :P

  6. I'm sorry I'm just now commenting - I wanted to do so sooner, but for various reasons and life being busy I haven't had the chance till now.
    BUT!! YAYAYAYAY FAITH!! That's a lot of great writing!!!! Go you!! :)
    And that jar is just smashingly gorgeous. Seriously. Brilliant. :)
    The snippit - lovely!! I would love to read more! :D ;)
    No idea on the Nutella...1940's maybe?? Or the 90's....Ahhh I don't know.XD
    Oh and that's a beautiful picture of Faith B.'s book! :)

    1. Oh, don't apologize, Raechel dear! :)
      THANK YOU SO MUCHLY!! *grins* It's been fantastical. =D
      Aww, thanks! I got to pick it up when I went in today. A crater dent in the bottom, but it survived. :P
      Eeps! That means so much to me that people actually want to read this book!!
      The answer on Nutella is...forthcoming. ;)
      Isn't it?? It's such a gorgeous book I just had to take some pictures! :D