Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Goodreads Tag // Lots of Books and Covers and Raving

Well, well, lookie here. A book tag! My favorite. :P Kellyn at Reveries Reviews tagged me for the Goodreads Tag. I mean, really? A goodreads tag? Could it get better?! Anywho... Thanks, Kellyn! :D 

>> Rules 
thank the person who tagged you 
> answer the questions 
> tag at least three people 

>> Questions 

What was the last book you marked as 'read'?

The Secret Slipper by Amanda Tero, book two in the Tales of Faith series. This book releases this week and I'm looking forward to taking part in the blog tour soon! :D 

What are you currently reading? 

That's an interesting question. XD I'm reading nine books... 

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Revelation by Warren Wiersbe 
A Question of Courage by Jesseca Wheaton 
Dancing on the Head of a Pen by Robert Benson 
Choosing Courage by Peter Collier 
Love Me Tender by Janice Hanna 
Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris 
Millie's Courageous Days by Martha Finley 
Journey to Love by Amanda Tero 

I also have Isaiah and Behold the Dawn by K.M. Weiland marked as currently-reading, but I've hardly started them. 

What was the last book you marked as 'to read'? 

The Twin Arrows by Kate Willis. It sounds great! :) 

Do you use the star system?

...you mean there's people who don't use it? *is met by silence* Okay, yeah, I use it. ;) 

Are you doing the 2017 Reading Challenge?

Of course!! :D My goal was originally 131 books, I upped it to 151, and I've currently read 72 books. :) 

Do you have a wishlist? 

Hehe, most definitely! ^_^ There's only 12 books on it (as I was surprised to discover), so this is just *some* books I want to collect. :D 

Who are your favorite authors? 

*coughs dramatically* Shall I pull up a list? 

Sarah Sundin 
Susan Marlow 
Wanda Brunstetter
Tricia Goyer 
Tricia Mingerink
Janette Oke
Jesseca Wheaton
Jennifer Lamont Leo
Willowy Whisper 
Patricia MacLachlan
Ivy Rose
Melanie Dickerson
Lois Gladys Leppard 

*grins* Yeah, pretty much.

Have you joined any groups? 

Yup. I'm technically a member of 17, but I'm only active on 4 or 5. 

How many Goodreads shelves do you have? 

Thirty-six and they're all quite lovely. ^_^ *nods* 

>> Tagged 

Kaitlyn @ Twin Thoughts
Rebekah @ RebekahAshleigh

I will be mostly absent from the blogging world this coming week, but I will have a couple posts going up of my own. ^-^ 



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one reading fifty books at once. XD I love White Fur Flying!!!


    1. Haha, nope, you're not. XD Me too! Patricia MacLachlan's writing is lovely.

  2. What fun! I saw this tag on Kate Willis' blog too, and thought I might have to give it a go at some point. Book related things are hard to pass up, after all. ;)

    1. Oh, you should! I'll add your link to the post if you want, or you can just grab it. :D Hehe, I know!!

  3. I really want to read Journey to Love. It sounds really good. Let me know how you like it. I can't wait to read A Question of Courage! EEEP!!!

    And I can tell you that you'll love Destroy, Left to Die, and The Pirate Daughter's Promise. :) I forgot, have you read the Ilyon Chronicles?

    This is a fun tag! Too bad I don't really do Goodreads. ;)

    1. Okay! I haven't gotten very far into JtL yet, but it isn't long, so hopefully I can finish soon. :D Yes, it's soooo good!! <3

      Aw, man, I should've mentioned that. I have read Destroy, Left to Die, and The Pirate Daughter's Promise...and several others of those. They're just on my wishlist because I want to get paperback copies. ;) Nope, I haven't! But I have Resistance and Half-Blood on kindle, so I should get to them soon. :D They sound great!!

      It really is! :D Hehe, oh yeah.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Haha, okay. ;) You'll enjoy Ilyon, just be prepared for anything!!

    4. Haha, so I've been told! XD

  4. I didn't know that there was a Goodreads tag. Seems like a fun tag. :) Wow, you're currently reading a lot of books, Faith! I would probably have almost that many going right now too, but I've had to tell myself to finish some first. ;) But, at least I know I'm finally out of that reading slump (which lasted far to long :P) so that's good! :D

    1. I hadn't seen it either -- until Kellyn did it! Haha, I know right! XD Yeah...I need to do that too. It seems like I read more once I get several going at once though? Because I just decide that I need to finish them all? I don't know, just my way of thinking. :P Oh, yay!! :D I fell into one of those too...slowly working my way out. ;)

  5. Wow, nine books you're reading right now lol. I read one, MAYBE two at a time, if I really need to. So that's pretty impressive to me! XD

    Whoop whoop for upping your reading goal! Normally people lower their goals, but no, not Faith lol.

    I really should use Goodreads more. It's a fantastic site. I use it once in a while when I see a novel that I might want to check out, but browsing and exploring more would probably help my problem of not getting to new books very often! Then, of course, it'd become "help, I have too many, I'm drowning."

    1. I know, right? Too many, probably. :P That's...probably what I should do, but thankfully I don't have any trouble keeping them all straight in my head, so I guess it's okay. ;)

      Haha, thanks! Hopefully summer reading is a win and then I think I'll make it. :P

      It truly is! I'm on it...probably more than I should be. *makes a mental note to fix that* Hehe, yeah..I'm the finally drowning in to-be-reads. But I'm also convinced I'll get to them all someday, so...we shall see. ;)

  6. Thanks so much for tagging me, Faith! This looks fun! Book tag always are though. ;)
    I totally understand about reading a lot of books at a time. Which is really weird because I used to only read one book at a time, maybe two. Now I have probably too many going at a time. ;)
    You have some good looking books on your wish list! “The Farmer’s Market Mishap” is on mine too! It comes out on Thursday! Sarah Sundin, Susan Marlow, Janette Oke, Wanda Brunstetter, yep those are some great authors!
    Thanks again for tagging me! I hope to do it soon!

    1. You're so welcome, Rebekah! Haha, yes, exactly. ;)
      Maybe I'm wearing off on you then... ;) I've always read numerous books at a time. I remember being about 10 and going to the library, getting a stack of books, and starting all of them that day. :P
      Oh, really? I knew it came out soon, but I didn't know it was that soon! :D *grins* Lots of great authors!
      Yay! Can't wait to see your post! :D

    2. You must be wearing off on me, Faith, because a couple months after we met is when I started reading several books at once. It’s all your fault! Just kidding. :D Oh really? Wow!
      Yes, I knew it was coming out sometime in the beginning of June, but I checked yesterday and found out that it comes out on the 1st. :)

    3. *laughing* Ahh, yes. I'm a bookish-bad influence, just as I'd feared. :P Haha, I know! Crazy!
      Yay!! I can't wait to read it! :D

  7. Replies
    1. I saw on GR that you got to beta-read. It sounds great! :D

  8. I just got around to reading this post so, likewise, I just realized I was tagged! Thanks, Faith!! Hoping to get the post up on my blog this week! ;)

    1. Haha, sorry! I didn't think to let y'all know, did I? XD Looking forward to it!!

    2. Haha, no prob! Mine won't be too exciting...I still can't figure out the Goodreads app XD

    3. Hehe, it can be confusing... XD