Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Imagine This ~ #9

Who else is ready for another Imagine This challenge?! :D I figured it was about time and, since I've been so neglectful of this blog lately *cough*, I needed to post something. And this was pretty quick and easy for me to get up. ;) 

The Rules 
// Write a story based off what you imagine is happening in the picture below. 
// Keep your story around 700-800 words. If it's a little over, that's okay, but please try to stay under 1,000. 
// Send your story to me via the contact form, located at the bottom right of this page. (Or my email address, if you have it. :)) 
// The deadline is Saturday, May 27th and I'll post the entries shortly thereafter. 

--from Pinterest 

I feel like I do a lot of military-related pictures, but this one was just too sweet to pass up. Thanks for suggesting this precious picture goes to Livi Jane!! 

Can't wait to see the sure-to-be amazing entries!! :D 


  1. EEEP I've seen this photo before and it is. so. cute. I'M ENTERING. XD

  2. Okay, that photo is ADORABLE...

  3. Aw, so sweet! :) I'll enter if I can think up an idea.

  4. Love the pic, but I'm too late! Oh, well, THOUGH THAT WOULD PROBABLY MAKE A GOOD STORY.

    1. Aww, man! Well, maybe you could write a story off it anyway! :D Yes, the entries are all great!!