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Imagine This 4# ~ entries

I should begin by saying, I've had these four stories in every different order imaginable, and I wasn't satisfied with any of them! Honestly, you all deserve first place. I've re-read them all, and I don't think I can judge them fairly. Bethany R. helped me co-judge and we couldn't 100% agree on anything. LOL
So, I've came up with a solution to this. Below are the entries in the order I received them, not in a 'winning' order. Sort of like a four-way tie. :) Next time I'll go back to the other way, but for now.....

~Lauren Stoner~ 
 I loved your piece, Lauren! Especially how Leanne finished the prayer. <3

   Her hand clutched his tightly; a grasp so firm that Robert was surprised it had come from his petite bride-to-be. His own fingers curled around her hand, returning the tight grasp.
   “I don’t know if I can do this,” her frightened voice fluttered over to him.
   Robert squeezed his eyes shut. All he wanted to do was turn and embrace Leanne. To hug her close to him, bury his face in her brunette locks, and tell her everything would be alright. But they both wanted to stay true to the old tradition of not seeing the bride until she walked down the aisle. Instead, Leanne remained inside her dressing room door while Robert stood in the hallway; their fingers entwined.
   “Why do you have to leave?” Leanne’s heart-broken voice asked.
   “Don’t go there,” Robert replied quickly, his own voice tight with emotion.
   “I love you so much,” Leanne whispered. “I wanted to start our life together but now we have to wait!”
   “I know, I know, it’s unfair,” Robert squeezed the slender hand in his larger hand. “Try to focus on the present though.”
   “Impossible,” Leanne sniffed.
   Robert looked up to see his best man stepping into the hallway.  “Yes?”
   “You have five minutes.”
   The best man left, giving Robert and Leanne their last five minutes before the wedding actually began.
   “Robert…” Leanne took a shaky breath. “I love you…more than anything.”
   Robert remained silent for a moment. “I…” he summoned the courage to finish his sentence. “I love you more than anything too.” He cleared his throat. “I’m going to pray now, before we go.”
   Leanne held onto his hand even tighter—if that was possible.
   Robert closed his eyes and began praying, “Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you on this day. We are filled with such joy and excitement on this day, yet we are also filled with sorrow and heartache.”
   A muffled sob came from Leanne.
   “You know that I’ve been called to go overseas tomorrow morning,” Robert continued, trying to block out his fiancée’s cries. That only made his heart hurt worse. It felt as if someone was literally ripping his heart into shreds. “I hate to leave right now, right when we were about to start our lives together but, God, give us peace today. Help us to enjoy today midst all the pain. And I pray for Leanne that you will comfort her when I won’t be there to comfort her. Give her all the love I won’t be able to show her while I’m away. And…” Robert couldn’t continue. His shoulders began to shake as he felt a sob growing in his throat.
   “And Lord,” Leanne picked up in a soft voice. “Be with my Robert as he leaves to serve his country. Protect him; watch over him while I can’t. Go with him, wherever he goes and keep him safe. And I just thank You for bringing Robert to me. I’d rather marry him and not see him for years than never know him.” Leanne paused then whispered. “Amen.”
   Robert squeezed Leanne’s hand. “I’ll be waiting for you…down front by the altar.” Robert grinned, despite knowing Leanne couldn’t see it. He slowly let go of her hand, letting their hands slide apart, their fingers lingering on each other’s. Robert strode down the hall and into the church sanctuary where he would eagerly await his wife.

~Jesseca Dawn~ 
Wonderful story, Jesseca! I liked that you included the airport scene. :) 

Sergeant Micah Williams stood next to the stairwell, waiting. Today was the day he would marry the love of his life. He took a deep breath as his mind wandered back to the day he had met Tess.
Micah slung his bag over his shoulder and disembarked the plane. Instead of heading straight home, he had been persuaded by his friend and fellow marine, Jackson Davis, to stop in Kansas, see his home, and stay for the weekend. Which suits me fine. Since mother and dad aren’t expecting me for another three weeks, neither of them are home. He thought to himself.
Entering the crowded airport, he smiled as he saw his fellow soldiers meeting their wives, children and parents they hadn’t seen in months. The sound of tears and laughter mixed together forming an exhilarating atmosphere.
Glancing around he tried to find Jackson which proved to be a nearly impossible feat. Uniformed men were everywhere and unless you could catch a sight of their face, they all looked the same.  Noticing a bench off to the side of the room, he decided to wait there and let Jackson find him. He began walking in that direction, but suddenly hearing a slight intake of breath to his right, he turned just in time to see a young women take a step backwards and trip over a bag. Reacting quickly, he put out his hand and took a hold of her arm.
“Are you alright, ma’m?” he asked in concern.
The girl nodded, “I’m alright.”
She had light brown hair which was pulled back into a braid, and hazel eyes. Why, those look remarkably like Jackson's eyes!  He thought to himself in surprise.
“Ahh, there you are, Micah.”
Micah turned to see Jackson approaching. Before he could say a word, Jackson turned to the young woman. Realizing he still had a hold of her arm, he let go.
“Tess, this is who I want you to meet. This is my friend, sergeant Micah Williams. Micah, this is my little sister, Tess Davis,” Jackson announced.
Micah smiled, “It’s nice to meet you.”
 Tess nodded, finally meeting his eyes, “It’s nice to meet you as well. Thank you for helping me a moment ago.”
Micah nodded, “My pleasure.”
Jackson looked at them both quizzically, “Did I miss something?”
Micah grinned, “No. Your sister almost fell and-”
 “And you decided to be the knight in shining armour, err, in uniform, gallantly saving the lady in distress.”
Micah shook his head, “Nothing quite that exciting, I’m afraid.”
Micah was brought back to the present by footsteps in the hall.
“Tess, is that you?”
“Yes, I’m here, Micah.”
The sound of her voice brought a smile to his face. “The big day is here, Tess, and I wanted to have one more prayer before we pledge ourselves to each other. Is that alright with you?”
“Or course.” her voice was hardly a whisper.
“Father God,” he began, “we thank you for this beautiful day that you’ve given us and I thank you for Tess. I thank you for bring her into my life and I thank you for her love and passion for you. Thank you Lord that you allowed us to meet each other and that you showed us Your plan for us to be together. Lord, as we enter this new season of our life I pray you would be with us each and every day. With us when we’re together, and with us when we have to be apart.”
At that point in the prayer, he heard a small sob and then the sound of Tess pressing a hand against her mouth. He squeezed her hand in an effort to silently comfort her. He, too, was dreading the orders he knew were soon to come.
After a slight pause to get his own emotions under control, he  continued, “Lord, no matter where you will lead us as we start our life together, may we always trust You. Whatever trials come, may we turn to you in prayer as our first option and not a last resort. I ask that You bless this day as we begin our lives together. In Your name I pray, amen.”
He gave her hand a squeeze and then released it, “ I’ll see you at the alter, sweetheart.”
“Thank you, Micah.” He could hear the tears in her voice, “I love you so much.”
He swallowed the lump in his throat, “And I love you too, my Tessa.”
“In the presence of God and these witnesses, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride,” the minister’s voice rang out across the congregation.
Micah reached over and lifted the veil, then, for the first time the their lives, their lips met, sealing their covenant with a kiss.
“Even when I’m not here, my heart will be here with you,” Micah whispered close to her ear.
Tess’s eyes filled with unshed tears as she gazed up at him, “And mine will be with you.”
Micah stepped back, taking her hand and they both turned toward the congregation.
“I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Micah Williams.” The minister exclaimed with a smile on his face.
Micah  leaned toward Tess, “I’m so glad you are mine, Mrs. Williams.”

~Blessing Counter~ 
Your story was amazing, Blessing! ;) It's unique from all the others, and I liked that. 

Gay peals of laughter rang out from the big blue room of the house. In the centre of the room stood a young woman, a beautiful white dress enveloping her slender body.
  “You look too good to be true!” Sharon squealed as she burrowed in the closet, searching for something. “Here it is!” she held up a filmy white veil triumphantly. Unfolding the veil, she painstakingly draped the veil on the bowed head before her. “I can’t wait until Mom comes to see you! What’s taking her so long?”
  “I think there might have been some traffic. I’ll turn on the radio and we can find out.” Grace flicked on the radio, then pulled out a string of pearls from her box. “Could you fasten this for me, please?” she turned to her younger sister.
  Sharon willingly came over and hooked the short pearl necklace around Grace’s neck.
As the two girls listened, they heard the man talking about an accident that had happened on the highway. “Well, I guess that’s what’s delaying Mom,” Sharon said. A small crease appeared between her eyebrows. “I hope she’s able to get through in time for the ceremony. She’d be so disappointed if she missed it.”
 Grace reached down and smoothed the crease out of Sharon’s face. “No wrinkles on this pretty face,” she teased. She kissed her forehead gently. “Mom will make it. Once she sets her mind on it, nothing can stop her!”
  Suddenly, they heard a voice outside the door.
  “It’s Mark!” Sharon hurried Grace into the darkest corner of the room. “We can’t let the groom see you until the ceremony. I’ll go see what he wants.” She cautiously opened the door and peeked outside.
 “Where’s Grace?” Mark asked, excitement and joy clearly showing in his young face.
  “She’s here, but you can’t see her,” Sharon grinned mischievously.
  Mark groaned. “Oh, come on, Sharon! I haven’t seen her since this morning at breakfast.”
  “Oh, what a long time ago!” Sharon gasped in mock horror. “Seeing as we had breakfast at 7 and it’s 9 right now…what is that? Two hours?”
  “Seems more like two years,” Mark said. “Please, Sharon, let me see her!”
  Sharon scrunched up her face. “You aren’t allowed to see her, but you can talk to her, I guess.”
  “Alright,” Mark gave in.
“Stay right here and don't move.” Sharon warned.
  “Yes ma’am!” Mark brought his hand up to his forehead in military salute.
  Sharon went into the room and found Grace laughing. “I heard the entire conversation. If I didn’t know you, I might think that you were older than him, the way you were ordering him around like that!” They both giggled and hugged before going outside. Mark was still in his military salute and to Sharon it looked like he hadn’t moved a muscle.
  “Good boy, “ she praised. “You can move now, Mark. But don’t you dare turn around!”
  Mark leaned against the wall. “Where’s my bride?” he demanded playfully.
  “Right here,” Grace slipped her hand into his and squeezed it.
  “Only one more hour until the ceremony and then you’ll be mine forever,” Mark said tenderly.
 Sharon rolled her eyes as the couple continued to talk. “True love,” she muttered. But she felt so glad for her sister. Wanting to give them some privacy, she went into the room. The radio was still on, and she reached out to turn it off. But just as she was about to flick the switch, she heard something that made her freeze momentarily. Eyes widening in shock, she turned the volume dial up.
  "Today's accident on Highway 27 involved Frederick Houston, Tami and Courtney Weston, and Anna Stuart." 
  Grace had just opened her mouth to tell Mark something when she heard her mother’s name mentioned.
   "The first three mentioned suffered minor injuries, but Anna Stuart was sent to hospital with life threatening injuries. Doctors later reported that she died five minutes after arriving. However, soon after Mrs. Stuart was taken out from the wreckage, she asked to give a message to her two daughters." 
  She choked down the sob that rose in her throat and pressed her hand against her mouth as her mother’s voice filled the room.
 "Grace, Sharon, this is Mom. I wish that I could come to your wedding, Grace, but God has a different plan for me. I'm sorry that this had to happen on what should be the happiest day of your life. But please, go on with the wedding. Perhaps I may see it from Heaven. If that does happen, I shall be looking out for my two precious girls and I hope to see you both smiling. Mark-"
  Grace could feel Mark’s hand tighten on her own hand.
   "Take care of my girls, please? I love them with all my heart, and I'd hate for anything to happen to them. Grace, Sharon-" 
  The voice broke off coughing, and Grace’s heart ached for her mother. Then Mrs. Stuart spoke in her strongest voice yet.
   "I love you." 

~Rebekah Eddy~
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece, Rebekah! Great job! :-) 

I twirled around in front of my mirror. The dress was perfect.
My younger sister, Megan, looked up at me from her position on the floor and grinned. “Excited Valarie?” She asked.
I smiled. “Of course! When do you think Daniel will come to pray with me before the wedding?”
Megan shrugged. “I can’t remember. Do want me to ask Mom?”
I nodded. “Please.”
Only three months ago Daniel Foster, the love of my life, had asked me to be his wife. Of course I said yes, but he had warned me that he might get called off to duty at any time. You see, my husband-to-be is a soldier. Long story short, the wedding was scheduled as soon as possible and everything had finally fallen into place.
Megan came back into the room. “Daniel just arrived,” she said slowly.
I turned around, frowning. “What’s wrong with that?” I asked. “Weren’t we expecting him?”
“He wants to talk to you.”
Suddenly worried when I saw the look on my sister’s face, I picked up my dress a few inches for ease of movement and hurried down to the first floor of our house.
Daniel met me on the landing. “I’ve been called away,” he stated matter-of-factly. “We’ll have time to finish the wedding ceremony, but I’m afraid that our honeymoon will have to be postponed.”
I felt tears begin filling my eyes. “Oh, Daniel,” I whispered. “It was going to be so perfect.”
His eyes met mine and I saw that he was fighting back tears of his own. “I’m so sorry, honey.”
I swallowed the sob that had risen in my throat. If he could be brave, so could I. “Well, we’d better hurry and finish the ceremony at least,” I said with forced cheerfulness.
Daniel nodded, and smiled. “Shall we pray?”
I leaned back against the wall. Holding his hand with one of my own while silently crying into the other, I listened to my sweetheart dedicate our future life to God.

Thanks to all you girls for entering! 


  1. Thanks for letting me judge with you! I had a blast! Great entries, everyone!!! You made it really difficult!

  2. Wow!! These entries were all so touching!! No wonder it was so hard to judge.

    1. They were all so amazing. ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Lauren!

  3. These entries were all amazing!! I can tell why you had a hard time judging. :) Great job, everyone!!