Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Books!

***I apologize that this post is late (again...) But we got home late last night after caroling and I didn't have time to finish this post. :) 

You all knew it was coming, didn't you? You knew that sooner or later during this 12 Days a post would appear here that wasn't much more than a bunch of pictures of books. ;) I don't know what it is but I enjoy taking pictures of books. Don't ask why, but I do. It's photogenic. :) (Yeah, my mom doesn't get it either... xD) 
So anyways, on with the introduction. I went around the house collecting all our Christmas books. Wow-sie! We have a lot more than I realized! 

 All our Christmas books...and movies. However, since I took these pictures we've gotten at least one more book and movie :) (more on that at the end of this post...) 

So, I'm going to list each book and the author(s). Okay, I have to ask something first. How many of you aren't even reading this? How many just skim over all my senseless rambles? *no answer* Yeah, that's what I thought. ;)

--My Room--
Cajun Night Before Christmas by "Trosclair"
Christmas in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
A Log Cabin Christmas Collection by Wanda E. Brunstetter (Margaret Brownley, Kelly Eileen Hake, Jane Kilpatrick, Liz Johnson, Liz Tolsma, Michelle Ule, Debra Ullrick, Erica Vetsch) 
Felicity's Surprise by Valerie Tripp
A Surprise for Caroline by Kathleen Ernst
Addy's Surprise by Connie Porter 
Molly's Surprise by Valerie Tripp
Where Treetops Glisten by Tricia Goyer, Sarah Sundin, and Cara Putnam 
An Amish Christmas by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Barbara Cameron 
Christmas Tidings edited by Louise Bachelder 
White Christmas Pie by Wanda Brunstetter
Andi's Circle C Christmas by Susan K. Marlow

These five books have been part of our Christmases for as long as I can remember. They come out with the Christmas decorations and make their home on the coffee table in the living room. Then when they Christmas declarations get taken down and boxed up, these go with them. 
Let's Keep Christmas: A Sermon by Peter Marshall 
May Christ be the Center of Your Christmas by Vickie Phelps
Joy to the World by Colleen Reece and Julie Reece-DeMarco 
In Celebration of the Savior's Birth by Connie Sue Lora
Come Let Us Adore Him by Thomas Kinkade 

--Picture Books--
Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect by Richard Schneider
The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Rick Osborne 
God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergen

--From the Family Bookcase--
A Pioneer Christmas Collection by Lauraine Snelling, Margaret Brownley, Kathleen Fuller, Marcia Gruver, Cynthia Hickey, Vickie Mcdonough, Shannon McNear, Michelle Ule, Anna Urquhart
A Lancaster County Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher
The 12 Ways of Christmas by David Jeremiah 
The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck
Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas by Ace Collins
The Women of Christmas by Liz Curtis Higgs
The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren 
The True Saint Nicholas by William J. Bennett
C is for Christmas by David and Warren Wiersbe 

While taking pictures I somehow over looked this one...
The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp 

Since the time I took these pictures, I found Christmas at Rose Hill Farm by Suzanne Woods Fisher, and we got The Christmas Candle movie. :) 

Have you read any of these? 
If so, did you enjoy them?
Do you want to read any of them now?
My post for tomorrow will include most of those movies from the first pictures. ;) 

"Christmas Tidings" ~ Day Six
Sadly, we have yet to have any snow this year. :-( Yeah, I'm not too happy about it...

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I didn't get around to commenting on everyone's post yesterday, but I'll be sure and get caught up in that sometime this afternoon. :) Thanks you all so much! This would be nothing without y'all! :D
Sisters in Christ, 


  1. Christmas books are just so much fun!
    I have read: "Andi's Circle C Christmas", "A Surprise for Caroline", "Christmas at Rose Hill Farm", "White Christmas Pie" :), and I'm in the process of reading "A Lancaster County Christmas".
    By the way, I think taking pictures of books is fun too! ;)
    Thanks for sharing, Faith! : )

    1. Aren't they?? Sadly, I haven't read as many books this Christmas season as I'd have liked. :-/ But I plan to make up for that between Christmas and New Years. ;)
      Oh those are all good ones! :D
      Yay!!! *throws confetti* Someone who understands!
      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!

  2. Has ANYONE had snow yet??? Still no snow up here in Washington surprise there. ;)
    Cool books! I liked reading about them...and no, I DID NOT skim over your ramblings! I like ramblings since I am guilty of making them quite a lot myself. *sheepish smile* :)

    1. Yeah, I'm none too happy about it either. *pout face* Last week it was 60+ degrees!!! Excuse me, it's CHRISTMAS!! It's supposed to be COLD!! At least in my 'neck of the woods'... Anyways... :)
      Hooray! Someone benefited from my goofiness. ;) I always enjoy reading other's 'ramblings'. It gives an interesting look into their lives and personalities, I think. *smiles*
      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!

  3. BOOKS!!!!! :D I love books!! And I've actually been reading them lately. ;) After NaNo was finished (the month in which I might have finished at most 2 or 3 books) I went to the library and came home with a HUGE stack.
    Sarah looks at me like "You seriously got all those?" There weren't too many. . .just enough to fill an empty shelf in my bookshelf. But seriously, books are amazing!
    I read through ALL your rambling and I love it when people "ramble". I think it's fun to read and it makes it feel like the person is actually talking to you. ;) Plus, it makes up for my lack of rambling. :P
    We haven't had any snow yet either. . .we're SUPPOSED to get around 4 inches next weekend and I'm like "please, just a day or two earlier? Please?" We'll see. . . ;)
    Of all the books you shared I've read "Christmas in the Big Woods", "Felicity's Surprise", "A Surprise for Caroline","Addy's Surprise", "Molly's Surprise" and "Where Treetops Glisten"!! :D

    1. ME TOO!!! Hehehe, that library trip totally sounds like me. ;)
      Whaaaa? You have an empty shelf?? Goodness, I envy you. B-) I can't remember the last time I did. :) Mom and Dad have talked about extending mine and Tucker's bedrooms. If/when that happens I'll have two bookshelves built into the wall! Yay!! :D
      Yes, I feel the same way about rambling. ;)
      We're supposed to get rain this week. :-/ Not fun... But I'm still hoping for a white Christmas! =D
      Oh, those are all good ones! (But they're not the best...hehe.) You're reading "Christmas at Rose Hill Farm" too, right?

      Thanks for commenting, Jess!

    2. Well, the only reason I have an empty shelf is because. . .I sorta added a 2nd bookshelf to my room. ;) My other first bookshelf had a shelf added, but it filled up pretty quickly and I had so many books piled around the room. Faith was tired of it. So. . .I now have two bookshelf and about 1/2 a shelf free in each! I made sure I keep one shelf open for my library books, Bible, notebook, etc. So that they're not left on the floor. :)
      Yes! I totally forgot about that one! :P I actually finished it this past week! :D

    3. Okay, that makes much more sense now. :D Yeah, I have a little hope chest thingy next to my bed where I keep my Bible, devotional, journal, books I'm reading, etc. ;)
      Oh, yay!! I want to finish it...but I don't know when. :)