Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"All I Want for Christmas" ~ Part 2

Enjoy part two!! :) 


 After everyone had been served and was seated around the lively fellowship hall, the servers and kitchen workers filled their plates and went to sit with their families. 
 Alaina canvassed the large room, searching for an unoccupied seat. Melissa motioned to her from across the room. Alaina smiled and went to sit with her parents and siblings. 
 Seeing her hands were full with her plate and cup, Colin stood and pulled out a chair for her. 
 “Why, thank you, kind sir.” 
 He grinned and flopped back into the chair next to her. 
 The family enjoyed the fellowship and time spent together. After most folks were finished, Mom left to help in the kitchen clean-up and Dad, along with several other men, went to assist in moving some of the heavier props. 
 “Oh, Alaina! I have to show you my throne!” Colin exclaimed suddenly, nearly jumping from his chair. 
 “You can't show it to her ahead of time,” Melissa insisted, scrunching up her nose. 
 Colin ignored her. “It's awesome, sis. You've gotta come see it. It's huge and wooden, with red velvety stuff on the seat and Mr. George painted it and–” 
 “And no one is supposed to see it before the play starts,” Melissa finished, tauntingly. 
 “I'm King,” he declared with a dramatic air, holding his fork high above their heads. “I can do whatever I wish!” 
 “King Silverware,” Melissa rolled her eyes. 
 Alaina snickered. “Alright, King Silverware. I'll come see your majesty's throne.” 
 He grinned. “See, Melissa? I told you I was her favorite.” 
 Now it was Alaina's turn to give the eye roll. “My favorite brother.” 
 “Yeah, whatever.” Colin stood, pushed his chair in, and scooped up his plate. “Come on,” he called over his shoulder as he sauntered across the room. 
 Alaina stood and grabbed her own plate and cup. “Catch ya later, favorite sister.” 
 Melissa giggled. “Yeah, okay.” She got up to follow her sister to the garbage can across the room. “I think I'm going to head on in there and get some more practice in.” 
 “I thought you weren't nervous?” Alaina teased. 
 “Well, I–” she started. Then she laughed. “Forget that, will you?” 
 Alaina dumped her plate in the trash and joined her laughter. Thank you, God. I really, really needed this. 
 Alaina was pulled from her quick prayer. “What?” 
 “I know you're missing Aaron alot right now,” Melissa said with a quiet smile. “Always know that I'm here for you, even if you just need to talk. After all, what are sisters for?” 
 Alaina smiled back, the care in her sister’s words forming tears in her eyes. “Thank you, Lis. I do miss him.” 
 Melissa threw away her plate and cup, and gave her sister a hug. 
 “Can't you two be sentimental some other time?” 
 The sisters turned to find Colin standing nearby, arms folded. 
 “I suppose so,” Alaina grinned and dipped into a semi-bow. “I'm at your service, King Silv-...uh, Herod.” 
 Melissa snickered and Colin rolled his eyes. 
 “Oh, come on!” 
 “I'm coming, little brother.” 
 Melissa went off to locate her costume and practice once more with the angels chorus. Alaina followed Colin through the overflowing fellowship towards the door into the sanctuary at the opposite end. 
 “Merry Christmas, Alaina.” 
 She turned to the voice. “Oh, how are you, Mrs. Stiles?” The Stiles’ also had a loved one currently deployed to Afghanistan. Their son, Brian. Alaina felt so blessed to have someone in her church family who understood what she was going through and could relate to how she felt. 
 “Quite well. How are you?” 
 “I'm doing good. Have you heard from Brian lately?” 
 “Yes,” Mrs. Stiles smiled. “I talked to him for awhile the other day. What about Aaron?” 
 Alaina nodded. “We talked on Skype for a couple hours Thursday night. It was wonderful after not talking to him for several weeks. Unfortunately, that probably won't happen for several weeks again, he says.” 
 Mrs. Stiles nodded, understandingly. “If I'm right it was probably more like Friday morning you were talking to him.” She grinned, jokingly. 
 Alaina laughed. “Yes, I believe it was.” 
 “When it's the only way to talk to them, we’ll do anything.” 
 Colin nudged his sister’s arm. “Alaina, I think you should look over there at the–” 
 She shushed him. “Don't interrupt, Colin.” 
 Mrs. Stiles smiled. “I'll let you two get along. Nice speaking with you, Alaina. You know Aaron is in my prayers.” 
 “And Brian is in mine. Thank you, Mrs. Stiles.” Mrs. Stiles walked off and Alaina turned to Colin. “Alright, King Herod. Lead to way.”  
 Colin's eyes widened as he stared behind her. “Um, Alaina...”
 Before she could respond two large, rough hands clamped over her eyes. 
 “Guess who?” someone murmured. 


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  1. No!! You did NOT end it there!!!! Faith, oh my goodness, you are so horrible!
    *clear throat* Okay, I should settle down. Awesome part! I loved it! King Silverware makes me laugh every time I read about him. ;)

    1. Oh, didn't I? B-) Hehe, I am horrible! ;)
      Thank you, Jesseca! I'm rather fond of King Silverware too. :)

  2. No, please say that wasn't the end of the story, Faith!!!! :D This story is so much fun! :) And I agree with Jesseca, King Silverware made me laugh so much. But I think I like Melissa more ;)

    1. But, what if it is the end?... I'm kidding. ;) The conclusion will be posted tomorrow! Thank you, Blessing! I like Melissa too. :)

  3. Ahhhhhh I can't wait for more! Love the sibling interaction :)

    1. Writer's privilege. B-) Thank you, Lauren! The end will be up tomorrow! :D

  4. Oh, Faith, how could you do that to us?!?! :) I'm really enjoying the story. I can't wait for the next part! : )

    1. Aren't I mean?? ;) Thank you, Rebekah! I'm glad you're enjoying it. The rest of the story will be posted tomorrow. ;)