Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Birthday Surprise!

Hello friends!! How are you on this lovely, summery Saturday afternoon? :) This is not the post I had planned for today (that one is coming soon, I promise.) but Mom gave me this idea earlier and I thought it was splendid. :) 

The past year/year and a half has been a difficult one for our family. Leaving a church we'd been at for seven years was tough for everyone. Then going to another church and dealing with the "we-won't-be-here-long-don't-get-attached-again" sort of thing, wasn't easier either. (On a side note, that is the church Dad is now pastor of. Praise God!!) I think all of this was probably the hardest on my little brother. 

Tucker has said many times that he loves getting mail (who doesn't?!) and since his 13th birthday is next Friday, March 18th, I think it would be amazing if a flood of cards and birthday wishes came in. :-) 

Last summer he roped me into playing photographer while he dressed up like Indiana Jones. ;) 

If you wouldn't mind to take a second and send him a card or a quick note, he would love it and I would appreciate it. :) 

He would kill me if he caught wind of this, so don't mention it (I'd like to stay alive). But if you/your family would like to, send me an email (blogger contact form is at the bottom right of this page if you don't have my email!) and I'll send you our mailing address. :) 

Thanks so much guys!! :D 


  1. Oh, what a great idea! I'll try and wrangle all my siblings into signing a card. :) And I've got your address, so we'll get it sent soon! ;)

    1. Haha, good luck. ;) Thanks, Jesseca! :)

  2. What a fun idea! If you could send me your mailing address, I don't think I already have it. I'll try to send one! (We should do this for all the bloggers birthdays too!)

    1. Great! (I messaged you our address.) Yes, that's a great idea. :) Thanks, Bethany!!