Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Get to Know Me Tag!

Hey guys!! :-) Jonathan from Fishing for Ideas tagged me for the Get To Know Me Tag! 

Vital Stats

Name: Faith (like y'all didn't know that...)
Nicknames: Oh, dear. These questions are already getting personal.... Um, okay. Spunky, Spunk, Sissy, Sis, Faithful, and I've often been called...(wait for it) Faithy. *clears throat* 

Place of Birth: North Carolina


Best Friends: The first friend I would consider a 'best friend' would be a girl I met when I went to a private Christian school for kindergarten. We were the only girls (and only kids for that matter) in K-5. Emily and I were pretty close then and for several years after. ;)

Award: Um... I don't know. What exactly is considered an award? I 
can't think of anything that would fall into that category. 

Sport: I don't do sports. B-) 

Real Holiday: Um, what is considered a 'real' holiday? My birthday is in the summer, so I guess Christmas. The first holiday that I can really remember (assuming 'real' means that...) would probably be my fourth Christmas. 

Concert: My own violin recitals. ;) 


Film: These questions are tough. I guess I would have to say Beautiful Dreamer, though I have many favorite movies. ;) The other night I watched Believe in Me again and remembered how much I love that movie too. And of course I love all the Anne of Green Gables movies! :) 

TV Shows: (At least this one is plural.) I Love Lucy, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, The Waltons, The Big Valley, Little House on the Prairie. All the old stuff. ;) 

Color: Blue. A blue/green like the background of Chosen Vessels is a color I really like right now. :) 

Song: You want me to pick one favorite song?! Are you kidding me?!!?!? Axsthimndsxhjhyijnn. My favorite country song is American Honey, my favorite hymn is I'll Fly Away, and my favorite in Christian music (besides everything by Tenth Avenue North!!) is Just Be Held by Casting Crowns. 

Restaurant: It used to be Nick & Nates, but they closed. -_- I really like Mexican food, so any of the Mexican restaurants around here. :) 

Books: But...but...but... There are so many!!! To mention a few... A Cousins Promise by Wanda E, Brunstetter, A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin, Dare by Tricia Mingerink, Interrupted by Rachel Coker, and A Christmas Peril by Diane Moody. 


Feeling: Happy. :) 'Cause it's finally spring! 

Single or Taken:
 Neither...I'm reserved. B-) 

Eating: Cheese! :D 

Watching: Like right now? I'm watching letters appear on the screen in front of me. And I'm backspacing alot of them, because I keep misspelling things and autocorrect is no help. :P Actually, I'm watching Daniel Boone with my family and we're all trying to figure out who killed who. ;) 

Wearing: Green shorts, red t-shirt, and my red Canada hoodie. Like I said, it's finally spring! *cuts a cartwheel through the living room* 


Want children: A house full. ;) 

Want to be married: Yes. :) 

Careers in Mind: Potter, writer, president of the USA, neurosurgeon,...the list goes on and on. ;)  

Where you want to live: You mean after I travel the world? B-) Probably somewhere right here. I love my mountain. :-) 

Do You Believe in

God: Yes!! :) 

Miracles: Yes, again. 

Love at first sight: Hard question, that. I think they're can be such thing as love at first sight, but it don't think it usually 'happens' that way. 

Ghosts: Just the Holy Ghost. ;) 

Aliens: Nope. 

Soul Mates: Um, not exactly. I liked Jonathan's answer to this, that there's not only one 'match' for everyone.

Heaven: Absolutely. 

Hell: Yes, I do. 
Kissing on the first date: Eww, no!! Who wants to kiss someone you've, very possibly, just met?! 

Yourself: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13 KJV :-) 

And I tag... 
Lauren F. @ My Random Ramblings 

If you want to do it (tagged or not) feel free and if not, don't feel obliged. :) 

Here's a repeat of the tag, so it's easier for y'all to copy over. :) 
Vital Stats...  Name: Nicknames: Place of Birth: 
Firsts...  Best Friends: Award: Sport: Real Holiday: Concert: 
Favorites...  Film: TV Shows: Color: Song: Restaurant: Books: 
Currently...  Feeling: Single or Taken: Eating: Watching: Wearing: 
Future...  Want children: Want to be married: Careers in Mind: Where you want to live: 
Do You Believe in...  God: Miracles: Love at first sight: Ghosts: Aliens: Soul Mates: Heaven: Hell: Kissing on the first date: Yourself: 

Thanks for reading all!! I have a neat post coming up in a day or two. I think you'll enjoy it. ;) 


  1. Awesome! It was great to read your answers. I'm super excited about spring too!
    FAITH FOR PREZ!!! Woohoo! I'll be your campaign manager okay?

    1. Thank you, Lauren! So glad you enjoyed reading it. :) YEEEESS!! It was 78F here today and it felt a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! ;)
      Haha, deal! I'll call on you when I'm ready in a few years, okay? ;)

  2. Hehe it seems like everyone has the strangest nicknames. :)

    AND I WOULD TOTES BY YOUR VICE PRESIDENT. Just sayin'. If homeschoolers ruled this country, good things would happen.

    But... you like Anne of Green Gables. *accusing stare* Oh, well, I guess all the girls do. My sister made me watch EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. In like, four days.

    It was brutal.

    1. I know right? It's fun when you're reading everyone else's though. ;)

      Awesome! I've already got a campaign manager and a vice, not bad. ;) Amen! That sounds so much like something my mom said the other day. We were discussing the election and stuff, and I was like "can you imagine what it will be like when my generation is president?" She was like "yeah, the only hope for the country will be homeschooled kids!" XD

      Correction, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables. B-) Your sister MADE you? Aw, poor guy. Well, tell her I said congrats. The only one I can sometimes (like once a decade) get my little bro to watch is the one on WWI. ;)

      Sounds very brutal. Like when I somehow end up watching Tucker's ghastly westerns...on repeat. *gags*

  3. These are my favorite of your answers:

    Single or Taken: Neither...I'm reserved. B-)
    Ghosts: Just the Holy Ghost. ;)

    Those were good. And I agree with them both wholeheartedly! Ah, if only I could go back and change my answers!!
    It was so fun to read your answers! :)

    1. On the first one... I'd seen that somewhere and thought of it when I was answering this. :)
      Second one, that's the only Ghost there is! :D

      Haha, you can totally change your answers...right? LOL.
      I'm glad you enjoyed it, Rebekah! :) Thanks for commenting!

  4. This was a ton of fun to read! I really enjoyed it! I totally agree with you in sports!! Whenever any of my friends get together to play some sort of sport and they try to get me to play, I'm like "really? Are you sure you won't kill me if I cause you to lose?" ;)
    Oh, Daniel Boone!! My sisters got me watching that show, and I actually like it ten times better then I thought I would. :)
    Okay, and just 'cause I'm curious, do you seriously want to run for president someday?And do you really want to be a neurosurgeon?
    Oh, and I love the picture you chose for the 'Single or Taken' question! When I answered it, I *almost* said that I was taken. . .or at least my dad considered it that way. ;) I decided against it. ;P And your answer was ten times better!


    1. Haha, yep. That's totally me with church gatherings. ;) Do you want me to play, or do you want a chance of winning? B-)
      Yeah, Daniel Boone isn't so bad. ;) It's not a favorite of mine and I like some of the episodes better than others, but it's not awful.
      I've always said I'm going to be president one day, but I'm not really interested in all the political stuff, etc. So, no. Not really. ;) And as for neurosurgeon, I got super interested in studying the brain while doing research for "If There is No Second Chance". ;)
      Thank you! :D Haha, that's so funny! xD Yeah, I'm reserved...LOL.

      Thanks for commenting, Jesseca! And I apologize for my response being so late. ;)

  5. Ahh, totally meant to comment on, like, your last three posts and every time I'd go to do it, something would come up! Argh! lol. I love this tag, though, Faith. You would be such a fun president, wouldn't you?! :D

    Might do this tag (someday), if you don't mind! Been havin' some writer's block lately.

    Great answers!!

    1. Haha, I know how that is! :D I've always said I'm going to be president one day...we'll see. ;)

      Absolutely!! Go ahead! :) I would love to see your answers! :)

      Thanks for commenting, Eve! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this!

  6. Thank you so much for tagging me! I'm working on it right now. :)
    I absolutely love your answers to all of the question! Many made me chuckle. And I love the 'reserved' instead of single or taken. Amen! :)

    And yes - *happy sigh* - "A Distant Melody" is one of the greatest books ever. :D

    1. You're so welcome! Oh yay! I can't wait to see your answers. :-)
      Thank you! Yes, amen! That's really how I feel about the matter. :)

      Yay! *sighs with you and does the happy dance* Another "A Distant Melody" fan!!!! :D

    2. :)

      Oh yes, absolutely!! I could hug that book to pieces, except then I wouldn't have it, so I shan't do that...XD But yes, I adore it too!!

    3. Oh, dear, no. Don't hug it to pieces for then you could never again read Walt and Allie's amazing minds. Uh, I mean letters and conversations and... xD

    4. Quite so, and that would be too terribly horrible! I need to read about them over and over. :D

    5. Over and over, forever and ever! :D I've seriously got some lines memorized. It's ridiculousness. XD

    6. That is so great!! I love it. XD

  7. I had a lot of fun reading this, Faith! :)
    I am with you on the sports question. ;) I don't do any either.
    Oh yes, "A Distant Melody" is really good! "A Cousin's Promise" is too. :D
    I really liked your single or taken question. ;)

    1. I'm so glad, Rebekah! :D Thank you!
      I'm not good at any sports (I'm not even kidding) and I don't enjoy any either. :P
      Both are those are such amazing books! Love them. ;)
      Haha, thank you! I remembered seeing that somewhere, so I had to use it. ;)

  8. Thanks for tagging me! I loved reading your answers. :) Especially your "reserved" one. I'm tempted to use that as my answer. :D

    1. You're so welcome, Lauren! :) I'm glad you enjoyed, and I look forward to reading your answers. Haha, feel free! ;)

  9. Hey I might vote for you as president ;)haha!! This was super fun to read!

    1. Haha, yay! XD I'm glad you enjoyed it, Rishona! Thanks for commenting. :)

  10. You've gained a follower! I loved learning random facts about people and "Beautiful Dreamer" looks awesome! Thanks for checking out my blog :)

    1. Aww, thank you!! *smiles* Yes, I that too. :) And "Beautiful Dreamer" IS amazing!! It's like the movie that I loooove and like no one else has heard of. ;) Thank you for checking out mine! :-)

      You've probably been told this before, but the spelling of your name is SOO pretty!! My compliments to your creative parents. ;)

      Thanks for commenting and following, Abigayle!!