Sunday, February 5, 2017

Photoshoot // My Book Came + Dogs

Okay, so, last Tuesday...the day before my Lulu order was SUPPOSED TO arrive, it came. A day early. *hyperventilates* I mean, it wasn't really a surprise because I may or may not have been obsessively stalking the tracking thingymajing. *cough cough* 

SO YES. After asking Mom every ten minutes when the mail would come, and why wasn't it there yet, and WHAT IF THEY TOOK IT TO THE WRONG HOUSE (OHMYGOODNESS), it came. I walked over to check the mail and it was tthhhheerrreeeee. 

So...yeah. It's like 134 pages of BEAUTIFULNESS. *huggles it* *pets the gorg cover* #timeforaphotodump

(Wanna know another little something special? It arrived on my 16-and-a-half birthday. ^_^) 

As soon as I got it out of the packaging, before even starting home :D 

A little while later, the photoshoot began on the floor of my room... 

Ignore my messy boxes over there in the distance XD 

You get a sneak peek of chapter one -- feel special ;) 

*covers eyes* It needs so much work. 

Then later in the evening, I took my precious baby outside for more photo-love :) 

And my OTHER precious baby was watching <3 

Then I traipsed off down through the field and took a multitude of pictures in da purty grasses :D 

*squeals* I'm so happy with the thickness, eeps!!! XD  

I had least they weren't blocking the sunlight. :P And my shadow looks cold... 

Da skkkyyyyyyyy

And of course I kept getting sidetracked from the actual PURPOSE of the picture-taking... ;) 

"We are her favorites. Hurt her and you our teeth. We be vicious." 

The cover is SO FAB Y'ALL. *flails* 

Pssh. Yeah, the Kid was ignoring us. :P 

This little brown-eyed darling flopped on to my lap... *pants* Goodness, he weighs a lot. 

Back to the book XD

"Excuse me? I'm still here. Forget the book." 

And when I finally got the doggies out of my lap, I took pictures with my flip-flops and the lovely book ^.^ 

That wraps it up! Hope y'all enjoyed, and that that wasn't toooo many pictures. :P Can ya tell I'm excited? Maybe? Just a little?! *grins* 

Back to editing, 


  1. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. CONGRATS, FAITH <3333 what size did you get?? I just adore my book from lulu *hugs it*

    1. IT IS, IT IS. THANK YOOOUUU. <3 I got 5.5 x 8.5 and it's perfect. Hehe, me too. *cant stop touching it* XD

  2. YAY!! This is just SO exciting, Faith!!!! :D
    I absolutely love all of the pictures!!!!! :) :)

    1. Eeps, it is! :D
      Thank you, I'm so glad!! <3

  3. Whoohoo! Fun pictures, Faith! And yes, congrats, congrats, congrats! I hope editing goes well for you. :)
    (Your doggies are so cute! ^.^)
    So you recommend LuLu for getting proof copies like this, yes? I'm just always keeping my ears open for easier editing options. XD

    1. Thanks, Raechel! :D *beams* Aww, thanks. It's going pretty well so far...besides the fact that I'm a both three days behind schedule, hehe.
      (They're adorable ^_^ <3)
      Yes, I do!!! Lulu was very self-explanatory, especially for someone like me who's constantly like "am I doing this right?" :P It was really great, definitely recommend!

  4. Congratulations!! It's an absolutely beautiful book!! All these bloggers printing their books on Lulu makes me reaaaally want to do it. Maybe I'll have to sometime! ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Aww, thank you, Lydia!! :) Hehe, that's what convinced me to do it...and you totally should! It's awesome to hold a book I wrote in my hands. :D

  5. So pretty and beautiful and I'm very proud of you, Faith! It looks amazing and awesome. Great job! :D

  6. AHH!!!! OH MY WORD!! IT IS SO AWESOME AND PRETTY AND SHINY AND DOES IT SMELL GOOD? CONGRATULATIONS FAITH! Wow, it must be amazing to hold YOUR BOOK in your hands... in all of it's tremendous glory. =D The cover is soo cool.
    Oh, your dogs are so cute! ;D They seem very proud of you, too!

    1. AHHH!! THIS COMMENT!! <3 *laughs* YES YES IT DOES. I told Mom that it smelled good one day and she's like "you sniff books?" XD THANK YOU, ANGELA!! Yeessss. Such a fabulous feeling. Can't describe it. ^_^ Hehe, I'm a bit in love with the cover...a bit.
      They are precious!! My sweet boys. <3

  7. It's gorgeous, Faith! Great job! I love the cover and my favorite pic is the ones of it and the sky. Cute doggies too! ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Bethany!! :D Oohh, yes, I'm quite pleased with how that picture turned out. :) Hehe, aren't they tho? XD