Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When Calls the Heart ~ Second Chances ~ Day Two

Good morning everyone! Welcome back to day two of the When Calls the Heart blog party!! :D Click here for yesterday's ramble-filled post with the party tag and all the details on how to participate.

Today I'll be sharing a review sort of post of one of my favorite When Calls the Heart episodes – Second Chances, from season one. (On individual episodes, this would be Second Chances and Peril of the Soloists.) Lots of spoilers so if, for some absurd reason, you haven't seen this, I don't suggest reading further. xD  

~ Synopsis 
Abigail is encouraged to reopen Coal Valley's dilapidated and abandoned cafe and make it her own after Elizabeth raves about Abigail's baking. Jack accidentally insults Elizabeth as he fumbles to confess his feelings for her. One of Elizabeth's students has trouble reading so she enlists Jack's help for a creative solution.
Elizabeth and Abigail move into rooms above Abigail's cafe. The only surviving miner from the explosion comes home from the hospital with a shocking surprise. Elizabeth and her students must put on the Coal Valley Founders' Day play on short notice.

~ My Thoughts 
This is one of my favorite episodes, because... It just has SO much good stuff in it (including oodles of Jack and Elizabeth adorableness <3). I've tried to break it up by each thing that happens so that this flows fairly smoothly. And I'll try to refrain from too many rabbit trails. *ahem* 

Abigail   I really loved Abigail's part in this show. How she lays aside her grief over her husband and son, and makes the decision to step out on her own. She's so bold when she goes to Gowen with her proposition, and doesn't back down or entirely give into his demands. 

The opening on Abigail's Café gave way to a lot of possibilities in the plot of the show. I was glad that Elizaveth moved to the rooms above the café with Abigail. And of course, now that she lives in the heart of town, a certain Mountie isn't so far away. *cough* 
I was left snickering over the part where Jack asks Abigail for advice concerning Elizabeth. The whole 'bear', 'fox', and 'deer' story...did he really think she wouldn't see right through that?! :P 

Jack and Elizabeth  Considering how Jack and Elizabeth's relationship was going at the end of the previous episode (The Dance), it was fun to see how they gained back what they had before. Elizabeth is a bit hurt by Jack's protectiveness, but he's really just looking out for her. 

*sigh* Yes, I know, so sweet. <3 And then...along comes the intelligence test and Elizabeth takes Jack up on his offer. I believe it can be said that their relationship is definitely on the mend by this point in the show. 

I just love this exchange. *grins* So, yes, Elizabeth grills Jack through the test, which even includes him paying her a compliment. The first being some remark about her teaching skills -- and then after asking to change his answer which Elizabeth reluctantly allows -- he says she looks "really beautiful tonight." Awww, yes, I totally ship them. <3 <3 

This paarrrtttttt. <3 So yeah. After Elizbeth gives Jack the intelligence test (he passed, in case you had doubts), he decides to 'return the favor'. I loved the part where Jack is holding her test results above his head, Elizabeth tries to grab them, and then the realize everyone is watching them. *grins* 

Bo   What was the point of the intelligence test, you ask? Well, you see Elizabeth had this student who was having difficulties learning to read. After some research, she decided the intelligence test was a good route to take to determine the reason why Bo was having trouble, so she could better help him. (She's such a dear. :)) She gave the test to Guinea Pig Jack first in the saloon, and later to Bo. And...he aced it. 

So how come he scored so high on the test, but can't read simple sentences? I wondered the same thing, and I'm pretty sure Bo's father did too. (Who, for the record, I did not like at all until the end. But back to the show...)  

As the test determines, Bo is suffering from dyslexia. With Elizabeth's special tutoring (and Abigail's cookies...hehe), he is soon reading and learning and *nods*. It's all so lovely. ^.^

Adam Miller   If you're like me, then this is what you think of first when you think of this episode. However, since he doesn't actually come home until later in the episode, I decided to hold it off until here. So yeah...the only miner who survives the mine disaster (which is excruciatingly sad in itself, when you think about it. 

I just loved this storyline with Adam returning home to a different sort of life with his wife, and their sweet daughters who really don't understand what's going on. (They were just so cute. ^_^) This even brought out a hint of compassion in Henry Gowen...very faint, but it was there briefly. ;) 

Just LOOK!! They're so cute!! :D I was so happy with how this part of the show wrapped-up, with Adam returning home to his family (after a long mostly-one-sided conversation with Jack to help him put things in perspective). The ending was so sweet with Adam and the oldest of the girls. <3 

Founders' Day   Now for the last thing I have to ramble about, hehe. The Founders' Day play, although thrown together at the last minute, was successful. But it wouldn't have been complete without a backdrop...painted by a mysterious do-gooder. (Pfft. As if we don't know who it was.) When Elizabeth confronted Jack about it... *laughs* I wonder if she ever did figure that out... ;) 

Hope you enjoyed! What's your favorite WCTH episode? :D Be sure to hop over and check out Rebekah's post for today! 



  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Faith!!!! <3
    Oh, I love your review. I actually just watched this episode the other day so it’s fresh in my mind. ;)
    I loved it when Abigail renovated the café and opened it. :) Oh yes, I though it was so funny when Jack was asking Abigail’s advice and was telling her the story with him as ‘the bear’. ;)
    I really liked when Elizabeth gave Jack the intelligence test. Then when he gave it two her. *sighs* They’re so sweet. :)
    Both stories in this episode are wonderful and sweet!
    Oh, the backdrop!!! So sweet! <3 Then when Elizabeth’s students found that little picture of her and Jack. =) I loved how Elizabeth went to Jack to tell him about it and he just pretended he had no idea who would’ve done that. ;) *laughs*

    1. Happy belated Valentines Day, Rebekah!! <3
      Oh yeah? This show is sooo good. ^_^ I wanna watch it again soon.
      Same here! It was good to see her sorta moving on. :D I know! It was kinda cute too. ;)
      *beams* *happy sigh* They are!! That's one of my favorite moments with them. <3
      Hehe, it really was!! Abigail figured him out right away, but Elizabeth seems clueless. ;) *laughs with you* It's so good!

  2. Aaahhh! I LOVE When Calls the Heart! <3 I am so glad that I found your blog. :D

    1. Ahhh, me too!! :D Awww, that's great. I'm so glad you did too. :)

  3. Oh yes - we know Jack painted that backdrop! (and it was GORGEOUS) hahahaaa I loved it when the kinds found the little mini painting of *coughcough* Jack and Elizabeth. XD And then Jack acts like he has no idea... Speaking of, do you think they'll finally let Elizabeth find out it was Jack who painted it (also so we Hearties can just know for sure)? ;)

    1. *grins* You bet we know it! (It waassss.) Haha, I know! That was so cute! "Come see for yourself, Mrs. Thatcher." XD Yeah, lol, he played dumb really well. :P Oh, I hope so!! We really need to know, don't we?! :D OH! It should be...at their wedding. OR! Jack could show her, fess up, and then propose. *nods* *is thinking outloud* XD