Monday, February 13, 2017

When Calls the Heart ~ Blog Party ~ Day One

*comes in bouncing excitedly with lots of coffee and bagels and happiness* 

Good morning, everyone!!! :D *passes out bagels and coffee* Assuming you haven't already seen the title...and the graphic...and there's no way you could've already heard because this has been kept under-wraps... WELCOME TO THE WHEN CALLS THE HEART BLOG PARTY!!!! :D :D 

Sometime around the first of the year, I suggested this party to my friend, Rebekah. Being the lovely gal who convinced me to watch this show (yes, she's to blame for my latest obsession *ahem*), she was insanely for it. And what better time to have such a party, we decided, than the week of Valentine's Day?! :D This may or may not have something to with me re-watching the entire series and scouring Pinterest and Google for WCTH images. *grins* 

Anywho... Rebekah and I will each have a post every day this week, so be sure to hang around. ;) 

~ Details 
What: A delightfully fun When Calls the Heart blog party and linkup hosted by Rebekah and Faith 
When: February 13th – February 18th

So yes. To put it lightly, this is going to be a super awesome party -- six whole days of scrumptious When Calls the Heart goodness. *nods* 

~ Tag 
Ahh, yes. What would a blog party be without a delightfully entertaining collection of tag questions? ;) Rebekah and I had oodles of fun coming up with these and today we will each be answering them to jump-start the party. :) 

**may contains spoilers if you haven't seen aallll episodes** 

1. What's your favorite season of When Calls the Heart? 
Ahh, so hard. I really loved season one (gotta love the beginnings, huh? ;)), and season three was fabulous. Season two wasn't my favorite, but it still had some good stuff. So, I don't know. Season one, I guess. ;) 

2. Who is your favorite character and why? 
*whispers* Rebekah, why did we make these so hard? 

Jack, Elizabeth, Lee, Rosemary, Abigail... Goodness, I even love the minor characters! For the sake of time, let's just say Rosemary and move on.. ;) 

3. Who is your least favorite character and why?
*begins making a list* Nora, Gowen, Dottie, Charles, Faith (in season two, I liked her more in season 3)... Okay, okay. I'll stop. Nora is probably the worst in my humble opinion. The way she treated Abigail when she first made in appearance on the show... *shakes head* 

4. When did you first start watching When Calls the Heart?
Sometime in September of 2016. :) I had heard a lot about the show and so when I saw the first three episodes were on CBD for a couple bucks, I grabbed them. Pretty sure they were $6.99 only because they know you will HAVE TO have more. ;) So yeah. Now I've watched most of the episodes like 3+ times. :P 

5. Do you have a favorite couple from the show? If so, who and why are they your favorites?
I have a TON!! I mean, the entire show is like one big relationship that has a ton of problems. *laughs* And yet it's just so lovable. :D 

Jack and Elizabeth, obviously. Like when he teaches her to ride a horse...or in the mine with Rip...or when Jack has to go and try to die and Elizabeth goes to find him. <3 <3 <3 

I also really liked Bill and Abigail...while they lasted. But, well, y'all know how that ended. *makes face* (But it was STILL cute and sweet when he bought Gowen's share of the café <3) 

Lee and Rosemary... Need I say more?! They are so. darn. cute. <33 <3 I am expecting lots of loveliness with them on season 4... (Hear that, Hallmark?) 

6. Do you have a favorite quote from the show?
*grins* Oh, yes. So many. Here's one of my top favorites... 

Because Rosemary is golden. <3 

7. What are your thoughts on Rosemary LeVeaux? Did you like her right away or did she grow on you? 
I definitely did not like her right away. I'm over here all "eww, who is this red-wearing creep? Get your hands off Jack, woman." But yeah, she grew on me sooo much. :) Her and Lee are practically the cutest thing that ever happened AND her humor is superb. ^_^ 

(As my little bro put it when I was reading these questions out loud... "I loved her from the beginning. She's awesome." XD) 

8. Have you read the When Calls the Heart book series? 
Nope! But I recently got the first book in the series and so I'm hoping to read it soon!! :D 

9. Was there anything in season 3 that surprised you? (characters, plots, etc…) 
*coughs* *sputters* *pulls out the list* Weellll... Definitely Bill and Dottie. Like woah. *staggers backwards* I did not see that coming. Maybe it's because I don't like Dottie (like, she worked for GOWEN. Bill, what are you THINKING??) that I find them a bit odd...I don't know. But that definitely surprised me. 

Let's see...what else... OH! Jesse and Frank and all that with the gang. *shakes head* I was suspicious of Frank from the start (Faith is still pouting about how Bill and Abigail were ripped apart so it makes perfect sense to blame Frank *nods), but I wasn't expecting ALL THAT. And now Clara and Jesse are a thing, and they're cute, but I still want to know what happened to that nice guy who took Clara to the ice cream social... *sigh* 

And then Jack's mom, Charlotte. Like, whaaa?? When Jack was going to answer the door, I'm like "noooo!! Take a gun!!" I just knew whoever it was was going to kill him. And then he's like "Mom?" I about died. "Jack, what?! I thought your mom was a schoolteacher not a highwayman!!" :P 

10. What do you foresee happening in season 4? (Be creative and as detailed as you look :)) 
Hehe, well, I asked these questions to my mom as I was working on them. She has some interesting speculations...but I'm not going to share all of them here. ;) My thoughts on the subject... 

-- Dearest Jack, do all our hearts a favor and give Elizabeth the ring. We know you still have it. (Unless you like, loaned it to Lee or something, but...) And then hurry up and MARRY her before some other dude shows up, unintentionally wrecking things! Signed, a loyal viewer 

-- Dearest Rosemary, change your mind about those sticky children with diapers. You and Lee would be AMAZING parents and it would be so darlingly adorable. Signed, a quoter of your goldeness 

-- Dearest Julie, please show up in Hope Valley. I'm beginning to think you took Tom hostage and headed off to some foreign continent like Antartica. I would not put it past you two to do something so impulsive and wreckless. Instead, you two should grow up, get married, and set up housekeeping in Hope Valley. Tom can work at the mill. And hopefully Jack and Elizabeth will need you two to be in their wedding soon. Signed, a concerned friend 

So now it's your turn. Grab these questions and a graphic (one at the top and two below) and run with it! Link back to Rebekah or me and leave your link on one (or both) of our blogs so we can check it out :D And the fun doesn't end there!! Come up with your own idea for a WCTH themed post and take part in the party!! :D 

~ Questions 
1. What's your favorite season of When Calls the Heart? 
2. Who is your favorite character and why? 
3. Who is your least favorite character and why?
4. When did you first start watching When Calls the Heart?
5. Do you have a favorite couple from the show? If so, who and why are they your favorites? 
6. Do you have a favorite quote from the show?
7. What are your thoughts on Rosemary LeVeaux? Did you like her right away or did she grow on you? 
8. Have you read the When Calls the Heart book series? 
9. Was there anything in season 3 that surprised you? (characters, plots, etc…) 
10. What do you foresee happening in season 4? (Be creative and as detailed as you look :)) 

~ Graphics 

Have a blessed day everyone!! :) *wiggles fingers and scampers off to read Rebekah's post



    Wait, you’re blaming me for your obsession to When Calls the Heart? Well, that’s okay. I take great joy in getting people hooked on this show. *wink*
    Ahh!! I’ve had so much fun getting pictures and all too! I finally started my When Calls the Heart marathon. ;)
    *whispers back* I have no clue why we made these questions so hard. ;) I mean, who can choose a favorite character? There’s so many great ones!
    Oh yes, Nora. She’s quite awful.
    There are so many fabulous couples in this show! <3
    Bill and Abigail were cute while they lasted. Oh, it was wonderful when Bill bought Gowen’s share of the café!! :D
    “Never commit your heart unless there is jewelry”. I love that quote! :D Rosemary is definitely a quotable character. ;)
    Yes! You must read When Calls the Heart soon and let me hear your thoughts!!
    I was a bit suspicious about Frank from the beginning as well, but I came to like him quickly. Then I got confused about him in season 3 with all the gang stuff, but now I like him again. ;) Oh yes, the guy who took Clara to the ice cream social. His name was Luke wasn’t it?
    I was SO shocked about Jack’s mom! I felt the exact way that you did!!
    Oh yes!! Lee and Rosemary would make such sweet parents!! They definitely need to have some kids. Julie and Tom should come back into the show too. I mean there story was kinda just left hanging.
    This was so fun to read, Faith!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!! :D

    1. *is three days late to reply, but...* ME TOOOOO!!!! :D *dances*
      Well, OF COURSE I am. *wink* I'm definitely hooked. :P
      Oh, yay! I'm about ready to start another WCTH marathon. Especially of S3 since I've probably seen those the least. ;)
      *grins* I didn't realize it until I started answering them, but we certainly didn't make it very easy on ourselves. :P
      Nora... *makes face* I don't understand her.
      There arreeee!! <3
      They were... :P It was!! I was so glad Bill bought it instead of that awful other guy. ;)
      Me too!! *laughing* Hehe, she is! And her quotes are so good too. <3
      YESS!! I definitely will! :D *whispers* Would you wanna discuss it with meee??
      Hehe, same here. I was so confused by all the gang stuff, and even now I keep thinking that there's something from his past that has yet to come to mind. Maybe I've just read too many mysteries. ;)
      Oh yes! I think his name was Luke. They were so cute! :)
      It was quite shocking! She's not what I expected for Mrs. Thornton.
      They would!! <3 That would be so cute. And I wanna see Julie and Tom re-surface too! Yup, Hallmark left us hanging there. :P
      Thanks!! :D

    2. Hehe, well, I have to say that I’m glad that you’re hooked on the show. ;) It’s so fun to have somebody to talk to about it!! Well, I of course am always talking about it to my family, but let’s just say that you’re a bit more enthusiastic about it then them. ;) ;)
      Yeah, the questions were a bit hard! Especially who is your favorite character. I have too many favorites! ;)
      I would LOVE to discuss “When Calls the Heart” with you when you get a chance to read it! :)

    3. Hehehe... ;) Well, my family probably gets tired of hearing about it from me, so discussing it with you is great for me too. ;)
      Me too! Favorites are so hard to pick with...literally everything I like. :P
      Okay, great!! :D I wanna start the Millie Keith series first, but I hope to read that one soon. :)

    4. Hehe, oh good! ;)
      I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. :)
      Eeps!! Yes, yes, the Millie books!! :D I definitely would still love to discuss those with you, when you read them!! :D

    5. Awesome!! :D
      *beams* I'm really looking forward to those! I have the first one laying on my desk to start as soon as I finish some review books. ;) Yay!! :)

  2. THIS. PARTY. BEST PARTY EVER!! I'm so excited for this!! I LOVE this show! My sister and I started watching it as soon as the first season aired on Hallmark, then I remember holding a season 2 marathon with my best friend who adores the show but hadn't seen a single episode of season two since she was at college. Then of course seasons three was great last year :D
    I agree with practically everything you said. Especially Rosemary and Nora. Hated Rosemary with a passion when she showed up. I was mad Hallmark brought her in, but now she's probably my favorite character after Abigail (gotta love Lori Loughlin :D) Nora...*shudders*
    I hope to answer these questions on my own blog soon!

    1. YES YES I AGREE!! :D Hehe, me too! Obviously. :P Oh, awesome! You've been a fan the entire time, when I've only been one for a couple months now. ;D
      I know! That seems to be common -- that everyone hated Rosemary at first. Hallmark did a great job at turning her character around toward you couldn't HELP but love her. (After she got away from Jack, of course. *ahem*) Yes, Abigail is so sweet!! <3 Nora? Bleh.
      Yay! I loved seeing your answers this morning! :D

  3. OH YOU GUYS GOOD IDEA!!!! Oh. my. word. About Rosemary -- SAME SAME SAME. My favorite season was S3! I like Lee and Rosemary too! And Bill and Abigail! I got to watch the recent Christmas movie, and...let's just say, Bill was fantastic! I hope he and Abigail get back together!

    For season 4? I think Rosemary and Lee are gonna have a baby, and maybe a Jack-Elizabeth proposal? BECAUSE YES, JACK, WE KNOW YOU STILL HAVE THE RING. (*cough* Charles ruiiiinnned it) I don't like Charles either - or Nora. And then Gowen can be kind of confusing at times... right? YES WHAT HAPPENED TO JACK'S LIL BRO AND JULIE?!?! Is it just me or was Julie making an ominous call at the end of season two, and they haven't said a word??? #confusion

    1. I KNOW! Aren't we just so smart to think of this?! XD *laughing* Rosemary is golden now. Her and Lee! <33 Season three was great! I know, I really liked Bill and Abigail together too. :( Ahhh, no spoilers. *covers eyes* I haven't seen it yet. XD

      Aww, yes! We Hearties definitely need a Coulter baby. :P I hope he proposes!!! (Ugh, IKR. Like, get lost Charles. If you want a Thather sister, go pester Viola and what's-his-name. Just leave Elizabeth and Jack ALONE.) Yeah, Gowen is awful, but he's kinda vital to the cast too. ;) IM DYING TO KNOOOWWWW. Yeah, yeah, she was. She made a weird phone call and then left home and like, disappeared. O.o #help #weneedanexplanationHallmark

      *whispers* Micaiah, you should do the taggggg.

    2. Yes, yes, very smart. ;D *nods* she's pretty fab. ;) Her and Lee together also = greatness. XD IKR I miss them together!! I HOPE THEY GET BACK TOGETHER OKAY. OOOH no spoilers from this corner. I wouldn't dare.

      YES. A Coulter baby!!! Seriously, Jack needs to propose already. ;) (hahaaaa xD I think all the Thatcher sisters are taken already, Charles. *whispers* I think we've seen the last of him, though, right? Would he dare come back when Elizabeth turned down a marriage proposal?!?!) SERIOUSLY HALLMARK, WHAT HAPPENED TO JULIE?!!! I was confused when they didn't even bring her up in season three...ever... like what's going on?!

      *whispers* I should shouldn't I? I want to, it just might be a while. XD

    3. Lee and Rosemary are so cuutteeee. <3 Epic greatness. *nods* Haha! *is sorta silently hoping for that too* We shall see what S4 brings I suppose... ;) *snickers*

      Wouldn't that be adorbs?! :D Hehe, he does. (Charles, ugghhhh. I don't know, but he BETTER NOT come back!! XP) HALLMARK MICAIAH AND I HAVE QUESTIONS!!! the end of the season, I'm like "but...but...BUT!!!" Maybe they forgot her...

      YES DO IT!!! Hey, that don't matter. ;)

  4. Yay! This is so exciting! I'm totally doing the tag, because When Calls the Heart is amazing. I don't think I need to say anything more. XD

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Yay!! Yes, you should totally do the tag, Lydia!! :D I would love to see your answers!! Hehe, nope you don't. ;)


    Ahem. Anywayyy....Faith and Rebekah, this is an AMAZING idea!! Sorry I'm commenting so late...all this fun going on and I didn't even know it! :/ I'm really gonna try and do the looks like SO much fun!! *kicks pile of school away and ignores it* *guilty grin*
    And haha, I'm gonna get a lot of spoilers here, ain't I? I've only watched up to Season 2, Netflix is taking foreverrrr with Season 3. But seriously? Jack hasn't proposed in Season 3 yet? Jeepers he likes to take his time xD


      Isn't it AWESOMENESS?! :D Ahhh, I sorry! I should've shot you a message about this earlier in the week, huh? ;) Yes, do the tag! Haha, well, you have an extra week for those ASL assignments, sooo... :P
      *laughs* Uhh, yes, you are. So you've seen all but season three or you've only seen season one? *is a tad confused*'s hasn't. Season four, I hope. ;)

    2. Hehe, sorry, didn't mean to be so confusing xD I've seen all except season three ;) We left off where Jack was gonna propose 'cept that nasty Charles had to come and do it first and Jack was left standing outside the school house with that stricken look on his face and yeahhhh....

    3. Hehe, you're good. ;) Ohhh okay. ACK I KNOW!! I seriously ordered the S3 DVDs the next day after (somehow) enduring that part. Like, Charles WHY?! So yeah. *nods* I pity you having to wait for S3,'s worth it and SOOOO good!! :D