Saturday, February 18, 2017

When Calls the Heart ~ Blog Party Wrap-up ~ Day Six

Happy Saturday morning to ye! Today is the last day of the WCTH blog party with my dear friend Rebekah. *sigh* I hate to see it go, but it's been sooo much fun. :D 

If you missed any of the posts (Rebekah and I both had one every day), scroll through my blog archives and click here to do the same with Rebekah's. :) Also, Lauren Stoner did the WCTH tag, so click over to her blog and read her fun answers. :D 

Rebekah has some fun, random pictures from the show up today, so make sure you don't miss her post. And I'm going to share some humorous pictures and some off-the-set snapshots. 

I LOVE this part! Elizabeth and Jack trying to make Cody laugh is so funny. :D And yes...I have tried's harder than it looks. ;) 

So cute. <3 

Hehe, I was snickering when I came across this picture. Jack, Frank, and Gowen hanging out together? This is obviously not during filming. :P 

Julie, Elizabeth, and Tom are trying to look so serious, and then Jack's just over there like "I didn't get the memo. What are we doing again?" XD 

Another wonderful Lee and Rosemary moment! :)

Haha, love this :D 

The Mounties! 

Awww! I love B&W pics. :) 

And lastly...what we're all hoping for in season I right? 

Hope everyone enjoyed this blog party as much as I did!! :D 

Also, a quick non-WCTH note for y'all... For anyone who might be interested in beta-reading Dandelion Dust, the signup and details will be posted tomorrow. :) 



  1. This has been such a fun week, Faith! I’ve enjoyed each and everyone of your posts! :D
    I love all the fun pictures you posted! Hehe, that first one. That part was great. And yes, trying to get a spoon to stay on your nose is definitely harder than it seems. ;)
    I had to snicker at that third picture too. Jack, Frank, and Gowen definitely wouldn’t be spending time like that in the show. ;)
    Those Lee and Rosemary moments when Rosemary is fussing over Lee because of his cut foot is great!
    YES! That last picture is totally what I’m hoping for!!! :D
    Again, this party has been SUPER fun!!!

    Beta-reading signups tomorrow?!?! YAY!! I will totally be signing up!! Oh, I’m so excited!! :D

    1. It has been for me too, Rebekah!! :D Aww, thanks! Yours have been awesome as well! :D
      Same here! It was. ;) Hehe, I take it you've attempted to mimic Jack and Elizabeth's antics as well? ;)
      Haha, I know, right! It was a bit comical when I noticed it. :P
      Yes, they're so cute!! :) And when she's talking to him and she thinks he's asleep...but he's not. <3
      ME TOOO!!! :D
      It really has been. So glad you've enjoyed it too! :D

      *grins* YES!! Thanks! I'm super excited too!! :D

    2. Aww...thank you, Faith!! :) I'm glad you liked my posts.
      Hehe, yes, I have attempted it before. ;)
      Yes, that picture is quite funny. When I first saw it I guess I didn't look close enough and thought Gowen was Lee. Then I saw what you had written underneath the picture and was like, "Wait, what?" ;)
      YES! When Rosemary was talking to Lee when she thought he was sleeping, but he really wasn't. <3
      I can't wait to find out if Jack will ask. =) I mean he just has too, right?

    3. *grins* Mom and I tried it not long after seeing that episode. ;)
      Haha! Yeah, at a glance Gowen could be mistaken for Lee in that picture. :P It was just so funny though!
      Yes, awww!! That part was so sweet. <3 And not long before that when Faith locked Rosemary out of the room...hehe. ;)
      HE HAS TO!! If he doesn't in S4 there better be a very good reason for it...and not a reason like Charles, ick!

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