Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When Calls the Heart ~ Hearts in Question ~ Day Three

Greetings everyone! Welcome to day three of this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious party!! :D 

Today I have another episode review for y'all, this time of one of my favorite season three episode-- Hearts in Question! :) 

~ Synopsis 
Jack welcomes an unexpected visit from his mother Charlotte, while Elizabeth struggles to find common ground with her; Abigail and Frank make their courtship official; Rosemary begins planning her dream wedding to Lee. After a landslide puts one of Hope Valley's own in grave danger, the strength of a town is tested.

(On individual episodes, this would be Hearts in Question and Prayers from the Heart.

~ My Thoughts 
Again, I'm breaking it up into like sub-categories. Also, major spoilers if you haven't see ALL of season three. XD 

Charlotte   Yup, Jack's mother. Honestly, I did not know WHAT to think of her at first. As I mentioned Monday, when she first showed up in town I thought she was a highwayman that was going to like kill Jack or something (and THAT would've been awful). By the end of the episode, I was okay with her. She's still not what I was expecting as Jack's schoolteacher, raised-two-boys-on-her-own mother. But her and Elizabeth's discussion of "unmentionables" is golden. :P 

Rosemary and Lee   So, these two are finally making wedding plans, yayyyyy!! (I mean, Jack is obviously in no hurry for such things, but I don't mind settling for Lee and Rosemary. ;)) This part with Rosemary wanting this and, name cards, and music... Poor Lee. :P 

THIS PART!! Gahh, I love this part. <3 <3 Lee and Rosemary are meeting with Preacher Frank to discuss the wedding at whatnot. They're saying how they 'agree on everything' and want the same things. Which leads a slight disagreement about children and two of my favorite Rosemary quotes. ^.^ 
"Children are so...sticky."   and    "And Lee, do you know what's in those diapers." 
*beams* Next segment... 

Henry and Nora   This picture cracks me because it's obviously not while shooting and Gowen's face... *dies* Okay, so this isn't exactly it's own plotline, as they've been a thing for a little while by this episode, but when Henry suddenly decides to skip town. Under the cover of darkness. And they wreck. And Bill finds them. 

And then the season ends and we don't even know what happens!! *dies* O.o  

Settlers and Mine Diaster   There are a lot of new settlers in the valley, and Elizabeth and the schoolchildren have been making friends with them. But then word comes to town that there's been a disaster at the silver mine where a lot of the men from the settlers camp work. A group of rescuers from Hope Valley set out with loaded wagons to help. 

While carrying news from the mine back to town, Jesse realizes that there's a jam of logs in the river which, with the rising water, is about to give way. He rushes to tell everyone in town, which is mostly women. They take off to the settlement of new settlers, who would be flooded out if/when the jam gives way. 

Jack   Most nerve-wracking part of the show... After finding out that a little girl from the settlement is missing, Jack shows up just in time to go after her -- sending everyone else back to Hope Valley. Like, I seriously feel like I watched that in slow motion the first time. I'm over here like OHMYGOODNESS. *complete silence* And then Mom "what just happened?" 

So yes. Very dramatic. :D I LOVE the emotions when the little girl tells Elizabeth and Lee "the water took him away." Awwww! :'( <3 

After Elizabeth and the guys find Lee, time passes and the townsfolk hold a prayer vigil for their favorite Mountie. (Okay, okay. Everyone's favorite Mountie xD) 

<3 So yeah. I can't find a decent picture of how that ends, but I believe y'all know. ;) 

Wedding   Yes, I knoooww. After all the turmoil of the show, it has to have a sweet ending. ^_^ *throws out a handful of wedding pictures* 

Of course Elizabeth caught the bouquet... :) 

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P.S. Sorry this post is so late! It's been a crazy morning. :P 


  1. This has been such a fun week so far, Faith! I’m so excited for the rest of the posts!! :D
    Hearts in Question is a great episode. The season finale too! =)
    Charlotte. Yes, definitely not what I was expecting… like at all! ;)
    Lee and Rosemary! <3 YES! Their meeting with Frank is just soooo hilarious!
    Mr. Gowen and Nora. Hehe, yes, that picture is definitely not from while they were shooting. ;) Gowen is never that happy. ;)
    Oh yes, Jesse practically saves the day by letting the women know about the log jam. ;) ;)
    Jack!! This part of the show was definitely nerve-wracking! Let’s just say I’m glad that things ended on a happy note there. :)
    Awww…the wedding! It was super sweet! <3
    Yay! Elizabeth caught the bouquet! :)

    1. It really has been! Me too! I'll hate to see it go. ;)
      Hehe, yes! This one ended a bit better than the S2 finale... *wink*
      I know, right?! I was sooo surprised by her! :P
      Eeeps!! <3 They're so sweet and yes, haha, that scene is amazing. :)
      *laughing* Hahaha, I know! It's so weird to see them character. No, never! ;)
      Hehe, yes, he did! He sorta redeemed himself for me in the S3 finale when he warned everyone. ;D
      I know!!! I was like...biting my nails. :P Yes, me too!! The ending of that part was so cute <3
      It waasssss!!! <3
      Eeps! Hopefully that's a sign of things to come! :D

  2. YES THIS EPISODE. So much stuff happened, like woah!!! And the wedding...and Rosemary giving up soooo much to help out! That was so sweet of her. I mean, it shows she's really changed so much for the better! And "the water took him away" - uhhh if I were Elizabeth I think I would've...I dunno, FREAKED OUT?! She kinda did, and then she went off to look for him like a brave girl. XD What do you think of Jesse? I mean, I kinda liked him and Clara at first, and I still want to see what happens with them, but then in the end of...season two? he was helping Gowen...and now he's not. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM?! (*cough* forgive the shouting XD XD) And also, you mentioned in another post how you'd kinda like to see what happens with Clara and the nice guy that invited her to the ice cream social... what did happen to him? But if Jesse turns around and ends up with Clara I guess that works too. XD Gowen is so confusing sometimes I'm thinking "huh, is he getting better?" and then other times it's along the lines of "ugh Gowen is terrible" sooo ;D Thoughts on him? OKAY and I actually got to watch the latest Christmas movie, and Bill was SOOO good in it. HILARIOUS. XD XD You have to got to watch it as soon as you can okay?!

    *whispers* also, to wrap-up, that cabin Jack is planning on building sounds fabulous. And in that really pretty place. *nods*

    1. YES. It was awesome! XD Eeps, yes! I love Rosemary on this one!! <3 She really has changed and turned out to be so adorable! :D
      ACK YES. *clutches heart* I would have totally freaked. Like...much worst than she did. Hehe, yup. Brave little Lizzie off to find her man. XD Loved that part though!!
      Hmm...tough one. For awhile there I didn't know WHAT to think of Jesse. I mean, he did come to town causing trouble...and as a member of a gang of OUTLAWS. But when he helped the good guys (after that chat with Clara ^.^) and then warned everyone about the about-to-be-flood, I figure he deserves a chance. ;) *laughs* *pats head* You're good.
      Ohhhh yes. Luke, I think his name was?? He was so sweet and nice and...ahhh! He and Clara were so cute together (those couple of HOURS he existed before hallmark FORGOT him). Hehehe, yep, Clara and Jesse are cute and I'll be okay with that...would like to know what happened to that other fella though. :P
      Hehe, I've thought the same about Gowen! Maybe because the show has to have a bad guy and so we (or *I* anyway) always wanna blame him for things -- like all the "accidents" at Lee's mill. We have definitely seen a different side of him with Nora around though. XD
      Ahhhh, stop!! *hides behind hands* YES YES!! I'll watch it as soon as I cannnnnn!! :D :D

      *whispers back* yuuusssss it does. *beams* Thankfully, Gowen didn't end up with that place. Like, whew. :P

  3. These guest posts were so much fun, Rebekah!! :D Favorite couples was the perfect topic. :D
    Jack and Elizabeth, eeps!! Hehe, yes, Jack MUST propose soon!! I want to know where that ring has been all this time... ;)
    Lee and Rosemary are just so cute together! I can't wait to see more of them!! :D
    I'm looking forward to see where Abigail's love life ventures to in the next season too! She's so sweet. :)

    I can't pick just one favorite couple, but I do love Lee and Rosemary sooo much. <3 :)

    1. Yes, they were super fun!! Favorite couples was definitely the thing to do. ;)
      I know!! Jack has got to propose soon!!
      I’m super excited to see more of Lee and Rosemary! <3
      Abigail is definitely a sweet lady. :) I’m looking forward to seeing where her love life ventures as well. Hopefully it’ll continue on with Frank. ;)

      Choosing just one couple is way to hard!

    2. *realizes I commented about the guest posts on the wrong post* How on EARTH did I do that?! O.o
      Sorry! :P