Friday, February 10, 2017

Bookshelf Tour! ~O, P, & R~

Apparently I have no books that fall under 'N' or 'Q' so we're just skipping those letters.... XD

And here I am, with the next bookshelf tour post!! :D Janette Oke and lots of other goodies here, so read on. ;) 


The Women of the West series by Janette Oke (books 2-12)
Julia's Last Hope
Roses for Mama
A Woman Named Damaris
They Called Her Mrs. Doc
The Measure of a Heart (currently reading this one ^_^) 
A Bride for Donnigan
Heart of the Wilderness 
Too Long a Stranger
The Bluebird & the Sparrow 
A Gown of Spanish Lace
Drums of Change 

Seasons of the Heart series by Janette Oke (books 1-4)
Once Upon a Summer
The Winds of Autumn
Winter is Not Forever
Spring's Gentle Promise

Another Homecoming by Janette Oke & T. David Bunn
Tomorrow's Dream by Janette Oke & T. Davis Bunn 
Dana's Valley by Janette Oke & Laurel Oke Logan 
Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke 
When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke 


My Father's World by Michael Phillips & Judith Pella (book 1) 
Daughter of Grace by Michael Phillips & Judith Pella (book 2) 
Dandelion Dust by Faith Potts (HAHAHA!! I'm so funny. *beams*) 
Helen Lester by Pansy (also, Isabella MacDonald Alden) 

Nebraska Brides series by Cara Putman 
Canteen Dreams
Sandhills Dreams 
Captive Dreams

Shadowed by Grace by Cara Putman

Snapshots of History series by Murray Pura
The Wings of Morning 
The Face of Heaven 
Whispers of a New Dawn 


Faith Under Fire by Steve Rabey 
After the Dancing Days by Margaret I. Rostkowski 
The Aushwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg 
The Old River Road by Ivy Rose 
United We Stand by Colleen Reece and others 

Favorite book(s): All? Okay, fine... A Gown of Spanish Lace & A Bride for Donnigan 
Books I haven't read: Roses for Mama, Heart of the Wilderness, Too Long a Stranger, Drums of Change, Winter is Not Forever, Spring's Gentle Promise, Tomorrow's Dream, Love Comes Softly, When Calls the Heart, My Father World, Daughter of Grace, Shadowed by Grace, the Nebraska Brides series, Snapshots of History series, After the Dancing Days, The Auschwitz Escape, and United We Stand. *collapses* 
Book I've had the longest: Helen Lester 
Books in this post: 36
Books thus far in the tour: 288 

Which of these books have you read? Not read? Enjoyed? Hated? TELL ME ALLLL DA THINGS.  



  1. *comes and steals all your janette oak books* okay, okay. not steal. CAN I BORROW THEM THO. they are soo pretttyy.

    but legit. you don't own all the love comes softly books?? GET THEM NOW. I got them for Christmas *strokes all the pretty covers* XD

    1. NO GIVE DEM BACK! Haha, aren't they?! XD

      Noooo, I don't. I actually *cough* haven't read any of that series. *ahem* Ohh, yay! They do have fab covers :D

  2. So many wonderful books!!! :D
    I actually have all of the Janette Oke books that you have. :) I haven’t read “Drums of Change, “Too Long a Stranger”, Season of the Heart series, “Another Homecoming”, “Tomorrow’s Dream”, or “Love Comes Softly”, but I really want to. You have “When Calls the Heart”?!?!?! I am SO excited!!! It is so wonderful and funny and yeah, you have got to read it, Faith!! :D “Roses for Mama” and “Heart of the Wilderness” are great too.
    I want to read “Dandelion Dust” SO bad!! But I’ll try and be patient until it’s time. ;) ;)
    I also have ”The Wings of the Morning” and “The Face of Heaven”, but I haven’t read them yet.
    “The Old River Road” is on my ‘to-read’ list. =)

    1. Eeps! :D
      Hehe, really?! *grins* YES I DO!! "When Calls the Heart" and "Loves Comes Softly" had actually just came in the mail the day I took these pictures. ;) I wanna read it so bad! Yes, those are on my TBR-ASAP list... *pretends 500 other books don't fall into that category*
      *beams* You're so sweet! <3 Not much longer, actually... ;)
      Same here! They sound good though :D
      That one was really amazing!! :D

  3. Ok, I'm gonna go against the current Code of Comments (love my alliterations XD) and say that... *cough* *whisper* I've never read any Janette Oke books. But then, you know me. ;)
    In fact... *scrolls up and down page* I've never read any of these books. O.O
    So.... why exactly am I commenting? Idk. XD
    I like looking at your beautiful books. ;)

    1. *dies* Would that code be the one where it's a rare treat to see your name under 'comments'? B-) (Alliterations are fab.) *fake gasp* Okay, so I kinda didn't think you had. ;) You should read "Once Upon a Summer" though! I know what you're thinking about the other J.O. books and this one isn't like that. Ask Jess. XD
      Whaaa??? READ THEM. *scrolls up* You would like..."Faith Under Fire"...and that book with the pretty cover -- the one by the Potts girl (can't think of her first name, hmm). You should read it too. 0:-)
      Thank youuuu! <3