Monday, February 1, 2016


First of all, isn't that a pathetically boring title? However I notice that all of you are reading this post anyway... B-) It probably should be called "January highlights" or "recent happenings" but those are too...generic and I'm not feeling generic. *nods*
Anyhow. This is a quick, little post to let y'all know what I've been up to lately. And to explain my sporadic posting and lack of creativity in my last few posts. (Well, they were tags and that's awesome, but I still haven't been real active. xD)

So. Because I'm terrible at making stuff "connect" (yes, that statement includes my writing. Just ask Jesseca.)  I'm giving y'all a list of random stuff from January... ;) 

- I WROTE AN ENTIRE STORY!! Yes, you read that correctly. I've did it. *happy dance* It's a story I entered in a contest that you all will be getting to read around Valentines Day. :-) 

- I flunked geometry (well, not really but that's only because my Mom is awesome. <3) 

- I entered the Circle C Short-Story Contest!! I won't know whether or not I placed this year for awhile yet, but... Yeah. Eep! It was fun. :) 

- I drank a lot of melted ice. I'm sitting here doing it right now and I'm realizing just HOW MUCH I do it. 

- SNOW. We got around 14 inches last Friday and now, over a week later and over 50 degrees today, our yard is still wet. And yucky. And our entire lives are a slushy mess. 

- Grace Wins by Matthew West. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF IT??? This certain version (on YouTube) that I've been listening to is even more awesome because of a certain addition to the video. I'm not telling what that is or linking to the video (yet.) because it gives away part of something mentioned above. B-) Mwahaha!!! 

- I've read 17 books this month! That's like one third of the books I read in all of 2015!!! :D I read: 
Twelve Days in December by Michelle Paige Holmes 
Quest for a Beast by Sarah Holman
Journey by Rachel Starr Thomson
Cinderella by anonymous 
Bellflower by Amber Stokes 
Common Core Standards and World War Two by Pat Scales (A pathetic "literary Veterans Day observance" that shouldn't even fall into the BOOK category. Apparently, when I downloaded this as a free ebook, all I saw was World War Two. *gag* >_<) 
Distorted Glass by Sarah Holman 
While You're Awake by Amber Stokes 
The Pirate Daughter's Promise by Molly Evangeline 
Danny's Girl by Susan Alyworth 
Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words by Rachel Coker
I Love Thee by Faith Blum
A Dream Not Imagined by Shantelle Mary Hannu 
Ain't We Got Fun by Emily Chapman & Emily Ann Putzke 
A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer 
Dare by Tricia Mingerink 
1 John 


So there ya have it folks. A review of my January. :) What was your January like? Did you have any snow? Read many books? Write good stories? Watch amazing movies and listen to inspiring music? Leave a comment and tell me all about it! :D 

Thanks for reading! 
~ Faith, your sister in Christ


  1. We have quite a bit of snow. A lot of it is melting, though - I think we've had a pretty mild Winter so far compared to last Winter when there was like two feet of snow on the ground.

    I really want to read "Ain't We Got Fun". A lot of people I know have read it and loved it. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. You're in New Hampshire, right? Y'all are used to getting lots of white, fluffy snow, I'd imagine. :) I'm in North Carolina, and getting over a foot of snow was a big deal for us!

      You really should read it, Lydia!! It's so lovely, delightful, and beautiful. If you're someone (like me) who's been known to cry through books, plan on crying through parts of that one. ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Lydia!! :-)

  2. It sounds like you had a great January!
    My brother is doing geometry this year too, he also doesn't like it. :)
    All of that snow looks so pretty and fun! 50 degrees and the snow is still there?
    Wow! You've read 17 books in one month?! You should definitely be able to get to 101 books that way. ;)
    In January I read 7 books. :)
    Thanks for the update, Faith! :)

    1. I have had! Busy, crazy, and not what I'd panned, but great. ;)
      *shudders* It's SOOO awful. I've been known to throw my work, clipboard, scrap papers, all my notes, and the pencil on the floor. My brother glances up from his work, just looks at me and goes back to what he's doing... *sigh* I'm alone in my misery.
      It is!! Yes, it's been warm since Saturday, and we still have snow lying around!
      Yes, I have! And I've finished/read four more yesterday and today! Two of those were 2nd and 3rd John...but still. ;)
      Awesome! Do you have a goal for how many books you want to read this year?

      Thank you for your comment, Rebekah!! :D

    2. I have never enjoyed math either. Especially not Algebra. ;) So I understand somewhat how you feel. :)
      You've finished four more books since yesterday?! Wow! How long does it usually take you to read a book?
      No, I don't have a goal for how many books I want to read this year. I always thought it would be fun to get to 100, but I don't know if I'll get there. ;)

    3. Grr! Yes, Algebra is positively awful. I *thought* I liked Geometry, I'm not so sure. >_<
      Actually, six. :) Since February began I've read- 2nd John, 3rd John, "The Last Ride" and "Waltz in the Waves" (a super short story by Sarah Holman). And I've finished "A Soldier's Promise" and "He Did This Just for You" by Mac Lucado. :)
      It usually takes me several days or a week to read a book. But if I'm reading other books, super busy, or reading stuff for school, it can take me much longer. :) What about you?
      Yes, a hundred is a great goal!! :D

    4. It usually takes me anywhere from three days to a week to finish a book. It depends on how long the book is and how busy I am. :) Sometimes it takes longer. ;)
      I finished reading "The Last Ride" last week. I really enjoyed it! :)

    5. Yeah, lots of factors that could change it in there. ;)
      ISN'T IT AMAZING?!?!?! I loved it SOO much!!! :D I think it's one of the best books she's written so far. The theme of forgiveness was so....deep. ;)

  3. Well, sounds like you had a good January! I am so jealous—17 books! And I thought I was doing well at 10 books in January.... Would it be difficult for you to get me the number of pages you read (you don't have to of course) just out of curiosity... :)

    You know, it would be fun if at the end of every month we got together a bunch of bloggers who did a month's end summary post with what's been going on and how many books we've read, etc. What do you think?

    I enjoyed this post!

    1. Thank you, Bethany. I did have a good January. :) I went on Goodreads and added up the pages from those 17 books. Some were ebooks that didn't have numbered pages. :-/ So, I compared those to books of a close length, just to get an idea, and it came out 1,900 pages. So you actually read more! :D

      That's a cool idea! (I'll respond to your email soon... ;) )

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Ok. Thanks! I'm eager for your response to my email!

  4. Yeah, just ask me. I'm the person she tortures. ;P
    Snow!! I want snow sooo bad! We had a thunderstorm last night. Kansas can't decide weather we're in summer or winter. I think by the time it makes up it's mind we'll be in spring.
    Books! That's an amazing number of books! :) I've read eight of those *nods*. All amazing!
    I love Geometry! Just about the only kind of math I love. I'll trade with you. You can do my Algebra and I'll do your Geometry. :P But overall I can totally get how horrid math is. And how amazing moms are when you should have failed. ;)
    My January has been pretty slow and peaceful. I think the most exciting thing I did was file and assign grades to all of the last two years of school for six of us. :) I love organizing!! :D
    Other then that no snow. :(
    I did watch some amazing movies and listen to amazing music. One soundtrack in particular. B-)
    I wrote a story or two. . .not sure if they were good, but they were stories. ;)
    And I READ SOME AMAZING BOOKS! I just looked and realized I read twenty-one books for a total of 5,655 pages. O_O I can't remember the last time I've read so much in such a short amount of time!

    1. I like my geometry too! Wish we could have snow, sigh. Have you finished Pirate Daughter's Promise?

    2. Am I really *that* bad? *hides* But, seriously, I am improving...right? B-)
      Haha, that made me laugh!! We had lots of rain last night/this morning. And with all that snow? Yeah, lots of flooding! :-(
      After reading this I had to go back over the list and figure out which of those books you've read. LOL. I think I picked them all out. xD
      I used to like Geometry. Actually, I DO still like Geometry! But formal proofs are. So. Pathetically. Useless! Grrr. So, yeah. You can just keep the Algebra and I'll stick it out with Geometry. *nods*
      Yeah, Moms are awesome. :) What would we do without them?!
      Wait, let me get this right. You filed and assigned grades to two years worth of schoolwork...times six people?! Whatever why, may I ask?
      *sigh* You love organizing and summer, and I'm the sloppy-winter gal. ;)
      I didn't watch many "new" movies this month (as in new to me). But, of course, "Faith of our Fathers". ;) And we did watched alot of The Waltons.
      Soundtrack? Oh, really? Sounds interesting.... B-)
      They were good!!! I love G&L's story. ;) Did I read another of your stories this month? *tries to think*
      OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! Did you eat and sleep at ALL last month?? Wow!!! When I was like middle school age I read all. the. time. But lately (like, since I've started writing) I haven't read as much. The number of books read last year was depressingly low! :-( But I'm "redeeming myself" and reading 101 books in 2016. *affirmative nod*

    3. *whispers to Bethany* I think she has finished it. :)
      I wish you could too!! *sighs with you*

    4. I know that whole exchange wasn't written to me but I had quite a fun time reading it! lol

    5. Haha, I do that too sometimes!! Read other peoples comment conversations. ;) Sometimes it doesn't make much sense (and the above probably didn't either, but...) *shrug*
      Glad you enjoyed our silliness, Bethany!! :-)

    6. How could I not enjoy it when I'm just as silly! lol ;)

    7. Bethany--Hehe, glad you enjoyed it! :)
      I Have finished "The Pirate Daughters Treasure" And I really enjoyed it!! It was really good and I totally wasn't expecting that twist at the end!

      Faith--Yes, it is that bad. Improving??? Grr!! Well, okay, maybe *little*.
      Well, I normally check, score, and assign year-end grades to the school -work. I really enjoying doing it! normally it's only one year at a time though. . .I didn't get it done last year. ;P
      Haha, yeah. . .I'm half my mom and half my dad. My mom isn't very organized and she loves summer. My dad is very organized and he likes winter. And I'm just a mix. ;)
      Yes, the soundtrack is amazing. And very interesting. . .you might like it. . .B-)
      Yep, I ate and slept just as much as normal. I just read super fast, especially when it's a good book. Normally I can finish a 300 page book in a day, depending on how good it is. :)
      But yeah. A lot of the time I have to choose between writing and reading. . .want to guess which option has been winning? :P

    8. Whoops! I meant 'The Pirate Daughters Promise" :D

    9. *sigh* Okay, well I'm going to overcome that. B-) (Yeah, right...)
      Wow! That's awesome. :) I could never do that... I'd just like fail Tucker and...yeah. ;)
      That's the opposite of my situation! Mom is super organized and Dad is NOT. (Like, at all.) Nothing I have is organized except my books. *smiles*
      I LISTENED TO IT LAST NIGHT!!! Oh. My. Goodness. That's so amazing!!! I like suddenly got all inspired to go write sad stuff like grieving war widows, and... *sniff* Yeah.
      Oh, I wish I could! Well, I could if I wanted to but other things seem to happen. xD (I just got back from the library with five books, three of which are WWII, and I have four more on hold that I'm picking up tomorrow!!!! ;) YAY!!!!)
      Same here! It's like am I going to read a whole book, or write for a little while? Such a hard decision. *shakes head* Reading has been winning for you, when editing REALLY needs your attention....*cough*

  5. Oh, and I tagged you for the Infinity Dreams Award!!

    1. Thank you, Jesseca! I looks fun; I'll get to it soon!! ;D

  6. You've been getting so much better on getting things to connect! I'm proud of you, girl! This certain story that seemed not to connect at all is really coming together, and it's going to be AWESOME! But there is a main character we have yet to meet ... will it happen soon??? We hope so! :D

    1. *grins* I loved all your deligtful comments today, Jesseca. :) And now you've gotten to meet that awesome character! *cheers*