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12 Days of Christmas // What Does Christmas Mean to You? {A GroupCollaboration}

Hello everyone and welcome to day nine! Can you believe it?! Only three days until Christmas!! :-O 

Today I have a special kind of post for you all – a group collaboration of sorts. I asked anyone who participated in 12 Days of Christmas to (if they wanted) send me a little something explaining what Christmas means to them. Each of the answers I received are below, along with the link to each person. :) Enjoy!! 

Christmas means singing, joyful singing, of praises to our Savior.  Christmas means baking peppermint cookies, praline pecans, peppernuts, and making oreo balls, peanut butter balls, and fudge.  Christmas means giving and receiving gifts with friends and family.  Christmas means decorating a Christmas tree and then admiring it from your seat in front of the fireplace.  But, most of all, Christmas symbolizes all that we as Christians stand for: it means that Jesus, God's own Son, came to be born on a frigid day with only some swaddling cloths to keep Him warm.  That He would grow "in stature and wisdom", and would bring hundreds of people to His Father for eternity.  That He died a criminal's death, all for us, so that we may go to be with Him in Paradise.
That's what Christmas means to me.

What Christmas means to me is the day the greatest gift ever given to humanity was given. the Day Light came into the a Dark world. It is the Day the infant God took on finite man. It is the day our Savior was born! It is just such an amazing thought. Since the very first book of the Bible we where promised a Savior, and then after all that time that passed God sent Him to us! And what's even more amazing is that instead of coming down on a flaming cloud proclaiming His greatness, Christ came in the most humble way. He came as a lowly humble man (.Philippians 2:5-9). And at His birth He wasn't greeted by great people, He wasn't greeted by Kings and Queens and Famous actors. No He was greeted By the lowest of the low, the Shepherds. At Christmas it's nice to get and give gifts. But the reason I give gifts is because I was given the GREATEST gift a wretch like me could be given, and that is Salvation through the Son of God. And it all started with a babe in wrapped in swaddling cloth laying in a manger. Merry Christmas everyone!

To me, Christmas means celebrating Jesus' birth. It also means decorating, baking, and being extra cheerful!
It means a time for fun traditions and time spent with family and friends! ;) 

Christmas means...
Buying the perfect gifts for my family and friends
Writing a Christmas poem
Extra writing/reading time during Christmas break (Hallelujah!!! ;P)
Singing Christmas songs around the house/listening to Christmas songs
Getting a Christmas tree and decorating it
Spending more time with family (my big brother is coming home for Christmas!!)

Hmm, what Christmas means to me? Probably just hanging out with family. Being together. Focusing on God and others instead of yourself. 

To me, Christmas means love. It's just everywhere-- in Jesus' coming as a baby, as people extend goodwill to each other... I don't know, it just always feels to me as though love grows so much stronger during the Christmas season. I wish it would stay throughout the year! I adore everything about Christmas and it just makes my soul so very happy...I am always so excited for the music, and the decorations, and the fellowship and gift-giving. But the 'why' for it all comes down to love...and I just think that's so beautiful. <3

Christmas to me means family. I can't remember a Christmas where my family didn't get together with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle and cousins. Christmas also means songs! Who doesn't love to blast Christmas songs in their car and sing along every chance you get? :D Christmas to me is a wonderful time I get to spend with my family, sing lots of Christmas carols, and be reminded about Jesus. During Christmas time I always feel so rejuvenated and inspired! That's what Christmas means to me :) 

The scent of peppermint coffee drifting through the house and mixing with the sounds of pots and pans in the kitchen. An excitement that pervades through the air in an almost tangible way. The squeals of glee from younger siblings, as they wait in eager  anticipation for the gifts. Piano Christmas music playing softly in the background. The warmth of the heater as everyone gathers in the living room. The quiet that settles as dad opens the Bible, and read aloud the joy of Christ's birth. The thought that we, just as the younger siblings wait for their gifts, wait in anticipation for the greatest gift of all--the return of our Savior. The awe that you feel when you realize that the Lord of the universe loved you enough to come to earth as a lowly child. The realization once again that Jesus is the greatest and most costly gift ever given. And the courage to live life boldly, knowing that this Baby lived a perfect life, died, rose again, and is with us every day of our lives. This is what Christmas means to me.

My family and I only started doing Christmas again 3 years ago- but even so, we've got traditions going! :)
  When Christmas time comes, the house is decorated in lights. The outside is always lovely, and the inside is full of Christmas 'buddies'- fabric snowmen, standing moose figures, any cute little thing Christmas related... my Ma, sis, and I have a love for Christmas pals. =D They're very cute and we have a bunch of them, all over the house. And my Dad puts the wreath and lights on our John Deer tractor!
 Christmas isn't complete without movies!! Our family favorite is 'National Lampoons Christmas Vacation' - that one is always playing. And of course, we always quote it.... =D 
 One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating the tree. I love hanging the ornaments, laughing as the guys string the tree lights (and Dad snap the tree star...), and standing back and watching the little kids dive in. That's the moment when I can see everyone happy and enjoying themselves. It's a peek of what Christmas is about: LOVE. Not the biggest or most gifts- nothing we can buy can compare to Messiah's Gift for EACH OF US! I think that is amazing. And watching the tree go from a green, stiff and prickly stick, to a shining, glowing beacon... Reminds me of what Yeshua did, so that I could have joy this life. So we could each truly find joy, in Yeshua. 
  Christmas is getting locked out of rooms so others can wrap, and then watching my sister organize the gifts under the tree. Christmas is watching everyone laugh as my brother and niece beat each other up with empty wrapping paper tubes. Christmas is getting to wear my reindeer ears around. Christmas is hanging silver tassel around my dog's neck. Christmas is enjoying shopping, not for the gifts, but for getting to take silly pictures in the store and get a laugh out of someone. Christmas is going to the town and park and seeing the lights. Christmas is seeing the outside covered in snow, and hurrying to bundle up so we can all have the family snowball fight. Christmas is lighting the Hanukkah candles and singing as a family. 
 Christmas is a warm time of year. It's the time we remember Yeshua's Gift.... And a time to join together and celebrate! For my family and me, we'll be gathered around in our home and singing. 

Christmas to me means
The echoing stillness of a windswept morning, crowned with icicles and a slate grey sky
The rich, overwhelming fragrance of pine, the tickle of feathery branches on your nose,
Shining stars on the tree, in the sky, and in everyone’s eyes
The candle-lit silhouette of the evergreens in my crown dancing on the white walls
The bubbling sound and enticing smell of fruit soup on the stove
An overhanging secretiveness, mystery, tip-toes in the hallway on their way to the tree
Snuggling up in our Christmas PJs to read the Christmas story
Daily prayers for snow
Stumbling out into the bitter cold each morning with a steaming bucket of water for the chickens
Sparkling, wildly tossed about wrappings
Hanging each ornament, all of which have been picked up on a vacation to somewhere, and talking about our memories.
Breaking something. Always.
Sewing, crocheting, cutting, snipping- for months going up to Christmas.
Listening to Christmas carols constantly
Switching our Starbucks order to peppermint hot chocolates- and always paying for the car behind us.
Sitting on an icy hayride, clutching at gifts to distribute as you go caroling
Driving about the neighborhood Christmas lights
Decorating gingerbread houses- and snacking on them.
But most of all:
…Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas Day
To save us all from Satan’s power when we had gone astray,
O, Tidings of comfort and joy.
…That unto us this day was born the Son of God by Name,
O, Tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
O, Tidings of comfort and joy.
-- Seneca

To me, Christmas means, putting up decorations throughout the house and decorating the Christmas tree, getting gifts for family and friends, listening to Christmas music and playing it on my violin, reading Christmas books and watching fun Christmas movies in the evening with my family and, most importantly, Jesus’ birth.

Other stops in the linkup... 

Have a blessed day everyone! I have packages to wrap, goodies to bake, and...ahh! Tootles!
~ Faith


  1. This is such a fun post, Faith! :D I enjoyed seeing what Christmas means to everyone. :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed, Rebekah! :D So did I!!

  2. Ahhhh the collaboration. :) That was so much fun to put together with you Faith! Thanks for doing it! ^_^

    1. It was a lot of fun, wasn't it?! :) Thanks for taking part!

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    Everyone's was so nice, y'all. =D Merry Christmas!
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    1. Wasn't it absolutely great?! :D So did I!!! Thanks for joining in!! :)

      Merry Christmas, Angela!

  4. This was so much fun to do! Thanks so much for doing it, Faith! I really enjoyed reading about what everyone else thinks of as Christmas! :)

    1. It truly was! Aww, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jesseca. :) Me too!! Merry Christmas! <3