Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Bookish Recap Tag

Good morning everyone! Are y'all ready for the new year? :) 

So, um, I created a tag? *nods* It's a good tag too. Why? Because BOOKS. *grins* 

I'm gonna list out the rules and questions, and tag some people. And then, I'll be back tomorrow or next year (ha.ha.haaaa.) with my answers to the tag. Sound like fun?! 

>> Rules. 
-- Include the above button in your post. 
-- Answer the 11 questions. 
-- Use as many book covers as you like. (The correct answer to this question would be ALOT. B-)) 
-- Tag 5-10 people and notify them that they have been tagged. 

>> Questions. 

// How many books did you read in 2016? (Exact if you know, or approximate if not.) 

// Did you set a reading challenge for yourself and, if so, did you meet it?  

// What was your most read genre this year? Least read? 

// What's five of your favorite books from 2016? 

// What's five of your least favorite books from 2016? 

// What new favorite author did you discover? (Not necessarily that the author is 'new', but that they became new to you this year.) 

// What's five of your favorite book covers from the year? 

// How many books did you purchase for yourself in 2016? (Exact if you know, approximate if not.) 

// What's the longest book you read in 2016? 

// What's the shortest book you read in 2016? 

// What's your reading goal for 2017? 

>>The tagged ones... 
Rebekah @ RebekahAshleigh
Jesseca @ Whimsical Writings
Kaitlyn @ Twin Thoughts

Have a blessed day all!


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me, Faith!! :D What a great tag you made. Book tags are the best! =) I can't wait to see you're answers! I'll definitely be doing this one!

    1. You're so welcome, Rebekah! :) Hehe, yes they are! They're so much fun to read *and* write up. Looking forward to your answers too!

  2. OMW THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA FAITH!!!!!! Thanks so much for the tag!!! I HAVE to do this! XD <333 oh and you must too. I wanna see your answers. ;)

    1. Aww, I'm SO GLAD YOU THINK SO!!! XD You're so welcome! Looking forward to your answers. ;) Hehe, I'll do it soon...

  3. Fun tag! :) I'm looking forward to reading your answers :D

  4. Nice tag! Can't wait to hear everyone's answers :D

  5. So, Faith. . . we're eight days into the new year . . .when's your post going up? 😎

    1. *sticks out tongue* If it isn't the stalker again... B-)

      The post will go up tomorrow...or that's the plan. ;)

  6. Thank you for tagging me, Faith! :D