Saturday, November 4, 2017

Visit from a Friend, Blog Party, and I WROTE ANOTHER BOOK // OctoberRecap

Hey frens! Look who it is, back with the traditionally-late monthly recap. In my defense, last month I was one time. So there. xD 

What's with the graphic, you asked? I honestly don't know...except that bell peppers are apparently really aesthetic. 

\\ Life. \\ 

>> We dug potatoes. I know, that sounds really boring and weird, but it's kinda a family tradition. Out comes the old hand plow and the not-so-old tractor. It's like a generation clash. ;) 

>> Crazy convos with my fam... 

Me: *sitting in my room and trying to write*
Tucker: *in the next room* Dad, how many eyes does it look like I have? 
Tucker: Ya know, if you get really close to a mirror it looks like you only have one. 
Me: *laughing so hard I can't breathe*

Tucker: *starts playing a Trace Adkins song*
Me: Ooooo, I like this one! It's on the Wounded Warrior commercials.
Me: Don't ask how I know that. Or how many I've seen. 
Mom:......don't worry, we won't.

>> The amazing, sweet, beautiful, darling Jesseca from Whimsical Writings for His Glory visited me! Much love for this dear. <3 We read books, plotted books, bought books, hiked up mountains, drink coffee, watched movies, roamed town, and stayed up late every.single.night. 

While she was here, I snuck pictures of her looking majestic basically all the time. Which she despised. And of course there's pics of us together. Plus a hilarious text convo from the day Dad took us fishing. So here we go, photo overload. xD 

>> In the way of books, Dandelion Dust got its first 2-star review. Faith is currently learning humility. (Slightly joking, here.) 

>> Went to a Casting Crowns concert! "All churches are like snickers bars. Sooner or later you're going to run into a nut." --Mark Hall 

\\ Books. \\ 

So much good bookishness this month!! :D 

Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers -- 5 stars
The Key to the Chains by Allison Tebo -- 3.5 stars 
Our Town by Thornton Wilder -- 4 stars 
Too Long a Stranger by Janette Oke -- 4.5 stars 
Love Letters from Cowboy by Lacy Williams -- 4.5 stars 
Sweet Remembrance by Emily Ann Putzke -- 5 stars 
A Beautiful Disaster by Daisy Paquet -- 3.5 stars 
Millie's Grand Adventure by Martha Finley/Kersten Hamilton -- 5 stars 
Exodus -- 5 stars 
Kirsten Saves the Day by Janet Beeler Shaw -- 4 stars 
Changes for Kirsten by Janet Beeler Shaw -- 4 stars 
Veteran's Way by Robin Lee Hatcher -- 4 stars 
Red Like Crimson by Janice A. Thompson -- 5 stars 
Write Well: A Grammar Guide by Rachelle Rea Cobb -- 4 stars 
Millie's Reluctant Sacrifice by Martha Finley/Kersten Hamilton -- 5 stars 
Millie's Fiery Trial by Martha Finley/Kersten Hamilton -- 5 stars 

The epicness of da book haul.... :D (From used bookstores unless otherwise indicated.) I got lots of goodies, including some books to add to/complete series I already have. :) 

The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis 
First Date by Krista McGee
When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin 
War Letters complied by Andrew Carroll 

Veteran's Way by Robin Lee Hatcher 
Betsy's Return by Wanda E. Brunstetter 
A Home at Trail's End by Melody Carlson
The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado

I bought Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow as soon as they were available on the author's site. This is one of the only authors that I always immediately buy new. xD 

\\ Writing. \\ 

Word count: 19,529

People...people... *weird noises of Faith trying not to hyperventilate* GUYS I FINISHED WRITING MY PRECIOUS NOVEL!!!! <3 

Compliments of this child <33 

A Soldier's Freedom (previously known as A Soldier's Story) was finished on October 30th, coming out at about 63,000 words. *squeals* This is the third first draft I've finished this year – also, the third book I've finished ever

I spent a day or two going "um, so, what am I going to write now?!" When 2017 began, I had three novella/novel length stories started. Now I've finished them all. Granted, I have oodles more ideas, but...those...those are my babies!! <3 

So. Yeah. I'm now planning sequels for Dandelion Dust, War Tears, and A Soldier's Freedom. I probably need a life. xD 

\\ Music & Movies. \\ 

Oh my GOODNESS, so much love right here, y'all. Oodles of these were watched while the Most Fabulous Fren was here. xD 

~ finished When Calls the Heart S4
~ finished re-watching The Waltons S9 
~ re-watched most of Signed, Sealed, Delivered 
~ Anchors Aweigh 
~ all three Anne of Green Gables movies 
~ Shenadoah 
~ Old-Fashioned 
~ National Treasure 
~ Journey back to Christmas 
~ Home for Christmas Day 

YES, Christmas movies! And now that it's November I can listen to the music and read the books....right? 

\\ Blogging. \\ 

>> Because I was really lame and didn't write many posts this month, the biggest happening was the Five Fall Favorites party! Click here to read my posts. 

>> I guest-posted on Ashley Nicole's blog! Click here to read the post. 

>> I gained lots of followers this month. I think part of that was due to the party, sooo...thanks, y'all! :D

>> Favorites of the Month

\\ Goals. \\ 

~ October Goals 

>> Read 8 books.          Nailed it. 

>> Finish A Soldier's Story, first draft.        *fistbump*

>> Join Ivie's October Writing Challenge.       Yes, and it was epic!! :D 

>> Stay caught up with emails.         ....I did good for like the first week, okay?! 

>> Take part in the Five Fall Favorites party.       *nods rapidly* 

>> Have an absolute blast when this awesome gal comes to visit!     Soooo amazing!! :D 

~ November Goals 

>> Read 10 books. 

>> Edit pt.1 of War Tears

>> Write a short Christmas story.

>> Catch back up with emails. 

>> Start planning this year's 12 Days of Christmas link-up. (Anyone interested?!) 

How was your October? 


  1. You have a 12 days of Christmas link up? I might be interested. :D
    Sounds like you had fun. And I'm so happy you were able to finish your book. That's just so exciting! And a sequel to Dandelion Dust has me excited!!!

    2 stars? How dare they? It is not a 2 star book.
    Great post. Have an awesome November!!


    1. Yep! It's been a thing for the past two years, anyway. :D
      *squeals happily* Yay!! :D

      Hehe, that's sweet. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ;)
      Thank you!

  2. That's so cool that you met Jesseca! And digging potatoes sounds like such an epic family tradition! :D AND OH MY WORD, CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR FIRST DRAFT!! *throws confetti and bakes you a cake*

    Uhg, two star reviews... :( *wraps you up in a giant bear hug* I'm so sorry, friend! That's the worst!



    1. It was amazing!! Haha, it is that. :D THANK YOU SO MUCH. *gobbles cake*

      Aww, thanks, Liv. <3 Hey, better than a 1-star. xD

  3. Ah so fun! I love all the pics of you and Jessica! And wow congrats on finishing your novel! Exciting things indeed. I love hearing reading your monthly wrap up posts, even if they are a little late sometimes :P

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Hehe, I'm glad you enjoy them....whenever they get posted. ;D

  4. Also, can't wait for the 12 days of Christmas link-up again!!

  5. Bell peppers are soooooo strangely beautiful . I love them so much :)

  6. Don’t worry that you didn’t get this post up sooner. Mine still isn’t up. But by the end of tonight it should be! ;)
    Digging up potatoes doesn’t sound too bad. I really like potatoes. ;)
    Oh fun! Lots of books! It feels like we read “Too Long a Stranger” a long time ago. ;) “Red Like Crimson” was great! Millie too!!! :D Oh you found “A Home at Trails End”? I really want to start “Andi to the Rescue” soon!
    I’m so happy for you about “A Soldier’s Freedom”! Is that the cover you’re planning to use? It looks great. :)
    Oh, lots of good movies! What did you think of National Treasure? Yay for Christmas movies!
    I’m so excited for the 12 Days of Christmas link-up!

    1. *laughs* Kinda glad it's not just me. :P Enjoyed your post, by the way!
      Hehe, me too. ;)
      I was thinking the same thing! They're both amazing! <3 Yes, I did! I don't have book-2 yet, but I went ahead and grabbed it anyway. :) I just finished that one tonight! Even better than #3 I thought. :D
      Thanks, girl! <3 I'm using it for a first-draft copy at least. Beyond that...we'll see. ;)
      National Treasure, hmm. I kinda liked it and kinda didn't? I definitely liked the humor and the guy that was the cause of most of it (Riley, I think...). But the unrealisticness and such kinda drove me crazy. :P
      Yay! Me too!

  7. Congrats on finishing your story!! That's lovely!
    And fun bookish bits!
    I need to put together my wrap-up post still. XD

    1. Thank you, Raechel! :D <3
      Hehe, I'm sure it will be fabulous whenever you get around to it. ;)

  8. LOL I love those “crazy convos” ��

    Wow!! Looks like you two pretties had a blast!!! I'm looking forward to a smiliar visit that I might get next summer *beams*

    I got a lot of books this month too *winks* We'll just blame FFF. Jesseca Wheaton. . . . three tomes. Amanda Tero—three times also. Kate Willis. Rebekah Morris. Victoria Minks. And 2 of Sir Winston Churchill's World War 2 Series. *grins big*

    WOWWWW!!! 3 books in a YEAR??!! WHOA!!! GOOD JOB!!! I'm wrote one novella (8k) and am writing it's 10k sequel for NaNo. :) It's going really good so far. _%. I'll NEVER get to 60k though!!! I dream of publishing this 3-novlla series. . . *dreamy sigh* Lord willing.

    “War Tears” sounds really cool, BTW! I can't wait for it to release! ;)

    I love your friendship post!! It's so true. . .

    ~Katja L.

    1. Haha, thanks. xD

      Aww, we did! <3 That's so exciting!! Meeting online friends in person is the best!

      Hehe, good thing to blame. I've read by all of the indie authors you mentioned – so good! Haha, can't go wrong with WWII, am I right?! ;D

      Thank you!!!! :D Technically the books were started in 2016 and one in 2015, but...mostly written this year. Thanks so awesome!!! Good luck with NaNoWriMo, btw. :D

      Aww, thanks!

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Katja! :)