Saturday, December 16, 2017

12 Days of Christmas // Favorite Christmas Music

Welcome to day three, friends! Can y'all believe it's just over a week until Christmas?! :D 

Today I'm sharing a list of nine of my favorite contemporary Christmas songs! I can't say these are my top favorites, and they are in no particular order, but I do love them all. ;) I'm including a song that is probably my #1 favorite (last on the list), but I have special plans for it for next week... *wink* 

Just a Baby ~ Mallory Hope
This song is sooo pretty! I just love Mallory Hope's music. :D

Hold on, Christmas ~ MercyMe
I love the lively beat of this one...and the It's a Wonderful Life reference didn't hurt. xD 

Drummer Boy ~ for KING & COUNTRY
Gahhh, I just love the fK&C rendition of this. *heart eyes*

Behold ~ Jeremy Camp (ft. Aerie and Bella Camp)
This song is soooo pretty! With Jeremy Camp's whole family... <3 

Let There Be Light ~ Point of Grace
Basically, write a song about light and Faith will most likely be a fan. xD 

Lift Up Your Eyes ~ Danny Gokey
I really like Danny Gokey's music, which includes his Christmas music, and this one is no different. Probably my fav though. <3 

The Night Before Christmas ~ Brandon Heath
*is running out of things to say* This one is epic too, okay? :P

Hope was Born this Night ~ Sidewalk Prophets
Again, I love the artist. But this song in particular is so pretty and so....hopeful! ;D 

A Hallelujah Christmas ~ Cloverton
Our church pianist sang this song last Christmas, and I was so glad to come across it on Pandora last week. ^_^


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What's your favorite Christmas songs?D :D 


  1. Hey Faith! Thanks so much for getting this up for me today. I'm on pacific standard time...not sure if we are different, but I'll schedule my next post for like 5-6:00 am just to be safe.

    1. You're welcome, Michaila! Ah okay. Yup, I'm on the eastern side of the country, so I'm about 3 hours ahead of you. If you could schedule for 5:00 your time, that would be 8:00 my time, which is perfect. ;) Thanks!

    2. Hey, I meant to say Eastern Standard time. Looks like we are actually in the same time zone (I've been sick so)

    3. Ohh okay! Hmm...that's odd then... :P

  2. These are all such great songs! fk&C has some of my favorite music :)

  3. For King and Country ❤ they are so amazing😉😊

  4. I'm familiar with about half these songs. And I have to laugh because I just commented on yesterday's post about "The Night Before Christmas" before reading this one. XD For King and Country's rendition of Little Drummer is also my favorite, but I like their live version better. Looking forward to going and listening to all the songs you mentioned that I haven't heard yet!

  5. Looks like we had the same idea today. XD

  6. Those are some good songs! I can’t pick a favorite! I really like Light of the World and Noel by Lauren Daigle. And Jesus Savior by Christ August, and How Many Kings by Downhere. And Mary Did You Know. I listen to Pentatonix too, Christmas covers they’ve done :)

    1. They are! :D Ohh, those are some good ones. I especially like Light of the World and Noel...and I was just listening to Pentatonix. :D

  7. Christmas songs are just great! Although, *gasp* I haven’t heard all of these! I will definitely listen to them!!! :) The other day I was gone all day and twice in the car on the radio I heard Hold on Christmas. I always think of you when I hear that song. ;) Maybe because of the mention of It’s a Wonderful Life? ;)

    1. They are! *gasps* What are you waiting for? ;D Aww, you're so sweet! <3 Hehe, yes, I love that part. ;D

  8. I love For King and Country's Little Drummer Boy too! So good. That Brandon Heath one is a good one too - it's actually one of my sister's favourite songs. :)