Monday, December 4, 2017

A Soldier's Freedom // My Copy Came + Story Playlist

Hello lovelies! :D 

Who has been waiting anxiously for this post? Okay, so, probably no one, but I hope y'all enjoy anyhow. xD 

Yes, you read right. My first-draft copy of A Soldier's Freedom arrived from Lulu on November 14th. (In case y'all hadn't already gathered as much...yes. First-draft copies have become my thing. I just love holding my creation in my hands, even if isn't perfect. ^_^) Welcome to a nearly-moment-by-moment recount of that epochal time. 

Okiedoke! So, after stalking the tracking page for like hours, I finally saw that my package had been delivered, so I trekked over to the mailbox. 

And got this lovely (and very my arm basically died before I got home) box! 

I tried to tear into it on the way home, with no knife or even decently-sharp nails, to no avail. 

Ta-da! ... An order receipt. Wow, Faith. 

After digging under the brown paper....ahh, there it is. Sooo pretty. *heart eyes* 

The glorious spiineeee. *is officially in love with this font* 

And the back cover!! I had never had a custom-made back cover before, but after my lovely designer fren made the front, she was like "Hey, want a back cover?" So she made me one. <33 

A better pic that wasn't taken while Faith had shaky hands. xD 

The pretty interior... <3 *is slightly proud of how it turned out even if I did do it* 

All of me finished works – ft. my cluttered desk. I is a happy writer. ^-^ 

Annnnd now for the playlist! I listened to a ton of great music while writing ASF, and I've boiled it down to 9 songs that I like and that reflect some part of ASF in some way. I totally get it if you don't listen to all the songs (I probably wouldn't), but have fun learning how they each connect. :D 

Broken Things ~ Matthew West
Around the time I finished writing A Soldier's Freedom, this song was #1 in Christian music, which made me immensely happy. It talks about how God uses broken people. I think we're all broken in some way, and the characters of ASF most definitely are. xD 

Broken Hallelujah ~ The Afters
Again, this song talks about broken people – this time giving praise to God, no matter how broken they are. 

Semper Fi ~ Trace Adkins
*snickers* I don't think I even need to explain this one. It's a song about marines, James is a marine, it has a catchy tune that Faith likes, end of story. xD 

The Cure ~ Unspoken
Ahhhh, this song. <3 It talks about Jesus being the cure for the disease of the world, and the cure for James' hurting heart? Yup. *beams* 

Stand ~ Rascal Flatts
This epic country music song is kinda of a call-out to stand up against opposition and overcome. Again, goes right along with ASF. 

Who You Are ~ Unspoken
I hadn't even thought to compared this one to the book, but a friend suggested it and I was like "DUDE YES." I mean, 'who you are'? Finding your identity in Christ? *thumbs up* 

Oh My Dear ~ Tenth Avenue North
This song wasn't originally on the playlist, but I heard it the other night, and I think it fits. It was actually written by TAN's lead singer for his wife. That meaning doesn't really fit, but the words and the confiding-your-darkest-to-someone-you-care-about theme does. 

'Til the Last Shot's Fired ~ Trace Adkins
And...this one doesn't exactly fit either? The verses don't, but some of the chorus does. But it's soldier-y and it's the background music for a lot of Wounded Warrior commercials (not that I would know...), sooooo. Yeah. We'll go with it. XD 

In Christ Alone ~ Keith and Kristyn Getty 
Wow, y'all, this song is like sountrack for the best parts of the book. I heard this song one day in the earlier stages of ASF, and I just kinda stopped for a minute. I was like "wait...that's their song." And it is. <33 

Thanks for reading! What did you think of the songs? Are you in favor of first-draft copies or no? 


  1. How exciting to hold that first copy in your hands! Congratulations! :) It looks lovely. And fun to have a playlist for the story. I LOVE that TAN song!

    1. Very exciting, thank you! :) Me too! It's so sweet. <3

  2. Yay how exciting Faith!!! Your book looks lovely 😊

  3. So exciting!!! I love selecting music for my books. Spotify is pretty awesome for this. I can't wait to hold one of my books, even if it is something I made. XD


    1. :D Me too!! Spotify is good – I've been using Pandora lately, though. Yesss!! It's an epic feeling. xD

  4. AH. AH. AH. AH. THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I love that font tho MUCH PRETTY. and wow go you - I wish I could successfully make playlists for my book. I'm just so picky with them tho hahaa.

    and um, yes, totally. printing out first drafts are super helpful and just totally inspiring. I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail but it's been stuck somewhere in the world doing nothing for like 4 days and I'm just like -_- somehow that ALWAYS happens to me, and my sisters books always gets here super fast?? *squints*

    anyways, lol, CONGRATS, FAITH!! it looks so awesome <33

    1. OHMEGOODNESS THANK YOU. *nods and strokes book* Hahaha, maybe I should be pickier. xD

      They are the best though!! Aww, that's sad. *been there* Mine always take like an eternity, whyyyy. *whispers* C'mon, Lulu, try to feel my pain.

      Haha, thanks, Sare!! xD <3

  5. Ooh! So exciting! Yay!!!

    All those wonderful songs! *squeals* The top one is awesome!

    Liberty :)

    1. Thanks, Liberty! :D

      *nods rapidly* I loovvee that one. <33

  6. Oh My Dear is a Steza song too!!! Is ir not gORGEOUS?

  7. Eeps!!! How exciting, Faith!!! :D I love the cover and the back cover too! :) I'm so excited for you! (Seeing pictures of the actual book makes me really want to read it now! ;)) I have yet to listen to the songs, but I will!! ;D

    1. Aww, thank you, Rebekah!! <3 :D (Aww, you're the best! <3) Well, I hope you enjoy! :)

  8. THIS IS SO AMAZING. Also, first draft copies is the best idea! I never thought of doing that before ... it would be cool, though.

    1. THANK YOU. xD Isn't it?! It's sooo much fun!! :D

  9. Eeep!!! It's so pretty!!! I know how exhilarating it is to hold your book in your hands. It's worth all the hard work. :) I never published a book, but I did collect, edit, format a collection of my short stories for a friend, and designed a cover, and then had it printed at Staples. :) If you'd like to see the cover I can send you a pic. :)

    -Katja L.

    1. Thank you so much, Katja! :D Ohhh, that sounds lovely! A short-story collection is an excellent idea, too...hmm... ;) I would love to see a picture!!

  10. CONGRATS, GIRL! I know that feeling of opening up 'thee' package from Lulu. I couldn't stop smiling all day.
    They're so beautiful <3333

    1. Gahh, it's an EPIC feeling. *heart eyes*
      Thank yooouuuu. <33

  11. 'Til the last shot's fired is a really good song. The only part I don't really like is the Mother Mary part. If it was me that's where God's name should be.😉 But oh, well. Yes! A good song,though!!! makes me think of one of my characters right now.

    1. Yes, it is! Yeah, I don't care for that line either, but I can overlook it. ;) Hehe, I wonder if I know which one... ;)