Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week Four {April 2018}

Guess who won Camp NaNoWriMo?!

If you guessed your favorite blogger me, you'd be right. ;) I hit my goal of editing 60,000 words a few hours ago, before supper, and just now validated my win and got a ribbon on my profile. ;D

day twenty-three // monday // 0 words

Monday was a dreary, rainy day that should have been PERFECT for getting lost in a story. But...that didn't really happen. Instead, I studied, completed homework, wrote a blog post, watched Indiana Jones with the bro, sent an author encouragement email, and did a tad bit of formatting. (Did I mention the ASF document was an absolute disaster?)

day twenty-four // Tuesday // 6,472 words

It rained some more... I seriously live in a rain forest, y'all. I attended my last chemistry class, finished my American Sign Language book, helped pack the camper for the trip, and edited enough to catch up. That turned out to be about 900 words shy of 50k, so I finished the chapter and passed 50k. :D

“Is it true you’re afraid of storms?” he asks after I’ve turned away again. 
“No,” I lie. Hopefully he can’t see how badly my hands are shaking. I quickly stick them under my legs to aid my front of bravery. 
“Well, I am,” he proclaims. He jiggles his shoulders, setting rivulets of water to flowing down his back and sleeves. 
My brow pinches together as I growl in his general direction. “You’re getting my truck all wet.” 
He twists to survey the door paneling to his right. “We’re beyond wet now, going for saturated.”

day twenty-five // Wednesday // 0 words

I went to my last class at the art center that's legit been a part of my schedule for like YEARS. (Did I mention I'm graduating next week?!) And I stayed up insanely late to finish this post. But, alas, no editing happened.

(Third day and this post is already doomed to be an overload of sarcasm and tired-Faith-thoughts...)

day twenty-six // thursday // 0 words

Thursday was pretty boring, typing it up now. Got my hair cut, ran errands in town, performed my last chemistry experiment, replied to emails, and finished my big ASL assignment of the semester. (You know, the one I'd known was approaching for months and still did mostly the day it was due? Yeah, that one.)

day twenty-seven // friday // 1,248 words

Friday was ordinary. School, blogging, editing, packing for the trip... ;)

I twist in my seat, drawing my leg up under me until I face toward James. Except, I don’t face him. I keep staring down at the faded, worn seat between us. It doesn’t serve as a very accurate metaphor. There’s a lot more than two feet of tattered cloth spanning the gap between us. 

day twenty-eight // Saturday // 4,338 words 

Let's see... On Saturday, I slept in, edited a ton and got caught up, made a joke that really wasn't funny when you think about it (see pic), and hung out with my bro and his friend in the dark for some insane reason.

Oh, and I went to bed after 11:30. Sleep is overrated. (Actually, no it's not. I just can't remember what it feels like. Slightly kidding.)

day twenty-nine // sunday // 0 words 

A typical Sunday. Church and visiting and laughter and glorious spring weather. <3 I dragged my dear mom outside to get some pictures. (Okay, okay...she came willingly....)

day thirty // Monday // 4,055 words 

I won Camp!! :D At times this month, I really wasn't sure if I would hit 60k (as y'all know, I lowered and raised it several times), but I DID IT. And I'm so pleased. =)

If I can fix up a few things this week, I'm going to be sending this book to two dear friends who've agreed to read it over the next few months and give me a bit of feedback. Can't wait to hear their thoughts! <3


Goal: 60,000 words
Current progress: 60,210 words
Status: FINISHED <33

Did you do Camp NaNo? Hit your goal? Can you believe it's May?! *low key writing this at 12:24 AM*

No matter what you accomplished or didn't accomplish this month, you're a winner, my friend. <3 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I aaaaallllmmooooossttt made it to 93k last night, which was SUPER AWESOME. So excited about this series I'm writing. That's all.

    But you made 60k! I am SO PROUD of you and happy for you!!!!!!!!!! Great job <3

    1. YOU TOO, FAITH!!! :D WOAH, that's fabulous, girlie. <33 Being especially excited about a project is like #thebest

      Oh my word, thank you so much!! <3 <3

  2. Congratulations, Faith!!!!!
    I love the snippets, as always, and am starting to really look forward to that book!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! :D
      Aww, that means so much! <3

  3. Congratulation on winning Camp NaNo and hitting your goal, Faith! That’s fantastic!!! :D
    Oh I love that dress of yours! It’s so pretty and summery! =)

    1. Thanks so much, girl! <3
      Thank you! I really love it. :D

  4. Congratulations on reaching your goal! Ohh, and how exciting that you're almost done with school! *High five*
    I'm a last minute work crammer to. I do most of my work on the day its due. =/
    Ohh, your so pretty!! And I love the dress!! =D
    I did hit my camp goal! I really thought I wasn't going to for awhile, but I made it! =D Now I'm trying to sort out the mess I made and finish writing my story. =)

    1. Thank you, Mikayla!! Yes, it's very exciting!! *high five*
      Relatable, my dear. Relatable.
      Aww, you're so sweet! <3
      Congratulations!! So glad you made it!! :D <3

  5. You're so pretty, Faith!! I love those pictures!! :) Congrats on reaching your goal!! I had 4 pages left and I forgot to do Camp NaNo on the 30th, so I didn't get it all done. :) But I'm working on it still, through May and July, Lord willing!! I've been working on it for years and I'm so eager to finish and celebrate!!!!!

    And . . . you are one of my favourite bloggers. <3

    ~Katja L.

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Katja! :D I appreciate your encouragement. Yay, you can do it!!! :D :D

      That means so much! Thank you! <3