Friday, April 27, 2018

From the Shelves {Spring Reads}

Welcome to the Spring edition of From the Shelves! 

Once again, I've compiled some book recommendations for the spring season. I hope y'all enjoy these as much as I enjoy coming up with the books and putting the post together! 

Won't you join me? :)


Oh my stars, I love these books so much! Out of all eight of the Millie books, this is one of my favorites. (Gordon, y'all... <3) A truly beautiful story of trusting God when all seems dark and hopeless... trusting that spring will come. 

christian fiction // historical // life in a small town // family stories // faith-filled 

Although a bit slow in the beginning, this book was so good and packed with oodles of historical details. It covers many months, but begins in the spring of the year—and its most definitely a story of new beginnings! 

christian fiction // historical // early 1700s // amish

Similar to the previous, this book covers over a year, but much time and several chapters are spent through the spring portion. The romance was sweet and learning about the canal was super cool. :D 

christian fiction // historical // romance // canal setting 


Ahh, this series is so amazing! I've read all ten of the books multiple times, and the first five which are included in this volume are among my favorites. Secrets in the Willows (book #2) is a springtime story! 

christian fiction // contemporary // YA fiction 

I really enjoyed this 6-part serial, The Discovery: A Lancaster County Saga," when I first read it in 2013. This wasn't my favorite of the series, but it was still good, and since I loved the serial over all, I chose to include the 'spring' segment. :D

christian fiction // contemporary // amish // part 3 of a serial 


// Spring's Gentle Promise by Janette Oke // 

Josh Jones realizes his family isn't typical, but it's the only life he's ever known. Aunt Lou, Gramps, Uncle Charlie, Grandpa—they all have shaped the young man he has become. But as he grows into manhood, Josh begins to face important questions about life, love, and faith.

Every Janette Oke book I've read has been darling. I'm looking forward to finishing up this series soon! :) 

// Laylie's Daring Quest by Kersten Hamilton // 

Laylie, an energetic and intelligent seven-year-old girl born into slavery, must keep a secret---she and her older brother Luke are planning an escape. Whentheir plan takes them south to Roseland's Plantation, Laylie meets fifteen-year-old Millie Keith, a strong abolitionist who helps Laylie understand a freedom more precious than any other. With this new discovery, Laylie's life of faith begins as she and Luke make their way north, against impossible odds, to New York City and to true freedom.

After adoring the A Life of Faith: Millie Keith series last year, I can't wait to read this tie-in story. :D 

Have you read any of these? What are your favorite spring-themed reads? 



  1. These are all such great books! Hey, I’ve actually read all of these except for “Spring’s Gentle Promise”. :)
    “Anna’s Crossing” and “Kelly’s Chance” are good spring reads. I hadn’t really thought of it, but they do have some nice spring parts. Like picnics. ;)
    I hope you like Laylie’s Daring Quest”!
    I'm not actually sure what one of my favorite spring reads is. There's some Tearoom Mysteries that take place in the spring and those are fun. Also the Bluebird and the Sparrow" kind of seems like a spring book. Maybe because we read it in the spring and the title kind of sounds like spring. ;)

    1. Aren't they? :D Haha, yes, you have! I didn't realize. :D
      Yes, definitely!! Picnics are a spring thing for sure. ;)
      I'm planning to read it really soon!!
      The Tearoom Mysteries sound good. Oh, yes, "The Bluebird and The Sparrow" does sound spring-ish! It's a lovely title. :)

  2. My stars !!!! MILLIE KEITH! That has officially been named top fave series, it’s just what this dark world needs! And THe LAST RIDE!!!!!!!!!! I CANT CONTAIN MY LOVE!!

    1. And Summerhills Secrets, gahhh! I have read and reread so many times!!

    2. Haha, agreed!! Those books are absolutely amazing! :D

      So have I!! But its been a few years. I'm definitely due a re-read. ;D <3