Monday, April 9, 2018

Camp NaNo // Week One {April 2018}

Welcome, dears, to the first installment of my Camp NaNo updates for this month! I'm planning to post one of these each Monday for the next few weeks. :D

day one // sunday // 648 words 

Easter began for me at 6:05 Sunday morning, thanks to a blaring alarm clock. ;) We had sunrise service at 7:30, Sunday school at 10:00, and worship at 11:00, followed by lunch and a visit with my grandma.

My family spent the evening at home, just chilling and hanging out. I had inspiration for a short-story idea on the way home, so I wrote my first 648 words of NaNo in it that afternoon.

My NaNo project is technically to edit A Soldier's Freedom (or, at least 60,000 words of it), but I was okay with counting this short story toward my word count goal, since I hadn't did a ton of writing lately. :)

my Easter dress that I forgot to get a decent picture of ;D

day two // monday // 734 words

Monday was pretty ordinary. Aside from school and life, I wrote some more on the story. Gahh, I love it so much. Enjoy a snippet...

“What’s your name?” 
“Annalyse. Yours?” 
He shook his head, smirking and grinning at once if that’s even possible. “Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you.” 
“How do I know you’ll be here tomorrow?” 
He shrugged, then held his hands palm-up. “I’d say we have quite the pattern going.” 
“Every pattern has been broken.” I actually wasn’t sure if that was true or not, but it sounded intelligent and philosophical so I went with it. 
“Then I guess we’ll have to be the exception.” 

day three // tuesday // 1,243 words 

I FINISHED MY SHORT-STORY!!! *happy dance* I barely got those last few words out before midnight though, haha. Would y'all like to read this story on the blog sometime?

I also read all of the entries from the Circle C contest! Great job, everyone. :D

day four // wednesday // 983 words 

On Wednesday, I edited my short story (which resulted in adding 102 words to it!) and then dove into editing A Soldier's Freedom. Nothing else noteworthy happened that day that I can think of.... ;P

day five // thursday // 0 words 

Yup, Thursday was the climax of the week...actually, it was whatever the opposite of a climax is. I read basically alllll day. Soaking up The Proving by Beverly Lewis. :)

a quote I found <33

day six // friday // 1,787 words 

Another pretty good editing day. Another day of school and life and laughter and books and words. And also food. These posts are getting to sound pretty much the same... I'm thinking I'll take notes next week... ;D

How about a snippet from A Soldier's Freedom? *wink*

Rolling onto my side, I stare out the window into the dark night sky, broken by only a scattering of stars. The familiar night sounds of a hospital swirl around me, drawing my mind back to the days and nights I spent in a similar room a few months ago. Where I learned I was no longer whole. Where I faced rejection of the no-longer-enough creature I’d morphed into. 
I squeeze my eyes shut, searching for sleep...and dreading the nightmares that I know will come. 

day seven // saturday // 3,700 words 

Saturday was pretty fun! It was rainy that morning, so I lounged around and did some editing and reading. Then, that evening, the sun appeared somewhat, so I got out and exercised before supper. I got a ton of editing accomplished that day! :D

Mom having a 'talk' with the dog about how he's not supposed to be on
the furniture... Guess who won? Wrong! She did. ;)

day eight // sunday // 986 words 

Not much. We spent about 4 hours in the car on Sunday, because church + hospital visit an hour away. It was a pretty good day though, and I got a little editing squeezed in before bed. :D


Goal (for 8 days in): 16,000 words
Current progress: 10,081
Status: a tittle behind. Hopefully I can remedy that soon. ;)

Do y'all like these types of post, a sort of mashup of my life and writing? Thoughts on the snippets? 



  1. These snippets are AMAZING! I love this type of post. Amazing job! <3 <3


  2. Yes, I definitely love these posts. :) Reading the little bits of your life and writing is fun. :) Those snippets were great and yes, I’d love to read the short story!! :D
    Also, pretty Easter dress! =)
    I’m glad that Camp NaNo is off to a good start. <3

    1. Yay! They're fun for me too. :D
      Awesome!! I'm planning to share it sometime. :)
      Thanks, dear! <3

  3. Keep the posts coming! And I'm eager for more of your stories! You've peaked my interest and I was tempted to take your last snippet as a short story starter ( I actually have a modern military story on the back burner that has an amputee in it, but that comes way later in the story). Can't wait for more!

    1. That means so much, Ryana! :D (Oh, cool! As awful as it sounds for me to say it, amputee characters can be kinda fun and very interesting. ;))
      Thanks! <3

    2. Aren't they? I actually have two in my Civil War series so far (common occurrence then) but I think too often we forget it still happens today. My heart goes out to all our veterans, especially those with amputations and/or PTSD. I met on of the latter at our church several years ago. It made my heart hurt seeing him stare off like he didn't see anyone. *sobs* Okay, enough of my rambling;)

    3. I haven't written anything Civil War era (yet!), but yeah, really common then. :( Me too, girl! <3 We need more light shone on that subject. Oh, that is so sad... God bless them all. <3

  4. Great post! I liked reading your story snippets! Great job! Keep up the good work :-)!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet words, Brooklyne!! =D

  5. I love the snippets! And yes, I’d love to read your short story on here sometime! Keep on writing :)

    1. Yippee! I'll plan to share it pretty soon, then! :D

  6. Oh my goodness! I read your snippets! Now I want to read the book!😊

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Amy!! <3 Maybe you can read it sometime!

  7. Oh my stars ;) love your dress 😍😍 and your posts are great! It’s always fun to see little snippets of someone’s life XD
    Also Camp NaNo sounds quite interesting & stretching! Idk if I could be that committed to write for a whole month straight .... so you go girl!!!!

    1. So do I, Janelle. <33 Aww, yes! *wink*
      I'm sure you could do it!! It's a lot of fun. :D

    2. Ahh it does sound like a lot of fun ;) I might just have to do it sometime 😀😀

    3. It is!! And the cabins are seriously the best. :D You should!!

  8. Sounds like a successful week! Getting any amount of editing or writing done is successful in my opinion! :)
    I'd love to read the short story you wrote! Congrats on writing and finishing it so quickly! :)

    1. It rather was! Absolutely! Sometimes I lose sight of that. :)
      Thanks, Raechel-dear!! <3

  9. XD. Nice post. What's your Nano goal?
    I'm trying to finish my novel, so I'm not spreading out to also write short stories. Although sometimes my brain wants me to.
    Our churches sunrise service was at 6:30 but we didn't go. XD.

    1. My NaNo goal is to edit 60k, but I counted the 2,700-ish words of the short story toward that.
      Yup, if I were writing a novel, I wouldn't be writing random short stories. ;)
      Whaaa? Sunrise services are so amazing though!! ;)

  10. GO GIRL!! Camp Nano looks like fun! :D Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Victoria!! :D <3 Yes, its a lot of fun!